A Sister Surprise: Drunk Mommy

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Mom comes home and catches son and daughter and…
  • January 2019 monthly contest
7.2k words
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Summary: Mom comes home and catches son and daughter and...

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Wayne, and Robert for editing this story.


This is the fourth chapter of the story of Joey (a virgin before he attended last Friday night's Halloween party with his sister) and Sarah (his older college sister who belongs to a sorority at her college over an hour away).

In part 1, A Sister Surprise, Joey is convinced to go to a sorority Halloween party dressed as the Joker to be his hot sister's date for the evening. Joey has had a crush on his sister forever, and once Sarah realizes her brother is well-endowed, the cat and mouse game of will they or won't they begins.

In part 2, A Kinky Afternoon, The next day Sarah rocks Joey's world with the best wake-up call in the world... a blow job from his sister. The day then unfolds with marathon sex between the siblings, including Joey taking the last of his sister's three holes while she is dressed as a cheerleader (Part 2 was illustrated).

In part 3, Cute Cheerleader (also illustrated), On Saturday night Sarah takes Joey to a high school Halloween party hosted by the beautiful head cheerleader Jane. In addition to watching camera feeds of costumed partiers having sex in the many other rooms of the large house (lesbian, double penetration, gay and more), he and Sarah not only get to fuck the head cheerleader, but Joey ends up dating her.

And now... part 4:

After the wildest night of my life, well, tied with the college Halloween party where I first fucked my sister, we got home a little after five... it was so late at night that daylight was arriving .

I went to my bedroom, got undressed and had a quick shower.

I got out, dried off and was in a robe when Sarah called upstairs, "Joey, come down here for a minute."

I headed down and walked into the living room and gasped, instead of changing into something for sleeping like flannel pyjamas, she had put on some sexy lingerie. I asked, thinking that even I had had enough for one day and night, "You can't still be horny?"

"You sure you're not?" she asked, turning around to showcase her perfect ass. "It appears that I am."

"You're insatiable," I smiled, my cock hardening under my robe, surprising me that it still could.

"So do you think you can find one more load in those big balls of yours for me, or do I have to go grab Mom's vibrator and fuck myself?" she asked, as she sauntered over to me.

"You use Mom's sex toys?" I asked.

"Only when I don't have a nice big hard cock around to pound me," she said, reaching into my robe and claiming my semi-hard cock.

"Well luckily with a little work, there will soon be a nice, big hard cock nearby to pound you," I said suavely, loving the newfound confidence my beautiful sister had instilled in me.

"I bet it won't take much work at all," she smiled playfully, "where there's a will there's a way, you know," as she stroked my cock.

"I don't know," I said, "it's been pretty well worked over already today. Or yesterday. Or... what the fuck day is it, anyway?"

She took my robe off and tossed it away as she said, "Let's call it Sunday morning, it's almost daylight. But whatever day it is, I do enjoy a good workout with somebody sexy."

"Me too," I smiled, as she took my hand and led me to a divan.

She sat down and I looked into her eyes and felt the urge to kiss her. Sure, I wanted to fuck her again. I wanted to feel her luscious lips wrapped around my cock. Perhaps I would even ream her ass again. But, at the moment, I wanted intimacy.

I leaned in and kissed her softly.

She kissed me back.

It was tender.


Not like brother and sister.

Nor like raw, intense fuck buddies.

But something far more intimate.

For a few minutes all we did was kiss.

No more.

No less.

We just allowed our lips to touch; our tongues to explore.

It was loving and heavenly.

Then for the first time ever, I broke a kiss.

I smiled and said, trying to be witty, "I'm going to kiss your other lips now."

"Mmmmmm," she smiled, "They want me to tell you they are very kissable."

"I could kiss them all night," I smiled, as I moved down, burying my face between her massive tits.

"You missed: those aren't my other lips," she pointed out playfully.

"I couldn't let myself slither down your body without taking a lick stop at these massive tits," I answered.

"Tough to argue with that," she agreed, as I kissed the upper swells of her tits, but kept the lingerie on... for the moment.

I next licked and kissed her belly and gave her navel some bellylingus, but she giggled and said it tickled.

I moved between her legs.

But I moved right past her appetizing pussy.

I kissed her thighs.

I moved to her feet as she pointed out, "You went too far. My pussy's up here."

I explained, "Just taking a detour," as I moved to her feet and took each toe one at a time into my mouth.

As I pleasured each toe, she moaned, "Okay, this is a nice detour."

After all ten of her toes had been delicately attended to, I licked and kissed my way back up her leg and teased her for a few moments by feigning great interest in her left hip joint, before finally burying my face into her pussy.

"Oh yes, about time," she moaned, before she added with a playful tone, "that's more like licking than kissing."

"I like to multitask," I replied, "except I multitask one thing after the other," as I licked and kissed her sweet pussy.

"Whatever task you're doing, don't stop," she moaned as the combination of kissing and licking seemed to be driving her wild.

I kept kissing and licking, listening to her moans increase, her body twitching increasingly until her back arched, and she screamed, "Fuck, yes!"

She came hard and I eagerly lapped up my sister's sweet juices.

I kept licking until she ordered me, "Get up here, big brother." (If you'll remember, I'm actually her little brother but she started calling me 'big brother' once she saw my cock.)

I climbed onto the divan, and she praised me as she took my hard cock in her hand, "I could play with you all day."

I laughed, "And to think that while we were growing up together until Friday night, we never played with each other."

"Time to make up for lost time, dear brother," she assessed, as she swirled her tongue around my cock head.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, loving the way she could drive me wild. Loving watching the most beautiful girl I'd ever met, who just happened to be my biological sister, worshipping my cock.

"I mean this is the best toy in the house," she purred, her tongue slithering down my shaft.

"It also comes with a pair of fully loaded bouncy balls," I added.

"Mmmmmmm," she agreed, as she twisted around, laid on her belly and began playing with my balls.

"I like that," I approved, as she licked my ball sac before sucking one testicle into her mouth.

And for a couple minutes she sucked my balls, massaging them through the sac with her lips.

"That feels so good," I encouraged her, really enjoying this.

After a couple more minutes as she really treated my balls well, she moved back up several inches and said, "Now back to the main attraction."

She took my cock back into her mouth and began bobbing. Fuck, she could give head.

Fuck, I was in heaven.

Having come so many times last night and still with no sleep, I knew we were in for a long haul. She sucked on me for a couple minutes until I was iron stiff and she ordered, looking ready to fuck, "Lie on the floor, I want to ride this missile."

"Yes, Miss," I said, liking when she took control... when she just had to have my cock.

I quickly lay on the cold floor and watched as my hot sister straddled me. She smiled, as she held my cock while lowering herself on it. "Big brother, your cock is so fucking amazing."

As she sat down on it, I complimented back, "Everything about you is amazing."

"I've never been fucked so many times in one weekend, let alone in one twenty-four-hour period," she admitted, as she started riding me.

"Ditto, LOL," I responded, at the reality I was a virgin before Friday night.

"But this is a record I plan to break next weekend," she promised, as she began bouncing on my cock.

"My cock may break," I joked, "or get its skin rubbed off."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take, I've nothing to lose," she giggled, as she leaned her hands on my chest for balance.

I laughed, "You really are insatiable."

"Are you complaining?" she asked.

"Definitely not," I stated firmly.

"Good, then hold me up as I ease this big fat cock into my ass," she said. God, I loved her nasty mouth and the fact she loved being ass fucked.

"No problem," I said, helping her to balance herself as she grabbed my wet cock, using only her pussy juice as lube, before she slowly lowered herself back down on my cock, this time wedging it in her tight ass.

"Oh fuck, you're so tight," I moaned, as my cock slid into her ass.

"And your cock feels so good buried in my asshole," she moaned, as she began really slowly to ride my cock again, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands as she tried taking more of me inside her.

"Take your time," I said, as if I were some expert in sex instead of recently being a complete virgin.

"Yours is the biggest dick I've ever had in my ass," she admitted. "It takes some time to adjust."

She was slowly riding me, having just reached the midpoint of my cock inside her, when we were interrupted by a loud gasp.

I leaned around to my right to see Mom staring at us... her jaw dropped open like some cartoon character's.

Sarah froze with my cock in her ass and likely for the first time ever, she was speechless.

We both froze like statues... neither of us sure what to say or what to do at our mother catching us in the act of incestuous anal sex.

Mom finally asked, with a slight slur, even though the answer was pretty obvious, "What is going on here?"

I stammered, even as my cock was still half lodged in my sister's ass, both of us incapable of moving, paralyzed by indecision and shock, "It's not what it looks like."

"It looks to me like your sister has your penis in her ass and is riding it," Mom appraised accurately, "so if this isn't what it looks like, it must be an illusion worthy of Penn and Teller," her slur more noticeable, looking at us in complete awe. But not, I noted, in anger.

Sarah leaned forward to me and whispered, "She's not repulsed. I think this is a good thing." She stood up, my cock sliding out of her ass, surprising me with, "Then since we both like to talk, I guess it is what it looks like."

"Sarah!" Mom gasped, as Sarah walked over to Mom and Mom got a good look at my cock for probably the first time in ten years.

Sarah excused our actions, now standing in front of Mom, by pointing out, "You've told us for years you wanted us to be close to each other."

"Sarah, obviously I didn't mean close enough for penetration; that's not close, that's overlapping," Mom said, even as she leaned sideways to peer around Sarah so she could stare at my fully erect cock, which was saluting her.

"We are both adults now," Sarah said.

"You're also brother and sister," Mom pointed out.

"Exactly. And you and I are mother and daughter," Sarah agreed as she wrapped her arms around Mom and kissed her.

My cock flinched.

I expected Mom to push her away, but she simply stood there, likely as paralyzed in shock as Sarah and I had just been. She didn't return the kiss at first, but she also didn't avoid it.

Then... miraculously, Mom kissed Sarah back.

Even after everything that had transpired in the past day and a half, this was the hottest thing I'd ever seen... pretty much every guy's fantasy... watching their mother and sister make out.

They made out for a couple minutes before Sarah said, looking at me, "Go clean that cock of yours off for your Mommy, stud."

"Um, okay," I said, as Sarah resumed kissing and embracing our Mom.

I kept staring as I walked backwards out of the living room before turning to go into the bathroom. I washed my cock thoroughly just in case, although I didn't see anything adhering to... well, never mind. I was quick, as I wanted to return to the living room in a hurry even as I pondered the impossible becoming possible twice in two days. First I had fucked my sister (and her college friends, and...) and now, maybe, I was about to fuck my Mom. Life is good!

I took a deep breath and walked back out to the living room where I saw Mom sitting on a table with her skirts raised and Sarah between her legs hungrily licking her cunt.

If watching them kiss was hot, watching my sister eat out my mother was like being at the center of the sun.

Mom was moaning, and Sarah seemed to be rubbing herself as she licked and I stared in awe.

I stared at Mom's legs, clad in black nylon.

My cock hardened after its brief deflation in the washroom as she wrapped her feet around Sarah's head.

And my cock flinched uncontrollably as Mom leaned back and screamed as her orgasm hit, "Yes, Sarah! Oh YES!!"

Sarah kept licking as Mom shook the table with her spasms.

I remained frozen and staring until Mom opened her eyes and looked at me... then instantly looked away.

Sarah sat up and said, "Mom, you have an amazingly tasty cunt."

"I can't believe I let you do that," Mom said quietly, not looking up at me. I think she was afraid to.

"You came in like a minute," Sarah teased, pulling her off the table.

Mom didn't say a word, still keeping her head down.

Sarah took Mom's hand and pulled her towards me, my cock fully erect and saluting the two most beautiful women I knew as they approached, admittedly not me, but my sceptre.

"Isn't it big, Mom?" Sarah asked as they reached me.

Mom still couldn't look me in the eyes, but she was looking down at my cock quite avidly, an impressed look on her face, yet she still didn't say anything.

Sarah moved Mom's hand to my cock and said, "Go ahead, stroke it."

"I shouldn't," Mom said, even as she stared at her hand on my cock and didn't pull it away.

"You know you want to," Sarah purred, kissing mom's neck.

"Oh, God, it's really big," Mom agreed, trembling slightly, as she did begin to stroke it, her eyes never leaving it.

"Biggest cock I've ever fucked," Sarah praised my cannon, moving to my other side and moving her hand to my cock as well.

The only thing better than my sister or my Mom stroking my cock was having my sister and my Mom stroking my cock. "Doesn't Mom look hot, big brother?"

"Always has, always does," I answered, watching these two hands stroking me, thankful for the many loads I'd already shot recently so this wasn't going to be a thirty-second shootout.

"I look hot?" Mom asked, breaking her eyes away and looking up at me for the first time, looking heart-wrenchingly vulnerable.

"Mom, you've been my biggest jerk off fantasy for years," I revealed.

"Really?" she asked, not believing me.

"Mom, you're a MILF," I said, "the hottest MILF ever."

"What is that?"

"A Mom I'd like to fuck," I said, "or in this case the Mom I'd love to fuck," my confidence building as the surreal situation progressed.

"Oh!" she said. I decided to be aggressive, so I leaned forward and kissed my Mom as I wrapped my arms around these two beautiful goddesses.

As I had hoped, Mom wetly kissed me back, as they both continued stroking my cock.

After a little while Sarah reminded me, "Don't forget about the family slut you fucked first."

I broke the kiss with Mom and turned and said, "How could I forget my cherry breaker?" I then kissed her as Mom's other hand reached around to squeeze my bare ass.

After a moment, Sarah broke the kiss and quickly removed her lingerie as she ordered, "Mom, get naked."

"I don't know that I should," Mom prevaricated.

"Now," Sarah ordered, showing a slight Domme side.

Mom didn't say a word, but she obeyed, taking off her Halloween maid's costume as Sarah dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

"Oh my," Mom said, as she watched her daughter going down on her son, while I stared at my mother, now naked except for her sexy thigh high stockings.

"You're so hot, Mom," I said, admiring her body.

"Keep talking, I never can hear that enough," she said, as she lovingly caressed my chest and tentatively pinched my nipples.

"I mean it," I said, looking into her eyes intimately (while also btw getting blown by my sister at the same time). This had to be the ultimate player move. "You're perfect, Mom."

"And you... are sweet," she said, before she leaned in and kissed me again, as I moved a cautionary hand to the back of Sarah's head in an attempt to slow her down. I had some serious fucking to do yet.

Sarah caught on and slowed down as Mom and I kissed.

When Mom broke the kiss I informed her, as we both looked down upon my sister with a mouthful of my cock, "She loves sucking my cock, you know." I then realized it was easily the weirdest news I had ever given my mother.

"So it seems," Mom said, smiling as she watched.

Sarah added, "I also like your son's cock in my cunt and ass," before returning to sucking my cock.

"That's right, she likes those too," I joked,

"Loves it," Sarah corrected.

"Sorry, loves it," I agreed.

"Who wouldn't?" Mom asked, surprising me, although by now I guess it shouldn't have, as she knelt down and joined her daughter in front of me.

"Suck his balls, Mom," Sarah ordered, taking control of this unbelievable threesome. (Is there a word for incest between three family members? 'Trincest' or something?)

"You like bossing me around, don't you?" Mom said to Sarah with a slight smile.

"I've always wanted my own Mommy pet," Sarah shrugged.