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A Side Trip


Annie attended the Halloween Party at her best friends house on a last minute whim. She was taking a semester worth of a break from college and Julie was home for the week. They had had a fight a few weeks earlier and hadn't spoken until earlier in the day on the phone.

"Oh, come on, you'll have fun," Julie said. "My parents will be gone and I think David will be here."

Annie frowned at David's name. He was the reason for their argument. She had found out that he had asked Julie out to the movies and she had gone out with him. Best friends didn't do things like that. Not that Annie had ever dated him but she had a big crush on him.

"David is the last person I want to see," Annie said sharply.

"Ok, I'll call him and tell him not to come to the party," Julie said quickly. "You're far more important to me than he is."

"Yeah, right, then why did you go out with him?"

Julie groaned and whispered, "Curiosity, mostly."

"Curiosity killed the cat, according to the old proverb," Annie shot back.

With a giggle, Julie whispered, "Did it get fucked to death with the biggest dick you've ever felt?"

Annie's mouth fell open and she groaned softly.

"Yeah, girl friend, that damned thing felt like a salami in his left pants leg," Julie whispered.

"Where, when...." Annie finally whispered.

"On the front porch of the dorm when we were... uh... kissing goodnight."

Annie's eyes narrowed. "Just kissing goodnight wouldn't make it that way," she said suspiciously.

"Well... uh... I did kind of let him feel of my breasts," Julie admitted.

"Uh huh," Annie replied but she was grinning as she did. Julie had the largest breasts she had ever seen on a girl so short. They stuck straight out and did not even sag without a bra, which made them, look even larger.

When Julie didn't say anything, Annie said, "No bra under that red sweater of yours."

"Uh, yeah, but I did have on that short jacket to hide my nipples."

Annie laughed. "You couldn't hide those big nipples of yours from a guy even if you wanted to. Not without one of those industrial bras you wear. So you went out with him so he would feel up your breasts."

Julie groaned. Her best friend knew her all too well. "I... uh... I...." She stammered.

Annie laughed and shook her head slowly. She couldn't stay mad at her best friend for very long. "If you've got them, flaunt them and you've got them in spades."

Julie giggled. "I found this lace top at the thrift shop that I want to wear tonight if I can find the nerve."

"Lace? How sheer of a lace?"

Julie giggled again. "Lets just say my nipples will be exposed if they slip into the holes before they get hard."

Now it was Annie's turn to groan. The year before, she had tied red and green yarn around Julie's nipples on Christmas Eve before a party. Her nipples had gotten bigger and harder the longer the yarn was on them. By the time they got back to their dorm room, any touch on them made Julie moan and groan. She had nearly came as she pulled the red sweater off over her head.

"Remember Christmas?" Annie asked in a low whisper.

Julie whimpered and whispered, "Oh yeah. I'll never forget that night." Annie had licked her right nipple twice and on the third lick on her left nipple, Julie had came long and hard. She shivered at the memory.

"Do you think that lace blouse will have the same effect?" Annie asked.

Julie giggled. "There is only one way to find out."

"Then I guess I'll see you later," Annie whispered as a shiver ran up and down her back.

"What... uh... are you going to wear? Something sexy and revealing to keep me company, maybe."

"I... uh... don't know. I'll have to see what I have around my closet."

"I have this short flared skirt I'm thinking about wearing with the lace blouse."

"With or without panties?" Annie asked.

Julie groaned. "I... uh... haven't decided yet."

Annie's mind jumped back to their time as roommates. "That little bitty g-string bikini bottom that you never wore anywhere but in our room."

Julie groaned again. "That thing barely covered my sex and ended up in my slit when I walked around in it. I felt more naked with it on than I did with it off."

Annie laughed. "I remember it very well," she whispered and then shivered as her minds eye supplied pictures of Julie's smoothly shaven plump outer lips with the black cloth between them and nothing but a thin string or two anywhere else.

"If looks could make anyone come..." Julie whispered and then moaned softly as memories of the lustful looks on her best friends face floated across her mind.

"Ok, now that we have that settled, "I need to see what I can come up with," Annie said. "Although, I could probably come naked and not get the same looks you would."

"But...." Julie whispered and then giggled. "Do you still have that old black cloak?"

Annie's brain jumped to a picture of her wearing just that old cloak and she groaned. "No way am I just wearing that cloak. That thing is big and all but it flies open and gapes at the weirdest times and places."

Julie laughed. "Yeah, it do," she said and sighed as she remembered Annie wearing it down to the laundry room one night on a bet. She'd had her bikini bottoms on but had still flashed several people on the way down and even more on the way back up.

Annie laughed and shook her head. "You're thinking about our trip to the laundry room and back."

"Yeah, I am. If only I could have talked you out of those bikini bottoms," Julie said with a giggle.

"You could have easily talked me out of them once we got back to our room but I would have ended up sitting on your face," Annie said and then grinned as Julie groaned loudly.

They had never done anything except lick or pinch a nipple here and there and a few stray kisses but.... There had always been a but ever since their last year in high school. After a graduation party, they had ended up naked in bed together and both were quite drunk. The next morning they had been wrapped in each other's arms, their very wet and hot pussies pressed to the other's thigh.

Annie shivered at the memory and said, "Ok, let me get off here and find something to wear."

Julie giggled and whispered, "I'll let you go before both of us get off on here."

Annie laughed and heard Julie hang up on her.


Annie parked down the street, walked up the sidewalk, down the driveway, and around the side of Julie's parents house. She was a black figure in the dim streetlights and the dim lights of the pool in the backyard. The French doors in the den were open, as were the sliding glass doors in the dinning room. The lights were low so they didn't add much light outside.

She could see a dozen people standing around in the den. Most were in a costume of one sort or another. There was a guy in a cape, made up like a vampire. Another guy had a werewolf mask on and big fuzzy paws on his hands. One girl looked like little Red Riding Hood. There was also a black cat and a witch. She didn't see Julie.

A moment later, Julie came out of the kitchen and crossed the dinning room. She had on a short flared skirt and a long sleeved lace blouse but she had a satin vest on over the blouse and it was buttoned up. Annie grinned and shivered under the long cloak she had on. Julie had chickened out on wearing the blouse by itself.

Julie crossed the den and stopped to talk to the werewolf. Her back was to the French doors as Annie moved out of the shadows and slipped up behind her. She moved forward until she was right up against Julie's back. She pulled the cloak out from between them and wrapped it around her best friend as she kissed her on the neck and then bit her softly.

There was a surprised gasp and then a giggle from Julie. "I see you made it and in the cloak also."

Annie bit her neck a little harder and whispered, "I don't see any nipples on display."

"I'm still working on my courage," Julie whispered as she raised her glass and tinkled the ice in it.

Annie held the cloak closed with one hand and worked on the top button of the vest. Julie groaned. "You... you wouldn't." She groaned even louder when the button opened and Annie's hand went to the next.

The werewolf chuckled and Annie heard David's voice as he said, "This should be interesting."

"Yeah, I heard you liked my girl friends nipples and breasts," Annie said and then bit Julie's neck hard. Julie gasped at the bite and then moaned as her best friend sucked on her neck.

"They are beautiful and so firm," David whispered.

"Yes they are," Annie replied as she let go of Julie's neck. There was the start of a hick mark where she had sucked. "She even comes if you lick them just right at the right time."

Julie groaned at Annie's words and then moaned as her hand went to the next button. "I... I... I..." she whimpered a moment later.

"And you know this from personal experience?" David asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Annie, answered as the button came open. Her hand moved down to find the last button on the vest. She kissed Julie on the neck and left it buttoned.

"That's enough for now," she whispered as she moved her hand up under the vest and brushed her fingertips over Julie's rock hard nipples poking through holes in the lace. Julie gasped and then groaned. Then the fingers were gone and she whimpered softly.

"I think that lace will do the trick again before the night is over," Annie said staring into David's eyes.

David grinned and said, "Thanks for the information."

Annie leaned her head away from Julie's shoulder and looked down at the front of David's pants. They were loose and baggy. When she looked up at his face, she grinned and whispered, "No salami."

His eyes went to Julie and then returned to Annie. "Uh... maybe later."

Annie laughed and pulled the cloak back, uncovering Julie. David's eyes flew to the silk vest and then he grinned as he looked at Annie. "I think you're teasing all of us."

"Could be," Annie said. "Could be."

She kissed Julie on the neck again and took the empty glass out of her hand. She held it out toward David. "Why don't you be a good puppy and get us both a fresh drink."

David grinned and took the glass. "Just remember, this puppy has a tendency to lick and nibble before he pulls out a big old bone."

"I'll keep that in mind," Annie said with a grin as she stepped back from Julie and wrapped the cloak tightly around herself.

David walked off and Julie watched him as he did. Suddenly she whirled around and grabbed the cloak with both hands. Annie held it tight as she tried to pull it open. She also backed up until they were outside. Julie made a frustrated sound and asked, "Are you naked under there?"

"More than I was that night on the stairs." Annie replied and relaxed her grip slightly. The cloak parted six inches or so and Julie gasped as she pulled the edges forward. There was a narrow strip of red cloth just barely covering the lower part of Annie's sex and two more slivers covering just her puffy nipples.

Julie groaned and shivered. "When did you get the Wicked Weasel bikini and where have you worn it?"

"I got it this afternoon and this is the first time I've had it on." Annie replied and then shivered. "I might as well be naked."

"I love it," Julie whispered as she pulled the cloak closed. "Naked would be better but...."

Annie laughed. "For who?" She asked a second later.

David walked up behind Julie. "For whom?" He corrected.

"Them too," Annie said with a laugh as she pressed the Velcro inside the cloak together. She had added that earlier in the afternoon, once she decided to wear the tiny bikini.

Julie looked over her shoulder at David and turned to take a drink out of his hand. She was standing sideways to him and his eyes went to the gap in the vest. Her lace covered breast was visible in the dim light but it was very apparent that she did not have a bra on. Skin showed through the large holes in the lace. He immediately wondered if her nipple was poking through also.

Annie got her arms in the sleeves of the cloak and reached for her glass. Seeing where David's eyes were, she said, "Wait until I undo that last button and take that vest off. You'll get your eyes poked out."

David licked his lips. "Not with my tongue on one and your tongue on the other."

Julie groaned and shivered hard. "You guys keep that up and I won't need a tongue to come."

Annie's hand went to the bottom of Julie's short skirt and brushed up across her bare ass. At the top of her ass was a thin piece of string. "That bikini bottom is lost in action, if I don't miss my guess."

"Before I got to the bottom of the stairs," Julie whispered and shivered again.

"Lost?" David asked as he moved his big paw covered hand forward.

Julie giggled and grabbed his wrist. "Play nice and you might find out," she whispered as she looked at Annie.

Annie chewed on her bottom lip a second and then nodded. "He might even find out what is under this cloak."

Julie's eyebrows went up questioningly and Annie laughed. "He said I was a tease, so what else should I have said."

Julie glanced at David and shivered as she looked back at Annie. "I might have had plans of my own."

Annie laughed. "Those same plans have crossed my mind a dozen times today," she whispered and then she looked at David. "But plans can change and still stay the same."

"Now you have my undivided attention," he whispered. "Not to mention a growing problem, shall we say."

Julie giggled as her free hand went to the front of his baggy pants. Her hand moved over his left inner thigh and then she frowned. "Uh..." she whispered and then moved her hand up to the front of the pants. Her fingers outlined a long bugle up the front pointing toward the waistband. She grinned and glanced at Annie. "Here it is."

Annie's eyes were following Julie's hand and they got wide at the size of the bulge. "No shit," she whispered as David reached over and moved Julie's hand away from his dick.

"I think we all need to play nice," he whispered and stepped back a half step.

"That's no fun," Julie said with a big grin.


The party was winding down and it wasn't even midnight yet. The only guests left were Little Red Riding Hood and the Vampire. She was straddling his lap on the couch and her breasts were bare, her blouse pulled down below them. The Vampire had one in each hand and was licking one hard shiny nipple and then the other.

All the buttons on Julie's vest were undone and she was whimpering ever so often as the material moved and rubbed her hard swollen nipples. Annie had undone the Velcro on the front of the cloak and it had opened and closed several times. Once she had flashed Julie on purpose and her friend had grinned and moaned.

David had stuck around and was now sitting in a chair grinning at the couple on the couch. "See something you lick, uh, like?" Annie asked as she came out of the dinning room.

Looking around at her, David did a double take. The cloak was parted an inch or so. There was a lot of skin showing along the part and a hint of something red showed down where he thought her sex was. "I... uh... see a lot of thing I'd like to lick," he said as his eyes went up and down the front of the cloak.

Annie laughed. "I just bet you would."

"Would what?" Julie asked as she came up behind Annie.

"Licking." David replied.

Julie stepped out from behind Annie and David's eyes zeroed in on her hard nipples poking through the lace of her blouse. Annie had taken the vest off her in the kitchen a few minutes earlier. Julie shivered as David licked his lips. She whimpered and stepped back behind Annie. "A lot of people seem to have that idea," Julie whispered as her eyes darted to the couple on the couch.

When Annie and David both nodded, Julie whimpered softly. Looking back at the couch she said, "Hey Karen, I think I'm calling the party over."

Karen looked around and sighed. Then she grinned and said, "Good idea. I think it's time to take Dracula here somewhere more private."

The guy in the Vampire costume grinned. "I know this cool place in the old cemetery if you're not chicken."

Karen shivered, as did Julie. "I'm not hiking around in a cemetery tonight," Karen said.

"No. I know a gate on the backside of the place that's always open. We can drive in."

Karen grinned and got off the Vampire's lap. As she pulled her blouse up, she said, "In that case, lead on. I've never done it in a cemetery."

Dracula was showing a major hard-on in the front of his slacks as he stood up. "Great party," he said to Julie as he took Karen's hand. He started toward the front door with Karen in tow. "You guys should join us."

Karen giggled. "I wonder if he meant join us or just come out to the cemetery?"

Dracula laughed and winked at Julie as he passed her. "I'll never tell."

The three people watched the two leave. Julie shivered and whispered, "I've never been in a graveyard myself. Not at night anyway."

"Then lets go," David said. "I know where that gate is, he was talking about."

"I... uh... I..." Annie stammered for a second. "I don't like that place."

"You've been there?" Julie asked.

"Uh, yeah, years ago. I used to go there when I had nothing else to do. Our old house backed up to the place. It was strange, I always felt like.... I don't know. The place seemed to pull at me like I was supposed to be there or something."

"You mean like dead," Julie said with a shocked look.

Annie laughed. "No, not like that. There is a star shaped crypt that was in the oldest part that seemed to call to me."

"I know where that is," David said as he stood up.

Julie grinned and looked at David over Annie's shoulder. Her hands came around to the front of Annie's cloak right below her breasts. When she jerked it open, Annie gasped loudly and David groaned.

Annie wrestled with Julie trying to close the cloak and turn away from David at the same time. Julie was laughing as she tried to keep the cloak open. "If I can show my nipples in this blouse, then he can see what is under that cloak."

"He's seen already," Annie said with a groan as she saw David's eyes running up and down her mostly naked body.

"Now that is a costume," David whispered with a grin. "And what's in it is gorgeous."

Annie felt herself blush hotly. With a groan, she stopped fighting Julie and just stood there. "I wasn't going to wear anything under the cloak but I lost my nerve," she whispered.

Julie let go of the cloak and said, "I wasn't supposed to wear the vest or the g-sting I have on."

Annie laughed and turned around to hug Julie. The cloak opened as she turned and Julie's nipples were rubbing on her upper ribs. Julie shivered hard and leaned her head back to look up at her best friend. The next thing she knew, Annie was kissing her full on the lips. Both young women groaned as the kiss went on.

Julie's hands were caressing Annie's back from her shoulders to the swell of her ass under the cloak. Suddenly, she felt the bottom of her skirt being lifted and hands on her bare ass. She groaned as Annie caressed her ass.

A moment later, Annie hooked a finger in the string of Julie's bikini bottom and pulled up sharply. Julie gasped and broke the kiss as she stepped back. Annie laughed and whispered, "I'll lose my bikini, if you'll lose yours."

Julie groaned softly and shook her head. Before Annie could say anything, Julie groaned even louder, lifted the sides of her skirt and pushed the string on the Bikini bottom down to the middle of her thighs. The cloth caught in her slit pealed away part ways.

Annie's arm and hands moved under the cloak. Julie could see flashes of skin as she did. A moment later two slivers of cloth on strings hit the floor in front of Annie's feet. Julie looked at the bright red bikini top and pushed the strings on her bikini bottom lower. The cloth came loose from her wet pussy and fell down between her knees.

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