tagNovels and NovellasA Slave's Story Ch. 03

A Slave's Story Ch. 03


Chapter 3. She Tests her Master's Limitations.

Saturday Evening

I followed him downstairs a few minutes later. He was busy in the kitchen, bent over the chest freezer. I stood silently, in as provocative stance as I could manage. One hand on raised hip the other circling an erect nipple and my tongue licking my lips. I watched him through languorous eyes, head slightly down and looking slightly up. Eventually he sensed my presence.

"Jessica I have just selected a meal and I do not know what you like to eat, I have not even asked you." He ignored my invitation. I did not respond to his hidden question. I slid the hand on my hip to my crotch and lifted a knee up and out. I saw him look as fingers opened my wet labia and found my clitoris. He looked away, then back at my invitation.

I lifted the hand from my crotch and put the wet fingers to my mouth, I made suggestive sucking motions. He was watching, trying to put the food containers in the microwave. It pinged and he turned to face me.

I took small steps across the room and sat on the white tablecloth, sweeping the cutlery aside. I turned around, swinging my legs up, and then slowly layback across the table with my head hanging over the edge. I was now looking at him upside down. 'I knew he had the message but what the hell,' I thought.

"Master I eat everything, but for now I want to eat you." His cock was a bulge in the front of his robe.

He began to move forwards and I ran my tongue round my open lips then reached for the belt around his waist and pulled the gown open. Then putting my hands further round pulled him towards me.

"Jessica much as I would like to there is a basic problem, my dick points up and your mouth is down there. We will have to find a different location to do that."

'Damn him, he is right position two then.' I sat up and sent the tablecloth and cutlery clattering to the floor and squatted before him legs splayed wide. I pulled his cock into my mouth and began to play. I looked him in the eyes and sucked and licked then sucked him in as far as I could but his thickness was rubbing against my teeth and I felt him flinch. I sucked harder and felt him touch the back of my mouth. He was really hard now. I grabbed his bum and pulled him to me. It was no good he was too thick; I could feel my teeth dragging his skin, there had to be another way. I released him with a loud Pop!

"Master you are too big for me to take in. I know I have a small face and small mouth we will have to find a better position. Shall I just lick and suck for now?" I demonstrated. Looking up at him with a lopsided smile.

"You can come when ever, where ever Master."

I licked him from balls to the tip then sucked him in again. He was getting close. I sucked and 'Plop,' released him again. I ran my tongue round the end and he was ejaculating spurting up to land on my face, a sticky white thread from chin to eyebrow. The second spurt hit my pursed lips, the third went into my open mouth and I sucked a fourth from his throbbing cock, I coaxed the fifth. I had a nice load on my tongue and began to roll the sticky fluid round and round his glans. A final pulse added a little more fluid to mix with my saliva and his cum. My tongue tingled and his cock was so hot. 'Yum Yum, he really is very virile for an older man.' I let a hand descend to my clitoris and frigged myself to orgasm, while my tongue circled his hot cock head round and round in time with the fingers at my pussy. The microwave pinged.

His hands were in my hair and he pushed me up and off.

"Enough, enough Jessica."

He looked at me with a silly grin. 'Yes saved by the bell, James.' I wiped my face and took the sticky fluid into my mouth as I licked my fingers clean I was just about there and moaned a little as I came. I slowed the fingers and let the sensation subside. I then took the wet fingers from my cunt and bought them to my mouth. I stood up and lent forward slightly my nipples just touching his chest. I rocked sideways and then pushed forwards all the time rolling fingers in and out of my mouth. I smiled and offered him a few fingers. He sucked them. I put a hand to my wet juicy cunt again and then offered him them to suck. He sucked them in greedily. I took his cock in a wet hand and slid it up and down a few times. I gathered more juices from my mouth and more from my cunt then with both hands massaged his wilting cock. I then put my hands to my breasts and swirled the fluids round the nipples. I looked him in the eyes daring him to say a word.

I locked his eyes in a wicked stare then opened my mouth and showed him the wet slobber there. I let some dribble out. I moved closer and closer mouth slightly open then as our lips met; I thrust my tongue forwards and shared our juices with him in a wet wanton slavering kiss. Tongue on tongue lips mashed together. I held his head tight with one hand, found his hand with the other, and pulled it to my wet cunt. He quickly found my clitoris and began to move his fingers in exactly the right way. I was in instant climax. I felt my muscles begin to spasm and I had to come up for air. I realized I was moaning wailing like a banshee. I came down little and kissed him again as his fingers circled my clitoris. My orgasm went on and on and on....

The microwave pinged again and he broke the embrace.

"Let's eat," he had a grin from ear to ear. He offered me the fingers of the hand from my cunt. I grabbed it and licked them clean. I offered him a swollen nipple. He gave both a wet sloppy kiss. Then gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Five minutes, I will open the wine then we eat. Food not each other," He laughed.

He re-laid the table. I was leaning back against the kitchen bench one hand at my breast the other between my legs. I watched his every move. He uncorked the wine and moved towards me. The cold bottle beaded with moisture. He moved very slowly and the bottle came nearer and nearer and touched a nipple, he then rolled to bottle down the valley between my breasts and up to the other nipple. It was hot and cold at the same time. I shuddered from the contact and had another orgasm. I smiled, but did not move as he rolled the bottle back to the other nipple.

He laughed, "Enough of that I want it cold, not boiling." He slapped my haunch. "Come on lets eat."

I laughed and said. "Spoil sport, but ok I am hungry."

I washed my hands splashed my face with cold water, "Can I use this towel?" he nodded, and I dabbed myself dry There was a rude noise when I sat on the wooden kitchen chair. I would have to clean that up before his cleaner came next.

"Come on Master you said food at least two minutes ago."

He cleaned his hands, took the containers from the microwave, and put the steaming contents on plates. He stirred them, tested them then put plate back in the microwave and gave it a ten-second blast then put the plate on the table in front of me. I fell to, the food was surprisingly tasty. I was very hungry. I had almost finished by the time he sat down and began to eat. I scraped the plate clean then watched every mouthful he ate, from plate to fork from fork to mouth. I was still hungry.

"There are biscuits in that cupboard and cheese in the fridge get them yourself. If I leave this to get them there will be nothing left when I get back. I have seen you eat remember. You are a carnivore!"

'He is right there I suppose.' I thought to myself and went in search of the biscuits and cheese.

"There is a cheese knife in the top draw somewhere. And plates and butter if you need it." He waved at the other cupboard.

I made another meal of the cheese and biscuits while he finished his meal. There was not much left of either. I had made quite a production of loading the cracker with cheese and then putting it in my mouth. The cookie Monster would have been proud of me as I wolfed them down. I began to fondle a nipple again. I could make a wet noise by rocking back and forth on the chair. I saw his robe move.

He took the plates from the table and almost threw them in the sink the knives and forks were next.

"Is that for me?" I asked, I had sat on the table legs open wide as he turned from the sink. He undid his robe and was inside me in one forceful thrust. I locked my heels behind his back and I was climaxing again. This time he was slower more forceful. He wrapped his hands about my waist and began to pump me back and forth. The tablecloth was sliding across the table surface. I was being slammed on to his cock with every stroke. 'God he really is good.' I though between orgasms. Our eyes were locked in deep and meaningful concentration of passion. He thrust and thrust I was in such a climax I drifted off unable to see or feel anything else other than his cock in my cunt and my cunt wringing and shuddering with every thrust.

"Oh master that is so good I am coming now, oh I am coming." My fingers were circling my clit and stroking his cock. I circled it as he withdrew. My hand returned to my clitoris, he sat on the kitchen chair with a thump.

I was in a continuous climax and frigged myself wantonly before him round and round up and down in and out, openly masturbating. He bent forwards and his tongue and mouth joined my fingers at play. I began to moan and then wail, in a climactic peak. I dragged a ragged breath and moaned and wailed some more.

"Oh Master that was so, so good." I flopped back onto the table legs splayed wide. "I don't think I ever came that good before." He smiled but stayed silent. He offered me wine.

"I cannot move Master my bones have all turned to mush."

He lifted a glass to my lips and supported me while I drank.

"I think we will take these back to bed. Think you can hold them If I carry you?"

I wrapped an arm round his neck and took the glasses. He lifted me, with just the hint of a wobble set off down the hall, and began climbing the magnificent staircase.

"This would make a great video. Naked man carrying naked woman up these magnificent stairs."

"Jessica let us save that for another day, remember the words from Gone with the Wind."

"Tomorrow's another day." I laughed.

He reached his sitting room. He was straining and rather short of breath, I decided to let him off the hook.

"It's OK, Master I need the bathroom, set me down. I think I can stand now. Thank you, that was very nice, very symbolic."

He was remaking the bed when I entered the bedroom.

"Can we shower together again please master?" I asked.

He smiled. "Of course lets clean up, but I need the toilet first."

"Ok Master, I will wait here." He was in the bathroom less than a minute.

"Ok Jessica time to get clean." This was a chaste repeat of out earlier shower but when I tried to do his face, I got soap in his mouth.

He said, "Let's do our own faces. There is shampoo and conditioner, if you don't mind a cheap brand."

"Have you got a hair drier?" I asked.

"No, afraid not."

"Ok I will use a towel, but it will take ages to dry. And be a mess tomorrow do you mind if I look as if I have had a rough night?"

"Jessica I don't mind, you look sensational, now I will let you wash you hair and we can get back to bed."

"Oh Master can you wash it, I love having my hair washed, it's so sensual, not sexy just sensual."

We were soon snuggled up in bed, sipping the wine.

"Jessica how did you manage for all those years alone? I mean sexually, you have a significant appetite for it you know."

"Yes Master I know I have, but this is all new. I used to masturbate if I felt the need, but that was just a few times, just before and after my period, which is when I feel the urge, but I never was sexually turned on until I bought that contact magazine. I went to an adult bookshop to get it and saw a bondage magazine, which I also bought. I have been frigging myself every night since then, even through my period. I seem to have finally grown up or something."

"I found the pictures in that magazine such a turn on, there was one I particularly liked, a woman was tied up her legs splayed wide and a rope split her labia. The photo even showed that she was wet!"

"Jessica you realize that I won't be able to keep this pace up. I will be exhausted and useless without sleep and rest. I do not want to disappoint you and would hate to say no, but there would come a time when I had to say no if we fuck this often every day."

"I know Master, I just tempted you a little in the kitchen and you were magnificent."

"Yes Jessica, but I was not able to ejaculate the last time and my cock was beginning to hurt when you sucked me off. It was wonderful, but the sensation was beginning to turn from pleasure to pain."

I took his cock in hand "Oh master is there anything I can do?" I gently patted it and stroked it.

"Yes Jessica there is, you can masturbate when ever you feel the need. I will join in if we are together and I can rise to the occasion."

"Ok Master I don't need that now. I also have had enough today, that is if your sure you don't want me again Master. You can have me if you want Master, anywhere you want Master." I did my best to wake the soft member. I looked him in the eye and stroked some more.

"Down girl, down."

I laughed, "Just teasing Master, can we sleep now?" and snuggled down.

He turned off the light, a hand found my breast, and we played spoons.

"Good night Jessica sweet slave girl."

'Not just yet James,' I thought to myself, 'but you will be my slave soon!'

"Good night Master."

We slept, I dreamt.


Authors Note.

Does this strange format of his and her chapters make sense to you?

Please send me some feedback.

Ladies please read The Master Chapter 3 next already released.

Fellows please read The Master Chapter 4 next due mid December.

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