tagBDSMA Slave To Politics Part 9

A Slave To Politics Part 9


The afternoon sun radiates an intense heat that is only tempered by a brisk sea breeze rolling in from the ocean. The view from the cliff-side pool is simply breathtaking, with the blue ocean reaching out into the horizon, the waves breaking on the soft, white sand shores, and the palm trees framing the vista.

Yet my concentration is pulled back to the intense heat radiating from between my legs. For hours now, I have had to bathe in the sun, my body slick with oil and sweat, as the thin fabric of my white bikini soaks through to near-transparency. Exposing for the world the telltale signs of a slut in heat. My boobs sitting hard on my chest like two balloons, nipples permanently hard, my labia puffy, my toes curling and my breath lightly ragged.

You see, Brittany handed me a book to read as we arrived at the pool, with a blank leather cover. The story turns out to be a graphic and erotically charged tale of a teacher who was blackmailed by a student to become her sex slave. The more the teacher was sucked into the inescapable web of slavery, the more aroused I become. So for hours I have been sitting, stewing in my own juices.

Some people are sneaking an occasional glance at my condition, while others openly stare. With my translucent pool wear, my huge new breasts, my gleaming tanned body, and my apparently aroused condition, I am the center point of attention. The more I read, the more I aroused I become, causing my public humiliation to increase. And if I know Brittany, more devious things are to come.

Two particularly handsome men sit at a table at the other end of the pool. They kept staring at us, talking about us, and pointing fingers at us. Eventually, Brittany crooks her finger towards one of them, beckoning him to come to her. He jumps from his seat saunters over, his tall frame and lean, powerful muscles augmenting an athletic grace.

"I hope you don't mind if I come over and introduce myself. My name is Jake, " he says as he extends his hand out to Brittany, then to me.

"Well, Jake, it is certainly nice to meet you. My name is Brittany, and this is my sex slave, Alicia," Brittany proudly boasts. Oh My God! What did she say? I shot Brittany a look of pure mortification. Jake is silently stunned for what seems like minutes, before gaining back his composure. All the while, Brittany is smiling.

"That is something you don't hear everyday," Jake responds, now with a sly smile of his own. He can't take his eyes off my huge boobs. My highly charged arousal level spikes even higher. "What exactly does your slave do?" He asks boldly.

"Everything I wish. She is an insatiable slut who follows my every order. It is apparent to everyone here how aroused she is just laying out at the pool." Then Brittany crooks her finger again, and as Jake leans forward, she whispers not so softly, "Maybe you and your horny friend would like to use her later?" My heart beats a mile a minute as Brittany flashes her mischievous grin.

Jake's bathing suit is helpless to conceal his excitement. He leans back, looks both of us over, and says, "How can we refuse such a generous offer. We will meet you at the restaurant bar at 7:00PM?" He oozed confidence.

"Jake, 7:00PM it is. And get your rest, big boy!" She exclaims with a wink. Jake smiles and adjusts his hard-on through his boxers. He struts to edge of the pool like a proud rooster and dives in, apparently to cool down from such a steamy exchange.

"Well my pet, looks like we have our evening plans set," she says in an ice-cold tone. With a sense of both anticipation and dread, I know that I am in for a long night.

It is late afternoon, so Brittany whispers, "We must go, we have much to prepare for."

Slipping on the high-heeled sandals, I feel a bit shaky rising from the chair. I need to cum something fierce, and as Brittany parades me the long way around the pool, I am sure everyone can see just how desperate I really am. I am top-heavy with my huge tits, causing me to occasionally teeter off balance. My cheeks are flushed with embarrassment as people stare. They shoot me looks of disbelief, or disgust, or most often, of pure lust. But they ALL stare. I just want to run and hide, but my owner would never allow that.

Once back at the room, Brittany orders me to stand in position, with my hands locked behind my head and my feet spread apart. "Did you see all of the people staring at your sex crazed slut body? Some where so disgusted," Brittany purrs as she lightly scratches her fingernail down my flat stomach.

"Some wanted to fuck you," she says as she toys with the fabric of my thin little bikini, teasing my swollen lips. I let out a frustrated moan.

"And some wanted to use you like a bimbo fuck toy," she whispered, all the while toying with my pussy and flicking her nail across my turgidly erect clit. I was grunting and thrusting my hips as she manipulates me. She stares straight into my eyes while she brings closer and closer. She can read every thought and anticipate every reaction. I helplessly moan as she brings me to the very precipice of orgasm. Then she stops! I groan in utter frustration.

"Go clean yourself, you smelly pig," she barked as she removed her hand.

Because of my healing breasts, I have to take a "bird bath" with a washcloth and soap. I can't help but stare longingly at her young, tight, sexy body as she takes a soothing shower. She looks exquisite with her perky breasts, flat stomach, tight ass and strong legs. It is amazing that she can transform herself from a hot looking sex kitten when naked, to a cute but almost forgettable looking girl when dressed. She is like a chameleon.

I towel off Brittany, and then lull off into a daydream about her body as I rub her down with oil. Brittany moans as I rub the lotion deeply into her breasts...her ass...her freshly shaved vagina. I am nearly panting as I finish her nearly flawless legs.

"Wow, my pet, you have certainly put me in the mood. Put on a heavy amount of make-up for tonight. We don't want to disappoint those two hunks, do we?" she winked as she drifted into the bedroom.

Although I don't have to shave my pussy anymore, I have to pluck the few rogue hairs that appear from time to time, which is a degrading part of my daily preparations for my owner. I then rub lotion into my skin, being careful not to stimulate my hypersensitive clit and nipples. I spend extra time massaging the oil into my swollen breasts. I marvel at their size and firmness. I finish by applying a heavy coat of makeup, as instructed.

Laid out on the bed is my outfit for the evening. A heavily boned 1/4-cup white bra, which lifts my huge melons and push my nipples out. Next is a tiny vibrating ring that fits snugly around the base of my clit. I have to dry my thick clit with a tissue, then it enough to slip the ring into place. And the whole time I have to fight a mounting orgasm. Once I let go, the clit snaps back, securing the ring in place and guaranteeing that my clit stays thick and sensitive for as long as I wear it.

I strap on a pair of 5-inch heels and wiggle into the tight fitting blue dress. My long nipples push rigid tents in the fabric. I stare into the mirror and again see a porno version of a Barbie doll. Brittany glides behind me and stares at my reflection. She tenderly runs her fingers down my neck, tracing a line down my arms with her feathery touch. My skin is so sensitive that I moan in response.

"We will be late. Hurry up," she orders as she marches out of the room.

My first set of steps brings a shuddering surprise. The clit ring wiggles around as I walk, sending delicious signals to the heart of my sex. By the time I arrive at the elevator, my breathing is shallow and I am leaking juices.

Brittany snuggles close to my ear and whispers, "You are not allowed to cum without my permission. No matter what happens tonight, you are not cum without my say-so, or there will be dire consequences."

Oh Lord! How will I survive tonight?!

We arrive at the bar to find our gorgeous men waiting for us.

"Hi, my name is Brian," says Jake's friend as he takes our hands and kisses them. "You two are a pleasant surprise for our vacation. Jake has told me a few interesting items which I would love to explore further," he says seductively and gives me a wink. Like Jake, Brian is another tall, lean and athletic man in his late 20s. Despite myself, my trapped clit throbs.

Over drinks we find out that they are both lawyers from Boston taking a much-needed vacation. "The 80-90 hour weeks are a little tough on the social life. No time for serious girl friends. I had to settle with this guy, who is as big of loser as I am," Jake grins. " What do the two of you do...for work, that is?"

"We both work in politics," she says in that matter-of-fact way that puts a period at the end of the thought, taking any further discussion off the table.

Both Brian and Jake can't take their eyes off my tits. I am basking in the sexual aura radiating around the table. With my clit squeezed by the ring, I am dribbling juices onto my seat.

Dinner is first class, but rushed. We all have an urgency to move the party to our suite.

"Meet us in room 2301 in fifteen boys," Brittany winks.

The walk back creates an urgency as well. The little ring pushes me to the edge of a gigantic orgasm and I fight with all of my will not to cum. My entire body is trembling by the time we arrive to our suite.

Brittany dresses me in a black, snap corset with open bra cups to hold my two balloons. I roll up the silk hose and snap them to the garters hanging from the corset. I fasten the buckles to the 5-inch heels. Brittany returns to the room wearing a navy blue cat suit hugging every sexy curve and crevice of her body. She snaps on a thick collar around my neck and locks it, then and secures my heels with two luggage locks. She uses some rope to tie my wrists together, then circle my forearms until my elbows pull close (they usually touch, but the surgery mad my chest hard and sore), thrusting my huge breasts out even further.

Brittany straightens my clothes and my hair, and then reaches down and toys with my engorged labia and sensitive clit, still captured by the tight little ring. I groan my need and breath raggedly as my owner primes me for our company. As usual, she stops at the peak. She gives each nipple a quick hard tweak and leads me by the leash out to the living area.

"On your knees. There you go. Good Girl!," she purrs as I submissively kneel facing the door. "If you are a good slut tonight, you might get some dick. If I am truly impressed by your actions, I might even let you cum tonight. Do you want to cum, my pet?" She asks as she gazes deep into my eyes. In a flash, my predicament hits me - I am a smart, self-confident and successful professional woman over a decade her senior - kneeling, bound, dressed like a bimbo sex toy and pumping out sex juice like a spicket. And all I can think about is how to serve my owner and relieve this orgasmic itch that is ruling most of my thoughts. Just the thought of possibly getting some cock in me has me panting like a puppy dog.

I feel a tear roll down my cheek as I nod.

She grabs my chin and pulls my head up briskly, "I did not hear you."

"I need to cum tonight, Mistress."

"And why?" she taunts.

"I am cum-addictive sex toy who thinks about orgasms all of the time, Mistress." I am shocked by the ferocity of my declaration.

"Correct. I expect you to act like one. Make me proud or suffer a rather unpleasant day tomorrow."

We hear a knock. Brittany winks at me and opens the door. Our two smiling studs stop dead in the entryway, staring at my body and practically drooling. I can see their cocks growing rapidly in their slacks.

"You are to refer to her as Slut. You may play with her as you wish, with some strict rules. Her tits are new, so don't damage them. You can use her in anyway you want, but you are not to fuck her cunt. And she is not allowed to cum unless I give her permission. Any violation and the evening ends immediately. Understood?...good! Now get your clothes off and fuck me."

These two hunks waste no time tearing their clothes off, as Brittany pulls my leash and leads everyone into the bedroom. She has me kneel as the three of them kiss passionately and fall onto the bed. With an animalistic force, they rip the body glove off of Brittany and mount her on her hands and knees, Jake taking her vagina while Brian fucks her mouth. The action is hot. Very hot! I want it to happen to me. The beautiful, large, throbbing cocks pound my owner. Brittany moaning and groaning in pure ecstasy. I whimper in need.

Brian pulls out, points his penis at me and spews a load all over me. Rope after rope of creamy white jism land in my hair, my face, my chest. He swaggers into the bathroom to pee while Jake continues to saw into Brittany. I just kneel there and watch helplessly.

"Do you want to clean me off?" Brian asks me in such a cute, boyish way when he returns. I nod my head. I have to do it. The thing is, I do want to. I need cock so bad that I don't care how I get it. Brian holds up his limp penis as I extend my tongue. I swirl my tongue around the sensitive gland, then lean forward and suck his soft member between my lips. I roll my tongue up and down the underside. His penis rapidly expands to its full turgid length.

Jake screams out his climax, pumping and spasming while Brittany is finishing what must be her third orgasm. Her body gleams with a layer of perspiration, her hands grabbing violently on the sheets as she is rocked with another tectonic orgasm.

Jake gets up from the bed, himself glistening with sweat. He looks like a God to me. He relieves himself, and then uses my mouth to bring his cock back to life. All the while, Brian and Brittany fuck again.

And so the cycle went. For two hours, I would service one while the other fucked Brittany. Everyone came over and over and over again. Except me. I struggle to hold back the tears that threaten to overwhelm me. My knees hurt, my back aches, my jaws are tired, and my clit is throbbing. I had no idea that my torment had just begun.

After they rested and cooled down, the three of them whispered and pointed at me. The two men approach me, pick me up and set me on the bed. They untie my arms, Strip me, only to retie my hands spread to the top corners of the bed. They pull my legs up and tie them to the same corners, spreading my legs wide pointing my ass and cunt toward the ceiling, completely vulnerable and exposed. My hips are tied down to the footboard.

Brittany mounts my face. "Be a good slave and clean out all of the fine jism that these wonderful studs have deposited."

As I obediently start to lick her pussy, the men grab the clit ring and roughly yank it off. The cunt in my face muffles my scream and I pull hard on my restraints. My clit throbs, first with the shot of pain, and then with a wash of overwhelming need. A pull of my hair draws my attention back to Brittany, and I dig in to her tender folds. I feel a tickle on the tip of my clit and I grunt as it drives me out of my mind. With increased intensity I feast on Brittany while they torture my engorged bud. The tiny, incessant tickling on my clit goes on and on. I am so in need of an orgasm I feel my head swoon.

I suck all the leaking cum from her as I start to toy with her clit. She reacts by pressing harder on my lips. I feel something else tickling my puffy labia.

I have to cum so bad. But since I don't have permission, I hold it back. On and on it goes. I feel a tickling move from my clit to my nipples. And from my labia to my little puckered hole. I fight the growing orgasm with every ounce of energy. I need them to stop. I scream out into Brittany's cunt as I lick and suck like a wild woman.

Yet they keep pushing me. I feel a hand smack down on my ass. The distraction is welcome. Another smack. And another. The tickling moves back to the tip of my clit. Another smack. I feel an even larger orgasmic tidal wave approach. I fight and scream. It is almost impossible to catch my breath. My mind goes blind with the massive effort.

I can feel Brittany cum and flood my face with her discharge. She lies back against the head board as she winds down and watches the men play with my body. Knowing how distreesed I am, she asks, “How bad do you want to cum?”


“And why do you need to cum?”

“THIS SLUT’S PUSSY….. AND TITS……. ARE BEING TOYED…….WITH……. MISTRESS,” I say in between breaths. The hands keep pushing me.

“Why should I give you permission to cum?”

“I WILL…..I WILL……..DO ANYTHING……YOU WANT…..MISTRESS!!!!” This has got to end, or I will not survive. I can see nothing but mounting excitement from my three bedmates.

“Anything?” She askes with gleeful excitement?


to be continued

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