tagRomanceA New Beginning

A New Beginning

byDG Hear©

Thank you to 'LadyCibelle' and 'Techsan' They make my stories readable. I can't thank them enough.

I was sitting there in a nice restaurant minding my own business when I heard the commotion across the aisle. I looked up and a man was standing up yelling at this woman. "You fucking bitch, slut, whore, get the fuck out of my life. Take your fucking bastard kids with you."

Before I could get up and stop him he backhanded the woman. I grabbed him and gave him a punch to the face, bloodying his nose and knocking him down. By then, the manager had shown up with two male employees, picked the man up and took him to the nearest exit and threw him out.

Minutes later, the police showed up and talked to the man out in the parking lot. I helped the distressed woman up and took some ice cubes out of a glass and wrapped them in a cloth napkin and she held it against her cheek. I guided her out the front door with all the spying eyes watching us.

The police separated the two of us and talked with me. I told them exactly what happened and that I stopped the man from beating on the woman more than he had already done. I explained that I didn't know either of the two people involved but did what I felt was right. I went back into the restaurant and finished my dinner. The manager came over and thanked me for helping out and told me my dinner was on the house. I told him in that case I would have dessert.

I was sitting there eating my free dessert wondering what the hell I just did. I butted into an argument between two people not even knowing either one of them. I did what I felt was right on impulse. I wondered how I would have acted if I had thought about it. Hell, the idiot might have had a gun or something. I still felt good about myself believing I did the right thing. In fact a number of people came up to me and congratulated me as they left the restaurant. I had to get back to work, but I was feeling pretty good about myself, even though my knuckles hurt.

I was a personnel manager at one of the local businesses. I had to get back and do some interviews for a couple of positions. My bosses wanted my opinions by the end of the week. These positions needed filling and I was the first interviewer. They counted on me not to waste their time on applicants who didn't meet the criteria they wanted. They knew I was good at my job and almost always went with my recommendations. We had to fill two positions: an engineer and an assistant personnel manager.

My duties were getting heavy with contract negotiation time coming up. I had two people for the bosses to look at for the engineering position but my assistant hunt wasn't going too well. I had interviewed about twelve people with decent credentials but didn't feel secure with any of them yet. I wanted a go-getter but not so far as to think they could replace me. There were a couple of really cocky men that thought the world owed them a living. I had four more interviews set up, two for today and two tomorrow.

My next interviewee was a good looking woman. She had good prior knowledge of personnel departments. She was a secretary for one in her last job. The last man I interviewed didn't have the understanding of the union plant. He wouldn't be a good negotiator. Well, two more interviews tomorrow. So far the secretary had my vote.

I went home to my apartment. I lived alone now. I had been married but like in most cases it was either cheating or money problems that resulted in divorce. Mine was a cheating wife due to mistaken identity. Maybe that needs a little more explaining.

In my younger days - I am now forty-four - I was known to be a ladies man. I couldn't help it. I liked my women. If I saw a pair of thighs or tight pants I went after it. My only requirement was that the woman not be married. As much as I loved to look at married women, I didn't want to be responsible for their divorces. I had my share of women, all sizes and shapes. I did prefer women who were slightly overweight. Not obese but enough overweight to give me something to hold on to.

I met my ex-wife about fifteen years ago. My single friends and I went to the local nightclubs. That seemed to be the place where the women let loose. I ran into Bree there. She was a looker. We hooked up pretty quickly and spent most of our time together. She was divorced at the time because of catching her husband with his secretary. She walked in with a dinner for him since he said he was working late. As she approached his door, she saw he had his secretary bent over the desk with her skirt up on her back with no panties in sight. He was plowing her with everything he had. They were making so much noise that they didn't see Bree walk in. He exploded into his secretary and then turned around and saw Bree.

Too late for any excuses, she screamed that he needed not come home. He could stay with his slut. She would be at the divorce lawyer's the following day. They had only been married for two years at the time. By the time I met her, she was divorced and out sowing her wild oats. I remember her saying, if she had to do it all over, she would have picked up some guy and fucked him in front of her ex to get revenge. I laughed and told her I better remember that.

To cut a long story short Bree and I were married about six months later. Our life was good. That was just before I got my promotion to personnel manager. She had a good job as a department head in one of the local department stores. Our life looked like it was going somewhere and was very satisfying. We didn't have any kids, not that we didn't want any, but it just hadn't happened. We took trips together and enjoyed our life. Whenever we got with friends my buddies would tell her what a pussy hound I was.

I remember I had to keep telling her, "Used to be pussy hound. Since I met her I was true blue."

My friend were big kidders and jokers. They were always playing jokes and pranks on each other. They never hurt each other but got pretty raunchy once in awhile.

One time Bree got a little aggravated. I could hear it in her voice. She told everyone that if I ever cheated she would get even. I laughed and told her she didn't need to worry because I had no intention of cheating on her.

It was about two weeks later that my buddies thought they would have a little fun with me. One of them took his girlfriend up to my office while another one of my friends called my wife and told her to bring me a dinner. I would be working late. The whole idea was when she walked in they would all just have a laugh. They didn't know that was the exact circumstances of her first divorce.

I had a dinner appointment with my bosses, who were all involved in the latest contract. I know I had told my wife I would be home late because of the meeting. I don't remember now whether I told her it was a dinner meeting. It wasn't that important to know anyway.

I had no idea my friends were going to do this. Well, Bree showed up with some Chinese food and was headed to my office. Bill had his girlfriend over my desk plowing her fields. When Bree heard the sounds she got closer to the door. She could see a man fucking a woman through the screens. Of course she thought it was me. She didn't go into the office. She just dropped the food right there on the floor and headed out the door crying. My friends didn't catch up to her in time as she got in her car and drove off.

I was sitting at the table when my cell phone went off. It was Bill telling me what had happened. I told my bosses I had an emergency and had to leave. They said the meeting was about over anyway. I rushed to my car and went to the office. Bill and his girlfriend along with Jim and his wife were there. They apologized over and over to me. I told them the one they needed to apologize to was Bree and we all headed to my house so they could explain the prank and misunderstanding to Bree.

We went into the house and called for Bree. She didn't answer. I headed upstairs to see if she was in the bedroom. She was there alright with a total stranger between her legs pumping her for all he was worth. As I entered the room she looked at me and asked, "How does it feel, you cheating bastard?" as she laughed at me. At that point all my friends came into the room and saw Bree spread eagled with this stranger she had picked up.

I turned around and walked out. My friends tried to stop me but I kept going.

Jim called me the next day and apologized again. He told me what transpired after I left.

Jim's explanation of what happened after I walked out:

We all stood there wondering what had happened. At about the same time the stranger pumped his load into Bree.

He got up and told her, "Anytime you want to get even again, lovely lady, give me a call."

He left her a card and smiled at them as he walked past them.

Bree looked at them and said, "Where the fuck is he. I want to know his fucking response."

Jim spoke first, "He left Bree. He walked out the door. The reason we are all here was to tell you that Jack didn't fuck anyone."

"He did, too. I saw him, in his office, fucking some woman."

Barb spoke, "It was me, Bree. I was having sex with Bill. God, I'm so sorry. We were just playing a little joke on you and Jack. You ran out so fast we weren't able to catch you. We called Jack and told him and waited for him to get back to the office. He asked us all to come over here and apologize to you. That's why we're here."

"Where was Jack then, if he wasn't there?"

Jim spoke, "He had that contract dinner meeting with his bosses. Remember, he told you about it the other day when we were all together."

Bree started crying and told us all to get out. We tried to explain further but she said she didn't want to see any of us again.

As Jim finished telling me what happened I told him, "I feel the same way, Jim. Tell Bill also. You guys went too far this time. You fucked up my marriage and right now I don't want to see any of you. Now please leave my office or I'll have you fired for being in here after hours. You had no right to do what you guys did, Jim. Joke or not, you went too far." Jim turned around and left my office.

My phone kept ringing. It was Bree. She kept saying how sorry she was and asked me to forgive her.

"Bree, you took a strange man into our marital bed within an hour of thinking I did something that I promised you I would not do. Our marriage is over. If that's the full extent of trust you have in me, it's not enough. I want nothing more to do with you. I loved you. I guess I always will. You don't just fall out of love with someone. At the same time, Bree, I hate you. I hate what you've done to our marriage. By the way, your stranger friend didn't even wear protection. I hope you didn't catch an STD or maybe even get pregnant. Don't call me again. You can talk with Sally, my lawyer, about the distribution of assets."

That was the misunderstanding of my marriage. Sally told me that Bree did see a doctor and took a morning after pill. I was at least glad for that. She made a huge mistake that I could never forget but I didn't want her to pay with an STD or pregnancy. Over time I was able to put my life back together without her.

I'd been a bachelor again for the last several years. I had my share of sex but a single guy does miss the love whether he admits it or not. I headed to bed hoping for a couple of good interviews the next day.

The first woman that came in had one hell of a body. I could jump her bones in a second. When she took our typing test she failed. She didn't know much about computers which was a necessity in this day and age. Too bad I had to let her go. Maybe I could meet up with her sometime at the lounge, I thought.

My last interviewee came in. It was the woman from the restaurant. She looked at me and said, "Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you would be interviewing me."

I was taken aback. She was a beautiful woman all dressed in a nice skirt and blouse. She looked sexy as hell but at the same time she looked very business-like. She had one hell of a bruise on her right cheek where the man had struck her yesterday. She had quite a bit of makeup on it to help cover it up.

I held out my hand and said, "Jack Jones, I'm the personnel manager here."

She knew her business etiquette. She didn't offer her hand till after I offered mine.

"Jenny Smith. Glad to meet you, Mr. Jones, and before we go any further I want to thank you once again for helping me with the incident yesterday. That was very bold of you to help a woman in distress. There aren't too many men that would take that chance today. So thank you once again."

"Thank you for the compliment, Mrs. Smith. May I call you Jenny?"

"Jenny is fine and it's Ms. Smith. I'm not married."

That was a surprise after what the man said yesterday. I began reading her resume. She was personnel manager herself at one of the largest department stores. They were closing their doors in a number of states including ours. Jenny told me she could move to another state or take a settlement package and find another place of employment.

I kept thinking about the whore, slut, bitch with bastards issue. If that stuff were true my bosses would be very angry if we hired her. Our company didn't need that kind of baggage. I decided to put her through the tests. She was the fastest typist we have ever interviewed. She sat in front of the computer and was faster on it than I was. She looked at me and told me she could tell I had a problem with her. Being a personnel manager herself she told me she realized I couldn't bring up the subjects that were mentioned yesterday. She understood that some private facts weren't allowed to be asked. She told me that she knew she was perfect for the job and was more then qualified.

I had to agree with her. I looked at her and asked if we could speak off the record? I know it's not supposed to be done but I had to have answers because I wanted to give her the job but if some of the other facts came out later we could have some problems. My bosses usually went with my recommendations but I was nervous about recommending her, even though she was the most qualified candidate.

She sat back in her chair and just stared at me. It was quiet for what seemed like minutes but was probably only a few seconds. "Mr. Jones."

"Call me Jack, please"

"Jack, I respect you for what you did for me yesterday. Now off the record you want me to tell you some very personal things that have nothing to do with my ability to do the job. I'm not real comfortable with this. I will make you a deal."

"Deal? What kind of deal?"

"You put my name in for the job today. You know I can do it. I know there is no question in your mind that I am more than capable of doing it. Tonight you take me to dinner and I will tell you what ever you want to know. If you aren't satisfied with my answers, you can withdraw my name tomorrow."

Holy shit! I can't believe what she just told me. Damn, this woman is perfect for the job. Besides she really has me interested in her. "Okay, Jenny, I have never done anything like this in my life."

She smiled at me, "Jack, just so you know. You're not getting laid tonight. You're just going to find out about my past. By the way, Jack, you aren't married are you?"

"No, Jenny, I'm very single."

"You have my address on the resume. Is 6:00 PM alright?"

"Six o'clock is fine Jenny." I can't believe what I just did. Taking out an interviewee for dinner. I better turn in her resume for the job right now. Otherwise someone might think she got it because of the date. Boy, I sure hope I didn't make a big blunder here.

I checked her address out. It was a very nice house in a nice neighborhood. I pulled up in her drive and knocked on the door. I was greeted by a beautiful girl of about eighteen. "Are you Mr. Jones?" she asked.

I replied in the affirmative and she invited me in. "I'm Shelly Smith. Glad to meet you, Mr. Jones. Your actions precede you. Thank you for helping out our mom the other day. We appreciate it. Mom means everything to me and Brian. Brian's my older brother."

"Thank you, Shelly. I just did what seemed necessary under the circumstances." Wow, this girl was one class act. A long way from what I would have called a bastard kid.

Just then Jenny came down the stairs. My God, she was beautiful. I know I stared at her too long. I couldn't help it. Other than the bruise on her face she was a perfect specimen of a woman. I couldn't help looking at her legs as she came down the stairs. I could picture her legs going all the way up to her ass. Damn, what was I thinking? This was a business dinner.

As we got ready to leave, Shelly held out her hand and said, "It was very nice meeting you, Mr. Jones, and once again thank you for helping my mom." I smiled and we walked out the door.

What was I doing here? Was this a date, a business dinner, an interview? How did I put myself in this situation? That's one for the books. This lady was every bit as smart as I was. We seemed compatible in intelligence. I opened her car door and as she slid in I saw much more thigh than I should have but again I was a thigh man. I closed her door and got into the car. Then we headed for the restaurant. I must say she looked beautiful and even was able to use make up to cover the bruise on her cheek.

We headed for The Red Lobster. When we pulled up she glanced over at me and said, "One of my favorite restaurants."

I answered with, "Mine too." We sat down and I asked her if she wanted a drink before dinner. She said that if this was an interview then the answer was no but, if it was a date and me just wanting to know more about her, the answer was yes. Damn, she was smart.

The waiter came over and asked if we wanted anything to drink before dinner. I glanced over at Jenny for a response but she wasn't giving any. I asked the waiter to please bring two glasses of white wine. I glanced back over at Jenny and this time she was smiling. She knew this was more than an interview.

We did a little small talk and drank our wine and were eating our salad when Jenny asked if I was ready for the intimate details she had promised. I told her I was beginning to find her intriguing and yes I would like to know about her life.

She looked back at ne and said, "Jack I hardly know you. How much do you feel you need to know for the job purposes."

"Well, I would like to know everything about you but we both know that's not fair so just tell me about the psycho and why he slapped you."

"Fair enough, Jack. I will have to go back and tell you a little about my past so it all makes sense. When I was eighteen my boyfriend and I had a child. My son Brian. We never got married but lived together like so many young people did at the time. Two years later I had a second child. You met her tonight. Shelly was my beautiful baby girl and of course now a beautiful woman.

"Brian, my son, is away at college and Shelly goes locally. She didn't want to leave her mom home alone. I lived with their dad until he went in the service and became a casualty of war. That's what they call it, you know, 'a casualty of war,' not a father of two young children or a husband or lover, just a casualty of war. Well, anyway I was left alone to raise my children. My parents helped. In fact they are still in our lives. They are in their sixties but are still good parents to me. I also have a married sister and we are kind of best friends. I didn't put my age on my resume. As you know it's not required but I am forty-one.

"I dated throughout the years. I could never find a man that I felt that close to again. That's when I met Joseph, or Joe as we call him. He was the psycho you almost met yesterday. He has been in and out of my life throughout the last five years. He was a nice person and at times loving. He has a big jealousy problem. He thinks he owns me and if I ever go out with another man he usually shows up and ruins it. We never lived together nor were we ever engaged or anything like that. He asked me to marry him a number of times but I have always told him, 'No,' that I just wanted to be friends. He can't accept that.

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