tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Pool with a View

A Pool with a View


My wife and I are high-maintenance travelers, I admit it. We prefer to fly if at all possible. We err on the side of high end hotels and resorts, the more amenities and services the better. But a few years ago, we thought it would be fun to pack up the car and do a long driving vacation, maybe see some sights that we otherwise wouldn't while soaring above them instead of driving through. And rather than planning every little detail like we often did, we figured we'd fly by the seat of our pants and find hotels as we went.

Now, I'll be honest, it wasn't my favorite vacation of all-time. You spend too much time driving and thinking "normally I'd be sitting by a pool right now with a drink in my hand" and when you aren't driving you're typically worn out from driving all day. But despite that, if I could recreate this one experience every time I did a driving vacation, I'd take 'em a lot more often!

On our way back home, we stopped at a Holiday Inn-type place that had an indoor pool. At this point we were both pretty exhausted and decided to cut the driving short for the day (it was about 5:00pm), grab dinner and a few drinks and head to our room and make it an early night before finishing off the trip the next day. We checked in and stopped in our room long enough to chuck our luggage in and notice we had one of those rooms with the sliding patio door that went right out to the pool area.

We hit the hotel restaurant/bar and dinner became appetizers and a few drinks (perhaps even one too many seeing as our goal was to be 'fresh' for the drive the next day) and we went laughing and stumbling our way back to the room. When we got in we decided to throw on our suits and hit the pool for a little bit, maybe sit in the hot tub and then relax in our room. So as my wife went to put her suit on, I casually walked over to the sliding glass door and looked out into the pool area. It was completely empty except for two girls in the pool who looked to be in the 18-19 years old range. As if out of some National Lampoon movie, as soon as I looked out one of them lifted herself out of the pool with her back to me and her bikini bottom slipped right off and there, in contrast to her tan skin, was her very white butt. Whoa!

The only thing I could figure was she was wearing her friend's swimsuit and it didn't fit. Because even after pulling it up, she kind of held it as she walked along the deck before jumping back into the water.

I heard my wife walk into the bathroom behind me as I sat transfixed. You know the thing about guys is they never really lose that post-puberty fascination with nudity. I stood there remembering the first moment I'd seen a woman naked in person, it happened to be in a very similar setting, although I was the one in the pool while on a family vacation who saw a woman walk, nude, through her pool-side hotel room. I was awestruck then and didn't feel significantly different now.

So of course, I stood there, watching, voyeuristically, hoping against hope that it would happen again. And amazingly, it did. Seconds later, she once again pulled herself up, once again it slid down and this time, as she pulled it up to cover her nice tight bottom, she turned her head and looked.straight.at.me.


Her face didn't change expression. She didn't flirt with a smile. She didn't scowl in disgust. Or anything in between for that matter. But there was no question that she looked straight at the pervy old man staring at her through his hotel room glass door.

It was right then that my wife came out of the bathroom and I turned to her as I heard her say "I figured you'd be in your suit by now!"

"Yeah, I... " and without another word I turned to the suitcase on the bed and grabbed my suitcase.

As I walked toward the back of the room to change, my wife took my place at the door.

"Ah, I see, checking out the sights huh?" She teased and then, before I could react she followed with "Wow!"

"Let me guess," I chuckled, as I slid my swimsuit on. "Her swimsuit came off..."

"YES!" she laughed. "Wait, so you've already seen this little show, huh?"

"Yeah, it's gotta be too small for her," I laughed walking up behind my wife. "Cute butt though"

"OOF," I responded as my wife playfully threw an elbow into my stomach.

And with the my wife and I smiling and laughing together at the window, the cute girl with the white butt once again turned, this time safely in the water and looked straight at us... and waved.

"Awww, look your girlfriend says 'hello'" My wife giggled, moving a bit to stand by my side. "Turnabout is fair play!"

And with that, my wife hooked her fingers in my still-untied swimsuit and -whoosh- pulled them down to my ankles, revealing my not-quite-hard, but not exactly limp, cock.

"Hey!" I reacted as she laughed and looked out to see the girl in the pool's jaw drop. I glanced over at her friend in time to see her look quizzically at the white-butt girl and turn her head to see what she was looking at. I grabbed my wife and pulled her, still laughing, in front of me and, of course, like any neanderthal would, tried to pull down her bikini top.

"Oh stop," my wife, now laughing almost uncontrollably pushed back. "They HAVE tits, they don't need to see mine."

Now at this point, I should admit, what happened from here on out, well, there's almost NO CHANCE it happens if we hadn't spent the last hour drinking. But hey, sometimes you get the perfect storm, right?

My wife reached down and grabbed my now-growing cock in her hand and gave it a little squeeze. Then she looked straight into my eyes and without saying a word started slowly stroking up and down. I let out a soft moan and turned my head to the left to see White Butt and her friend both staring right at us, their facial expressions that same non-committal nothing the one had displayed earlier when she looked at me for the first time.

Her friend waded a bit towards her, but never took her eyes off our door. The stares of the two bikini-clad youngsters combined with the methodical movements of my wife's hand had brought me to full attention.

"Wow, that feels good," I managed to breathe out, turning to look back at my wife.

"And those two babes watching probably isn't hurting either, is it?" My wife questioned, in a tone that hovered between playful and accusatory.

I reached out and tugged on her bikini top and this time she didn't resist, allowing her breasts to spill free. I massaged them with each of my hands as she continued to roll her fingers over my hard shaft.

With her nipples hard beneath my finger tips, she lowered herself to her knees and took me into her mouth. I shot a sideways glance out to the pool to see White Butt still staring intently while her friend laughed and splashed her with water. She was trying to distract her friend... but her own eyes gave her away as she kept sneaking peeks back at our door.

"Get up," I growled and turned my wife to face the window, to face the girls. I slid her bikini bottoms down and, with a slight bend of her hips forward, slid oh-so-easily inside her wetness from behind.

"Oh... my... god..." I saw the girl with the white butt mouth as she watched me take my wife from behind. For her part, my wife pressed her hands, face and breasts against the glass door and let out a loud moan as I found my mark over and over and over.

I thrust into my wife with long hard strokes as I stared out at the girls. I don't know for sure, but white butt's right arm, the hand well below the water line, seemed to be moving, almost twitching, side-to-side ever so slightly. Was she touching herself??

The idea that maybe this hot girl, who had started all this madness by accidentally mooning us, was now touching herself while she watched us fuck sent me over the edge. My orgasm seemed to come from the bottom of my toes and my wife actually let out an "OH!" as I rushed inside her.

I took one last look out into the pool area, White Butt's expression still unchanged staring... and heard her friend whoop out "YEA!" and actually clap as I pulled out and my wife ran giggling back into the bathroom area.

As I stood there, White Butt once again waved, finally letting her face show an expression of amusement... and then turned and walked away to the other side of the pool where she lifted herself up... and her bottom slid down, one more time revealing her bottom.

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