tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 05

A New Life Begins Ch. 05


The sky was overcast when Kara awoke in the morning. She had slept in the basement with her uncle after the storms, not knowing what havoc the tornado had caused to her uncle's property. The staff that had shared the stock room with her in the wee hours was now busy cleaning the grounds of tree limbs, debris and everything else her uncle asked of them.

Climbing up the stairs to the main room Kara could hear her uncle screaming out orders to remove a tree that had hit the right wing of the house. Glass pieces from the windows were scattered across the marble floor making it almost impossible to walk around. As she carefully walked out the front door Kara could see Cain helping his men tie ropes around the gigantic oak that slammed into the roof.

The damage the tornado had caused was minimal Kara noticed as she surveyed the grounds from the front lawn. Trees were ripped from the ground and set all over the grounds as if they were the tornadoes rag dolls. The right wing of the mansion however wasn't so lucky. The big oak that crashed into it over night had driven a mighty limb into the roof and down to the floor below. Shingles were ripped away and there was visible water damage.

Kara breathed a sigh of relief; the night before was the scariest thing of her young life. Cain now rolling down his sleeves and wiping the beads of sweat off his brow walked over to Kara. His chest was heavy; visibly you could see the strain as he took in deep breathes.

"I am so happy you're awake, Kara."Cain said as he shoved his red rag into his pants pocket."I didn't want to wake you. I know you; I mean we had an eventful night last night."He wrapped one arm around her shoulders pulling her close to give her a kiss on her forehead.

"I was terribly scared, uncle. I thought we were all going to die last night because of the tornado." Kara said as she rested her head on his shoulder. He smelt of sweat, bourbon and cigars.

"I told you everything would be ok." Cain said as he patted her back in reassurance."Now all there is to do is move that beastly oak off of the house and patch the hole. My men and I should have it fixed before this evening."

As they walked back to the house a car was pulling up in the drive. Myra, who had been missing rushed out of the cab towards Kara and her uncle. Open arms greeted her as she embraced them both.

"I am so sorry for not being here last night. The storm came in fast while I was at my family's home, we had to bunker down when it hit." Myra held onto Kara as they all walked inside the house. She could feel Kara's hand resting on her ample ass and squeezing a bit, this made her quiver down below.

"Not a problem, Myra." Cain said as he motioned them to the dining hall."We are just glad you're alright. Tell me, did your house get hit by the tornado too?" He said as they all sat down as one of the maids brought them a buffet of breakfast foods.

"We thought it had come over our house but there were no signs of damage. Well, we had a down burst that took out a few trees, that's about it."Myra said as she took a blueberry streusel scone from the wicker basket and began to devour it.

"That's wonderful, well not the down burst part but not getting hit with a tornado part." Cain replied as he fixed himself eggs, bacon and corned beef hash."We need to talk about your work here after breakfast, Myra." Cain said as he forked away at his food.

"Is there something wrong, Sir?" Myra said wondering if she had done something wrong. This thought made her stop picking apart her scone and look directly at Kara.

"No, nothing is wrong. I just think since you and Kara will be starting college soon you two lovely young ladies should hang out more."He said as he took a big gulp of orange juice which instantly made his stomach wince from the now growing ulcer."Would you be ok if I let you go? I can see you and Kara having lots of fun together."

"I would like that very much, Sir. But, I really need the money for..." She said as Cain interrupted her.

"Money isn't an issue; I will set you up with some funds. In fact, I would love for you to accompany Kara to the city to help her with her dress for the ball." Cain said as he smirked at both Kara and Myra.

"Really?" Kara said as she bounced in her chair from excitement.

"Yes." Cain said pleased with Kara's reaction."Is that ok, Myra?"

"Wow, I really don't know what to say, Sir. You have shown me and my family so much kindness these past years." Myra said as her face became hot from shock and excitement."I accept your offer, though I still want to help around here."

"No need dear, I will find someone to replace you today. In fact, I want you and Kara to hire her for me. You ladies would be best suited to do this job more than I." He said as he pushed his now empty plate aside. He leaned back in his chair to get take in the looks both Kara and Myra were giving him. Such youth, joy and innocence he could see in both of them.

"Thank you!" Both Kara and Myra said in unison. They blushed as they coyly smiled at each other.

"I will see you young ladies at dinner, say 7:30pm?" Cain said as he got up and pushed in his chair.

"Sure thing, uncle! Can we take the car into the city after breakfast?" Kara said as she tried not to jump for joy from the news.

"I will have the car ready for you in an hour. I think that is enough time for you ladies to get ready?" Cain said as he smiling at them. It was so nice to have such joyful youth in his house again. The feeling of being young and free was something he longed for again.

"Great! Now we need to go get ready, Myra. Hurry!" Kara said jumping from her chair and running to hug her uncle. "Thank you so much, uncle. We won't let you down today either!"

Kara ran to the stairs quickly as Myra politely got up from her chair. As she walked towards Cain the tone had changed in the room. Cain eyed her as she slowly walked towards him; her long hair was flowing down from her shoulders. Her eyes pierced him as she lightly touched the table with her index finger all the way down to where he stood.

"You really don't have to do this, Cain." Myra said as she put her hand on his.

He wrapped his arms around her, sliding his right hand towards her ass and the left intertwining his fingers in her long lustrous hair."You know I want nothing more than to keep you around me. After all, you are my little pet, aren't you?" He said as he slapped her ass in a firm motion.

"Yes, Master. I am your pet, but, what about Kara?" She said as her ample ass stung under her lemon yellow dress.

"She will eventually figure out yours and her roles. This is why I need you to go with her to town, help her pick up a suitable ball gown. Maybe even some lingerie the gentlemen will like." He said as he bit into her pale neck, almost drawing blood. She moaned as he then slapped her ass again, grabbing it at the end then rubbing it.

"I will do whatever you want me to do, I am yours to command." She said as her pussy began to moisten from the pleasure and pain she was obediently receiving.

"Good, now run along and get ready for a day out. At 4pm I have some new recruits for you two to interview." He said as he let her go, licking his lips as adjusted her dress."You know what I am looking for; I know you won't let me down."

Myra nodded and turned away towards the big winding staircase to Kara's room. She could hear Kara rustling in the wardrobe trying to find the perfect outfit to wear out.

"Let me help you with that." Myra said as she brushed up against Kara who in her panties and night gown looked ravishing.

Myra pulled out a sleek black dress that would show off Kara's curves and matching high healed open toed shoes.

"Lovely, you know my style." Kara said as she took the dress and threw it on the bed."Can you help me out of this?" She said as she ran her slender fingers over her covered panties and breasts.

"You know I want to." Myra said as she made her way over to Kara who now sat on the edge of the bed.

She kneeled down taking the dress in between her fingers and slowly pulled it up. She pulled it over Kara's head, exposing her breasts and erect nipples that longed to be licked. She reached down and took the sides of Kara's black lace panties and slowly pulled them down. As she moved the lacey panties to her knees she stopped and pushed Kara on her back. She crawled on top of her and took her left breast into her mouth. She suckled away and bit on Kara's erect nipple which made her moan in pleasure.

"I would love to taste you right now." Myra said as she ran her finger down Kara's toned stomach and down her pink slit. Her finger ran up and down her pussy which made Kara moan even louder and squirm."But, we need to go to town, the car is waiting." With that Myra got up leaving Kara teased and longing for a tongue to lick her cunt. Myra knew the torment of not being pleased would make her orgasm better later after everyone went to bed.

"Oh I wish we didn't have to go right away." Kara stood up and sighed as she pulled up her panties."Maybe later then, Myra" She pulled Myra close and passionately kissed her as she reached under her lemon colored dress and slipped her hand into her panties. Kara could feel how moist Myra was, she knew they both wanted to fuck but couldn't. "Mmm, I love the taste of your pussy." Kara said as she licked her finger.

Now dressed, Kara and Myra left after saying goodbye to Cain. The car was sitting in the drive waiting to take them into town for their outing. Kara saw the men had pulled down the tree and were diligently working on the roof now. She noticed her uncle, Cain, was looking out from the window in his office. He waved at them as they both sat down in the car. Before the car left the drive she waved goodbye to Cain, he waved back then shut the curtains.

"This is going to be fun; you can take me to all the neat shops."Kara said as she took hold of Myra's hand.

"We can grab a bite to eat at a diner here in town. They make the best shakes and fries, you have to try them." Myra said as she squeezed Kara's hand. "That would be great, Myra." Kara said as she smiled at Myra. The day would be great she thought, however, she couldn't wait for tonight....

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