tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Neighborly Arrangement

A Neighborly Arrangement


Early last year some new neighbors moved into the house behind ours. My wife Carrie and I brought a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" basket full of goodies not long afterward so we could meet the people who would be sharing a property boundary with us. Upon meeting them we found their names are Robert and Linda and they had just moved here from the U.K. Robert works for a large corporation that has offices around the world and was transferred to the U.S. to oversee things at his company's Phoenix, Arizona office.

One of the perks of Robert's supervisory position is that his company pays for furnished lodgings when an employee is asked to relocate. The company had purchased the house behind us when it was first built but had not had anyone live in it until now so we didn't have to deal with any neighbors behind us until Robert and Linda moved in. Our homes are in a new, gated community with all the amenities you could ask for. The modern, spacious two-story homes have pools, hot tubs, gas grills, the whole enchilada. The only negative is that the lots are fairly small so it sometimes feels like your neighbor's houses are right on top of you. I guess that's just the price you have to pay for living in the ever-growing Southwestern U.S.

We all hit it off and quickly became friends with our new neighbors. The four of us often had dinner together at one of our homes or we'd go out to some of our favorite restaurants in the area. It was a cultural exchange of sorts as each couple learned about the other couple's country, their customs, and the different terms used for the same items(i.e. "French fries" in the U.S. are the same thing as "chips" in the U.K., "cookies" are called "biscuits," etc.). Part of the cultural exchange involved Robert trying to explain the finer points of soccer to me while I exposed him to football, or what the rest of the world calls "American football."

One evening in the Spring Robert and Linda came over on a Saturday and the four of us had drinks out on our back deck. It was a glorious evening but we warned them to enjoy the great outdoors while they could because the summer heat was just around the corner. Once it hits you pretty much just stay inside in the air conditioning most of the time. Where we live you'll frequently hear, "...but it's a dry heat." So is my oven, but I choose not to spend much time in there either.

Both Carrie and Linda dress pretty conservatively but their clothing doesn't hide the fact that they have great racks. On this evening Linda was wearing a blouse that buttoned down the front and, unbeknownst to her, the top two buttons had come undone as we were all chatting. I tried not to stare but my eyes kept wandering back to Linda's chest because she would periodically flash a nice bit of cleavage. I thought I was being pretty sly in my peeping but one time, after catching a nice eyeful as Linda had leaned forward to put her empty glass on the table, I looked over at Robert and saw he had caught me checking out his wife's boobs. He just smiled and winked at me so it was obvious he wasn't bothered by the attention his wife was getting from me.

After we had all finished our drinks Carrie asked Linda to go inside with her so they could get another glass of wine and she could show Linda her new craft room. I asked Carrie to grab a couple bottles of beer for Robert and me as she stood up and noticed that Robert kept a close eye on Carrie as she walked inside with Linda. The porch light by the back door shined through my wife's sun dress, making the thin fabric see-thru as she walked toward the light. Her legs were clearly visible as she walked away and Robert was looking her up and down as went headed back inside.

Linda soon came back out with our beers. She handed me my bottle and then stepped over to Robert to give him his. "How's about a kiss, love," asked Robert as Linda gave him his beer. He turned his face upward and she responded by bending over and giving her hubby a quick peck on the lips. From my vantage point I got an excellent shot of Linda's boobs. My eyes were glued to her breasts, peering into her open blouse as they briefly swayed under her while she leaned down to kiss her husband.

We both watched Linda walk back inside and once the door shut Robert said, "She's spilling out of her blouse a little tonight, isn't she," with a chuckle.

"Yes, she is," I said as I lifted my bottle up in celebratory toast and added, "here's to cheap thrills."

"They're some of the best kind," responded Robert as he raised his bottle and joined me in taking a swig of beer.

"That's one of the good things about living in such a hot climate, there's no shortage of scantily clad women to ogle."

"Amen," Robert replied.

As we chatted over a couple more bottles of beer the talk continued in the direction it started when the girls went inside. We found we had even more in common than what we had initially found when we were only making casual conversion as we had in the past. The main thing being that we were major horndogs. We both agreed that we were lucky to have the women we were married to, and we both had lusted over each other's wife's big tits since day one. Robert shared that he wished Linda would wear more revealing clothing because he enjoyed showing her off. He said one of his fantasies has always been to see another man fuck his wife, preferably while he was nailing someone as well. At that point I realized he had Linda bend down and kiss him for my benefit, knowing she would be giving me a good view of her goods through her open blouse, and I was very appreciative. I told Robert I had fantasized about Carrie being with another guy as well.

Given our wives' conservative nature in general, I said I didn't see us swinging or swapping anytime and Robert agreed. We started to think of alternatives but neither of our wives would ever let us take nude pictures of them, or film ourselves having sex, so there were no pictures or videos for us to secretly share. We sat there for a moment in dejected silence, resigned to the fact that we would likely never get a peek at the other's disrobed wife, and then I asked Robert if he had ever heard of Literotica.com.

He said he hadn't and I told him it's a site where people submit erotic stories. There are many categories there, pretty much everything under the sun, with stories of varying quality from the many authors who submit their work there. I told him that given the fact Carrie is pretty conservative in general, I live vicariously through the wild sex stories I read there, putting myself and people I know in the roles of the characters/people in the stories I read.

Although I told Robert about the site, I left out the fact that I had submitted stories there myself. It was a good outlet for the erotic fantasies that would germinate in my head. Also, the idea that people would get hot and bothered by my stories and masturbate to them, or they would fuel couples to some intense sex, was a bit of a turn-on for me. I suggested to Robert that he should go to the site and read "Valentine's Day Massage" by Snake138 at some point in the near future because, given our discussion, I knew he would enjoy it as much as I did.

The evening wound down and Robert and Linda called it a night after visiting for another hour or so. Things got pretty busy for Robert at work so, even though Linda would drop in and spend time with Carrie from time to time, I didn't hear from Robert for about a month. He texted me one afternoon and said his sister in-law was in town. Linda had made plans for a girl's night out with her and Carrie the following evening and he asked if I wanted to hang out and have a couple beers while the ladies were out on the town. I told him to just come over whenever he wanted and we'd hang out for a while.

Robert came over just as the sun was setting. Carrie passed him as she was leaving to go to his house. I cracked open a couple cold ones and we chatted for a few minutes in the kitchen. I asked Robert if he had gone to the Literotica website and he said he had been so busy with work he had completely forgotten about it. Since we were alone I figured now was as good a time as any for him to check out the site so we headed up to my home office on the second floor.

I fired up the computer as Robert told me about his sister in-law. He said she was a hot blonde who had always given him a hard-on. I told him there are plenty of stories at the Literotica site involving in-laws and that he could feed his fantasies to his heart's desire there. As I was getting to the website Robert blurted out, "Bloody hell...John, quick, turn the lights out." I had no idea what was going on but I got up, made the short trip to the light switch by the door, and toggled the switch down. I then walked over by the window where Robert was standing to see what was going on.

When I got to the window I looked out and saw that the light in one of the bedrooms at Robert's house was on, the blinds were open, and there was a naked blonde woman drying off with a towel. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to see her naked...and there she is in all her glory," he said as we watched from the edges of my office window. Like I had mentioned before, the lots our houses are built on are pretty small, so the distance between the backs of our homes is not that great. Given that it was dark outside, and the lights were on in her bedroom, we could see into the room quite well.

Now I could understand why Robert had lusted after his sister in-law for so long. She was pretty damn hot. She had short spiky hair with boobs that looked about as large as Linda's. She had an excellent body, with a neatly-trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair downstairs. "Well, if you were wondering, the carpet matches the curtains," I joked.

"It does indeed," Robert replied. He already had a raging hard-on and was rubbing it through the front of his shorts as his eyes were glued to the window across the way.

Robert's sister in-law finished drying off, tossed the towel on the bed, and walked over to the dresser, her bare breasts swaying and bouncing as she moved across the room. Once there she opened up a drawer, took out a pair of black panties, and stepped into them. As she slipped them up over her hips we saw that she wore French cut panties that rode up pretty high on her hips. "Oh, the things I've imagined doing to you..." Robert softly muttered, almost as if he was thinking out loud.

We watched as Robert's topless sister in-law walked to the closet, retrieved a few outfits, then returned and laid them on the bed near the dresser. She began taking outfits from the bed one at a time and would step in front of the dresser and hold them up, seeing how they looked in the large mirror over it.

Robert was so lost in what he was seeing I think he had forgotten I was even there because what he did next surprised me quite a bit. I was busy spying through my neighbor's window when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked down I saw that Robert had unzipped his pants, taken out his schlong, and had begun stroking it right there in front of me. It all felt a little weird but I didn't want to say anything. After all, my buddy was finally getting an eyeful of his naked sister in-law, who was I to interrupt him and be a buzzkill?

We stood and watched in silence as she paraded around the room topless. One would think that a guy would be totally turned off by another man whipping out his dick and jacking off just a few feet away from him but oddly enough I found it strangely erotic. My gaze alternated from looking out the window to see what Robert's sister in-law was doing, to looking down at the slab of meat in Robert's hand. His dick was a good couple inches longer than mine and I found myself actually being quite impressed with what he was packing. Visions of Robert sliding his cock between Linda's big tits and various other places on her body began to flood my mind.

I had quite an erection myself by now but decided not to whip it out and join Robert in a two man circle jerk. Instead, I took the opportunity to help someone get off firsthand, and not just submit written stories that nameless, faceless people would possibly use for their sexual gratification. "What would you do to her if you were there," I asked as she sat on the bed and began drying her hair with her towel.

"I'd suck on those big, beautiful tits of hers for a good long time..." he replied, imagining it as he spoke, I'm sure.

"And then, what," I coaxed.

"I'd have her suck my dick while she's sitting at the edge of the bed, just where she's sitting now."

I could tell Robert was getting more turned on with my coaching because his breathing became more labored and he was working his rod with more determination. I watched intently as Robert's fist moved up and down his shaft and again asked, "Then what?"

"I'd have her get on her knees on the bed and fuck her."

"You'd shove that big cock in your sister in-law's pussy?"

"Oh, yeah...I'd fuck her so hard...and hold onto her tits while I did it," he replied, his voice trailing off as he tightened his grip and stroked his dick faster.

It was obvious that Robert wouldn't last much longer so I tried to help push him over the edge. "When you cum are you going to cum inside her, or are you going to shoot you load all over your sister in-law?"

"I'm gonna fill her with my cum...aaaargh...aaaahhh...," he groaned as he reached his peak. I watched as Robert pumped jet after jet of pearly white goo out onto the wall and carpet next to the window until the last of his load dribbled down his fingers.

"Well, that was something different," joked Robert as he began putting away his dick. It was obvious he was feeling a bit embarrassed, adding, "Sorry for wanking in front of you."

"No worries, Robert, think nothing of it. I know you were finally getting to live a long held fantasy...but you're cleaning it up." We both laughed as I went and got a damp towel for Robert to clean up the cum that was on the wall and carpet of my office.

As Robert was on his knees cleaning up the mess he made something dawned on me. What had just happened was the perfect way for us to see each other's wife naked. As he finished cleaning and stood up I excitedly said, "Robert, I just came up with an idea I think you're going to love. We'd talked before about wanting to see each other's wife naked. We just stumbled upon a way we could make it happen. All we have to do is open our bedroom blinds when we know our wives are going to be getting undressed and then text the other one to let them know when to look."

"Brilliant!" he replied.

We then went over the details of our plan to make sure it would be set up for optimal viewing. Whenever possible we would open the blinds in our bedrooms so they would be open when we needed them to be. Also, it had to be done when it was dark outside because we would not be able to see into our neighbor's room very well in the daytime. We had to make sure the lights in the room we were looking into were on so we could easily see in but our wives would only see a reflection when they looked out. Conversely, the lights in the room we were watching from needed to be off so we would not be seen peeping at our neighbor by anyone.

When we knew one of our wives was going to be changing or taking a shower, and could give the other a heads up beforehand or while they were showering, we would send a text asking the other if he would like to come over and have some beers that weekend(if we really wanted to get together for beers we would use a different term like "drink"). We would use that code so if our wives saw the texts at any point it wouldn't give away what we were doing.

Over the next couple weeks there were some failed attempts on both sides. I texted Robert with a heads-up when he was not home and vice versa. Finally, about three weeks after we hatched our scheme, Robert texted me with our code phrase while I was puttering around the kitchen and Carrie was chatting on the phone with her friend.

I had checked beforehand and knew that I could see into Robert and Linda's bedroom window from my home office just as well as we had seen into the guest bedroom. I told Carrie I was going to head there to clear out some e-mails and headed upstairs. Once in the office I turned on my computer and stepped to the window to open the blinds while it was booting up. Their bedroom light was already on and I had made it upstairs just in time to see Linda walk into the room. She was wearing her work clothes, which was a silky floral patterned blouse, black skirt, and heels.

My hands were shaking a little with the excitement of the moment as I peered at Linda through the window but my voyeuristic rush was tempered a bit by paranoia. Even though deep down I knew Linda couldn't see me, I stepped to the edge of the window like Robert and I had previously done so I wouldn't be visible. I watched as Linda walked across the room, took off her jewelry, and placed it in the jewelry box on top of her dresser. She then walked over to the bed and stepped out of her heels. "Here we go," I thought to myself as I watched her unzip her skirt.

Linda stepped out of her skirt and laid it neatly on the bed. Her blouse was long enough that I couldn't really see anything aside from her bare legs at this point. She then unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, leaving her only in a black bra and matching panties. The contrast of her creamy white skin and the dark fabric of her was stark...and quite sexy. I could feel my manhood growing inside my gym shorts as I watched my neighbor disrobe. Linda laid the blouse on top of her skirt and then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She slipped it off over her shoulders, exposing her large pink nipples, then tossed the bra on the bed.

Linda's large breasts swayed pendulously as she moved. I had wanted to see those bad boys since the day I met her, and I was practically drooling at the sight of them. Now I sort of knew what Robert was feeling when he saw his sister in-law from the same window but his experience must have been magnified a few times because he had waited many years to see the object of his lustful urges naked.

My swelling cock got stuck in an uncomfortable position in my underwear so I reached down to adjust it as I watched Linda push her panties down and off. My neighbor's wife was now completely naked and I was seeing her in all her glory. I stared at the light brown patch of pubic hair between her legs and her wonderfully fleshy mounds as she moved around the room for a moment, and then watched her bare bum jiggle as she walked away toward the master bathroom to take her shower.

"Wow," I thought to myself, "That was incredible!" I now realized just how lucky Robert was. Most of the time Linda wore clothes that hid just how hot her body is but now, after seeing her nude, I can say that she is definitely a "John Mayer Girl," or "JMG" for short. That's a term I came up with for curvy women. It's in reference to his song "Your Body Is A Wonderland." Given the fact that John Mayer has dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, and Katy Perry, I'd say he knows a thing or two about JMG's!

Linda had gone out of my view so I went to the computer and logged into my e-mail like I told Carrie I was going to do. I couldn't keep my mind off what I had just seen so, after only a couple minutes of checking e-mail, I decided to go to the Literotica site. I searched the "Exhibitionist & Voyeur" category for stories involving neighbors and started reading various stories involving people spying on their neighbors. My reading was repeatedly interrupted by frequent trips to look out the window and see if Linda was out of the shower yet so I didn't get through too many stories.

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