tagErotic CouplingsA Not So Typical Night at the Bar

A Not So Typical Night at the Bar


You clutch my arm as we walk across the cobblestone road to Shinae's. I was finally able to convince you to let me buy you a drink. Once we're inside I get us a table that sits just a few feet higher than the rest of the bar.

With the music playing, one drink turns into two, and two to three, and before you know it you could pass for someone having fun. I lean in to nibble on your ear, of course I bite off more than I can chew. The gnawing sensation lingering even after my teeth are gone.

My hand starts to slide up your stockings, dancing with the end of your mini skirt - do I go for it? I mean we are in public. You make the decision for me as you move my hand under your skirt.

I start to rub circles around your clit, through what feels like is your black lace thong. Your head tilts back ever so slightly catching the waitress' attention. "no we're fine" I tell her while still drawing circles around your clit. Your panties are starting to soak through. Lean in, brushing your hair aside, "go to the bathroom and take them off." you look at me wide eyed, "Go."

You come back from the bathroom, sliding in next to me in the booth. Discretely passing me your panties. Well what do you know, I was right, you were wearing a black lace thong. You direct my hand back under your skirt. My fingertips gently brush against your labia and clit. They're wet, I whisper "was somebody playing with themselves in the bathroom." you flash me a quick smile, "that's my job you know" I tell her.

I slowly slide my finger inside you. God, it's only been a few days since our last play session and I'd already forgotten how tight you are.

I start stroking your g-spot with my finger while my thumb draws circles around your clit. I'm watching you as your eyes roll back into your head and you let out a soft moan. The couple a few tables down looks our way. I flash them a smile to dismiss them. It's really quite amazing how far in life a good smile can take you.

Your nails start to dig into my arm as you get closer climaxing, I take notice and slow down my stroking. Your head tilts back forward and you look at me with that "what the hell do you think you're doing, did I say you could stop?" face that I know oh too well. I lean in close and tell you not to worry, we're only getting started for the night.

This teasing continues, I bring you to the edge of climaxing at the last moment to stop and let you calm back down, until finally the other couple leaves. The bar is far from empty, but our section is deserted. I push my finger just a touch deeper letting you know that the foreplay is over.

I slide out from the booth and do a quick look around. This is doable I tell myself. I turn around and you're standing right behind me in your fuck-me heels, fuck-me-harder stockings, and that pull-my-hair corset that I bought you last week. By the time my eyes make it all the way up your body I can tell you're getting impatient.

I look around, "table, bar, wall, hmm where to fuck you" I say to myself. Aha. I pull you over to the ledge; we're maybe 8 feet above the main bar, more than enough privacy. I start to hike your skirt up from behind; you glance over your shoulder looking back at me, smile and grind your ass into my crotch.

I undo my fly and carefully pull out my now erect cock. You spread your legs just a little bit wider, knowing that I'll be needing the extra room. All the while you're smiling at everyone in the main bar, they have no idea that I'm going to fuck you senseless in a few minutes. And they get to be your audience.

I slide a finger inside of you to make sure you're wet enough. Don't know why I bothered, you've been wet since I made you take off your panties in the bathroom.

I tease you, rubbing the head of my cock between your lips. Your clit sends wave after wave of pleasure up through your torso. I pause, if only for a moment, to stop your knees from giving out.

You almost stumble in your heels, but I catch you. You reach back with your free hand, wrapping it around my cock. Giving it a few long slow strokes. You guide it back between your lips. Putting your own hand back onto your clit.

I look up and glance around the bar. Making sure no one has caught on. Our waitress is staring at me from across the bar. Without uttering a word she and I are able to have a conversation. She toasts her beer in my direction, what I'm assuming to be her giving us "permission" to continue, and goes back to her friends.

I start to feel your juices dripping down my cock. My, aren't you making a mess. I slowly slide my cock inside you. The head brushes against your g-spot. Causing you to grip the railing for support. You start grinding little figure eights with your hips. Causing my cock to touch in all the right places. I can tell your getting close because the figure eights had stopped. A part of me wants to stop right there and make you wait until we get home. But another, kinkier part of me wants you to cum in front of all these people

I grab your right leg at the knee, lifting it just enough so I can slide my entire cock inside. Its a tight fit to say the least. I can feel you quivering around my cock. Quietly begging me to let you cum. I of course am happy to oblige. I start to pick up speed, fucking you harder and harder, I grab your hips for extra support as I go deeper and deeper inside you.

Your moans start to get louder, and as if I had planned it a song comes on that the entire bar knows. I whisper "be as loud as you want, no one will notice. "

You start moaning the closer you get to climax. Shortly at first, but each one louder than the last.

I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock; I know your close. The very next thrust I feel the orgasm go over you. Had my cock not been inside you you would most likely have fallen over.

I pull out, a mixture of cum and your juices covering the entire length of my shaft. I make a mental note to have you lick it off once we get back to my place. You come back from the bathroom with a little bounce in your step, who can imagine why. And together we exit the bar and head home. With the 60 some people inside none the wiser.

I have a part two that I can submit if people are interested. Your thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.

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