tagNonHumanA Rose Garden at Midnight

A Rose Garden at Midnight


Willow's life had become a self built prison. Each day passing slower and more monotonous. She believes that her life means nothing, that nothing mattered anymore. Her heart was crushed and scattered to the winds the night her family died 2 years ago.

They had been coming home from celebrating her little sisters 8th birthday, a beautiful full moon lighting the way. Out of nowhere a car, traveling way to fast, drifted into their lane. The impact had sent Willow flying from the car, unconscious even before landing in the ditch.

She woke up in the hospital dazed and very confused. The doctor had came in a few minutes after her eyes had opened, informing her that her family had died in the accident and that she was very lucky to be alive. Lucky! Ha! Those had been and still are the most ridiculous words she had ever heard. She, now, was alone in this world at the age of 22.

She slowly climbs out of bed and stumbles to the huge picture window overlooking the rose garden.

The full moon bathing her nude body gently in its silver light. Her wavy brunette hair pulled loosely back at the nape of her neck. Her skin, once a beautiful shade of tan, was so pale it almost glowed. The pale hue of her skin contrasted vividly with the emerald green of her eyes. She had never been a thin woman, always on the chubby side and because of that, her breasts were large, her hips and ass were rounded and her stomach soft and plump.

Not many men took the time to look at her, let alone try to get to know her. So her life for the past 2 years had been spent in solitude.

In fact, the only people to have seen her lately was the staff. The maid, cook and gardener. Her father had done very well financially and had left everything to her so she didn't have to worry about money.

Her mind drifts back to the present, glad to escape the dark past.

"Oh Willow, life was not meant to be like this." she mutters to herself as she gazes at the roses below.

She suddenly feels the urge to be among the flowers, to breath in the intoxicating aroma. She slips on a thin silk robe, tying it quickly, and makes her way downstairs. Exiting the house from the side door that leads to the garden.

The damp grass tickles her toes and the cool breeze soothes her heated body as she walks through the seemingly endless tall rows of roses. The beauty was almost enough to dull the ache, almost. She let's her mind drift, not thinking much about anything in particular. A cold chill runs down her spine, an uneasy feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.

She finally realizes she's not alone. A pair of silver eyes watch her closely and intently from about 20ft away. Its body covered in a thick fur, the hue so black it almost looks blue.

Her first instinct is to scream and run but something stops her. Her breath quickens and her heart beats wildly. She's shocked that she's actually getting very aroused and finds it harder to stand. She melts onto the bench nearest to her and stares at the magnificent creature. He seems to be staring right back at her.

Her eyes widen when the animal begins to change. Its fur begins to shimmer and its eyes close. A thick fog rolls in and surrounds the wolf protectively. A moment later, a human man walks from the fog towards her. She pinches herself, sure that she's dreaming.

"Hello, I'm Seth. Please don't be frightened. I could never hurt you. I was the wolf from before. I'm a shapeshifter." his deep voice comforting her.

She could only stare in awe, her full mouth parted slightly. Her eyes wander over his body, completely bare except for a wide leather cuff around his wrist with a symbol stamped into it. He had to be at least 6'3 with long black hair and an amazingly smooth body for a man who is also a wolf. His well developed muscles ripple beneath his bronze skin, sending visions of lustful pleasure through her mind. Her gaze finally landing on his thick cock jutting upwards. A soft sigh escapes her lips, taking in the sight of his 9 inch cock.

"I'm so confused. How do you know me?" her voice trembling.

Seth walks to her slowly, stopping 2 ft away. "I first saw you when you was very young, only 5 years old. Since then I've been watching and protecting you. I was even with you that night in the ditch."

A look of wonder crosses her face, standing up quickly, "5 years old? How? You look to be around my age."

His dark mocha colored eyes wrinkle up into a smile. "That's very flattering, but Willow, I'm 167 years old. My kind age very differently from humans. I have spent 150 years looking for you, my love. We are destined to be lovers and mates."

"I have to be dreaming, nothing like this ever happens to me. I'm destined to die alone, I know it." Willow's voice choking up with emotion, her eyes gazing at him longingly.

He closes the distance between them in one leap, pulling her soft body against his gently. His large hands cup her face and slowly kisses her upturned mouth. His lips are so warm and gentle, she melts into him wantonly. Her arms wrap around his neck and hold him tightly as his hands rub up and down her silk covered back. He deepens the kiss, becoming more passionate than calming. His hands tug on the belt lightly, pushing the robe off her shoulders, the silk pooling on the ground. His eyes hungrily look up and down her body.

"Oh Willow, your so beautiful. I'm here to cherish, love, and protect you. You'll never be alone again." he whispers.

His large hands gently cup her large breasts and tease the pink buds with his thumbs. Moaning softly and grasping his shoulders, she tilts her head back. His teeth nip at her neck and trail down the swell of her chest, eventually pulling on the hardened buds lightly as his tongue flicks quickly on the tip.

"Oh Seth! That feels so good!" she cries.

He answers by moving to the other bud. His hands now cupping and kneading the soft flesh of her ass. He quickly and effortlessly lifts her by her ass, her legs wrapping around his waist tightly. The tip of his cock nestles between her wet pussy lips, his cock head rubbing against her clit as he thrusts his hips a little.

"Oh my god! Seth! Don't stop!" Willow's breathless cries urge him on.

Seth growls softly and sucks her swollen nipples urgently, his hips thrusting fast and hard. His long fingers spreads her ass cheeks and he lightly rubs his pinky across the puckered hole. Her whole body stiffening, a gush of hot liquid flows over his cock and down his balls.

Willow cries out loudly, screaming his name as she cums violently. Her mouth seeks his ear, pulling on the lobe with her teeth as her fingers tease his small hardened nipples. His loud moan sends jolts of happiness to her pounding heart.

"Willow! Oh god yes, my love!" Seth grunts wildly.

He quickly walks deeper into the rose garden, her body still in his arms. He spots a gazebo and hurries towards it. The large benches were covered by plush pillows and cushions. He let's her body slide down his till she is standing again and leads her to the far bench, laying her down. His dark eyes gazes down on her full figured body lovingly as she looks up at him sweetly and holds her arms out to him. His sensuous mouth curls into a smile as he lays down next to her and captures her lips in a deep kiss, their tongues swirling together wildly.

Willows spreads her legs wide as he cups her pussy and runs a finger up and down her wet slit. Rubbing her clit in small circles as they kiss. Her hips start to thrust up into his hand, moaning into his mouth. He pushes one long finger deep into her pussy holding it there and rubbing her g spot. Their mouths break apart as she screams and bucks her hips wildly. He quickly adds another finger and begins to pump his arm hard. She lifts her hips off of the bench and cums hard. Her pussy squirting hot cum across the cushions.

Willow gasps for breath and moves her hand to circle around his thick cock. Seth growls deeply and lays back. Her small hand, barely wrapping around the shaft fully, moves up and down slowly. His breathing becomes fast and shallow, her body now laying between his spread legs. She gently sucks on his balls, pumping his cock faster. Her mouth quickly moves to the head of his cock and licks the precum leaking out.

"Oh my god, Willow! Baby, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop." his hands trying to pull her up.

She shakes her head and takes about 8 inches of his cock deep in her hot mouth. Humming as the head pushes down her throat. His hands tangle in her long hair to hold her head still as he thrusts the rest of his cock down her throat, a loud grunt fills the air.

"Oh god! Your mouth is heaven!" he cries out harshly.

Willow tightens her mouth and bobs up and down fast and hard, moaning over and over. His body tenses, and he squirts his thick cum in her mouth. Howling loud, his body jerking with each spurt. Surprising herself, she swallows it all.

"Willow baby, get up here, please." his voice low and urgent.

She crawls up to lay in his arms, their breath slowing. His mouth captures hers in a slow and deep kiss before he pulls away slightly and rolls over, supporting his weight with his arms. His cock was rock hard again and pushed up against her slit.

"Are you ready to feel me deep inside you, my love?" Seth asks.

"Oh yes! Make me yours, baby." Willow cries.

He guides his cock to her opening and gently pushes the large head in. Her eyes widen in shock and she lets out a small whimper. He tries to pull out but her legs wrap around him and pulls him deeper. Her pussy squeezing his cock lovingly as she moves her hips slowly to accept every inch of his cock. He nuzzles her neck as he slowly pulls out then pushes back in. He feels her legs clamp around his waist, her nails digging into his shoulders.

"Seth, oh god, I want you to fill me with your seed. Make me feel whole once again." she says through clenched teeth.

The control he had been fighting for slipped away. He rammed into her pussy hard and fast, letting out a grunt with each thrust. His balls swelling, sweat running down his back.

He begins to change slightly. His eyes clench shut and when he opens them, his eyes were now silver. He now smells like pine trees and dried leaves, the scent triggering a massive wave of love. She knew the wolf in him was taking over and her body was loving the idea. Her nails dig into his back frantically as her climax floods her senses.

"Seth! I'm cumming!" she screams. Bringing him over the edge. He slams deep into her and howls up to the moon, his fertile seed shooting into her womb. She feels her opening stretch even more and whimpers in shock.

"I'm so sorry, Willow! I tried to stay purely human. My cock swells after cumming to make sure we stay locked together, knotted, giving my seed a better chance to get you with child." his voice so soft and loving.

"Its ok, baby. I love you with my whole heart and body. I love the feel of it." she whispers in his ear.

Holding him close till his cock pops out on its own.
He rolls over on his side and pulls her into his arms.

"Sleep, my love. Tomorrow we begin a new chapter in both our lives." his deep voice the last thing she hears as she slips into sleep.

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