A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 23


Soft high-pitched squeaks and chirps mixed with moans escaped from the masturbating woman, her muscles beginning to constrict as she brought herself closer to release. "Come for me," Gwen asked, sensing how close she was, remembering how it had excited her when Natalie said the same words. "I want to see you come." Cricket obliged her a moment later. She returned the favor after she had recovered, finding her first taste of another woman not at all unpleasant, and watched with great interest as Gwen's labial lips parted to accept the cock that had just been removed from between her own.

Three different people between your legs in less than twenty-four hours, the Lady sneered as the two women made their way back on to the trail with fresh horses. You should be ashamed of yourself. What would your mother think if she knew you were sleeping around?

The Slut felt no need to add a counterpoint this time. Gwen was not ashamed. She reveled in the physical and emotional satisfaction of her friendships with Natalie and Cricket, and something different, deeper and stronger, in her commitment to Tim. The sex was certainly nice; the trust and caring that was a part of the physical release was something more.

As for her mother...Gwen was proud of Ali and KD for having the confidence to discover and express their sexuality so early in their life despite their upbringing, and only regretted not being there to help and nurture them. Knowing of their sexual needs and desires, she still loved her daughters unconditionally and was glad they were happy; if Irene Curran could not feel the same for her own daughter, it still would not be enough to stop Gwen from continuing to make up for the lost years. She had other friends and family to help fulfill her emotional and physical needs.


Tim fulfilled Gwen's prediction a few hours later, showing up just in time for dinner, shortly after the riders had returned home. She was also correct that Tim found their day very interesting as she told him about it at bedtime, and while she tried to keep their lovemaking quiet as promised, it was not enough to prevent Cricket from hearing them make love as she listened intently from the other side of the closed door.

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Lezzie shite again

I will continually read the last few episodes and give 1 star!

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