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A Review of "My Car is My Lover"



With all the thousands of erotic stories written for Literotica every year there are some writers who will try to expand the boundaries of what is considered normal erotica and explore what some might consider very odd or deviant. When you think of it, after a while a lot of these stories begin to seem the same, I mean it's this hard throbbing cock diving into a wet inviting mouth, pussy, ass, hand or possibly a very large ear, or perhaps this sexy pussy grinding against another sexy pussy, breast, face, arm, leg or whatever. Sure there are different situations, characters, props, bells and whistles, but even then a lot of the same things are happening over and over.

Some writers here haven't let themselves get bogged down in that conventionality and have tried to expand what is considered erotic. I have come across at least one story and one "How To" article at Lit where the author seems to have taken what I'm sure more than a few men have heard from their wives: "I think you love that car more than you love me." Most times the husband will lie and say, "Oh no honey, how can you say that? Why I love you so much more."

Well, the BBC has produced a documentary about two men who didn't even bother themselves with getting married, so they never have to face that statement from their wives. Quite frankly I don't think either of these men would even bother to lie. The documentary "My Car is My Lover," which recently aired on Sundance follows the paths of two men who claim that their car is their lover as they each take a trek to a car show in California.

The first of the men, Edward Smith, is a man in his mid-fifties who lives alone with his car, a white Volkswagen Beetle he named Vanilla. At first glimpse Edward does seem very eccentric with long, scraggly hair, a bit of a pot belly and some odd had he wears with teddy bear ears. He immediately introduces the viewer to Vanilla, gently caressing the curves, kissing the hood and generally getting a bit carried away with his public display. Initially this seems put on for the cameras, but as the film continues you realize this is his natural behavior.

Watching his displays I did recall some of my trips to a new car showroom, how I'd admire certain new models, perhaps even run a hand over some of the curves and in a way, I began to understand a bit of his emotion. Who hasn't perhaps run their hand along their new car the first time they washed it, gently kneaded the new seat cushions or simply sat inside and enjoyed that new car smell?

Sure Edward is an odd man and you can understand how he is a bit of a social misfit, but when he described his first leanings toward automobiles over people he described how he felt at 13 when he first saw a 1963 Corvette, commenting upon how that car was pure sex. While watching I felt a tingling in my stomach as I thought back to how I felt when I first saw, in this case a 1967 Corvette and I began to understand where he was coming from. This warm fuzzy feeling was quickly shattered when the night photography cameras caught Edward in the parking lot of a motel masturbating on a new car.

Now strokers, keep your zippers up, the grainy night film only showed him in a long tee shirt without pants as he slipped between cars as he headed back to his room. Surprisingly, fidelity was not part of his love affair with Vanilla (his Volkswagen), no Edward was very open about his love of many different cars and even some other means of transportation. In the interviews he described his love of the helicopter "Airwolf" from the TV series of the same name. It's rumored that he did make some sort of connection with that helicopter.

Beyond masturbating on vehicles, Edward did briefly discuss some other physical possibilities, such as lining the tail pipe with some soft cloth and well, let's just say, "Be sure the engine has been turned off for at least several hours before you try this." Here is where the documentary introduces Jordan, a young, handsome, normal looking guy in his early twenties who also confirms he has had sex with his vehicle, a Kitt look-a-like (remember the TV series Knight Rider).

Jordan calls his Firebird Trans-am, Todd and as part of the documentary he has simply skipped out on his job and headed to the car show. He meets Edward at the show and while he does not express his feelings towards the many cars publicly, like Edward, it is obvious he is also enamored with the many vehicles. Though a bit embarrassed watching Edward caress, kiss and even on occasion dry hump some fine vehicles, Jordan obviously is attracted to the cars.

The film follows these two men as they walk through the car show and then return the motel where each has a separate room. They discuss their feelings about automobiles and Jordan explains how he has a lot of friends, but is simply not interested in dating or anything. He would simply rather spend time with his car than with a woman. After their frank discussions they both head to their rooms, however, later in the night, Edward is once again caught on night vision cameras, this time christening "Todd" with his cum.

The two men spend the next day back at the car show and by the end of the day each says goodbye and returns back to their "ordinary" lives. While both men are somewhat odd, they were personable and, other than Edward's nighttime visits to parking lots, seem essentially harmless in their perversion. "To each his own," would certainly fit in this instance. During the closing credits Jordan is heard asking Edward, "Did you really jizz on my car?" Yes, yes he did.

"My Car is My Lover," can be viewed on YouTube, or simply Google the title and you will find a number of sites to view this documentary. Regardless of your own leanings toward automobiles, the documentary gives an honest look at this strange fetish. While the two men involved are a bit odd, the film is very sympathetic toward their plight and I believe many viewer might feel a bit of their yearnings from time to time. It is certainly worth watching if just to share your love of a fine automobile.


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