A New Dawn Ch. 03


Thanks for all the feedback I've received about the first two parts of this story (and all the votes!). Everybody whose written to me has asked for more about Tom and Dawn, so here it is, and hopefully if you enjoy it, there will be more to come. Thanks again, enjoy...

* * * * *

Tom and Dawn had been inseparable since their first fantastic night together, barely being able to keep their hands off each other. This was difficult at work, where they had decided to keep their relationship a secret. The management frowned upon office romances. This was especially difficult for Tom, who would watch Dawn glide around the office, imagining making love to her over desks, up against filing cabinets, and practically everywhere else he saw her. More than once he had to disappear to the toilets to relieve the pressure building up in his cock just from thinking about her. His secretary had even asked him if he wanted her to book a doctors appointment, thinking there was something wrong with him, he was in and out of the toilet so often. Dawn noticed it too.

"Are you ok sexy?" she whispered to him one day while pretending to show him some documents.

"Fine beautiful," Tom whispered back. "Why do you ask?"

"Well you seem to be spending a lot of time in the toilet, you're not ill are you?"

Tom smiled sheepishly at her; he couldn't lie to her if he tried. "No I'm fine. To be honest it's your fault I keep going in there."

"My fault?" Dawn asked, puzzled.

"I can't help it," Tom laughed. "I watch you around the office and you get me so fucking horny, I either have to get in there and do something about it or walk around with a hard on big enough to startle old ladies!"

Dawn giggled. "You naughty boy! Playing with your cock on company time, you should be ashamed."

Tom groaned. "Don't talk like that or I'll have to go again!"

"Is that right?" Dawn teased. "You mean me talking about you stroking your big, fat, hard juicy cock gets you all excited?"

"Mmmmm, you know it does." Tom shifted uncomfortably in his chair, thanking God to be hidden behind his desk.

"What about if you think of me on my knees, sucking you? A nice, wet, slippery blowjob. Covering your lovely cock in my saliva."

"That's cruel Dawn," Tom moaned. "It's hours 'til I get you back home!"

"Why wait?" Dawn replied.

Tom looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"Just go to the toilet and wait. Trust me."

With a smile Dawn turned and walked back to her desk, an extra little wiggle in her hips.

Tom looked around quickly to make sure no one would spot the Olympic sized hard on he was sporting, and made his way to the toilets. Once inside he checked that it was empty and went into a cubicle. He quickly unfastened his trousers and released his aching cock, giving it a couple of quick tugs. There was a click as he heard the toilet door open and close, and then the sound of heals clacking across the hard floor tiles.

"Tom?" he heard Dawn whisper.

Tom unbolted the cubicle door and opened it to Dawns grinning face. She looked down at his hard cock and her grin became wider.

"You naughty boy," she scolded, stepping into the cubicle with him and locking the door behind her. "You just couldn't wait could you?"

"Its hard to wait when I knew who was coming," Tom smiled.

"Well," Dawn laughed, taking his cock in her hand. "It's certainly hard, and it'll be cumming before too long."

Slowly Dawn stroked Tom's cock, making him lean back against the wall of the cubicle. "Mmmmmm, do you like me wanking your cock my naughty boy? Do you like me wanking you as I talk dirty to you?"

"Oh you know I do," Tom groaned.

"That's good, because it turns me on too. Telling me you come in here to wank your lovely fat cock, thinking about me got me hard too. Does my naughty boy want to see?"

When Dawn called Tom her naughty boy he knew she was on fire, and it made him want her even more. "Oh yes Dawn, please show me."

Dawn release his cock from her grip and stepped back pulling her tight skirt around her slim waist. She pulled her lacy panties to one side and pulled out her own hard cock. Running her brightly painted nails along its shaft she moaned as she looked into Tom's eyes.

"Is that what you wanted to see baby?" she breathed.

"Oh fuck yes Dawn," he moaned, his own hand returning to his cock as they stood facing each other, both slowly wanking their hard cocks. They stood for a moment before with a groan Dawn fell to her knees on the hard floor.

"Oh fuck you've got me so horny Tom, I've got to suck your fucking cock! I want to taste your cum!"

Tom could do nothing but moan loudly as Dawns wet lips surrounded his cock, taking him deep into her mouth as she sucked him hard. His hands fell to her head and held it as he pushed his hips forward, fucking her pretty face. Dawn had always proved to be an amazing cocksucker, but this was the most intense experience of his life. She squeezed his balls as she sucked, as if she were trying to squeeze the cum straight from them, so she could taste him that much quicker. Tom knew that this was not going to last long. As much as he enjoyed what Dawn was doing to him, he knew that he couldn't hold back, she had got him so turned on it wouldn't be long before he was filling her mouth with cum.

Dawn pulled her mouth away from his cock, breathing deeply. "Cum you dirty fucker," she panted. "Fuck my mouth like a cunt and shoot your fucking cum in me!"

That was it. As soon as Dawns lips were back around his cock Tom felt it twitch and his balls tighten. He pulled her hard onto him and thrust forward, his balls draining as his hot cum hit the back of her throat. His cock pulsed and jumped in her mouth as wave after wave shot out of him and into her as she swallowed hard, taking everything he could give. Tom fell back against the wall, his softening cock slipping from between Dawns lips. She stood and leaned forward, kissing him passionately, pushing the small amount of cum that she hadn't swallowed into his mouth.

"You are amazing Dawn," Tom gasped as they kissed.

"Mmmmm I'm glad you think so baby," Dawn moaned. "Because I'm still hard as fuck and I've just got to cum!"

Tom sat on the toilet seat as Dawn stood in front of him, wanking her hard cock in his face.

"Make me cum Tom, please. I'm so fucking horny!" Dawn pleaded.

Dawns language always got harder and dirtier when she was hot and turned on and Tom knew it. He moved her hand away from her cock and wrapped his own around it. Leaning forward he took her throbbing cock into his mouth and began to suck. Tom had done quite well on their first night together, but Dawn had been giving him tips since, and now he knew how to make her happy with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head of her cock, stroking what remained outside his mouth before taking it deeper and really going to town on it as she had done to him.

"Oh fuck that feels good Tom," Dawn moaned. "You are such a nasty boy sucking on my girly cock! Oh please make me cum, I need to cum for you!"

Tom redoubled his efforts. If Dawn was anywhere near as turned on as he had been, it wouldn't be long before he tasted her cum on his tongue. Dawn started sliding her cock back and forth between Tom's lips, fucking his mouth as she got closer and closer to her inevitable orgasm.

"Oh Tom, I'm going to cum!" Dawn gasped. Her hips shot forward, forcing more of her cock into Tom's mouth as her cock bucked and she came hard, shooting it into Toms waiting mouth. Tom swallowed hard, trying to get it all down his throat as Dawn continued to piston her hips back and forth, finally collapsing herself against him. Pulling her spent cock from his mouth, she wiped the tip across his face, leaving a trail of sticky cum across his cheek. She crouched down and licked his face, before pushing her tongue into his mouth and kissing him deeply.

"That was wonderful Tom," she smiled as they broke their kiss. "I can't wait to get you home tonight."

"Well if this little experience is anything to go by, I can't wait either," Tom grinned back at her.

"We'd better get cleaned up and get back to work," Dawn chuckled. "You go first and I'll follow." She kissed him again and whispered, "I love you Tom."

Tom stared at her. In all the time they'd been together, that was the first time either of them had said that. A huge smile broke out on Toms face. "I love you too Dawn." And he meant it.

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