tagRomanceA Ride to Heaven and Back Ch. 02

A Ride to Heaven and Back Ch. 02


Reni snuggled down in the softest bed she had felt in a long time, and wished who ever was knocking on her door was going away. It had woken her from the nicest dream she had known for quite some time, and it had revolved around Devlin Morris. Those ice blue eyes... She sat up with a start. Oh Lord, Devlin, he had said he would come by to take her down to breakfast. And she was lying here in bed, nude and he was at the door. Oh Lord.

Jumping out, she almost fell as she pulled the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around herself toga style. As she reached the door, her heart had found a slower rhythm and she was able to open it with more organized thoughts. Sure enough, there he was, looking just as gorgeous as he had last night in the pizza parlor. He was wearing a clean shirt, jeans and had shaved the shadow away.

"I was beginning to think you had run out on me in the night." His eyes moved up and down her carelessly draped body. "I like the look, but the management might object to having a roman goddess appear in a dining room loaded with guests."

She blushed from head to toe, and everywhere in between. "I...I just woke up." Damn he was having an affect on her that she hadn't felt in a while. Her one adventure into the world of man woman relations had been good but the male half hadn't affected her as badly as this. "I...I should go get dressed..." God, she was sputtering like a school girl.

He came in and closed the door. "Go ahead; I'll pretend to be the guard at the queen's chambers keeping out unwanted peepers."

She swallowed hard and nodded. Her body wanted to say come look at me, her head was begin more reasonable. Doing her best to keep the sheet around her, she gathered up her bag and almost ran into the bathroom. "Be right back."

Twenty minutes later she opened the door and found him sitting on the edge of the bed, flipping television channels. He looked up and nodded. "Very nice, that was the fastest a woman ever got ready I think."

"I've learned to be fast. Most truckers can't wait hours for the whole nine yards."

"Well, I am in no hurry; I'm empty and waiting for a load, a load north as a matter of fact. It seems the boss wants me to make one to Seattle, something about my being needed up there."

She gathered up her discarded clothes from the night before. "You're based in Seattle?"

"Yeah, the boss likes it up there."

Reni looked at the small pile in her hands, skirt, blouse, bra, now where were her...? She went to the floor to check under the bed. When she came up, he was holding the missing article of clothing, the bright red silk thong dangling from his finger.

"Are you looking for these?" His tone was the most innocent she had ever heard, but his smile gave it away.

"Yes, thanks..." Reaching out to snatch them away, she saw him draw his finger out of her reach. "Hey."

Devlin looked at the panties on his finger, then back at her. "I think I deserve a finder's fee, after all you might have left and never known where they disappeared to."

She considered his words. "So what do you want?"

He grinned, showing that same lopsided grin she had seen so much last night. "A kiss, that's all, just one little kiss from you."

"Okay but give me the underwear first." She held out her hand for them.

"Uh-uh, kiss first, or better yes, how about we do a same time exchange? While you kiss me, I'll slip them in your back pocket; unless those jeans are so tight that a little piece of fabric won't fit."

"Fine then, a mutual exchange." Oh be still her pounding heart, because the idea of kissing a man like him was sending it into overdrive.

He stood up and drew her out from the other side of the bed. His hand was rough, but gentle on her skin at the same time. "Now, this has to be a real kiss, no peck on the cheek or such, a real kiss, or I keep the panties."

Could they just get this over with, before she passed out from lack of breathing? "I don't think they're your size, or color."

"Hmm, but that red would look so good hanging in my window." He reached out and drew her tight against him. "Wrap your arms up around my neck Reni."

"I know how to kiss Devlin. I'm not completely naïve."

He chuckled and when she was securely in his arms, he bent his head to claim his reward. The first touch of his lips told her what she had suspected, they were full, but hard and as he held her she found herself wanting it to never end. Even when his tongue slipped between her lips and began to duel with hers, she found herself moving closer to his body, especially the lower part. And he talked about tight jeans. His were so tight she could feel the bulge there. He was fully aroused.

He was aroused? She felt like her body was on fire. Her nipples were rock hard under her shirt and bra, and the fire between her legs was stronger then a furnace. She barely felt his hands as they reached down to cup her ass and squeeze it. To hell with her panties, he could keep the damn things, just throw her back on the bed and have his way with her. She wouldn't fight, wouldn't scream, except maybe with pleasure. It didn't help when he slid his leg between hers to balance them better and she knew her heat was radiating out to where he could feel it.

It got worse when he let one of his hands move up to the swell of her breasts and begin to fondle it so softly that it was more like a dream touch. One of them groaned and she wasn't sure who it was, him or her. Not only was he gorgeous, but he could make a woman feel like they were the only two people in the world.

A buzzing cell phone interrupted the interlude and both of them gave a groan as they reached for the miracle of technology on their belts. She saw it was her mom and was tempted not to answer. Instead she flipped it open and put it to her ear. "Good morning mom." As much as she hated to, she moved out of his grip and sat at the foot of the bed. "How's it going?"

Her mom sounded tired. "Better, your dad is at the hospital, first chemotherapy session. So are you on your way home?"

"I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico; I'm hoping to get a ride out today or tomorrow at the latest." She saw Devlin mouthing "tomorrow" as he sat down next to her. A little too close, but he didn't let her stand up and move away from him when she tried. There was something about talking to her mom and having his kissing the back of her neck at the same time. Not to mention the feel of his hands on her breasts. God, she felt like an over wound watch.

"Well, do your best. I know we have some time, but you know dad, he wants to make sure you have all the instructions and know all the plans. And he misses you as bad as I do. I know this was something you had to do sweetheart, but we need you home. Your...sister...isn't taking this well at all."

"You know sis, she's over emotional." Lord he was making her actually shiver now, nipping at her skin with sharp little bites and his hands were under her shirt now. She felt her bra open and as his fingers cupped her bare flesh, she groaned loudly.

"Are you alright Reni, you sound a little breathless."

"Well, Albuquerque is over a mile up mom, the air is a little thin like Denver."

"Then the sooner you leave the better. I'll let you go for now and call tonight will you, your father wants to talk to you."

She promised her mom she would and as she hung up she felt as if she might pass out but not from the thin air. "Oh God, Devlin..."

He ran his lips over her ear. "I want you Reni; I want you so bad..."

She turned to look at him and their mouths met again in a kiss that was full of hunger and need. He wasn't the only one who wanted it. She had never wanted it as bad as she did right now. "I thought you wanted breakfast."

He laughed as he pushed her back on the bed and moved to straddle her hips. "You're breakfast honey; we'll go down for lunch. Then we'll come back up and have dessert."

"And dinner?"

"Dinner we'll leave to room service." He bent to give her a fast kiss, and then began to pull off his tee shirt. The chest he revealed was as broad and muscular as his shoulders and she couldn't resist the temptation to run her fingers through his chest hair, not an over abundance of it, but just enough to highlight and it trailed down his flat stomach to disappear into his jeans. As her palms slipped over his nipples he moaned and covered her hands with his. "Hmm, touch me darlin', it's been a long time since I felt a woman touch me so nice."

That was a little hard to believe, she had seen the looks he had gotten from the women at the pizza parlor, but maybe he was one of those men who concentrated more on work then anything else. She lifted her body so he could remove her shirt and bra as well, and she took the opportunity to lick his nipples just once. They hardened as much as hers were and he bent his head to take her mouth with his.

Devlin was going crazy, if he didn't take her soon, he was going to make a fool of himself big time. He hadn't wanted a woman this bad in ages. Every where she touched him his body felt like there were little bonfires burning and his cock was aching for relief. He could hold out for a while, enough to make her pleasure even better but there was no way he was letting her out of this room before he had wore them both out.

He had suffered last night through the most pornographic dreams he had ever experienced. And this morning watching her move in nothing but that sheet, god, she had no idea how close she had come to having him throw her on the bed and have his wicked way with her. Thank god she wasn't a virgin. He would have made her wonder if all men were animals, because that was how she made him feel, like an animal in high rutting season.

He ran his hands down over her slightly rounded belly and up to find her breasts again. She had such nice breasts, and her nipples were the size of plump, juicy grapes. Bending down to capture one in his teeth, he felt the vibration on his hip before the first ring. He gave a vocal and mental groan, son of a bitch, not now, not when he was so close to heaven. His first impulse was to take it and throw it against the wall, to see it smashed into a hundred little pieces. His second was to totally ignore it for the prize below him, but in the end...

His voice was little more then a growl. "This better be one fucking important phone call!"

The voice of one of his dispatchers sounded shaky as he replied. "Well Mr. Morris, you did tell us to call you as soon as we got you a load back to Seattle. And this is a rush order so..."

Devlin took a deep breath then exhaled slowly. "I know Pete, so how rush and where do I pick it up?" He moved off her reluctantly, and dug out the notepad he always carried in his back pocket.

"Intel there in Albuquerque, and it needs to be in Seattle for a boat to Japan in four days. It's some kind of electrical parts I guess. It came up about twenty minutes ago. They need you loaded and on the road no later then eight pm tonight."

"Okay, give me all you got." He looked at Reni and for once wished he had never gotten into this business. She was sitting up now, fixing her clothes and looking as disappointed as he felt. He felt better when she stood up and walked up behind him, resting her head against his bare back. Her lips were cool on his fiery skin and he wanted to reach around had draw her close to his chest. Well, they still had time to be together and she had her ride home. When he hung up, he did pull her around to lean against his chest. "I got you a ride, if you can put up with me in a semi for the time it takes me to get to Portland. Got a rush load from Intel."

"Oh, I think I can bear it, so we go now?"

"No, first we eat, won't have time for what I wanted to have, but there's still time for that down the road a ways."

She nodded and grabbed her bag. "So let's go."

He laughed as he pulled on his tee shirt and reached for a piece of red silk lying on the bed. "Don't forget these darlin'."

She gave him a saucy smile. "Put them up in your window."

Shoving them in his back pocket with his notebook he grabbed her hand they went down to the dining room. It was crowded but they found a table and after breakfast, he went to settle the bill. It would all be sent to his office as usual, and when Reni started to protest, he shook his head. "I'll send you a copy of the bill; you can pay me back once you're back at home. Your folks need you home Reni, worry about that, not a hotel bill." He needed her too, and he was going to make sure that once he dropped her off, he had a good reason to visit Portland often.

The load was ready and once on the road, he felt the all too familiar rush of it. He glanced at Reni and saw she was feeling it too. It was in her face and in her eyes, a look of pleasure that matched the rhythm of the Caterpillar engine's roar and the throb of the tires on the road. It alone was almost like a sexual high and she looked more desirable in the setting sun then he had ever anyone look before. The ride to heaven had begun and neither of them could wait.

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