tagNovels and NovellasA Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 03

A Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 03


A soft warm flannel drawn over my forehead slowly rouses me into consciousness. I open my heavy eyes and sit up abruptly, my arms no longer fettered by heavy chains. Gentle hands push me back to lie down once more; the scent of a woman pervades my nostrils.

'Shush Sally it's ok, calm down.'

I breathe a sigh of relief, so happy to hear her voice. 'Savannah?' I choke.

My tongue is so swollen. I'm trying to focus my eyes on her as she continues to caress my face with the flannel. There are more hushed female voices in the room as I turn my head groggily, trying to regain my bearings. But these walls are unfamiliar to me, covered as they are with red damask. Candles, the only light, throw shadows of feminine silhouettes onto the dark walls.

'What happened Savannah?' I croak 'Has Master truly gone insane?'

Savannah's light laugh is a relief. 'No honey, he's not insane, he's fine, you just lay back and relax, we'll look after you, don't worry.'

'But?' Savannah silences my question with a kiss, her lips as sensuous as I remembered.

I sigh as I experience the familiar welcome of her kiss. I part my own lips and her tongue flicks over my own swollen muscle. I wince as she removes her tongue and plays with my lips. Her hand is stroking my hair. I lift my arms, wrapping them around her shoulders, needing comfort. Forgetting that we had not parted on the best of terms, I am comforted by the wonderful sensations she gives me when we are together.

She chuckles into my mouth, and removes my arms from around her. Sitting back up she resumes brushing my skin with the flannel. I lay back and relax, feeling so safe. Her hands run over my naked form, occasionally lifting to dip the flannel into the warm scented water; the drip of the water loud in the silent room. I sigh as she runs the cloth over my aching breasts, as I arch up to greet her ministrations. But, she moves on, gently parts my legs and refreshes the cloth. I moan as she presses it against my pussy lips, parts them and washes my cunt. The cloth tickles my bud.

'Oh Savannah,' I sigh happily. Her hands drift down my thighs, leaving me tingling, wanting more.

'Part your legs for me Sally,' she whispers into my ear. I spread them immediately, hoping to feel her mouth upon my opening. I gasp in shock as I feel foam being massaged over my dark mound of hair.

'Now stay still for this Sally, we don't want to cut you now do we?' I look up and see Savannah holding a razor in her hand. 'Your Master wants you nice and smooth Sally.'

'My Master? But he likes my pussy hair, he said so!' I sit up quickly shutting my legs. Savannah looks at me patiently her brown eyes dancing with mirth.

'You don't get it Sally, do you? You were always a bit naive. We can either do this the easy way now, or the hard way, either way is fine by me.'

She stares at me intently. Her eyes flicking over my shoulder. Her small hands grab me around the neck, squeezing tightly as I am pulled back down. Other hands drag my legs apart. I am struggling desperately. 'Master likes me this way' I protest!

'Oh for fucks sake gag the stupid whore,' she says.

Some sort of ball is quickly shoved into my mouth. It has straps on it which are pulled tightly. This forces my mouth wide open, and the ball presses against my sore tongue. My legs are strapped down with leather belts. The hands are still pressing around my throat and my chest is heaving up and down as I struggle to breathe.

'Now listen up you stupid cow,' says Savannah, as she hitches up her expensive gown and kneels between my legs. The razor glides over my mons.

'I used to be so jealous that you got all of Andrews's attention, he only ever seemed to have eyes for you. I did everything I could to stop it, but he was intent on having you. I could never figure out why, you never knew how to play the game.' She pauses as she rinses the razor off and looking at me; all mirth has gone from her eyes.

'You with your I'm Miss Sweet and innocent attitude,' she snorts, as she resumes ridding me of the soft hair Master had so dearly loved burying his face into. I listen to her in morbid fascination.

'But, he explained it all to me last night, when you had been such a stupid cunt.' I look shocked, when he left he said he had had business to attend to, but he had gone to Savannah. I moan behind the ball gag.

'That's right honey; you knew he had others, but you didn't know he had me did you?'

Her laugh is hollow in my ears. She shifts her position, leaning down inspecting my cunt. 'To be honest, I should thank you. I got the best deal. I wouldn't be in your position, no matter how much money was offered. He didn't even need to pay you, did he Sally?'

The water sloshes in the bowl as one of the other women refills it. Savannah refreshes the razor. As she pulls my lips apart, I want to ask her what she is talking about. Master Andrew loves me, and I know that what she was saying didn't make any sense. She continues as I feel the razor softly moving over my skin.

'You broke the cardinal rule; you fell in love with a client,' arrogantly. She waves the razor in front of my eyes, before dipping it once more in the water. 'How many times had I told you?' she says, shaking her head. I was growing impatient to discover what she was talking about. Sighing, she continues; each stroke of the razor a dagger driving deep into my heart.

'Andrew explained that you were everything that he needed. Oh, at first I thought he was going to tell me that he was going to marry you and that our arrangement was through. I was so shocked when he told me the truth.'

Someone in the room giggled and Savannah shot her a warning glance. 'Did you ever wander where Andrew got his wealth from Sally?' I shake my head, I had never needed to ask, and my love for him was enough.

'Well maybe you should have asked, instead of following him so blindly!' Her fingers part my ass cheeks, and she rubs more foam down my crack. 'Let me tell you how he got his wealth Sally. I could say he sold his soul, but he's far too clever to do that, and its all so cliché!' The razor is dragging down my inner ass cheeks. 'Let's just say he made a deal; something beneficial to both parties. You aren't the first Sally, but I do wonder if you will be the last?'

She releases my ass cheeks and runs her fingers over my now bald mound, pouring clean warm water over the skin. Clicking her fingers, a towel and oil is offered to her. She takes the towel and dries me like a baby, before applying the oil to my skin, moving her fingers between my lips and down into my ass crack.

'Now Sally, I will release you if you promise to quit this pointless struggle and I will continue to explain your situation.'

I nod my head; the fingers loosen on my neck, unclasping the ball gag. Savannah herself releases the three leather straps that have bound my legs. I lift my legs up to my chest, rubbing my jaw. I look at Savannah waiting for her to finish her story.

'You are part of something so much bigger than even I can understand, love.' There is a tinge of pity in her voice as she continues to speak. 'But putting it simply Andrew....'

'Master Andrew!' I interrupt her.

'He's only Master Andrew to you Sally. Let me continue, we haven't much time.'


'Andrew has sold you to Henri. Don't say a word not until I have finished. Now stand up, we need to dress you.'

I rise up from the soft bench I have been lying upon. The women bringing forth a costume of leather straps. I Stand perfectly still as the women place the intricate web of leather over my body, lifting my arms to slide them through the thin straps and kicking my legs apart to draw the leather between the joins of my legs. There is a clicking noise as buckles are fastened. Savannah stands before me watching with approval, ensuring each strap is perfectly placed.

'You know, I really think Andrew does love you Sally, but his lust for power and money is far too strong. In his upset, he told me he could never give that up, no matter how much he cared for someone.'

Her eyes glaze over as she continues to speak. I watch her intently, still wondering whether what she has told me is a bunch of lies, but her face shows no tell tale signs.

'He was such a sweet and tender lover that night...' She shrugs her shoulders, walking behind me as the other women leave me, her hand pulling at my hair, dragging a hairbrush through the tangled mess. My head jerks back with each downward stroke. 'So much like you Sally, desperate for affection and tenderness.' I wince as the brush gets tangled in a strand. 'But, he can't have that, there is always a price to pay; and if he can't have it nor can the woman he loves.'

Soft tears fall from my closed eyes, understanding my Master more, but not loving him any less.

'There must be some way Savannah, someway I can make him see that he doesn't need to do this: I love him.' She spins me round looking directly at me.

'It's to late you stupid slut, your fate has been decided. Don't you understand Andrew can never love you the way you love him. If you love him as much as you say you do, and then you will do this for him, and maybe there will be a chance of you two being together?'

She strokes my face softly, turns me back around and draws my hair up tightly into a ponytail. My scalp is aching from the tension as she ties it tightly.

She pushes me in front of a full length mirror, and I do not recognize the image that assaults my eyes. I turn my face away, but Savannah makes me turn back and look at myself. My hair is drawn tightly back, the pony tail brushing softly over my shoulders. My face pale is void of make up. My body is totally on display; my breasts framed by leather straps that pull between and around forcing them forward into full orbs of flesh; the nipples are perfectly centered. My bald pussy open to view, high-lighted by the jet black straps which sit either side of it. Savannah's hand slides over my rump, squeezing the cheek.

'Perfect,' she purrs, 'a few final touches and you shall be ready.'

She walks away from me, leaving me standing in front of the mirror. I am barely able to recognize myself, but I don't feel ashamed. I lift my shoulders, pushing my breasts forward.

'That's it Sally, hold it right there.'

I freeze as Savannah stands behind me. Her hands slide over my breasts, pinching my nipples between her fingers, making them stand to attention. Then, she produces a bright red lipstick, presses it over my gnarled buds and paints them red. Sliding around me, her breasts pressing against my shoulders, she turns my head. She brushes the red over my nude lips as I feel her shaping a Cupid's bow.

She falls onto her knees and slaps my inner thighs, forcing me to open my legs wide. Her fingers push apart my cunt lips as she drags the lipstick over the lips. Her finger drags over my clit, making me shudder.

'Oh pet, so wet,' she laughs as she stands up. A red sheer cloak is draped over my shoulders. 'It's time now Sally, are you ready?'

I look at myself once more in the mirror. Savannah whispers in my ear. 'Its your own fault Sally. Your Master tried everything to prevent this, but you wouldn't behave, you brought yourself to Henri's attention.'

I bow my head, shamed by her words. 'Now try for once to make your Master proud. Give yourself over to Satan.'

My stomach lurches as I hear her speak of Henri as Satan. I suppress a sob and look at her with my wide blue eyes.

'Cut the crap Sally, we all know what you are, why do you always have to pretend otherwise?'

She takes my hand and grips it tightly. My bare feet pad quietly over the thick carpet.

'That's it Sally, give yourself over.' Two large doors swing open, I hesitate and Savannah pulls me forward. 'I advise you not to fight it, or it will be far worse for you; besides from what Andrew told me I have heard things.'

Her voice is ominous, sending shivers down my spine. Standing at the dark entrance, she shoves me forward. The doors shut quickly behind me, plunging me into darkness.

to be continued...

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