tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 06

A New Life Begins Ch. 06


The car dropped the two young ladies off at the Nile, the largest, finest costume shop in town. The store was immense in size, windows lined the walls. The molding of the door was adorned with colorfully painted jester faces. As they proceeded to enter the store a haunting voice echoed 'Welcome' from a box next to the wall. The girls giggled as they walked to the counter and were greeted by a slender, handsome young Arabic man with deep brown eyes and soft charcoal colored hair.

"Welcome to the Nile, Ladies. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?" The handsome young Arabic man said as he looked both girls over, stopping on their beautiful faces and smirking a bit at Myra.

"We are looking for a Medieval or Elizabethan style costume. Do you by any chance have a few? "Kara said as she grabbed Myra's arm, pulling her close and not doubt exciting the young man.

"They are in the back next to the changing rooms. If you like, I can show you to them, or assist you in selecting an outfit." The young man said as he put his hands in his pants pockets, trying to keep his semi stiff cock down."My name is Malik; feel free to call me if you need me."

"Thank you, but we can find them ourselves. If we need any help I will be sure to yell."Myra said trying not to giggle. She and Kara could see that he was getting more excited as they began to walk away.

"Oh my dear Kara, your ass is so plump I just can't help myself." Myra said, puckering her lips as she grabbed Kara's ass while looking at Malik. She made sure he could see her in mid grab, hoping he would become more aroused than he already was. Nothing excited her more than a hidden viewer watching her and her lover fuck their brains out. This thought alone sent chills down her spine to her moist cunt. She thought they might give him a special viewing whilst they undressed.

Kara noticed the look Myra made to Malik; she decided she wanted to play along also. Before they were out of Malik's sight she stopped Myra dead in her tracks. She grabbed both of Myra's ass cheeks and pulled her close to passionately kiss her. "Your lips are so soft and moist."She said as she bit Myra's bottom lip."We can't forget your beautiful supple breasts either." Kara said as she groped Myra's breasts, tweaking her nipples in between her fingers.

"You're so bad; we need to stop before we give that boy a heart attack." Myra said as she pulled away from Kara's grasp. She waved at Malik as she led the way towards the back of the costume store.

The walls were lined with magnificent costumes of every genre and color. Golden lights wrapped around two great marble pillars positioned on each side of the room. In the center stood a polished beige mannequin draped in a burgundy satin dress. Pure white lights on a platform below illuminated the dress, obviously the treasure of the store. Kara's eyes were immediately drawn to the dress; she rushed over to look it over while dragging Myra by the hand who too was mesmerized by its beauty.

The dress was the perfect style for the ball Kara thought, Elizabethan no doubt. Layers of burgundy satin and ash black lace seemed to flow on the dress. The waist was adorned with a satin black ribbon that was tied in a seemingly perfect bow right above the small of the mannequins' back. Ash colored lace wrapped around the bust which drew into a sharp V, making the mannequins' bust appear larger than it was. The sleeves of the dress flowed freely just below the elbow, ash colored lace too trimmed the hem. The neck line drew from the top of the shoulders into a choker around the neck, a sparkling pear shaped crystal hung from a hook in the center.

Walking around Kara could see the back was the masterpiece of the dress. The fabric from the neck and shoulders drew into a sharp point down the middle of the shoulder blades and stopped at their bottom point and curved upwards. The bare back of the mannequin could be seen down to a sharp V just above the bow from the waist. The perfect cut out shape of a heart added to the sultry effect of the dress. Layers of puffed satin gathered just below the black ribbon bow and flowed down to the floor, giving the dress a most dramatic effect.

"It's perfect; I have to try it on!" Kara said as she reached out to touch the billowy skirt of the dress."Do you think it would look good on me?"

"The dress matches you perfectly, Kara!" Myra said as she motioned for Malik who had been ogling the girls."I will get that counter boy to take it down so you can try it on."

"Can I assist you with anything, ladies?" Malik said as he walked towards Kara and Myra, stopping a few feet from them.

"Yes, we would like for you to take the dress down so that she can try it on." Myra said as she pointed at the dress then to Kara who was now rubbing the skirt on her face.

"No problem at all."Malik said as he walked over to unhook the dress from the mannequin."This dress is our most prized possession, you made a wonderful choice." He said as he handed over the dress to Kara who was undoubtedly in awe from the sheer beauty of it."Changing rooms are to your left, just down the hall a bit." He said while pointing to where they were supposed to go.

"Thanks! Come on Myra, I need your help."Kara said as she took hold of Myra's hand, pulling her along to the changing rooms.

The changing rooms were the same style as the room before, pillars with lights wrapped around and beautiful decorative wallpaper. Statues of angels and demons lined the furthest wall; all the eyes made Kara feel uncomfortable. Their lifelike cold marble eyes pierced her, taunting her as she walked further in. She quickly walked over to one of the stalls and went in, closing the blue velvet curtain behind her.

As she undressed she imagined herself at the ball with the dress on. The men would be staring at her with lustful eyes and the women with jealousy that drove a stake in to their bitter hearts. There was no doubt how beautiful Kara was; just from the few people she had met here she could tell she would be hounded by the vast majority of the boys and men at her new school.

Slipping on the beautiful dress was an almost sexual feeling for her. The fabric caressed her voluptuous body, hugging the curves around her waist, ass and breasts. The sharp V on the front made her already buxom bosom appear larger and crown the top with cleavage. A hidden half corset shaped the stomach, waist and bosom of the dress. It pushed her breasts further up than they already were, almost reviling her perk nipples.

Kara poked her head out of the velvet blue curtain looking for Myra to help button her up."Myra? Where are you?" She yelled as she looked towards the door, no answer. She walked out a bit while she held what little she could of the back, keeping it closed so it would not drop." Where the bloody hell are you, Myra?" She said as she walked down the hall towards the costumes. Myra was standing next to Malik, their hands touching as he told her about the dress she held in her hands.

"It's pure satin and silk, one like your friends." He said as he touched the lacy hem of the dress."It's not as beautiful as the red one, but it would match your beauty just as that one does to her."He paused a moment as he looked over Myra's beautiful face. He leaned in, their lips almost touching as he caressed her faced with his soft, mocha colored hand. She kissed his palm as he pulled her back closer to him. Their lips touched ever so softly, this sent Kara into a fit.

"Myra! I have been calling and looking for you!" Kara said as she stomped out towards them. She could tell they were shocked to see her in such a rage."I need help with my dress, if you don't fucking mind." She pouted and turned back towards the hall, walking as fast as she could with her crossed arms and beet red face.

Myra followed behind leaving the handsome Arabic boy to walk alone back to his counter, hard cock pressing firmly on his tight pants.

"What the fuck were you doing with him? I thought we were just messing with him?" Kara said as she plopped down onto a sofa near one of the eerie statues. "I thought we had something going, but I guess not." Still cross armed she stared Myra down, her eyes showing her rage.

"Look, we had a great night the other night, but you don't own me." Myra said walking towards Kara, she kneeled down, placing her hands on Kara's crossed legs.

"Oh so what, I was nothing more than a good lay to you?" Kara said as hot tears began to flow from her now saddened eyes."We have no connection? Nothing at all?" Her voice began to break as her throat clenched.

"We haven't established anything yet, Kara."Myra rubbed Kara's now shaking legs."Sex is fun, flirting is fun. I already have a master, I can never be yours or you mine unless we are given to each other." Myra sat next to her, rubbing her back as she wiped the tears from Kara's eyes." Do you understand?"

"Master? What the fuck are you talking about?" Her sadness suddenly stopped and rage filled her again."I thought you just said you couldn't be owned by anyone, now you have a master?" Mad, she pushed Myra off of her and stood up, walking to the center of the room.

"It's complicated, you will find out eventually. Let's just calm down right now, ok?" Myra stood up and walked towards the door."The dress looks great on you, buy it. I think I will go, you need to cool off. You're acting like a spoiled child who isn't getting their way." Halfway out the door Myra looked into Kara's piercing eyes, shock and sadness took over Kara's beautiful face. "I will see you at your uncle's house for the interviews. Goodbye, Kara." With that she left the room, leaving Kara in disbelief.

Kara just stood there for several minutes in complete shock. She had never been called spoiled before; in fact she had never seen such luxury like this. Was she quick to judge her and Myra's relationship, if there was one at all? She thought she royally fucked up; she needed to apologize to Myra. There was nothing she could do right now, Myra was gone.

Kara changed into her clothes slowly, reliving the events that had just happened and questioning the reason behind her childish actions. She hoped Myra would forgive her; she did not want to lose her friendship. Kara was still confused by what Myra said." How could she be owned by someone?" She thought to herself as she slipped on her shoes.

Walking back to the counter Kara could see Malik sitting on a stool, his face was obviously upset by what conspired.

"Everything alright?" He said as he stood up, walking hesitantly towards her, hoping she wouldn't lash out at him.

"No, nothing is alright." She said as she placed the dress on counter. "I fucked up, I hope she doesn't hate me." Kara's face told everything, tears began to well up in her eyes."I am sorry I acted like that, to you and to her."

"There is nothing to be sorry about." He said, placing the dress in an elegant black box."There are things you do not know about Myra and I, we have history together. In fact, my brother once owned her sister." He said as he placed the black box in a big brown bag and handed it to her.

"Owned her sister? What do you mean by that?" Kara said as she took out the envelope filled with cash."Myra said something about being owned too." As she handed him the money for the dress a weird look came over his face.

"You don't know about the circle?" He said pausing for a moment, making sure he didn't blurt out information he shouldn't.

"Circle? What circle are you talking about?" She said with a puzzled look on her face as she took her change from him."What does a circle have to do with slavery?"

A sudden fear came over him; he thought he said too much."Nothing, it doesn't matter. You heard nothing from me; please do not tell anyone what I told you." His face grew pale; his breathing became erratic as he backed away from her.

"Ok..."She said as she started walking backwards towards the door."Your secret is safe with me." She looked him over, he obviously was scared to death about the information he leaked to her. She didn't understand, nor did she know what to think about everything. All she knew is Myra left, leaving her feeling guilty with thoughts of her childish actions. She hoped Myra would forgive her...

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