A New Race


Interracial Unification

I first heard of Unification Theology from the young niece of a black client on the day of his funeral. I could save his home but I couldn't save him.

Carol was his twenty-two year old "niece." She was a "nice" girl who sang in the choir and was active in the church.

I'd met her and his extended family a few months before at a party in his home. He had several children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews as well as "god children" who were people with some kind of connection that was not blood related. Carol was among the single black girls who attended and one of them who was interested in me.

Carol was an attractive girl, medium height and medium build, with a pretty face and a smooth, coffee colored complexion. She had a wonderful voice.

Her relationship the family Patriarch was ambiguous. She called him uncle, but I had the feeling that he was actually her biological father by a woman who was not his wife. She was,well educated and worked in real estate like so many other family members. He was a successful real estate investor who made friends with minority real estate professionals and that opened doors for jobs for them.

Carol was very attentive at the family party a few months ago and was extremely thankful for my efforts. She was very religious but according to other family members she had some unconventional ideas about the subject. She believed in something called Unification Theology . The details were unclear, but there was apparently some kind of racial angle to it. I'd heard of Black Liberation Theology but this was different.

She wanted to explain it to me at the family party, but they kind of steered her away in another direction. I sensed that she was interested in more than talking religion with me and so did the rest of her family. If they thought I was interested, they were right. I'd hoped to run into her again, but it didn't happen...until now on this sad occasion.

The funeral ceremony was beautiful. The choir, all attired in navy blue gowns, sang beautifully and his "niece" was terrific. Her voice was strong, deep, smooth...in a word, wonderful. She really put her heart and soul into it. I notice that she noticed me crowd and looked directly at me several times. She had a very direct, concentrated glance.

After the service she drifted over to me, said how much her "uncle " admired me, how grateful was her family and how she'd wished she could have properly showed her gratitude to me beyond simply saying thankyou. That was more than enough, I assured her. Besides, it was ancient history.

She asked if I was going by the "house" afterward. I said I hadn't been invited to the

"house", actually.

"Well now you have." She was obviously flirting with me. I thought it was a little untoward on the day of her "uncle's" funeral, but who am I to judge? Weddings are hotbeds of sexuality and maybe, for some people, funerals are too.

She'd ridden over with another family member who took off and left her and she asked me to drive. Of course I said yes. She was still wearing her black full length choir gown, which seemed unusual, because no one else was.

"Let's hurry up and go," she urged. "I find all this weeping and wailing depressing. "

I was startled by her bluntness, but not entirely surprised. Much of the family devotion to the Patriarch was in a word, financial. Now would come the scramble for his estate. Maybe Carol though I could help her with that. Well maybe I can, I thought. If the price is right.

She got into the front seat.

"Turn left," she said.

"But the house is the other way. "

"My apartment is the other way."

"Come on up," she said a few minutes later when we got there.

"Have a seat," she said.

She began, "This is a sad occasion for me. I loved my uncle, but I have little use for the rest of the family. They have little use for me. I was sort of outside the rest. The actual issue of who my parents are is kind of vague. I'm sure there's a reason. I'm very different from the rest. I've always felt that way."

"I noticed they treated you differently. There's a distance, a coldness toward you, Carol," I said, sympathetically.

She continued: "When we first met at the family dinner, you were talking about Haiti and the French Revolution and the Mulattos. Remember?"

"Sure I do. I also remember that your black cousins didn't think much of a white man who presumed to know something about black history beyond platitudes."

She made a face. "Oh yeah, " she sneered contemptuously. " My brilliant cousin. Mr. Black Studies. What a fucking loser. He was pissed that his uncle relied on a white man for help instead of him. Thank God you were there."

"But that's not what I want to talk about.," she said. "I was impressed with what you said about Haiti and the racial issues there. You show respect for black people. I was also interested in what you said about the Mulattos. A new race born of the other two. The unification of the white men and black women to create something that was neither but was both."

"I remember"

"My family and other blacks always called me out for "acting white," "thinking white", and whatever. I find white men attractive and they hate that."

" I think a lot of white men would find you attractive, Carol" I said.

"You're nothing if not a lawyer are you?" She smiled. "I've always been active in the black church. The great black church" she said, half mocking. "My uncle insisted. He kept a very tight control on me. The whole family forced me to bend to their will and keeping me in church was one aspect keeping me in my place. God. If they only knew how much fucking goes on in the "black church.''

"I see," I said, not really seeing at all.

"Does that shock you?"

"It doesn't shock me. Lots of kids are at odds with their families. Church people have sex drives just like everybody else."

She smiled. "Well , I am grateful for what you did to keep Uncle from losing everything. The family was kind of running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Thank God for you instead of Mr. Black Studies. He hates white people and spent years in college learning of new ways to call white people racists."

I winced at her candor, but said "Thank you" anyway. "I'm sure your cousin meant all the best."

"And I'm sure you're bullshiting me again Mr. White lawyer, " she laughed. "But I'm sure you mean all the best."

"I wanted to talk to you after the party but the family ran interference. Assholes that they are. Know why?" she asked.

"Ah...no I don't know why," I said truthfully.

"They thought I wanted to fuck you. Imagine that?" She continued: "I loved the way you talked about Haiti and the French and the Mulattos. When you were talking about those French white men producing Mulatto children with black women.... it was like nothing I've ever heard before I was intrigued by the image of it. White men enslaved Africans, but then so many chose African women to have their children. I thought about that. I looked around me. White people are kind of disappearing. Black people have more life and spirit than whites. I know that sounds 'racist', but that's just how it seems to me. I think there are individual white men who are still strong, but most white men are just milk toast. I like the idea of a strong white man and the life force of a strong black woman. Just like in Haiti with the Mulattos. You said the Mulattos were the elite of the coloreds. The strength of the whites and the passion and life force of the blacks. All rolled into one brand new race. What do you think?"

"I never thought of it except as history," I said.

"I've always liked white guys. Problem is, there's a great supply of them around for me to choose from, Not many white guys in our black church. My asshole family hates whites. Of course they like you, but that's kind of different."

"I've read the Bible and I think there is a message there. I think that men and women unify and become one when the get together. The unify in Christ when they accept him. In that unity there is great strength. There is great power, both physically and spiritually. When a white man and a black woman unify it's even greater. And when the white man and black woman unify in Christ and bring together their physical and spiritual sides, it's like something completely new has been born. Something new. Something more powerful, more spiritual. It's the future and all else is the past. It's not just physical. There's something spiritual about it."

I said. "That's really very powerful, what you said. You've really thought it out I think."

"Thinking is only part. Doing is the other part. I believe in unification. I believe that you were right about the Mulattos and the blending and merging of two different races to create a third superior race. "

"I rally didn't say that. I was just repeating history that I'd read."

She walked over to me, put her arms around my neck, pressed herself against me. It was obvious that she was nude under that gown. She kissed me...a long passionate deep kiss. I just stood there transfixed, feeling her big breasts pressed against me, her arms around my neck, her lips pressed against mine, her tongue in my mouth and my own erect penis pressed against her.

She paused. "I' saw how you looked at me at the dinner. My family saw it too. You were very discreet, but some things can't be concealed. Do you deny that you wanted to fuck me?"

"I deny that I said it." I was weakening. Of course I wanted to fuck her.

" I think of us unifying together. Every night since I heard you talk about that book." She kissed me again. I kissed back. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her more tightly against me. I'd wanted to to that for a long time. I could feel that she wore nothing under that gown. Suddenly I realized she'd gone to the funeral and sung in the choir that way. God! The whole time she'd been nude underneath.

She reached behind her gown and pulled down the zipper. The gown slipped off and onto the floor. Her shoulders were smooth and beautiful. Her breasts were huge, firm and proud.

She pressed her nude body against me and kissed me again. We could both feel my hard cock. She reached down and rubbed it with the palm of her left hand. Then she took both hands and pulled down my zipper. I just stood rigidly. She pulled out my cock and gently handled it. Then she dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth. Her pneumatic lips were heavenly...soft, smooth and she knew how to apply just the right amount of presser and they slid up and down the full length of the shaft of of my cock. Then she brushed the full length of it with her lips, brushing them from the base to the head.

I reached back and sat down on the couch that was behind me. She repositioned herself in front of me on her knees.

"Oh," she moaned.

She went back down on me, taking the full length, pausing, coming back up and down, regulating the speed and pressure with my breathing. She was slow and smooth...and wonderful. I wondered how she became so good at it. It was as though she was instinctive and was just following her natural inclinations. So different from insecure women who slip their lips over the head and frantically bob up and down only to pull back when they think you're going to come.

Not her though. She was passionate, deep, measured and absolutely breathtaking. She stroked my balls with her fingertips.

It went on seemingly forever. She would pick up the pace and then slow down. Finally I could not control any longer. I could feel the bomb inside me, its fuse burning ever shorter.

"Oh God..... I'm gonna' come... gonna' come,." I was gasping.

She looked up at me. Her eyes were wide and wild with excitement. This was the moment of truth and she was not backing down. She stopped moving back and forth and positioned the head of my penis in the middle of her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the underside as she paused, waiting for me. Then I came. The fuse burned down to the bomb inside me and it went off. I stiffened and thrust forward. Carol rolled back with my pelvic thrust and moaned softly. Her eyes widened and then blissfully closed. She moaned softly again as the built up pressure of a life time propelled a gusher of sperm into her mouth. Carol took my full load. She sighed and then she swallowed. I could feel her lips and tongue sliding up and down as if to savor every drop Then she swallowed again.

Suddenly everything she said about unification and white and black becoming one...suddenly I understood it. It was beyond understanding. It was self evident. It was like experiencing the self evident force of nature. Unification.... she was right.. We had become as one in our passion and our union both emotionally and physically. Oh my God. I realized it was not complete.

"Oh God, " I gasped. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to me and kissed her as passionately and as deeply as I could . Our lips and our tongues met. Our bodies pressed together. I could feel her bare back with my hands and her big breasts pushing against me. We each tasted both of us in our mouths. This was true physical unity. True unification.

This beautiful black girl with her instinctive life force, her passion and her willingness to cross bridges and not look back was the first real woman I'd ever know. The first. The others were pretend women. Pretend passion. Pretend orgasms. Pretend love.

"Oh please," she implored me. "Oh please. Make us complete. Unify us. We must become one. It is God's will, it is divine will that we unify in each other and achieve unification. "

"Oh please. I can never do this with any other man. I know that. I knew when you first spoke and I first heard you. And understood you. I knew that I had to unify with a white man and it had to be you. "

She paused, "I want you deep inside me...deep deep inside with nothing between us. Oh God, I want your baby. We will never be complete until we do this."

Floodgates of emotion opened. This woman wants a baby with me. For the first time in my life, I wanted that too...I wanted to make a woman pregnant with my baby. After a lifetime of trying to avoid getting a girl pregnant, I felt an exhilerating sense of liberation at the idea of going deep into this woman with nothing between us!

I knew I could come up with a dozen reasons to say no, but the time for making up reasons to deny what I really wanted with all my heart was over. Time to stop suffocating and start breathing. She proved her love for me. Now I must prove my love for her. I picked her up in my arms, carried her into the bedroom, pulled off my clothes, mounted her and plunged my cock deep, deep inside her, over and over and over....until the moment of truth came for both of us.

Nine months later...she had my baby.

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