A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 02


What do I do? I cannot walk away after just six days here so I need a solution. Meg is a neighbour and she wanted us to be best friends... damn, I wanted that too. I feel the prickle of tears welling in my eyes: I still want her as a best friend and, just maybe, much more than that. We need to talk.

CHAPTER 10 - 'I've never done anything like this before'

If we need to talk then it might as well be now. Suddenly it occurs to me that Meg might be really upset and I feel ashamed at my selfishness; I rushed off without explanation and then sent her away. That decides it and I hurry into the hall where, yet again, I see her panties on the bottom stair. I pick them up, recalling the sight of her hairless cunny that she flashed at me and I feel my body respond involuntarily. Despite all the emotions and confusion, just thinking of this woman still arouses me.

I stuff the panties into the dressing gown pocket, grab the house keys from the small table and open the front door. Outside the rain is torrential: vertical rods of water hammering down. I cannot help wondering what it would feel like walking out naked into the deluge; it would be easier to dry off than my robe will be. Do I stay and wait for this to pass or go now and get wet. I'm too anxious and want a resolution to this so I cannot wait; I step out, pulling the door closed behind me.

It is not far, less than a hundred metres, but I am soaked through by the time I arrive at Meg's front door. Despite the gloom there are no lights on and I worry that she has gone out. Perhaps she is with Karen, telling her how I've treated her this afternoon. I feel my guilt rise but recall how hurt I felt too. I raise my hand and rap on the door and wait, biting my lip.

I hear nothing and I'm just about to turn away when the door unexpectedly opens. Meg looks terrible, her eyes red-rimmed, her cheeks wet with tears and her face puffy from crying. She is still wearing the short tennis dress she ran in this morning. As she sees me in my saturated gown with my dripping hair plastered to my head a spark of concern lights in her face.

"Meg," I say with a slight tremor in my voice, "can we talk?"

She nods and stands aside to let me in, closing the door behind me. I wait for her to lead the way. "Do you..." Meg's crying makes her voice catch, "do you want to take that wet bathrobe off?" she asks.

I cannot help smiling slightly. "It's all I'm wearing actually and, well, I'm okay for now and I really want to talk about what happened."

Meg nods. "Me too," and leads us to the kitchen where we sit facing each other in silence for a while.

"I'm sorry..." we both say simultaneously and we smile as I hold up my hand.

"I'm sorry about this morning, you know... shitting in front of you and..." she blurts out.

"Meg, let me start, please," I ask, cutting her off and she acquiesces. "Meg, these last few days have been, well, incredible, I guess. You know what my life was like before I moved here?" She nods. "Well, on the day I arrived I made a resolution; I wanted a new life and I was - I am - determined that I'm not going to get stuck in another rut and miss out on life again. So my resolution was, as I told you when we met, 'a new adventure every day.'

"The day after, a beautiful, sexy woman turns up on my doorstep to welcome me with a bottle of wine. She then proceeds to flirt outrageously with me and I go with it because, well, it's a new adventure for me. And this amazing, gorgeous woman, Meg, takes me to a village dance, where I'm mistaken for her lesbian girlfriend, I get stupidly drunk and slow dance with her. I guess that was three new adventures in a day. She also tells me she wants us to be best friends," my voice catches and tears blur my vision, "which made me so happy, I can't tell you.

"The next day I wake up undressed in bed, courtesy of my new best friend's care and kindness. And I end up peeing my panties in front of her which I'd feel bad about if she hadn't apparently enjoyed it so much!" This makes her smile. "And, okay, maybe I enjoyed it too, even though I've never done anything like that before," I admit with a slight blush.

"I went out deliberately on Monday to avoid you," I confess. "I... needed some space... it's all been so intense. And do you know what I found? I found that I missed you so much - it's mad. And that film last night; I know why you picked it, what you want me to choose. And then we went running today and... everything."

"And I ruined it," Meg sobs, "I went too far..."

"Meg, no. I actually enjoyed watching you pee. And when I watched you shit it was so, so intimate and erotic. Part of me felt like it was wrong but it turned me on so much... Meg, I was so turned on that I couldn't stop myself from masturbating in front of you; I've never done that, not even with my ex-husband!"

"It was the wiping, wasn't it? I shouldn't have asked you to wipe me, should I?"

"Meg, I couldn't believe it at the time but I even liked doing that. It's just, what you said after. I can't quite believe all I've done in the last few days. I don't know what this says about me, about my sexuality... I guess that's what happens when you start an adventure: you don't know where it will take you. However, I'm not a child to be patted on the head when I do something you like or to just be used; that's what upset me." I pause and take a breath. "Meg, what do you really want? From me? For us?"

Meg is silent and she thinks about all I have said. "I'm so sorry, Sam. I... I never meant to make you feel belittled or used. I loved that you would wipe me, the care you took. I'd... I'd love to do the same for you... I meant what I said: you are such an amazing friend..." There is a pleading look on her face, "We can still be friends, can't we?"

Can we? My heart is hammering in my chest. The question isn't 'can we be friends?' The question I need an answer to is 'can we just be friends?' I shiver and realize that my wet dressing gown is chilling me.

"Meg, if I took my dressing gown off now, what would you think?"

"That wouldn't bother me: I've seen you naked. Do you need some dry clothes?"

I smile. Her first concern isn't sexual but for my wellbeing and this tells me she really cares for me: it's not just about sex. Even so, I need to resolve this, and sex is the issue I need to address. "I do, but that's not the point." I stand and open the gown, letting the heavy, wet garment fall to the floor. Her eyes run up and down my naked figure and I see the flush in her cheeks as her desire rises. "Meg, what do you think? How do you feel, seeing me?"

"I... I think you're fucking gorgeous, Sam." She hesitates, "I want to take you to bed and make love to you," she admits, surprisingly shyly.

"But Meg, I'm not a lesbian. I've never been attracted to another woman before, never kissed or touched a woman sexually. What if you tried making love to me and I hated it? Could our friendship survive?"

I see a look of determination suddenly appear on Meg's face as she stands up and faces me. With one quick, economic movement she grasps the hem of her dress and strips it from her body, casting it aside to stand as naked as me. My eyes widen at the sight: the gorgeous raven hair framing her perfect face, her full, firm bust, each boob sporting its broad, pale caramel aureole and large, darker nipple, the smooth stomach and shapely hips and legs with her smooth vulva between, the soft cleft of her pussy... With an effort I tear my eyes back to her face. "Okay, Sam," she demands, "what do you think? How do you feel, seeing me, a lesbian woman, naked in front of you?"

My body responds instantly: my nipples harden and my pussy moistens. My traitor imagination projects images and ideas of touching her, holding and kissing, the feel of our naked bodies pressed together... "Erk..." is the only sound that escapes me, until a deep, shuddering breath allows me to speak; I owe her the truth. "I think you are stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy and... I... I've been attracted to you since the moment I set eyes on you..." I bite my lip, "...and... I want to make love to you," I confess, "But I'm terrified of what will happen if we sleep together, that I won't..."

"Sam, do you trust me?" she interrupts, but her voice is low and gentle.

"Yes, Meg, I do," I laugh a little, "it's me I don't trust." She steps forward, so close that her nipples brush my breasts just above the aureoles. I shiver at the touch. Her hand reaches up and cups my cheek. She leans forward slightly and I cannot resist doing likewise and our lips meet gently. The kiss is so soft and pleasurable but I resist the urge to close my eyes; this is another woman I'm kissing, I remind myself. If Meg wants to try this then I'm up for the adventure - as ever, since my resolution - but I will make damn sure that I'm completely aware of what I'm doing and that it's a woman I'm doing it with. However, instead of dampening my interest, I find myself leaning in harder to the kiss.

Automatically our arms slip around each other and our bodies come together. Meg is soft to the touch, her skin wonderfully warm and smooth. God, this feels so nice! I open my mouth slightly and she responds immediately as her tongue flicks out across my upper lip. I try to reciprocate and our tongues brush delightfully. I sigh into the kiss as our tongues now twist and slide together. Meg's wonderful mouth is giving me the most pleasurable kiss I have ever experienced. My hands caress her back and shoulders as Meg's hands reach down to grasp my arse cheeks; she squeezes them before raking them gently with her fingernails. I give a little cry of pleasure and press my hot, wet cunny against her thigh, grinding so I can feel her firm, smooth skin rubbing my nether lips.

She steps back and holds my shoulders at arm's length. "Sam, I want to take you to bed and make love to you: to kiss and touch you, to lick and finger you, to eat and taste you, every bit of you," she tells me, her eyes smouldering with her arousal at the thought, "but only if you ask me to: you have to want it."

I bite my lip as I think. Do I want it? My body does, it craves her touch and attentions: my nipples are so hard they tingle and I can feel the increasing wetness between my legs at the thought of her doing what she wants. This is more than an adventure though. I feel that this is the start of an expedition, a journey far away from all that I have known. I know Meg attracts and arouses me, she has done so from that first afternoon, and I could lie down and let her kiss and touch and lick me and that my body will undoubtedly respond to her loving. The trouble is that is not enough; I do not want just to be made love to if I cannot reciprocate.

This is the question: can I cross that line, that ocean, from heterosexuality to lesbianism? Can I go on that adventure? I look at Meg, beautiful, sexy, naked Meg, and I see beneath her arousal that she is scared too, afraid that I will reject her love and my heart goes out to her. I know that I love this woman and, with a jolt, I realize that I am not standing on the shores of heterosexuality but that I'm already far out to sea. I look deep into her eyes and see her love for me, pulling me to this new shore. I smile, "Meg, my darling, I want you to do all that to me and more," I whisper, "but there is one condition."

Uncertainty clouds her eyes, "What condition?"

"That you teach me to do the same to you, teach me to be your lesbian lover. I love you and I... I can be your lover, I'm sure, but never just your plaything, like a pet to be stroked. I want to love you back, properly and fully"

She steps forward, her hand slipping up behind my head as she pulls me in and kisses me hard. I respond instantly, my hand gripping her arse to pull us tight together. Our cheeks brush as we kiss and I feel wetness. I pull back and see she is crying.

"Oh, Sam, thank you, that's what I want so much!" she smiles through her tears. "I've dreamed of being with you, making love... Sam, you are so beautiful I can't believe you said yes and..."

"Meg," I laugh, "please, just take me to bed: I feel so fucking horny right now!" I feel so happy to have made this choice but I need to make love to her before I question my decision. Meg doesn't need any further encouragement but grabs my hand and practically runs up the stairs with me in tow.

We tumble onto her bed together and resume our kissing and caressing. Meg is on top of me, her amazing hair flows around my head and shoulders. I slide my right hand down to Meg's hip and then trace the slight crease where her leg meets her abdomen. My hand travels down along the edge of her pubis to her vulva. Her skin is so smooth and perfect to touch. Meg breaks our kiss and lifts her head, her hair now falls like a raven's wing curtain, enclosing us, and she looks at me intently. She knows what I am doing as my fingers travel to her womanhood. As they brush the edge of her pussy slit I guide them along the hot, slick wrinkles of her inner labia. She is so soft and wet that with even the slight pressure I am applying I feel my fingertips penetrate her. I cannot help gasping at the feeling and the knowledge of what I am doing as I feel myself teetering on the edge of orgasm.

"Oh god," I gasp, "I never dreamt of touching a woman there before I met you, but it feels wonderful!"

"It feels wonderful for me too, my darling Sam, but now it's my turn to lick and kiss and touch." She moves back and kneels astride my thighs. Her pussy is pulled away from my questing fingers and I feel the wetness coating them: her womanly nectar. I raise them to my nose and inhale her scent - the smell is intoxicating, sensual, musky and unmistakably female. I have to taste her and slip the two fingers into my mouth; the taste is incredible and my eyes go wide as an orgasmic bolt shoots through me, making me gasp around the fingers. It is short and wonderful but I know this is not enough, not by a long way. Meg's smile as she sees what happens assures me that this woman is determined to satisfy me.

Her hands caress my boobs, interspersed with rubs and tweaks of my nipples. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations, trying to learn because I want to give her the same exquisite pleasure. I feel her hair brushing my chest just before her tongue laps at a nipple with a wet flick. I sigh, letting her know how good it feels and she repeats the flick before moving to the other nipple and back again. Now the licks are interspersed with sucks and little nips with her teeth as she gently rakes the skin of my tummy, hips and sides with her nails. I lay here, eyes closed, intensely aroused yet curiously content to enjoy the feeling almost of worship that Meg's loving is bringing me.

Now there is a change as I feel Meg move, shifting down. My arousal increases and the contentment is replaced by a fluttering, excited anticipation. She kisses my tummy and around my navel, running her tongue into it as if warming up for deeper delving further down. Finally I feel her breath warm on my vulva before a gentle kiss is placed on my mons. "Are you ready for this, Sam?" she asks gently but her voice is tremulous with excitement.

"Oh fuck yes, Meg, please!" I gasp.

"What do you want me to do, Sam?" The mischief is back in her voice.

"Fucking eat me, Meg, eat my cunt! I want it so much!" I shout in frustration.

I hear her gently laugh and then - oh heaven! - I feel her tongue, flat and soft, lap the length of my cunny, then again twice more, making me moan quietly. "Shit, you taste so good," Meg gasps before I feel her mouth cover my cunny and the tip of her tongue, trail gently up my labia. She repeats this, her tongue now gliding in the cleft between my pussy lips, deeper with each pass. I realize that I am making a low, continuous moan.

I feel Meg's fingers penetrate me and begin thrusting. After a few moments she adds another finger and my pussy feels wonderfully stretched. Her mouth moves to the top of my cunny where her tongue begins to work its magic on my clit. Immediately my arousal jumps in intensity and I am moaning in time with her thrusts. My orgasm is close now and my hips thrust up against her mouth seeking that final release. I reach down and pull her head against me and I grind my cunny into her face as my orgasm begins. Reality disappears as my body is racked with sublime pleasure that comes in long, slow waves the like of which I have never known in their length and intensity.

I release Meg's head as the orgasm passes and my senses return. I become aware that, while Meg's fingers have withdrawn, it is only to allow her to return to licking my pussy deeply. However, my pussy is agonizingly sensitive and each caress of her tongue painfully overloads the nerves of my cunny, forcing me to push her head away.

"No... no more, Meg darling... I can't take it..." I stammer.

She moves back to kneel between my legs. I look up to see her beautiful smiling face, glistening with wetness in the late evening sun slanting through the window. "You did want me to eat your pussy," she teases, "and there's a lot left!"

With an effort I raise my arms to her, "Come here you gorgeous, cheeky woman!" and she climbs over me into a cuddle.

"I think you enjoyed that," she comments as I kiss her face, tasting myself on her wet skin.

"Oh god, yes! That was the biggest, longest orgasm of my life. It was... incredible!" I kiss her on the lips; her mouth tastes of my sex too. "I... I think..." I struggle to find the words to express what I feel. "It's almost as if my body was waiting for you, like... it needed you to unlock something more..."

"Sam, I think you're burbling!"

I hesitate and feel my cheeks redden as I confess, "Meg, I...I feel so stupid saying this since... oh my god, I only met you five days ago!" I recall her standing on my doorstep that first time; how can that be just five days ago? I take a deep breath. "Meg, I think I'm in love with you."

"Only think?" she asks with a slight note of disappointment.

"Yes, at the moment; there's something I need to do first," I tell her as I sit up. She moves to sit up too so I place a hand on her left boob, holding her down. "Oh no, you stay right there." I gently squeeze and rub her tit as I shift onto my knees.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, you can tell me whether I'm doing it right or wrong!" With that I bend forward suddenly and take her right nipple into my mouth. I suck it gently for a moment then bite softly at the base as I rub my tongue hard across the tip.

"Oh shit!" Meg gasps, "Right, definitely right!" I smile and repeat it several times before moving onto its twin. I run my tongue over each breast, savouring the delicious saltiness in the crease along the underside of each boob; the taste reminds me of the saltiness of her pee that I licked off my fingers earlier today. I am captivated by her breasts: the taste, the soft yet resilient firmness as I delicately bite into them so my teeth rake the smooth skin, the wrinkled tautness of her aureoles under my tongue and the hard points of her long, flat-topped nipples, so perfect to suck or rub. "Mmmm Sam, what you're doing to my titties is amazing. Aaaah yes: so right!" she squeals.

I feel a thrill of pride and arousal at the sounds of her pleasure. However, as I said, there is something I need to do: I need to perform cunnilingus - fuck it Sam, stop sounding like a teacher: I need to eat Meg's cunt out, just as she did yours, I tell myself.

I reluctantly turn away from Meg's boobs and Meg guesses what I'm about to do, raising her knees and spreading her legs to give me full access. I crawl downwards along her body till my head is above her womanhood. Looking down I can see her intense arousal; her love juices have overflowed in a wet trail across her perineum and on down between her cheeks. Meg opens her legs wider and I can see her little pucker wet and glistening with them. I inhale her scent, a potent melange of sex and sweat and even the subtle tang of her pee. I have to taste her; I open my mouth and, as she did to me, I lap her cunny from top to bottom in one long, hard stroke. The taste is fantastic: rich musky and intensely female and I lap her again, hard and fast.

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