A New Dawn Ch. 02


To make sense of this entry into the adventures of Dawn and Tom, you'll need to read the first installment of A New Dawn, which sets up how our hero met his lovely heroine, and how their first evening began. So, if you've done that, on with the story where we left off...

Tom and Dawn had fallen asleep together on Dawns large bed after her fantastic display of oral skill. Both had drunk rather a lot, and the comfort of snuggling up together had eased them both into blissful sleep.

Tom was the first to wake, and with a horrible thought. Had it all been a dream? An incredibly erotic dream, but a dream none the less. He felt Dawn move beside him, no not a dream then he smiled to himself. He watched her in the soft light from the bedside lamp, the sheet only covering her firm rounded arse. Hard to believe this beautiful creature had wanted him. Even harder to believe that she along with that pretty face, suckable tits and lovely bum she had a cock almost as big as his! Just the thought of it made his own cock stir beneath the covers, and his hand went down to stroke himself. Touching his own hardening cock was one thing, but what he really wanted was to touch Dawns. Tom had never had any interest in guys, but all he wanted right now, more than anything else in the world was Dawns cock in his hand.

He reached out his free hand and stroked her soft skin, making her smile and let out soft moans in her sleep. Spooning behind her, his hand traced slowly up and down her leg, gradually moving closer and closer to what he ached for. Sliding his fingertips up her inner thigh he reached his goal, and gently touched her hairless balls before moving further to her lovely cock. He was surprised to find that it was already becoming hard. Taking it in his hand his fingers wrapped around it he gripped it loosely. It felt so strange to be touching a cock other than his own, but somehow so right. As he slowly began to stroke Dawns length up and down, she shifted in her sleep and rolled onto her back, her legs parting slightly. Tom froze, had he woken her? He waited motionless for a moment, his hand never leaving her cock. She didn't seem to be awake, so he continued to play with her cock. It wasn't long before he could feel that she was fully erect in his hand and he realised that touching it wasn't enough; he wanted to see it as well. With his free hand he pulled back the sheet exposing her gorgeous body. He watched as his hand slid up and down her cock, feeling the warmth of it against his skin. It looked so erotic to him. A small bead of pre-cum formed at the tip and without even thinking about it he leaned forward and flicked his tongue across the head of her cock, licking up the tiny amount of fluid. He savoured the taste on his tongue.

"Why not?" he thought to himself.

Releasing Dawns cock from his hand he got up and moved down to the foot of the bed. Quietly he moved up her body until his head was hovering over her crotch, and taking her cock in his hand once again he licked it. Again he licked, tasting her flesh. Again and again, before finally opening his mouth and taking the head inside. Gently he sucked on her hard cock, looking up at her face as he did so. He had never felt so turned on in his life, all he could think of was this beautiful woman with a cock and giving her as much pleasure as she had given him. Concentrating on his task it took him a moment to realise that a hand was stroking his hair. Looking up he saw Dawn looking back at him, a wide contented grin spread across her face.

"Did you really think I wouldn't notice something as good as that happening to me you naughty boy? Dawn giggled.

"I'm sorry Dawn, but I just had too," Tom groaned, releasing her cock from between his lips. "You looked so sexy laid there, I wanted you so much."

"Mmmmm," Dawn moaned. "No need to apologise baby. You look so fucking hot with my cock in your mouth, suck on me some more!"

Tom smiled happily as he ducked his head once more and took Dawns cock between his lips. He tried to copy what she had done to pleasure him, swirling his tongue around the shaft as his head bobbed up and down, sucking hard. Looking at Dawn the whole time, he could see that he must be doing something right. Dawn was moving her head slowly from side to side, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her tongue playing across her lips. Her hips began to push upwards as her fingers ran through his hair and pushed his mouth harder onto her hard cock. This caused Tom to gag a little, and he managed to pull back enough to make it comfortable before starting again.

"Oh fuck Tom!" Dawn moaned. "That feels so good baby. Suck on my girly cock! Suck it! Suck it!"

Dawn's vocal outbursts spurred Tom on more. He took what he couldn't fit of Dawns cock in his hand and started stroking it hard, wanking her cock into his mouth.

"Mmmmmmm that's it my naughty boy, do it harder. Oh play with my arse! Please Tom play with my arse!"

Dawn's words were driving Tom wild. He loved dirty talk and he was happy to do whatever she wanted. Releasing her for a second, he dragged Dawns arse to the edge of the bed. Wrapping his lips back around her throbbing cock he pulled her arse cheeks apart and ran his index finger up and down the crack. Dawn let out a low, loud moan as he did so and pushed her arse towards him. Teasing her, he moved his finger away, casing her to moan again in disappointment. He kept up the teasing for a moment before finally pushing hard against her hole and entering her tight arse, right up to the knuckle.

"Oh YES!" Dawn shouted, her arse pushing down hard on Toms finger, trying to force more of it inside her.

Tom continued to finger fuck Dawns tight arse, sliding in an out, his mouth never leaving her hard hot cock. Suddenly Dawn pushed him away from her. Tom stared at her in confusion.

"Did I do something wrong?" he stuttered.

Dawn grinned her infectious grin at him, her face a picture of lust. "Oh no baby, you're great, I just want to change positions. Trust me, you'll love it my naughty boy. Lay on the bed."

Tom did as he was told and laid down as Dawn push a couple of pillows under his head, forcing hi head up. She straddled his chest, her hard cock, wet from his saliva and her pre-cum, bobbing in front of her.

"You've made me so fucking hard baby," Dawn breathed as she stroked her cock just inches from Toms face. "I want to do for you what you did for me. I want to fuck your face and cum all over you. Would my naughty boy like that? Hmm? Would he like to feel me fucking his mouth with my hard cock until I shoot into his waiting mouth? Until I spray my hot sticky girly cum all over him?"

"Oh fuck yes Dawn," Tom groaned. "Please do it!"

"Do what?" Dawn teased. "Tell Momma Dawn what you want."

"I want Momma Dawn to fuck my face until she cums all over me!"

"Mmmmmmm good boy,"

Dawn leaned forward, pushing her cock between Tom's lips and he began to suck as if his life depended on it. She grabbed his head and started to rock her hips back and forth, fucking his mouth like it was a wet cunt. Tom gagged again as she pushed deeper, but he didn't care anymore. He just wanted this gorgeous creature to cum! He wanted her to cum in his mouth, on his face, anywhere she wanted!

Dawns pace quickened, as did her breathing. She had been close before and there was no way she could hold back for long. Suddenly her lithe body tensed and she thrust forward. "YESSSSSS!" she screamed as her cock throbbed and a thick wad of cum hit the back of Toms throat, holding it there until cum oozed from between his lips. She pulled herself from his mouth and wanked her cock hard, shot after shot after shot raining down on Toms face and body. She kept on stroking he cock until every last drop was spent and collapsed onto Tom, her hot sticky cum sliding between their naked bodies. Looking at Tom she could see her cum all over his face, his happy face. She kissed him passionately, their tongues fighting against each other and their hands roaming over each other's sweaty, sticky bodies.

"Well, was I right?" she moaned into his mouth as they kissed. "Did my naughty boy enjoy it? Did he like getting all covered in Momma Dawns hot cum?"

"Mmmmm," Tom smiled. "He loved it. Loved the feel and especially the taste."

"Mmm well that's something we share then, because I love the taste of yours, and mine." With that, Dawn ran her long wet tongue across Toms skin, not stopping until she had licked and slurped every last drop from his body. Tom watched as she moved around, licking. The sight and feel made his cock grow even harder, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

He pulled her up to face him and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue to taste more of her. Breaking the kiss he panted, "I want you Dawn. I want my cock inside you, I have to fuck you!"

"Oh yes!" Dawn moaned as she slid herself down his body, her arse coming to rest over his hard cock. "My naughty boy wants to fuck doesn't he? He wants to fill Momma Dawns arse-pussy up with his big, fat, throbbing cock." All the time she spoke she ground herself against his cock, rubbing hers against his. Reaching for the bedside cabinet she pulled open a drawer and fished out a jar of lubricant. Scooping out a handful she smeared it over her arsehole, pushing her fingers inside to get it nice and wet. Next she applied a generous amount to Toms cock, wanking him as she did so to get him as hard as she could. Holding Toms cock she hovered her arse over it, just letting the tip touch her tight puckered hole.

"Is this what my naughty boy wants?" Dawn teased as Tom desperately tried to push his hips upwards. "Does he want to fuck Momma Dawn as much as she wants to feel him inside her? Do you want me to ride your fat cock like a little cock hungry fuck slut?" Dawn's talk was getting dirtier and dirtier the more turned on she got. And so was Toms.

"Yes! I want you to ride my cock like a slut! I want to fuck your arse-pussy till you fucking beg me to cum in you! Sit on my cock you slut!"

"Oh YESSSS!" Dawn groaned as she pushed down hard, sinking herself onto Toms invading cock. She didn't stop; she didn't pause, until he was right inside her. Toms hands moved to her hips and slowly pulled her up, feeling his cock slip from inside her, before pulling her right back down onto him, making her moan out loud.

Dawn's hands fell to Tom's chest, supporting herself as she rode him, moaning continuously as his fat cock pushed deep inside her.

"That's it you fucking gorgeous slut, ride my cock! Fuck yourself with my hard fucking cock!" Tom groaned.

With her left hand still supporting her, Dawn gripped her hardening cock with the other as she began to slam down harder onto Tom. Tom watched her rise and fall on his shaft as her hand did the same along her cock, wanking herself hard as he pushed his hips upwards to meet her arse.

"Oh fuck Dawn you look so sexy," Tom panted. "Wank your girly cock Dawn, wank it hard!"

Their fucking became more and more frantic, each one aching for release. Tom knew he was close. The intense sensations in his cock were coursing through his body and he knew it wouldn't be long before he could hold back no more.

"Does Momma Dawn want her naughty boy to cum does she?" Tom asked as he gripped Dawns hips and pushed even harder into her. "Does she want to feel his hot cum filling her tight little arse-pussy? Is that what she wants?"

"Oh FUCK yes," Dawn wailed. "Fill my fucking arse you dirty fucker! Cum in my arse, cum in MEEEEE!"

Tom's hips pushed upwards hard as his cock throbbed and he started to cum. His cock pulsed as jet after jet of cum left his cock and entered Dawns tight arse until it began to leak out down the sides of his shaft. Dawn's arse contracted as she felt Tom cum and her hand moved faster along the length of her cock, until with a scream she came, firing her juices high across Toms body, leaving hot sticky pools of cum all over his face chest and stomach. Both continued to rock against each other until their mutual orgasms subsided and Tom shrinking cock slid from Dawns arse.

Falling onto Tom, Dawn hugged him tightly and kissed him gently.

"That was incredible Tom," she whispered in his ear. "We fuck so well together."

"Mmmm," Tom whispered back. "Can't argue with you there."

"I'll understand you know," said Dawn, suddenly becoming more serious. "If you don't want to do this again."

"Are you kidding?" Tom laughed. "Now I've found you, I'm never letting you go."

"I'm glad you said that Tom," Dawn said with a wicked grin. "Because we have so many more things to try."

To be continued... Hope you enjoyed it.

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