tagGay MaleA New Client

A New Client


There was a subtle knock of the door; Nicholas scanned his eyes across the room once more. Everything seemed to be in order, he thought. Let us see what we shall see.

The door opened, revealing his trusted servant, bodyguard, fixer and partner in business, Wells. The man had an imposing figure, tall, square-shouldered, very large hands and equally large feet. He had an inscrutable face that could be both subservient and superior, often at the same time, certainly not a man to be taken lightly and one that had extricated Nicholas from more than one violent situation.

Behind his imposing frame stood a medium, slight man of about fifty. His near shoulder-length hair was fully greying at the sides and his side-whiskers had long gone to a near white. He was of medium height, very slim and although he carried himself well for his age, filling his space with an assurance that very probably came from his newly privileged position of acquired wealth, he was also somewhat hesitant. A new opportunity in which to spend his money had no doubt raised itself, which is why he had come knocking at my door thought Nicholas. Still, he was definitely new to wealth and therefore new to the more unusual luxuries that money could buy.

The younger man smiled warmly and beckoned his visitor to enter.

"Please sir, do come in, and take a seat. You found the place alright I see."

"Yes" the older man hesitated a little, not quite sure where he should sit.

Wells locked eyes with Nicholas. The glint of amusement was unmistakeable. They had discussed the arrival of this particular new client and had come to the conclusion that money would, potentially, not be a limited commodity as far as the visitor was concerned. Although there was always the possibility that a new client would bolt before being ensnared, by actually physically coming face to face with Nicholas, most of the procurement had already been done. Nevertheless, Wells did feel that it would perhaps be advisable if Nicholas were to put on a particularly good display of his wares, so to speak.

Wells stiffly nodded to both Nicholas and his visitor and left the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Nicholas gave another broad smile and offered one of the overly large, thick-armed casual chairs scattered around the room, one that had its back to the large window, but gave a position in which the light was framed well. Nicholas, who in many respects was a perfectionist, had no intention of allowing shadow to ruin any performance.

The older man sighed as he sat in the large, though comfortable chair. He placed a large crystal topped cane which he had been carrying, between his open thighs, leaned on it with both hands and surveyed the much younger man in front of him. Nicholas did not sit, but instead leaned casually against the mantle of the unlit fireplace.

"You have come far sir?" asked Nicholas casually.

"Far enough" was the minimal reply.

"Perhaps you would like a smoke, something to drink even."

The older man shook his head. "I need nothing at the moment." He stopped and then seeming to remember his manners, added briefly "but I thank you."

Nicholas smiled again. He paused for a moment, noticing the decided shake of the older man's hands as they held firmly on to his cane. "Am I right in believing that I was recommended by a mutual acquaintance?"

"Yes, Sir Mot.."

"No names are necessary here sir." Nicholas exclaimed quickly. He smiled disarmingly at the nervous seated individual. "My clients are, shall we say, a group of men of individual needs and requirements. Names can sometimes complicate matters," he smiled again "If you know what I mean."

The older man moved his lower jaw, his focus lost in a thought. Nicholas waited patiently, he was in no hurry.

"Yes, I see." The seated man eventually replied. "It is as well to be cautious, considering..." He raised his eyes and glanced furtively at Nicholas, "the object and nature of our needs and requirements." He smiled briefly.

Nicholas waited patiently while the older man tried to work around his own reasoning as to why he had travelled miles into the countryside in order to visit a young man he had never met before. Both men were of course well aware as to why they were in this place and at this point in time. Lust, no matter how furtively hidden, was present across the face of the visitor, from his burning eyes, to his flaring nostrils, from his motion of constantly wetting his dry lips to the repeated up and down journey of his adam's apple. The man was nervous and Nicholas was to allow for that nervousness, but that he had come for him specifically, that he wanted him, of that he was certain.

"You seem," said the nervous visitor "to be in a somewhat isolated position for a man of so few years. As a young man do you not miss the temptations of the city?" Nicholas shrugged. "I personally prefer a more rural setting. City life has its diversions of course, but..."


Nicholas smiled knowingly. "The country retreat to me has become that, a retreat. Somewhere where I can entertain with impunity, allow discretion to be the common factor. No one bothers me here and my client list is full and regular. It is perhaps inconvenient in some respects for those travelling to me, but I think you might agree, it is very much worth it."

Nicholas made sure that the seated man was aware that his gaze had travelled to his visitors by now swelling manhood. He gave a knowing, almost companionable smile. We men of the world know what it is to be men with desires and needs, it implied. The visitor moved his thin behind around the plush seat, not so much in embarrassment, but in acknowledgement of the younger man's gaze.

"Anyway" he continued. We know why you have travelled here, what you are expecting, so shall we make a start perhaps?"

The seated man nodded vigorously.

"Firstly, the delicate matter of money. Everything, as I am sure that you are aware, has its price." With this Nicholas, who had already removed his jacket, rested his arms briefly on the mantel his back to the room, thus giving the older man a clear view of the younger man's buttocks.

The visitor caught his breath as he was meant to. Although Nicholas was well aware of, and had been told on numerous occasions, that the firm rounded cheeks of his behind were a near divine inspiration, this from a bishop and who would know better than he? He never took anything for granted, which was why he had all of his trousers specifically made at a choice tailors in town. The fabric was so finely woven that it hugged his body leaving little to the imagination, and without underwear, which he never wore, imagination certainly ran riot.

Nicholas turned to face his visitor, allowing the light to outline the path of his own engorged member, he received another gasp, so much so that the older man nearly lost the grip of his crystal-topped cane. He trembled in anticipation, but tried to maintain the conversation in at least a modicum of civility.

'Yes of course, money. A terrible commodity for gentlemen to discuss in polite company, but a necessity that often needs discussion nonetheless.'

Nicholas sighed dramatically, but said nothing.

'I am told that you have personally found some very innovative and rewarding masculine diversions for both yourself as a young man, and for some of your wealthy clients."

Nicholas smiled boldly. "All my clients are wealthy sir. As to masculine diversions," he shrugged, "money allows for innovations. The higher the figure discussed the more can be rewarded to that individual."

Nicholas waited a short moment while the potential of his last sentence bled into the consciousness, and wallet, of his visitor.

"You wish to become a client of mine perhaps, sir?"

"Perhaps." Was the only reply.

Nicholas smiled evenly and openly. "Perhaps?"

"I don't spend my money foolishly sir. I need to see where it is going," he licked his lips in a decidedly lascivious way, "and on what."

"Very well." It was only to be expected, thought Nicholas with an inward sigh. Parting any of this new money from its owners is so hard nowadays. They are becoming decidedly cautious, certainly more miserly in many quarters, and even in some cases belligerent. What has become of the magnanimity of sharing ones beneficence he wondered?

Nicholas looked at the face of his visitor. The eyes were narrowed and the lips were pursed. Even though nervous, somewhat uncomfortable, and decidedly aroused, the man was still determined to get the best he could for his money. You may well need to put your back into it today Nicholas, he told himself. Looking at the stance of the man, he thought it might even be literal.

"Tell me your requirements and I will give you a non-negotiable price. From there we will both benefit from the transaction, immediately if you wish."

"Will we not be disturbed?" asked the man, pensively looking from the door to the very wide and public window.

My outdoor ground staff are near non-existent and my indoor staff have been hand-picked for discretion." Nicholas bent down so that his face was practically touching the seated man and added lustily, "Believe me sir, we will not be disturbed."

Nicholas retreated, raised his arms, gave an athletic twirl so that the older man saw all planes of his body, and said, "Shall we begin?"

The man licked his lips hungrily. "How much to see the merchandise?"

No prevarication there thought Nicholas; therefore, there shall be none on my part also.

"Fifty pounds."

"Fifty? Just to see?" the older man was visibly stunned.

"My dear sir, I am not a street whore that found good. I am a gentleman with a gentleman's material needs. I am also," he said with a certain amount of smugness, "the very best that you can buy for your money. I am diverse, unshockable, and willing to please in all matters. Place fifty pounds on the table beside you and we can begin."

There was a moment of hesitation on the part of the visitor. However, one more glance at Nicholas and obviously convinced, the older man counted out the notes and placed them folded on to the table. Nicholas left them where they were. He had a policy of never counting money whether old or new, in front of clients, it tended to destroy the carefully built illusion of gentlemanly trust.

He smiled warmly at the visitor. "Very well, let us begin. He carefully removed his expensively embroidered waistcoat, laying it over the arm of the seat opposite the older man. He slowly removed his cravat, revealing the hollow of his neck. He placed the cravat with the waistcoat and continued. Undoing a few buttons of his shirt, he stopped and asked

"Would you like to help me unbutton?"

The man shook his head. "No. I want to watch you. That is what I enjoy."

Nicholas continued to unbutton his shirt. He slipped it over his shoulders and let it hang at his waist revealing a taught smooth, hairless chest. His beautifully curved and flawless breast muscles ending in the small pink orbs of his nipples fascinated the seated man. Looking down he noticed the equally flawless stomach, just enough muscle to make it interesting, but not too much for the older man to feel he was inspecting an oxen or some other such beast of burden. No, this was a man, a young man of leisure certainly; he doubted whether any of those smooth, slick undulating muscles being shown to him had ever seen a day's hard labour. However, he had not come all this way to spend serious money on a common worker. He had come for sophistication, to join the upper set in their pursuits, to be included. After all, was that not what money was for? More importantly, as he watched the beautiful man in front of him slowly undress; he was also aware that he had come in order to revel in the youth of the man, to smell his life.

Nicholas pulled off his shirt and was about to place it with the other discarded clothes when the man stopped him.

"May I have your shirt?"

"Of course" smiled Nicholas, throwing the shirt to the waiting man. The visitor picked it up reverently, sliding his hands through the expensive fabric. He then buried his face in the garment and took a deep breath.

"Wonderful" he exclaimed. "I love the smell of men. So vital, so distinct. You," he offered, "smell exceptionally well."

Nicholas smiled warmly but said nothing. He busied himself with the next phase of undress.

"My dear sir, will you perhaps help with the removal of my boots."

The seated man looked up, buried the younger man's shirt possessively behind him, and waited in anticipation. Nicholas raised one of his booted feet and placed it within the man's lap. He stroked the boot heal to and fro, sliding along the man's by now rampant member. The visitor in turn took Nicholas leather boot in both hands, spread his thighs, and helped to rub it vigorously along his lap. He sighed contentedly, but remembering his task pulled at the boot, which easily came off. The same was repeated on the other foot leaving Nicholas with little left to divulge costume-wise, other than his tight trousers. He purposely turned his back on the man showing him a full view of his behind. He undid the few buttons at the front and proceeded to slowly slide the fabric across narrow hips and over his beautifully pert cheeks. Here he stopped for a moment in order for the older man to fully appreciate his behind.

"May I take a closer look?" he whispered.

Nicholas looked over his shoulder and saw the man hesitantly edging his thin long-fingered hands towards the young man's out of reach firm, and well-rounded cheeks.

"Yes you may" encouraged Nicholas.

"So beautifully formed" he exclaimed as his eyes travelled intently over Nicholas behind. "So firm, so taught, like stone. You are like a beautifully formed statue my young sir."

Both hands of the older man suddenly grabbed a handful of each cheek. "May I see in between?"

Nicholas moved far enough away for the man to lose his grip on his behind, the disappointment was palpable.

"You may see dear sir, but unfortunately the money you have so far donated does not give you the luxury of touch."

The older man while still holding out the hands that had just so recently felt firm muscled cheeks looked wistfully at the folded notes on the table beside him. "Yes of course, more money."

He winced at the amount he had already handed over, realising that he was beginning to lose control over the situation, more alarmingly still he was losing, control over his wallet.

Nicholas considered the situation. It would be as well to perhaps offer a small incentive before more money was added to the small pile on the table. Therefore, he agreed to allow the man one small moment of touch, his to choose.

With that agreement in place, the seated man got Nicholas to turn his back on him allowing him the full display of masculine buttocks. The man was in ecstasy. The thought that his money could buy such beauty, if only for a short while, would have seemed impossible even only a handful of years ago.

Nicholas clenched and then relaxed his cheek muscles, producing a small gasp from the older seated man and a small smile of satisfaction from the standing younger. Without further ado, the visitor placed both thumbs into the deep crevice that divided the young man's behind and separated the cheeks. He let out an exclamation. It was beautiful. Not at all like the puckered and stained holes that he had always been used to. This was an entirely different category of man, a man of class, of distinction. He took note of the details as if he were an antiquarian studying an ancient and precious artefact. The entry was small, but by no means inaccessible. It was completely hairless which he thought could not be natural. It was a subtle soft pink in colour, and was more reminiscent of a star, particularly as it winked at him now and again, due to the muscle contractions of the young man. This wonder of nature, thought the seated man, had more the appearance of an entryway to pleasure than that of a forbidden and dirty secret place. Still, it was, as far as he was concerned, the deepest and most animalistic secret place of any man, including himself. It was a rutting place, a place of release for a man such as himself. His cock began to leak at the thought. The most beautiful part of this young man, and there was so much of his beauty to admire, was hidden between these cheeks. He needed to possess this little star shaped entryway most desperately, no matter what the cost. To reiterate his desire he placed his nose against the small, but perfectly formed hole and took in a deep breath. The same masculine smell as the shirt, but so more immediate and intense.

Nicholas started to pull away and so the man reluctantly let go of those two perfect cheeks, allowing the small pink starburst to be buried again within the cleft that was such a feature of the extraordinary young man's behind. Nicholas meanwhile had returned to face his visitor. He was very nearly naked, he had only one last asset to show, one that was always remarked upon by his numerous and diverse clients. He had waited until he had become fully hardened, luckily an easy task. He lowered the front of his trousers, allowing them to slide to his knees and then to pool at his feet. He stepped out of them, set his feet firmly apart, placed his hands on his hips, and waited for a reaction from the older man sitting in front of him.

The reaction was almost instantaneous, with a gasp, the seated man barely let out a whisper, but Nicholas had heard. It was his job to seek out desire and to fulfil it. "How much to touch?" was the whisper.

Nicholas smiled. He wrapped his hand around his throbbing member, pointing it directly at his visitor, the end glistening with the perception of moments to come. "How much?" he enquired.

"Yes" came the irritated reply. "I need to touch; it is no longer enough to look." He swallowed slowly and ended "It is more than a sane man can bear."

"Well in that case" said Nicholas as he allowed a few drops of his glistening liquid to slowly descend to the floor, "I suggest an extra fifty should secure more in the way of touching." He smiled lasciviously at the older man as he moved his hand to the base of his member and started to massage his balls.

"At least" he added taking his other hand, gently sliding his fingers across the distended and glistening purple head of his pulsing cock, before placing them between his lips and sucking, "to start with."

The older man fumbled desperately with his bank notes, counting out double the amount. "How far will one hundred get me?"

This was it thought Nicholas, time to begin raking in the notes. "A hundred will get you some of this," he said gesturing with his magnificently rampant cock. "At least to taste."

"Come here quickly" gestured the visitor.

Nicholas walked slowly towards the seated man, his cock bobbing up and down as he moved. He placed himself squarely in front of the seated man and waited for the next move.

The man drew in a stuttered breath, reached out a hand, and gently touched Nicholas pulsing cock.

"It is so beautiful," he murmured, running his fingers up and down the pale shaft. He stroked for a moment or two, as if mesmerised, then added "strong, like a man should be, but...somehow fragile, fleeting. It always surprises me."

Nicholas had certainly not taken his visitor to be a connoisseur, but then who knows what passes through a man's mind when he sees his heart's desire, particularly when that desire is a hard cock, he mused to himself.

Nicholas' guest explored the cock standing hard before him. It was long thick and smooth. It was thick enough so that he could just about manage to wrap his fist around it, and long enough to be impressive. The shaft was pale and smooth, with few of the hard pulsing veins that you found on some cocks, he mused. The balls were on the small side and held tightly to the root of the cock. They did not hang low so he had a more or less uninterrupted view of the path towards the young man's hole, buried between his hard rear cheeks. There was no hair; balls, cock and rear were smooth as a new-born. It did not particularly surprise him. He had come across clean-shaven men in his travels, just another fetish to intrigue and titillate. He pulled the shaft down so that the naked cockhead stood before his face. Flawless. Nicholas had pulled back his foreskin to reveal to his visitor the large dark pink head of his cock. It glistened with pre-cum which the older man collected with his thumb. Placing the digit in his mouth, he sighed as he swilled it around his mouth before swallowing. It was as if he had just been served a small expensive delicacy from the Continent.

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