A New Infection


"The pig!" thought Mercedes. Yeah, she could imagine that "the boys" couldn't see anything wrong with a world full of bimbo sexpots. And she could guess how the President intended to say, "Thank you," too. He'd probably knock her up if Robert didn't beat him to it.

"Is this an official decision, Sir?" Mercedes inquired, playing it straight.

"Of course, the whole Cabinet agrees, don't you, guys?" The camera panned the oblong table where it was obvious there was no dissent. Most of the men, trimmer and with more hair than before, were smiling and nodding agreement. The voluptuous and amazingly rejuvenated Secretary of State, though, was not paying much attention, apparently too busy pulling aside her panties to let the Secretary of Defense give her a delightful little finger fuck.

The Secretary of Labor was similarly distracted, holding her miniskirt up to let the Secretary Housing and Urban Development inspect her tummy. Proudly he was patting the unmistakable little bulge that had resulted from a late-night meeting which had started when he undertook the development, but would end only when she went into labor.

The VP's wife was looking down over her enormous rack in adoration at her husband who oozed earnestness as she ran her fingers through his thick blond curls with one hand while with the other she fingered her dripping pregnant pussy.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services had no complaints about the Virus's effects. Until a few weeks ago, she hadn't gotten laid for years. Now with her newly cinched waist and large firm boobs and having started dressing like a woman again, Madam Secretary found even her hunky interns giving her the eye. She was pretty sure that Jack, the one she had taken home, was just playing out a fuck-mommy fantasy every night, but she didn't care what he was going on between his ears, so long as what going on between his legs kept her happy. She grinned, thinking of his face when she told him he had gotten "Mommy" pregnant!

The Attorney General's mind was elsewhere, as well, planning the fiesta for that night. She bet she would be the first Cabinet Secretary in history to pull a train for the entire corps of US Attorneys AND three Special Prosecutors.

Mercedes would have asked the First Lady's opinion, but thought better of it when she noticed the top of a blonde head bobbing up and down between the President's legs.

"Sir, we have almost finished. I believe we can reverse the worst effects of this bug, if you will just let us continue," Mercedes pleaded without much hope.

"Sorry, my dear, I order you to stop work and unseal the facility."

"In the name of humanity, Sir, I refuse."

"You'll have to open the facility Mercedes. We are prepared for your intransigence. If you do not follow my order, I will have the power cut. Soon you will be without breathable air. Then you can choose between becoming happy sexy women and asphyxiation. Have a nice day!" A ruthless sleezebag, Mercedes concluded, amending her earlier opinion.

"How long will our backup power last, Mary Jo?" Mercedes asked, near desperation as the lights dimmed briefly.

"The BATTERIES will last only about six hours, Mechas," the big girl grinned, "But I don't think all the President's men remembered our flywheel. It weighs seventeen tons and is spinning at 15,000 rpms. We can draw power from that sucker for a week."

"And even after we open the air vents, we will still have a day or so before the infection makes us . . . makes us . . . too silly to work," Bridgett added.

"OK ladies. That gives us ten days. You know what you have to do. Let's do it!" Mechas ordered.


Ten days later Mercedes called everyone together for the final meeting. Outside air had been coming into the Biodome for seventy two hours and Mercedes could tell she and all her team were infected with the Virus. The physical changes already were evident. Her own bust had increased by two inches at least and a growing, giggly horniness made it difficult to keep her mind on business.

"Do you think it'll work?" Ayo asked. The large pretty black woman had always been curvaceous, but in the last two days she had become mouthwatering. "I'm not sure I even care. I just want to get home to my Carlos. I'm going to see if he still wants to screw those high school girls he coaches when he's got a real woman." She smirked and wiggled her tight, eyepopping butt.

"There's only one way to find out, ladies. Drink up!" Mercedes indicated the small cups distributed around the table and one by one each woman drank down the pink liquid. "And that is that!" Mercedes said with finality. "With your permission I suggest we wait until tomorrow morning to unseal the main entrance. Right now there is something I have been wanting to do for a long time." A little cheer went up as Mercedes drew the petite but curvy form of Vivian Wu into a sizzling kiss that did not go unreciprocated.

The next morning the entrance opened by a time device and allowed an armed SWAT team to storm into the Biodome. The men felt considerable embarrassment when the most threatening thing they found was rooms full of semi-naked women lying asleep in each other's arms or making slow, passionate love.


"But, Vivian, can't you see, deconstruction of a text ALWAYS requires attention to the semiotic conventions of time and place. I find your attempt at a-historical analysis futile, at best. A deeper analysis . . . uuh, yes, a little deeper. DEEPER, Darling. You KNOW how Mommy likes that. Oh, oooh, OOOOH!," Mercedes groaned, not to Vivian, but to Robert, who had been dutifully tonguing his wife's snatch to a series of gentle orgasms while the two women talked.

This was Monday and Mercedes always started the week over at Vivian's house discussing literary criticism. Tuesday was philosophy with Ayo and Wednesday she used for quantum cosmology with Bridgett. Thursday was devoted to political science with Monica Lou; and on Friday she and Mary Jo talked engineering. Weekends she kept for herself -- and Robert except occasionally when Christiane was out of town and she sent Jamie over for safekeeping.

"Mechas, my dear, you simply fail to recognize the importance of STRUCTURE. A hermeneutical exegesis of a messages can no more be disguised by linguistic convention than can the language in which it is transmitted. With a little more time I know I can explain it to you. I'm really so close. YES! So CLOSE, Baby! AYYYYY!"

Vivian paused in her dialectic to allow a thunderous orgasm to take her. She didn't mind the interruption, as she always said a good come clears the head and sharpens the analysis. Fortunately, in her husband Leroy, Vivian had the services of one of the best analysis sharpeners in the business. After a dozen or so comes this afternoon she felt quiet well honed, but a little sleepy, too. She looked over at the lolling head of the beautiful, dark-skinned girl beside her and smiled. Notwithstanding her friend's remonstrance, Robert had Mercedes nearly orgasmmed out.

A nod of Vivian's head sent the two men away to cook, or change diapers, or whatever it was that men did when they weren't being used for sex. Mercedes could see what her horny friend had in mind and scooted her face between Vivian's legs. With a grace that comes from frequent practice each woman deftly adjusted her pregnant belly so the bulge did not prevent the other's easy access to her pussy. Gently, they kissed and sucked each other to a last sleepy orgasm of the afternoon.


In the first interviews with the "Biodome Seventeen," as the media dubbed them, Mercedes and her team gave the impression they knew exactly what they were doing and fully expected the results. Some historians who have looked carefully at the lab notes are not so sure the investigators realized that the virus they created would not only reverse the intelligence-destroying effects of the first virus, but would actually make women over twice as smart as men as it spread through the population. Intended or not, the consequences are those that we now see and enjoy.

Whereas the effects on women's minds are clearly the results of the new infection, different theories account for the changes in men's behavior. Some think the new virus has made males less aggressive and, therefore, easier for their women folk to keep at home. Supporters of this theory point to the disappearance of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson movies, demands from men for sequels to films based on Jane Austen novels, and men's utter absorption by magazines like "House and Garden." They also adduce changes in sports as well. Football and other contact sports have disappeared, but the boys do enjoy watching those top-heavy girls try to figure skate. The US Open featuring the pregnant Sirena Wiliams against her equally knocked up sister Venus broke all viewing records.

Others suggest women have to keep men out of public life in order to protect them from other women who are not only smarter, but who can screw them into submission at the slightest disagreement. Knowing male vulnerability, wives and girlfriends wisely keep their men home, where they are relatively safe from exploitation. Imagine a man trying to turn down a saleslady if his woman were to allow him to go out to buy his own clothes! Why, she would just take him in the back of the store and fuck him until he didn't know one side of a credit card from the other.

Still other observers point out that men are happy to stay home because for the first time in human history they can have all the sex they want without having to go out to slave, lie, steel, and kill to get it. With women in charge, the world is so rich and peaceful it hardly requires then to work. Since child rearing and household chores are not their concern, women can indulge themselves with large families. Occasionally, a man may be reluctant to take on the burden of another child, but that reluctance never lasts long when his woman has decided he's going to make her pregnant again.

Most people, however, feel there is really nothing to explain. Everybody knows men just naturally want to let their constantly pregnant wives keep them screwed silly while they stay home and take care of their burgeoning families. It is just another demonstration of the Goodness of our Creator and Her divine Providence.

The End

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