tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 06

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 06


The bed beneath me bounced and I my eyes shot open. The sun was already shining light across the room. Master Evan lay down and stared at me.

"Humans would make a terrible Warriors, Ciara," he said. "You sleep much too deeply. Really, it's not a wonder the slavers took you. I imagine it was the easiest catch they had during their hunt."

I rose slowly expecting pain, but my body was just a little sore. Looking over my shoulder I saw fresh skin. The marks were a faint pink and nearly healed. The ache was just residual.

Master Evan pulled me along for my morning routine. I guess I was getting used to it now. I just did as he said.

The men were quiet at breakfast. Master Damien still looked tired. I wondered if he was sleeping much at all. After what Rose had said, I understood his concern.

Everyone at the Keepers was excited to see me, except the Keepers, who looked at me askance. My accident had evidently gotten them in trouble, but not killed I was glad to see. The other girls were ecstatic to see me. Out of sight of the Keepers, they examined my back.

Rose was particularly relieved. My lack of scarring proved the Warriors still wanted me. The last beating she had seen had been much worse.

The girl they had lashed was from an aggressive planet where the women were Warriors. She had tried to kill her owners as they slept. Rose had feared any lashing from the General would be that bad, but apparently what you did made a difference. Unlike me, that other girl had been sent back to the slavers.

Once everyone else dispersed we were able to talk more freely about the other problem. Fuji and Rose both told me when the Warriors did things together it would help the bond grow.

"Right, they do everything together," I said, "I can't help them with that."

The girls glanced at one another and then Rose looked at me, "Does Christof join his brothers where you are involved?" she asked hesitantly.

They both knew I was shy about discussing what my owners did with me.

I thought back on it and the answer was definitely a no. Christof would sit to the side when my other owners had sex with me. He took his time with me late at night after he walked me to the bathroom.

That wasn't normal they told me. The men took on the native women as a group. They subdued them together, if that could be done. One of the group would have sex with the woman, depending on who the woman's mating smell attracted. Sex was the ultimate group effort, it should be that way with me also.

When the lunch bell rang my stomach was in knots. I wanted to talk to Christof, but I still wasn't sure what to say to him. When I saw my kneeling place had been left outside I knew he would be coming for me. I fiddled anxiously with the hem of my panels as I waited for him.

"Come, Ciara," he said softly when he arrived.

I rose and followed him through the little trail in the forest. We stopped and he handed me my bowl as usual. He never fed me, he just let me eat what I wanted.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to watch, but they made me," he said dejectedly.

"It wasn't that bad," I lied and he looked at me like I'd grown an extra head.

"I've been lashed before Ciara and I saw you up there. You don't have to be brave for me. I know you took that beating because of what I did. I can't stand to see that happen again."

I saw an opening and took it. "It doesn't have to, Christof. If your brothers had known the way you felt about the women they would have helped you. You only needed me because you aren't depending on them."

Christof's face darkened as he turned away from me. "Can you imagine how they would react if they knew we were slaves here? It would kill them to know that our entire lives have been built on a lie. It's better this way," he said viciously pulling the leaves off a neighboring tree.

He needed to talk and vent, so I just listened as he spoke.

"I know the women will come take me again, probably to kill me. They were furious I didn't keep to the coupling schedule. When they took me this time the leader cited how valuable we are to them, all of us. Evan's talent, Damien's strength, and my ability are all highly treasured. You know, they even went easier on us this time to prove to me that we hold worth to them," Christof finished his rant and walked around the little clearing we were in.

I followed him silently until he turned to look at me.

"Do you think this isn't affecting your brothers?" I asked touching his arm. "Have you looked at Damien lately? He isn't sleeping. They can't bear the thought of losing you."

He turned to walk away from me and escape what I was saying. I followed him and just continued talking.

"I'm a slave just like you and I'll tell you the truth. If it wasn't for the support of those around me, I'd feel horrible. Everyone I get my support from knows where they stand here and we just depend on each other. I'm sure your brothers will be upset at first. You can help them get through that part. In the end, they would rather have you."

The argument continued through lunch. I forgot to eat I was so busy talking. I got back to the compound and kind of wished I'd had something.

The girls knew what I had been doing during lunch and didn't bother me when I got back. When the Keepers released us at the beach I swam straight out my little hole. Being in the ocean calmed me some, but I was still so frustrated. It didn't feel like I was making any headway at all.

I was distracted and cranky when the Warriors came and picked me up at the end of the day. Headaches always gripped me when I was hungry and I was starving. My stomach rumbled noisily all the way back to the Warrior's compound. I tried tapping on it and sucking in my breath to make the noise stop. It was a little embarrassing.

When we got home Master Damien turned to me and asked, "What did you eat for your mid day meal?"

"I can't remember," I answered honestly. I had not even looked in the bowl Christof brought with him.

"Have you forgotten how to address me, Ciara?" he asked in a low voice.

"I'm sorry, Master Damien. No, I haven't forgotten how to address you. It was a mistake, Master Damien," I said startled.

"What did Christof feed you today?" he repeated looking at me with that scorching gaze. I hated that look.

I squirmed and desperately tried to remember what had been in the bowl. I got the feeling Master Damien really wanted to ask Christof. I was just a more acceptable target for his irritation. Christof answered him finally. "I fed it nothing. We talked the entire time," he said.

Master Damien looked between the two of us before turning and pulling me to a kneeling place by the table. He took out a bowl of worms and started to feed me.

"You will eat now and you will eat later," was all he said.

Master Damien sounded angry and frustrated. I ate what he gave me gratefully and didn't complain it was too much, which it was.

I gagged on the slime like always and Master Damien slammed the bowl on the table. He glared at me and I wanted to sink into the floor. I tried to remember him telling me he wouldn't hurt me. The look on his face currently said differently.

"It is not Ciara's fault, Damien. Your anger is misplaced," Christof said taking his seat across from Master Damien.

"Christof," he said calmly, "it is important it is fed regularly. It will become ill if it is not. What was so important you neglected to feed Ciara?"

The request was met with silence. I'm sure it was the same silence that had been going on for a long time. I could not lose them. This had to stop.

I looked at the floor and studied my hands in my lap.

Against my better judgement I whispered, "You should tell them, Christof."

Master Damien jerked me to my feet and started to remove my coverings. "I will take you to the posts until you learn to address us properly," he fumed.

Christof stopped him. "I told it to address me as such," he said putting a hand over Master Damien's.

"Brother, what is wrong with you?" Master Damien asked exasperated.

Master Damien had threatened the posts and I knew I should stay quiet. I waited and watched their boots as the two men stared at one another.

Tentatively, I reached out and took Christof's hand in reassurance. He could do this. I had faith in him.

Christof spoke finally giving my hand a squeeze, "I spoke about the women. Ciara argued with me. It thinks I am being foolish to not share what I know with you. I do not wish to see you destroyed the way I have been. I do not know what to do."

Master Evan broke the next silence as he came to stand next to Master Damien, "We are being destroyed as it stands," he said addressing his brother.

I felt really uncomfortable and released Christof's hand. This was their family, I was just a visitor. It would have been better if they had just put me in the bedroom, but they didn't. Master Damien pulled me to kneel in the sitting room.

"Tell us," he commanded sitting down, "all of it. You may surprise us but you will not destroy us."

Finally, Christof let it spill. He told them everything; how the world worked, how the women were in charge. Christof even told them how they had wanted to take all the brothers to live in the mountains. He told them he felt the bond break when the women told him that; it stressed him too much. There were things he told them he'd never told me.

The life in the mountains was much like it was here. The men worked in jobs the women chose for them. Women would mate with them at their discretion; which sometimes meant daily. Many of the men liked living in the mountains, some did not. No man ever left them without permission, though. The women exercised absolute control.

"I saw slavers when I was there," Christof told them. "The women choose which slaves would be suitable for us. If they really want a slave, they pay for it themselves ahead of time. What we use for money is worthless. The true payment is made by the women before or after we have left. The slavers are not allowed to give us the option of certain races. The slavers seemed terrified of our women. I was whipped because I saw that; I had snuck out of my place."

I thought back to the auction. It was a blur of fear, but I seem to remember only stopping in front of men like my owners. There were other creatures there, but I only stopped in front of Paterian looking men. A flush lit my cheeks when I realized I was pre-paid. It was an odd honor.

There was silence for a little while and I was glad Master Damien had fed me. My stomach growling would have been very distracting now. The only sounds in the room were the gentle crackling of the fire.

"Once," Master Kein said quietly, "we were on a hunt for a lost man. I was hiding, staying in one place; I had heard the women's wings nearby. They landed less than a body's length from me, but didn't see me."

The men murmured and Master Kein continued.

"Do you all remember? I stayed very silent and watched. They laid the man we had been looking for on the ground. They put a little jug of water beside him. He was sound asleep. Once the women left, I went to him and woke him up. He told me he had run away, he seemed very confused. We'd never seen anything like it."

Master Evan was the next to speak. "The marks on our shoulders, do the women place those?" he asked.

"Yes," Christof answered hesitantly, "I think so. That is what the other men told me."

"I thought as much," Master Evan said confidently. "The marks do not taste like us, they taste of something else. I have always wondered. Do you know why the women place them?"

Christof seemed relieved to be talking and more relieved by the reaction he was getting. I glanced up and the tension I had always seen marring his features was slowly dissolving.

"The men in the mountains seem to think the marks are more complicated than we understand. If you know how to read them, they can tell you who our breeders were. I have studied ours, while they are all similar; there are differences."

"Yes," said Master Bane contemplatively stroking his mark, "I have noticed the same thing."

"You all aren't upset that we are owned and controlled by the women? I was furious when I realized. How is it you all are not upset by this?" Christof asked sounding shocked.

"We are together, brother. You remember we gain strength from that. Perhaps it would not have been so bad for you had we all been there," Master Damien said as Master Bane reached over and clasped his shoulder.

The men continued to talk amicably and I was just stunned. They weren't acting at all like Christof had thought they would. It was like they all expected this was the case. I shook my head at the ridiculousness of it all.

A hand was running down my back and I looked up at Master Evan. He looked playful.

"We need to work on our bond brothers," he said.

Christof looked unsure. It took me a minute to realize why I was suddenly part of the conversation. Once it hit me I realized what my responsibility was in this matter.

They needed to re-bond with Christof. From what Rose had said group activities helped the bond. Excluding Christof, I was always a group activity.

I walked across the little room to Christof and got up in his lap. No one stopped me, they all just watched. Kissing up and down his neck, I tried to murmur encouragement in his ear. I felt his hardness growing against my leg, so I knew I was doing a good job. He picked me up and carried me toward the bedroom. The rest of the men followed while shedding clothes.

Christof sat me on my feet as Master Evan and Master Damien pulled off my minimal coverings. It was a little nerve racking; they all looked ready, very ready. Nothing in the prior conversation had made me feel that way. I wasn't sure what had them feeling like this.

I stroked Master Evan's arm and whispered in his ear to please use the oil. He just laughed at me softly. Hands pushed me back onto the bed and Master Evan knelt between my legs. He covered me with his body and pushed his staff against my dry opening. My body tensed waiting for the pain.

I felt lips on my neck running up to my ear.

"Have we not proven since the first day cycle we would not cause you pain? We know your human body better than you do. You will be ready when we wish you to be," he said sliding his hand across my full breasts.

Master Evan was a domineering ass and somehow that made him all the more sexy. As he licked and sucked his way down my body, I begrudgingly had to admit I'd be wet by the time he got where he was going.

I was irritated. Before he could get down to my center, I scooted out from underneath him and flipped onto my stomach.

I slipped quickly across the bed and made it to Christof. He thought it was funny and lay down watching me. A yelp escaped me as Master Evan bit my exposed ass. Thankfully he didn't use the fangs.

"Stay," Master Evan ordered gruffly grabbing my hips.

"No," I said crawling over a laughing Christof.

"You are really irritating my brother, Ciara," Christof said.

My answer was cut short as Master Evan started to lap at my cunt. I loved it when he did that. Still hovering over Christof's chest I allowed myself to be explored. Christof pulled me down for a searing kiss as Master Evan paid attention to every part of me except my aching clit. I moaned as he removed the plug, I'd forgotten it was still there. Then he put his tongue where the plug had been.

"No, stop, that's gross, Master Evan," I begged dropping my hips until my wetness lay over Christof's cock.

"And you love it Ciara. You make more lubrication when I do that, don't deny it. I'd know you are lying," he said arrogantly.

"Is it ready, brother?" Master Kein asked winding a hand in my hair.

I was irked by how easily they seemed to get me worked up. I huffed and raised myself over Christof. I aimed his length and slid down over it.

"Yes, I'm ready, Master Kein," I said starting to shift my hips.

"What are you doing, Ciara?" Master Damien asked watching me curiously.

I didn't have a good answer for that. I was doing what we always did, I was just on top. Christof groaned and answered for me.

"Ciara is bringing me great pleasure, brothers. I do not mind the position," he said gripping my hips fiercely.

I placed my hands on either side of his shoulders and started to canter my ass seductively up and down. I hoped the group behind me was enjoying the show as I slid on Christof's staff. On each downstroke I ground myself against him.

Breath in my ear and heat at my back surprised me. Master Kein was looking down at Christof.

"You do not mind it is on top?" he asked.

The idea of finally being in control of one of these wanton sessions had me feeling empowered. I looked back over my shoulder at Master Kein and answered for Christof.

"If you think someone should be on top of me, Master Kein, get on."

He looked a little startled and a lot confused.

I had learned a few cuss words from Fuji. In the past I'd been very careful not to use them. Fear it would make my Masters angry had stifled my creative spirit. Right now I didn't think they would take me down to the posts.

"Put your cock up my ass and fuck me," I whispered back to him.

A collective gasp came from behind me. Christof seemed to think it was funny; he laughed. The voices behind us were discussing whether what I had suggested was possible. They hadn't asked about doing that together.

Christof allowed me to slow down while fingers explored me from behind. Finally I stilled over Christof and relaxed toward him. There was faint sheen of sweat over his chest and I licked at it. I adored the slightly salty taste of him.

Over my shoulder I watched Master Kein cautiously approach my ass. I wanted to move.

"Hurry up. Stick it in and fuck me," I commanded.

That was more brazen than I had ever been with them. I hoped they wouldn't be angry.

Master Kein obeyed without much fanfare. His length seared into me and I hissed through my teeth. There was pain mixed with the pleasure. It was so good, it was too much; I couldn't decide.

My noises were ignored as the men intently watched one another. It was awkward at first, but soon they had a rhythm going. I wasn't a terribly active participant I just offered myself in the direction of whoever was moving.

My ass burned a little with the stretch, but Master Kein's moans of pleasure were so beautiful I ignored the slight pain. He was muttering words Fuji had yet to teach me in my ear. I couldn't understand him, but it sounded like he was thrilled. Christof for his part looked relaxed as he stroked my breasts and thighs. He seemed happier than I'd ever seen him.

Licking my lips I looked up from Christof's face and saw Master Damien watching me intently. His erection was rock solid and ready. Erect he was eight inches of fury and thick. I loved feel of him pressing between my lips. Often he allowed me to suck on his magnificent staff while someone else took me from behind. I tried to use my eyes to offer him that now. When he didn't respond quickly enough, I got braver.

"Come feed me your cock, Master Damien," I purred.

He came toward me slowly stroking that awesome rod. Their semen was pinkish and I could see a little clinging to the tip. Flirtatiously, I licked that off first. His member pressed between my lips and I sucked on him. Using my tongue I swirled him around my mouth and tasted him like fine wine. Soon I had relaxed my throat and was taking him as deep as he wanted.

It seemed like this much sex would be impossible, but they were so considerate of one another it was really easy. Somehow I rocked between the three of them accepting their cocks with ease. My clit, caught as it was, rubbed continuously on Christof. I was quickly approaching orgasm.

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