A Mothers Mistakes


Allison pulled her mouth back in order to catch her breath. Then she moved down again, taking his penis past the breach of her throat over and over. Each time she paused at the bottom and her tongue came out to lick his balls.

"Suck it. Oh Goddddd!!!" the stranger screamed again.

Then Chris watched as his mother's head stop moving. She held only the head of his penis in her mouth and pumped the shaft. His eyes opened in horror. He could actually see his penis pulse and the balls squirm. The stranger was cumming in his mother's mouth. "Pull away... pull away," his brain screamed. But it was too late, even if she wanted too. However, it appeared that she had no intention of pulling away. Chris watched in amazement as her cheeks bulged and then collapsed as she swallowed once, twice, three times, all the while pumping the shaft for more. He saw her legs trembling and wondered if she were having another climax.

"Very nice," the stranger whispered as he pulled Allison's mouth from his penis with a loud pop. "That always takes the edge off."

Chris saw a dazed look on his mother's face as she sat back. Her lips were wet and there was a dribble of cum on her chin. The stranger reached over and wiped her lips with his finger and then fed it to her. Then he kissed her long and hard.

"Let's go upstairs so I can fuck you until you can't walk."

Chris saw his mother smile as she stood up on wobbly legs. He suddenly realized that they would have to walk past him. He jumped up quickly, turned and almost stumbled before rushing toward the living room, slipping inside a second before they came out of the family room. When they were past him he peeked out to see them walking up the stairs. The stranger slipped his hand down his mother's back and then under her tiny skirt. A second later his mother moaned and went up on her toes. The stranger's arm started to move back and forth as they walked up the stairs. At the top they stopped to kiss again and he pulled up the back of her skirt to reveal her naked ass. He grasped the cheeks and opened them wide, pulling her to him tightly. Then they turned toward the bedroom.

Chapter 3

Chris rushed out of the house closing the door as quietly as he could. When he got to his car and sat down he was trembling all over. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. It seemed like a dream. It couldn't have been his mother in there... his sweet almost sexless mother sucking off a stranger. Never had he thought of her sexually... she was his mother. She had bathed him, changed his diapers, and rocked him to sleep at night. Now he had witnessed her engaged in a sex act with a stranger. It wasn't something a son was supposed to ever witness. Yet, in spite of his revulsion, his penis pulsed in his pants.

As he sat silently in his car, he wondered what to do and where to go. He was angry, embarrassed, confused, and yes, still excited. He felt guilty that he had spied on his mother... yet she had no right to do what she had done... what she was doing right now in her bedroom. The though of that sent a chill through him. What were they doing now, he wondered? Were they fucking or was she sucking him again? "Nasty cock sucker... nasty cock sucker," the words echoed over and over in his head. He knew that he had to get control of his emotions. He had to think... to sort everything out.

"You bitch," he said out loud. "How could you do that to Dad... to me." He slammed his hand on the steering wheel and felt the pain shoot up his arm. Suddenly he realized that he was still in the driveway and visible from the upstairs bedrooms. He quickly started the car and backed out of the driveway. Then he drove around aimlessly for several hours. Finally he found a spot down the street from his house and parked where he could see the driveway. The car was still there. He would wait until the stranger left and then he would confront his mother.

He put his head back and tried to clear the images from his mind. Unfortunately, they were imbedded there forever. He saw his mother's mouth on the stranger's penis, sucking him. He saw her pumping his shaft, milking him. He saw her swallowing his juice, swallowing the contents of his balls... his sperm... his semen. He saw her lips, wet with the stranger's juice and the drops of cum on her chin. "Nasty cock sucker... nasty cock sucker." Then her swollen sex lips flashed into his head. He saw her legs spread and the juice running from her hole. In spite of his seeming revulsion, his penis throbbed and squirted more pre-cum juice into his already saturated underwear.

Chris dozed off sometimes late that night. It was not a restful sleep, but one filled with images of sex. He saw the stranger's face smiling in pleasure as his mother used her mouth on his penis. She sucked and pumped his shaft. She moaned in pleasure. His brain played it over and over again. Then at some point the image changed. It was no longer the stranger's face in the dream with his mother, but his own. In the dream, surrounded with fog-like mist, he looked down at his mother's head as she moved her mouth up and down on his shaft. He grabbed the braids and lifted her head, looking into her lust filled eyes before pushing her back down again. Her throat muscles caressed him, squeezing the length of his shaft. She took every inch of him into her throat. He saw her pretty eyes looking up and him... his penis was gone... it was all down her throat. His balls churned and he lifted his hips and pulled on her braids. His cum began to pour into her mouth. It came out like a never-ending stream... like a garden hose with a broken shut off valve. His mother sucked it all in, moving her hand to squeeze the last drops from his balls. Finally she pulled away and looked up at him. Her jaws were puffed out. "Are you my nasty cock sucking bitch?" he asked. In answer, she suddenly opened her mouth where all his sticky sperm lay pooled. "Oh God," he moaned in his sleep and his balls pumped their contents into his shorts.

The sun was breaking the horizon when Chris awoke with a start. He wasn't sure when he had dozed off or what had awakened him. For a moment he was confused, wondering where he was and what he was doing sleeping in his car. Suddenly it all came back in a rush... like a wave of grief that enveloped him in a shroud of darkness. His face paled, his stomach churned, making him feel like he might throw up. Maybe it hadn't really happened. Maybe it had been a dream. If it was a dream, it had been very powerful and realistic. He could feel the wetness in his underwear and knew that he had climaxed in his sleep. It was just a dream wasn't it?

But when he looked at the driveway of his house, he saw that the car was there: sitting there in mute testimony to the reality of his awful night. Then a moment later, the handsome stranger came out of the house and got into his car. Now he knew that it was true... his mother had really sucked the cock of a stranger and probably fucked him all night.

Chris watched as the black Mercedes backed out of the driveway and headed toward him. He slumped down in the seat and watched the smiling man drive by. He gritted his teeth in anger and thought for a moment about chasing after him. Instead he started his car and drove slowly down the street and into his driveway, parking his car where the strangers had been moments before.

Chris strode into the house with a purpose. He knew that if his mother were awake, she would be in the kitchen. While he looked determined and focused he felt anything but confident. His knees were weak and he was trembling inside as he neared the kitchen. With each step his resolve grew weaker, until he had to pause at the door to catch his breath. He realized that he had no idea what he was going to say.

"Chris, what are you doing home this early?" Allison exclaimed in shock when she saw her son walk in. It was obvious that she realized that if he had come home a few minutes early he would have caught them.

"Everyone was still partying and I was tired," he lied. He stared at his mother as she sat at the table. She was wearing a white terrycloth robe that was short on her thighs and opened at her chest to reveal a portion of her cleavage. Her hair was uncombed, her face flushed and there were red blotches on her chest. She would have looked like a well-satisfied woman except for a look of fear and a strange sadness in her normally bright eyes. "What about you... what are you doing up so early?" Chris asked, almost with a sneer.

"I just couldn't sleep."

I'll bet, Chris thought. It must be hard to sleep with a stranger fucking you all night. You can probably still feel his cock in your pussy right now, he thought angrily.

"What's wrong?" his mother asked.

"I didn't say anything was wrong."

"No, but your face does."

He opened his mouth but no words came out. He was about to confront her, but he couldn't find the words. When he saw the sad look in his mother's eyes, everything left him. Suddenly he was no longer angry... just tired. The confrontation would have to wait.

"I'm going up to get some sleep."

"Okay. See you later," Allison said with a touch of relief in her voice.

Chris walked upstairs and down the hall. He paused at his mother's bedroom door. On impulse he threw open the door and looked inside. A chill went through him when he saw the unmade bed with the sheets in a tangle. On the floor were the high-heels, the blouse and the tiny skirt that his mother had been wearing last night. With a quick look over his shoulder, he stepped into the room. It still smelled like sex. He picked up the tiny skirt and blouse. It was smaller than the outfits the cheerleaders at school wore. However, unlike his mother, they had underpants on when they wore it. The blouse was paper-thin and he held it up to the light and could see through it. Without thinking he held the soft material to his nose. It smelled like his mother... that familiar smell that until this moment had never been sexual. Now he felt his penis stiffen. He thought he heard something and quickly dropped the clothes and hurried to his room and flopped onto the bed. He closed his eyes and moaned painfully.

Unfortunately for Chris, sleep wouldn't come. He was incredibly tired, but every time he closed his eyes he saw his mother with the stranger or him, like in his dream last night. It flashed through his mind a million times.

For the rest of the weekend Chris tried to avoid his mother. Late on Saturday evening he came out of his room to take a shower and walked down the hall past his mother and father's bedroom. As he passed the door, he saw that it was opened slightly. Something made him pause. When he looked through the crack in the door, he saw his mother sitting at her vanity... and she was totally naked. Suddenly his heart was pounding in his chest. He knew he should go, but his legs didn't want to listen. He stared. His mother was rubbing cream on her chest. She used her palm to smooth the cream over her upper chest and down across the nipples. Then she lifted and caressed the orbs with her palms, kneading the smooth cream into the soft under flesh. She pinched one nipple, like the stranger had done, before moving to the other and doing the same. As the nipple grew hard, he thought he heard a little moan escape her lips.

Chris couldn't avoid it; his penis began to grow.

When his mother had finished creaming her breasts, she lifted one leg and began to rub the cream on her thigh. Chris almost gasped. The action forced her legs open, revealing her freshly shaven vagina. He could plainly see the smooth outer lips, with the fat inner lips hanging from between. The outer lips were already shining with oil. Chris could smell the sweet and unmistakable aroma of baby oil.

Allison suddenly had the strange feeling that she was being watched. She glanced into the vanity mirror. Her eyes opened wide when she saw movement in the hall. It had to be Chris since Bradley was still out of town. Her first thought was to jump up and close the door, but for some reason she didn't. She paused for a moment. Then, incredibly, she casually lifted her other leg and began to rub the cream on her thigh. Her legs opened wider. She found that her hands were trembling now. This was crazy... that was her son outside her door. Was she loosing her mind? She had never been attracted to her son.

When she had finished with her legs, Allison stood up with her back to the door. She bent over her dresser, pretending to search for something. She could feel her son's eyes on her ass and she knew that he could see her puffy lips between her thighs. Suddenly her lips grew wet and began to pulse. She wondered if he could see that.

Chris finally pulled himself together and hurried down the hall to the bathroom. A few minutes later he was sitting on the toilet with his hard penis in his hand. He squirted baby oil onto the head and let it run across his fingers. He was mortified by what he was doing, but couldn't think of anything but his mother and her naked body. Slowly he pumped the long shaft with his closed fist, thinking of his mother's large breasts. Then he saw her ass as she bent over the dresser. Between her legs he could see the pouch of her pussy and the glistening lips between. He thought of sliding his penis between those lips and about how soft and wet it would feel. It took only a few minutes for him to shoot his cum onto his stomach.

Chapter 4

Chris went through the week in a daze. Up until the previous Friday night he had been a normal teenager, going through all of the growing pains of a typical high school student. There was lacrosse practice every night and school work, with lots of homework. On the weekends he would go out with his friends or on a date with his girlfriend Melissa. He had already selected a college and had received a scholarship to play lacrosse. In a few months he was going to graduate and then one last summer vacation before college. Everything was pretty much set.

Now everything had changed... or so it felt. Yes he would still graduate and go to college, but nothing at home would ever be the same. He could no longer look at his mother without thinking of her with her lover. And, he had now concluded that he was in fact her lover and that it wasn't a one-time thing. For all of his life he had seen her as his mother first and a woman second. Now he saw her as a woman first and his mother second... a woman that he now dreamed about every night and felt sexual stirrings for. It was all wrong, and it was driving him crazy. He would see her in the kitchen fixing dinner and have sexual thoughts. She would lean over to get something out of the refrigerator and he would see her slacks tighten over her smooth ass and pull between her cheeks. An unwanted chill would go through him. When she bent over in front of him, his eyes would fall on the opening of her blouse and he would look at the tops of her swinging breasts. He would see her come home from work dressed in her business attire and wonder if she was wearing panties.

And he had done something... something that made him feel guilty and embarrassed him, yet he would do it again if he got the chance.

It was Thursday evening and his father had come home from his trip that afternoon. At dinner, his mother had seemed particularly agitated, jumpy. He had no idea what was wrong.

After dinner she had gone up to take a shower. Chris went to his room and his Dad was relaxing in the family room watching the news.

It was about an hour later when Chris left his room and walked quietly down the hall to his mother's bedroom. He was disappointed that the door to her room was closed. He started to turn around when his mother came out, almost bumping into him. She had a bathrobe on and her hair was wet from the shower.

"Oh," she said when she saw him. "I was just about to call you. Something's wrong with the toilet in my bathroom. I know your Dad is tired from his trip, so can you look at it for me?"

"Uh sure," Chris said. He walked past his mother, smelling her freshly washed hair and a scent of lavender soap. The bathroom was still steamy when he entered. He heard the water in the toilet running and opened the tank lid. He saw that the plastic arm holding the chain, which closed off the water after flushing, was stuck. He simply bent the plastic until it was free from the tank. That fixed the problem. He was about to leave the bathroom when he saw something that made his heart skip a beat. His mother's panties were lying on the floor next to the hamper. He looked at the door in guilt before walking over and snatching up the slip of material and stuffing it in his pocket quickly.

"All fixed," he said as he hurried past his mother now sitting at her vanity.

"Thanks," she said as she watched him rush out of her room. She shook her head, wondering why he had been acting so strange lately... it had started last Saturday. With that thought still in her head she went back into the bathroom to finish drying her hair. She glanced at the floor next to her hamper and didn't see her panties. She thought that was strange since she didn't remember putting them in the hamper. Putting the hair dryer down, she walked over and opened the lid. The panties weren't in the hamper. Suddenly she realized that Chris had to have taken them. A sudden rush of anger rose in the pit of her stomach. First he spies on me and now he is stealing my underwear, she thought. It was infuriating, but also embarrassing since she had masturbated twice that day, at Jason's orders, and the panties were still wet.

Chris's heart was pounding in his chest as he rushed into the hall bathroom and closed the door. In his haste he didn't notice that the door had popped back open. He sat on the toilet, trying to catch his breath. He could almost feel his mother's panties burning a hole in his pocket. With a trembling hand he reached inside and pulled the silky pink material out. He felt and then saw that they were wet in the crotch. A moan escaped his lips as he brought them to his nose.

At that moment, Allison was at the hall bathroom door, about to push it open. She suppressed a gasp when she saw what her son was doing. Her anger and indignation suddenly vanished, replaced by a strange feeling. It was similar to feeling that she had the other day when she saw him spying on her. Her knees grew weak and she felt a tingling between her legs. She knew she should stop him, but couldn't bring herself to move.

Chris's head was spinning as he inhaled the sweet odor of his mother most private place. While he was familiar with the smell of pussy, having eaten Melissa many times, this was different. This was sweeter, earthier. It was a smell that he would never forget as long as he lived. With the panties still at his nose, he reached for his belt and hastily unbuckled it. The he pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

Allison's eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched her son expose himself. She knew that she should leave... to think about what to do, but she couldn't draw herself away. Her eyes stared at her son's exposed penis. It was larger than his father's was or even Jason's, with a purple and very swollen head. Juice was running from the slit and dripping to his pubic hair.

With his hands still trembling Chris brought the panties to his throbbing shaft. He opened the crotch and rubbed the wet material against the dripping slit, adding his clear juice to what was already there. Then he wrapped the gusset around the head. A moan escaped his lips and his legs stretched out from his body and trembled. "Oh God Mom," he gasped and began to stroke himself.

Allison's hand flew to her mouth to cover her own gasp. Then she watched as her eighteen-year-old son began to masturbate himself with her panties.

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