tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Phantasmal Affair

A Phantasmal Affair


The ghost appears at the foot of my bed. I'm already awake; since I moved into this house three days ago, I haven't slept much. The first night, it was just sounds. Something falling to the floor in the distance, steps creaking, windowpanes shaking. Typical old house noises. The second night, things moved around on their own. A water glass knocked over from across the room, a book moving from where I'd left it... And last night, things got really strange. I came into my bedroom, and found my bed was made. I never made my bed. Resting on top of the comforter was my black lace bra with matching underwear. Someone else might've called the cops, but with everything else that had happened, I simply put the lingerie away.

Tonight, however, something compelled me to put on that lingerie. And go to bed in it.

I rested on top of the covers. And now, the cause of all the strange things happening in this house is looking at me.

He's hard to see. Even semi-transparent, though, it's obvious that he's naked. And excited. His cock's long and erect. I should be scared, but I'm excited instead.

Just as suddenly as he'd appeared, he's gone. I look around, but don't see him anywhere. Then I see the impressions in the bed. Like two knees pressing into the mattress.

I feel cold hands push me onto my back. I gasp, and cold fingers move my panties to one side.

"Oh, God," I moan as ethereal fingers stroke the outer lips of my pussy, slowly moving inwards until he finds my clit. The ghost rubs it, moving his finger in a circular motion. It feels so real, so good...his fingers move, and I feel a slow thrust as he begins inserting them one by one. I cry out again when his tongue finds my clit. He licks it in time with the pumping of his fingers, until I arch my back with a scream and cum against his mouth and hand.

As I fall back to the bed, I look up. The ethereal form of the man is standing at the foot of the bed again.

Stand up. The ghost doesn't say it. It's a voice in my head. Not a voice, exactly...more like a command. One I can't disobey.

The voice compels me to stand up without me telling my body to do so.

"How did you-"

Quiet! And I can't finish my question. The words catch in my throat.

You are mine. Do as I say, and you will be...rewarded. Disobey, and you will be punished.

"Punished?" And he disappears again. Then I feel him behind me. He pushes me down hard, bending my torso over the bed. There's a mirror across from me. I see me, bent over the bed, my ass sticking up into the air, my arms crossed behind my back. But I can't see the person holding me there.

I said quiet. And there's a painful slap on my ass. "Ah!" I cry, and the ghostly hand spanks me again.

Silence, slut! I hear in my head. I bite my lip the third time, swallowing the yelp. The fourth time is very painful, but I stay silent.

Good girl. Would you like your reward? I watch myself in the mirror, nodding my head to no one. What an eager little slut you are. You must wait. He pulls me up slightly, so that the front of my body can be seen in the mirror. One invisible hand keeps my arms crossed behind me; the other pulls my bra down. My breasts fall from the black lace, and I feel fingers pinch my left nipple hard. It's a painful kind of pleasure; I want to cry out, but I just bite my lip even harder. I watch my nipple harden in the mirror as it's rolled between rough, unseen fingers. Then I feel a mouth wrap around my other nipple, sucking hard. I can't even imagine how someone could bend their head like that. Then again, a spectre doesn't necessarily need to bend. I close my eyes, keeping my moans of pleasure inside.

Watch. And my eyes open. My breasts bend and move as if someone is touching them. I can see a wetness on my stiff right nipple. A tongue wraps around it, and I reflexively roll my head, trying to contain the noises that want to come out of me. The phantasm spanks me again, and I jerk my head back to the mirror. I don't know how he's holding my arms, stroking my nipple, sucking the other one, and spanking me at the same time. I don't really care, either.

Watch! Another spank, but this time, the hand lingers. It pulls my panties down harshly.

Tell me what you want, whore.

"I want you to fuck me!" I gasp. I feel his cock press against my ass cheeks, moving gently between them, taunting me. "Please fuck me." He moves to my pussy, but doesn't go in. I'm so wet, and I just can't stand him resting his cock against me without doing anything. "Please, just fuck me!"

Then he thrusts into my pussy, hard. He moves his cock in and out of me, faster and faster, his hand and mouth still clamped to my breasts, my arms still unable to move. In the mirror, I see me, body moving back and forth, mouth open, breasts bouncing. I see me getting fucked by someone I can't see with impossible flexibility.

Don't cum until I tell you to, slut. I don't know if I can stop myself, but I try. I feel it happening, and I stiffen my body, keeping the waves of pleasure at bay. But as I'm keeping myself from cumming and he keeps pounding into me, slapping against my clit, I can't help myself:

I scream.

And as my mouth opens, something slides inside. I see me with my lips wrapped around something, and I taste it, and I know what it is: another dick. I don't even question it. He spanks me so hard I feel tears well up in my eyes.

You must like being punished, you noisy whore. Yet another hand grabs my hair-I see it bunch up impossibly behind my face-and he thrusts the cock down my throat. I feel it; an invisible, throbbing dick moving in and out of my mouth in time with the one pounding my pussy. I gag a little bit as the ghost fucks my face.

You want to be good, don't you? I try to nod, but it's impossible. Another hand finds my clit and rubs it frantically. It's almost too much to stand.

Finally, just when I don't think I can take it anymore, I hear the words in my head:

Cum. Scream.

And I do. I scream a muffled scream, the cock still in my mouth. And I cum. I cum so hard, I think I might pass out. My whole body shakes uncontrollably, but nothing slows down. He's still fucking me hard as the last ecstatic tremor finally leaves me. Then there are two deep, final thrusts. I taste cum in my mouth.

Suddenly, nothing's holding me in place. I fall to the bed, gasping.

See you soon, I hear faintly.

And I think, God, I hope so.

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by Anonymous06/28/17


I came so hard to this story! I think I might be a tad bit jealous but who knows I may get lucky if I appeal to the right ghost. Very well done

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