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A Shared Wife


Like many of you men who visit here, my husband had the fantasy to share me. I first thought that his fantasy was crazy or abnormal. Then I read the literature and realized how common it is. I also came to understand that it is a compliment to his feelings about how desirable I am.

So after 15 years of marriage and three children, I agreed to give him his wish for his birthday. We started planning about 100 days before his birthday. He was so reassuring when I suggested that I no longer had my figure. He purchased some sexy outfits for me and I wore them when we went out of town. I experience again the pleasure of being noticed by other men! I loved the glances, the quick eye contact. I loved it when they looked at my cleavage without a care that I was looking at their eyes. I loved the feeling of their eyes on my legs.

My husband encouraged me and bought me sexy underwear and lingerie. I began to toss out my plain old underpants and bras. I liked going out, even to church, knowing that I was wearing such provocative undies.

It took more time to settle on a man for me. My husband suggested that I pick one of our friends. A couple have paid me attention, even more attention since I started wearing shorter skirts and revealing blouses, but I could not cheat on their wives, who are also my friends. I also rejected the idea that I should find someone at work. I didn't want to have any trouble at work, but some of the men at work are pretty tempting. So we looked on the web and corresponded with 3 men. We talked with 2 on the phone and met with the one that I liked because he was recently widowed. I guess I am the mothering type.

We drove to his area, about 45 minutes from our house, and met for coffee at the local Holiday Inn. We had exchanged pictures. I liked him right away. He was shy and nervous. I was a nervous wreck. My husband was the least nervous. We had agreed that the first meeting would be just to talk and get to know each other. After a little over an hour, however, my husband said that he was going to the motel desk to see if they had rooms left so he could get one for our new friend and me. I was startled and protested. I caught a hurt look on our new friend's face and realized that I was going to have sex with this man, it was just a matter of when. My mind raced.

What was I wearing underneath my little black dress? I had no need to worry – I had a matching black bra and thong and black stay up hose. I was as ready as I would ever be.

So I just said "OK" and watched my husband smile and leave. While he was gone, Eric moved over beside me and pretty soon had his fingers between my pussy lips but not in me. My husband returned to see his hand there, under my pushed up dress. He saw that I had opened my legs to allow access. He smiled that knowing and happy smile. He said that because Eric's hands were busy, he would give me the key.

He said that he would be leaving now because he wanted to think about what we were doing and then hear me tell about it later. He said he would go to a nearby bar and come back in 4 hours. He then asked Eric to let us talk alone for a minute and Eric got up, put his hand (wet and sticky, I am sure!) in his pocket and went to the lobby. My husband told me to have my cell phone ready to call him if there was a problem and told me that he had a second key. He would use it only if I had trouble and called. We told each other how much we loved each other and I told him I was only willing to do this because he wanted it and needed me to do it for him. I was trembling and I felt tears. My husband said that we had better part quickly before we couldn't. He was right. I kissed him and let go of his arm and he turned around and went out the door to the parking lot.

I stood for a long minute or 2 trying to catch my breath and regain my composure. Then I straightened my dress and hair and walked into the lobby to find my shy date for the evening. The next few hours were the beginning of my reawakening as a woman and as a sensual woman at that. Those few hours were the most wonderful of my life except for my honeymoon and the births of my children. I treasure them and the hours that have followed with Eric and other men. I gave my husband his birthday gift and he gave me an even greater gift. I am a liberated woman who now loves sex in all its forms.

I am glad I did not resist my husband's desire to share me.

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