tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 23

A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 23


Thank you for those who weighed in on a possible category change. After some thought, I've decided to continue to put these under the Exhibitionist/Voyeur category as I believe many of the longtime readers have come to look there first for new chapters.

However, for those who have stumbled across this story for the first time, please be aware that this chapter may or may not have much or anything to do with the selected category. Many of the earlier chapters do fit more neatly into the exhibitionist area; please be sure to go back and start from chapter 1 if that is where your tastes lie.

Now, standard disclaimers.

This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relationships to exist without damage to any and all involved parties, please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this.


Also, this story takes place in a world where STDs don't exist and only babies planned for and wanted do—in other words, a fantasy world. Any resemblance to real-life people is purely coincidental.


Tim stopped and kissed his wife on the cheek as she stood at the stove, scrambling eggs. "Is our guest sleeping in?"

"Cricket's in the barn turning out the horses and mucking stalls. She was already out there when I got up. I went out for a little bit to make sure everybody was getting along, then came back to make breakfast. Can you go and see if she needs any help and tell her we're getting ready to eat?"

"Will do," Tim said with a wave of his hand and headed out the door. He walked in a hunched up posture, huddling into his work shirt to ward off the early-morning cold as the sound of many hooves pounding the turf of the paddock carried across the yard. He found Cricket struggling to pull a bale of hay to a freshly cleaned stall.

"Here's let me help you with that," Tim offered, hurrying to where the young woman labored.

"Thank you," she chirped, her cheeks rosy from exertion as she looked up at the man bending over to grab the bale. Her smile was bright, happier than she had been for as long as she could remember.

"No problem. How's he doin'?" Tim asked, effortlessly tossing the hay into the open stall.

"He's wonderful," she beamed. "The other horses are being really nice to him. He and Dancer seem to like each other." As if on cue, one horse being chased by another thundered by the closed gate at the end of the barn.

"Good, good...hey Cricket, just so you know, uhh, don't worry, Marvin's welcome here—and you are, too. Everything's good."

The young woman turned even rosier as she looked down at the concrete floor. "Thank you, you have no idea how relived that makes me feel. You and Gwen have been so nice to me. She loves you very much, you know." Cricket quickly scolded herself. Got any other stupid things to say? Of course he knows that.

"Feeling's mutual," Tim admitted, guessing at the message the young woman was trying to convey. "I'm just glad she's making friends—like you. She's always been a good person, but she warms up slow to other people. Nice to see her opening up some, you know? Anyways, she told me to come get you-breakfast is ready."

Gwen made sure both Tim and Cricket were sent off to work with full stomachs and healthy lunches, patiently assuring the young woman that she would be ready to spend plenty of time with Marvin until his rider could return the next weekend. Cricket, dressed in a business skirt, jacket and sensible shoes, made one last trip to the barn to say goodbye to her horse, then headed down the driveway a moment before Eric arrived. The young man blushed furiously when Mrs. Nelson impulsively hugged him for the expanded paddock.


Gwen was at her desk that morning, her hands doing paperwork but her mind on the next few days. Natalie would be over to ride on Friday afternoon, and Cricket would be coming the next morning to stay and ride for the weekend.

What to tell Natalie about Cricket? Would she be breaking the young woman's trust by revealing their secret? What would she do if Cricket told someone every detail of her weekend? What if she already had? Gwen was able to dismiss that as unlikely, but they never really had discussed what level of privacy the other expected. Should she ask her before telling Natalie? Would her sister-in-law be upset that she had been with someone else? We aren't married, Gwen argued, it's not like I cheated...is it?

And don't forget, the Slut reminded her. You haven't tried out your Christmas gift yet. What are you going to tell her if she asks how you liked it?

If you have a shred of decency, you'll insist she take back that nasty thing, the Lady huffed, but you won't do that, so just lie and say it was nice, thank you.

I shouldn't lie, Gwen thought, glancing at the time. Her mind made up about what to do with her gift, she gave up on invoices for a while and headed back to the house.

Both spreaders and the lubricant were retrieved from their hiding spot in the toiletries bag and dropped on the bed. Gwen considered her next move while willing herself to do what she had come to the bedroom for. She remembered Natalie's warning about the lube being a little messy and decided not to risk staining the bedspread or her clothes, carefully laying down a towel and undressing while eying the metallic tulip bulbs lying on the duvet. The gift was certainly bigger than the one she carried home in her that day after shopping, but still not as large as Tim in his full glory. Naked, she picked up the bottle of lubrication and flipped the top open. A healthy dollop was squirted on her finger and she reached back between her slightly-spread legs to liberally smooth the liquid over and around her rosebud, her excitement rising as she dared to push her finger past the tight muscle. Another dollop was applied to the spreader and the stainless steel coated with the same motion she used on Tim's flesh-and-blood version. Gwen took a deep breath and bent over, one forearm on the mattress, the other reaching to bring the plug into position. The chill of the rounded tip made her ring contract even more upon its touch, and she cursed herself for forgetting her sister-in-law's admonition to warm it first.

It'll warm up once it's inside of you. Don't be a chicken, just do it, the Slut urged, and Gwen gently pushed.

Her opening relaxed enough to allow the first half-inch easy access, then began to protest as it was dilated beyond what had been demanded before. She thought about stopping, about perhaps switching to the smaller one as a compromise—she had not really practiced with it, after all—but continued to push with dogged determination. The last half-inch was the worst, and she grit her teeth as it continued to stretch her. And then like the first time, there was relief and a not-unpleasant sense of fullness as the muscle reached the backside of the object and began its slide down to capture the rapidly narrowing neck at its base. Like before, the handle excited her nerve endings, and she gingerly stood to test the fit. I can bear this for a bit, Gwen decided, and walked about the room, letting the crystal handle twist back and forth between her cheeks as she moved.

She glanced at the alarm clock and saw that the delivery driver was due over at the shop soon. He would just leave the packages at the door and not bother her here if there was no one around to sign for them, but it might be better if she were there to greet him. Her first thought was to remove the thing and tell Natalie she liked it—that would not be far from the truth!—but she wasn't ready to let it go yet. With another smile, she began dressing.

Much to Gwen's delight, the young driver seemed totally unaware that there was something different today about the woman signing for the packages. She relished the thrill of her little secret, imagining what the handsome young man might do if he knew what she was concealing. Gwen could only imagine what it had been like for her sister-in-law to have one of these inside her for an entire family dinner. All the while, the spreader continued to tease and tickle.

Gwen hurried back to the house as soon as the truck was gone, unbuttoning her shirt even as she crossed the yard. In moments she was naked and splayed on the bed, her Big John buried deep inside her. It remained motionless, however, as there were no hands free to move it with, one holding the rabbit that was teasing her clitoris and the other reaching under her thigh to gently toy with the spreader. She pulled back on the handle, allowing the tulip to force her open before letting the crinkled muscle pull it back in. She was soon pulling it back to its maximum circumference, at one point the toy popping out altogether before being slowly being pushed back in, re-entering much more easily than it had just a few minutes ago. The sensation of being filled two different ways was intoxicating, and the only way it could be better was if there was a man between her legs—it would have to be Tim, she reminded herself—providing part of the filling. She shuddered through her orgasm a moment later.


"He is a nice looking horse, isn't he?" Natalie looked back at the large black head sizing her up, Gwen noting how much more relaxed he had become in just a few short days of small-farm living.

"He really is." Gwen rubbed Marvin's forehead, making the horse good-naturedly shake her off. The day was chilly, and she knew she would not be riding topless today, regardless of what Natalie chose. They were soon off, her sister-in-law opting for her sweatshirt as well as they began a slow trot up the path.

"So how was the trip down and back?" Natalie asked, letting Dancer pick a way through a patch of exposed tree roots.

"Good, no problems," Gwen replied, trying to decide how much she should share. "I, uhh, you should probably know, I told her about you and me, and uhh, what we do after we ride. I didn't tell her who you were," she added hurriedly, "just that you're a friend."

Natalie laughed. "Gwen, are you embarrassed by me?" She could see the look of alarm on the other woman's face. "Sorry, sorry, just a joke. I'm impressed you took a chance and actually told someone else! I gotta ask though, how did something like that come up in the first place?"

"We were talking about relationships, and like an idiot I was giving advice I'm really not qualified to give, and I told her that being with women is nice, too. She asked if I ever had been with a woman, and, well, I couldn't lie."

"You're very qualified to give advice," Natalie said solemnly. "You're smart, you have a world of experience, a really good heart and you care even though you don't want people to think that you do."

"I don't have much experience with relationships," Gwen protested. "I've had exactly one."

"You've only been married once, and still are, so that alone is damn impressive," the other rider corrected. "But your interactions with family, friends, employees, teachers, students...all of those count in different ways and add up to a world of experience."

"Maybe," Gwen mumbled, looking down at the saddle horn.

"So, how'd she take finding out what you do with your friend?"

"She was okay with it. Maybe a little surprised, but she seemed to get over it pretty quickly."

Natalie smiled. "I think I understand why you didn't tell her who I was, but if you want to and you think she can handle it, then fine by me. I'm not ashamed of what I do in my private life. I just don't advertise all of it. I know it would seem a little weird to a lot of people, but what you and I do certainly isn't hurting anyone. Women are just uniquely knowledgeable about the proper care and handling of girl parts, so why not make use of that knowledge? Our husbands don't seem to mind."

And of course, the fact that we are related—even by marriage—doesn't add to the weirdness at all, Gwen thought wryly.

"So she wasn't freaked out?"

"No, not at all," Gwen replied slowly, avoiding eye contact.

Natalie grinned. "Well that's good. She does seem pretty level-headed. Has she played with a girl before?"

"No, not before..."

Natalie reined in Dancer and turned to look at her sister-in-law. "Wait. Before? Before what?"

The other rider shrugged helplessly. "She was curious. I didn't push myself on her—honest!"

Natalie grinned. "Gwen Nelson, you slut you! The student becomes the teacher! Good for you!"

"I really don't think it's anything to be proud of, and all I did was show her what to do..."

"Well, I do," Natalie replied, spurring her horse back into a walk to catch up with Dart. "Look at you, all sexually confident and everything. So tell me what happened."

Gwen recounted the discussion in the truck, along with her admission on the walk back from dinner and Cricket's desire to "do something nice for her."

"Does Tim know?" Natalie asked when the story ended with the older woman's orgasm.

"I'm not about to hide something like that from him."

Natalie grinned again. "I'll bet he fucked you silly after you told him."

Gwen smiled at the crudity and truth of her sister-in-law's remark. "He seemed to enjoy the idea."

"Of course he did! Something about girl-on-girl action that guys just go nuts for...speaking of which, remember when we went shopping before Christmas?"

The act of showing her sex to the young shoe clerk had left a very definite and erotic imprint in her mind, not to mention the activities on her brother's marital bed after. "How could I forget? You made me expose myself to that young man. Why?"

"Well, Adam was very insistent I couldn't leave for work that afternoon until he got a piece of me first. I was running late but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He dragged me into the bedroom as soon as the kids went upstairs and pounded me but good."

"Why was he so worked up?" Gwen asked nervously.

Her sister-in-law grinned again. "I asked him the same thing when he was ripping my clothes off—good thing I had to change anyways. Turns out he caught a whiff of Eau de Natalie when he kissed your cheek."

"Your perfume? That's all it takes?"

"Well, not just any perfume," the other rider deadpanned. "Think. Where was your face before he came home?"

Gwen could feel the blood drain from her cheeks as she remembered how she had used her tongue to hasten her sister-in-law's orgasm. "So, he smelled you, your...on me? But I thought he didn't want to know what we did!"

"He didn't ask what we did exactly, but it was easy enough for him to figure out-I probably had some of you on me, too. The sex was pretty much the same energy level as after I've been with Liz—I just didn't give him the play-by-play like I do with her."

"Oh my God, I am so sorry!"

Natalie laughed. "For what? He obviously liked it, I liked his enthusiasm if not his stamina, it's all good. Like I said, girl-on-girl...he'll never admit it, but I think the fact one of the girls is his older sister makes it even kinkier for him."

"I'll never be able to look him in the eye again..."

"He's known about what we do ever since the first time, Gwen. I don't keep secrets from my husband, either. I think he just got an extra kick out of the evidence."

Gwen was thankful her sister-in-law let the topic drop, and the rest of the ride was filled with sex-free small talk. They made their way back to the barn, grooming their mounts before turning all the horses loose in the paddock.

"Okay to use your shower?" Natalie asked as she headed to her car for a change of clothes. "I really need to wash my hair before I go into work."

"You know you don't have to ask first," Gwen replied. "Can I make you some lunch or get you something to drink while you're showering?"

Natalie smiled. "Aren't you joining me? It's what we do after we ride, remember? Or am I old news now that you've introduced Cricket to the joys of womanly pleasure? I know my body's not nearly as nice as hers, but I do still have experience on my side..."

"Stop that! I would kill to have your body, especially your..." Gwen motioned with her eyes to the other woman's chest. "It's just that, well, for the longest time I never imagined I'd be doing—that—with another woman ever again, and now I'm doing it with two! I didn't want to seem like I was being too forward."

"Two women, but not at once," the blonde joked. "You're not committed to either one of us, and the guy you are committed to, as you put it, enjoys it. So, you enjoy it, too. C'mon."

Natalie led the way to the bathroom, stripping even as Gwen hesitated, weighing the Lady's desire to at least slow things down against the Slut's need to jump under the hot spray with the naked woman in front of her. With a sigh and smile of resignation, Gwen's clothes joined her sister-in-law's on the floor.

"Wash my hair for me?" Natalie asked as she handed a bottle of shampoo back. Gwen stepped up behind the glistening body and worked her fingers through the long hair, doing her best to avoid any tangles, getting a lather going as she gently rubbed her scalp. Natalie sighed approvingly and handed back a bottle of liquid soap. "Back, too?"

Gwen worked slowly, enjoying the sensuous feel of her sister-in-law's smooth skin, moving down to the globes of her beautiful bottom. She played with the soft, pillowy cheeks, her hands finding their way down into the crevice between the two prominent muscles. With a mischievous smile, she gathered some suds and pushed them around Natalie's rosebud, then inserted her finger. She was allowed entrance, and the ring tightened around her knuckle.

"Ooh!" Natalie exclaimed, wiggling against the digit penetrating her. "That reminds me, have you been using the spreader I gave you at Christmas?"

"I did," Gwen admitted.

"Did you like it?"

"It wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I'm sure the next time it will get easier."

"Nice to hear there'll be a next time." Natalie turned to face the woman behind her, the finger lodged inside sliding out of its snug burrow, and she began to rinse her hair. Gwen did not wait to be asked to soap her front, fascinated with those beautiful breasts in particular, at how big and soft and pliant they were, and how distended the nipples were even under the hot water. She didn't notice their owner watching her with a bemused smile as she delayed on them for some time, just barely making it to Natalie's slit before her sister-in-law announced, "Your turn."

Gwen was quickly helped into place facing the wall under the spray and firm, feminine hands worked languidly, caressing her under the guise of cleanliness. A tongue on an ear alternated with lips on the neck as her nipples were gently pulled and rolled between delicate fingertips. One hand stayed on her breasts, teasing, while the other slowly made its way down her stomach. A finger found her clit, circling and stroking, making Gwen put a hand on the warm tile in front of her to steady herself. The finger continued down her cleft to her opening and pushed its way in while the heel of the palm rocked gently against her button. Lips, tongue and hands combined to create a powerful orgasm, and she fought to remain standing as her knees threatened to give way. Natalie helped, an arm moving to hug the spasming body to her in support. She held on until the twitches and tremors subsided and Gwen's breathing normalized. "Lots of slips, trips and falls in the bathroom," she murmured in the recovering woman's ear. "Gotta be careful." Gwen was freed from her grasp as the supporting arm moved to shut off the water. Natalie opened the door and reached for her towel.

"Don't you want to...?"

"After watching you cum like that? Hell, yeah. I've got an itch for a cock inside me, though. Can I borrow one of your dildos?"

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