tagBDSMA Slave's Training

A Slave's Training


It's about six months from when we met at a kinky single's party. I've been collared by you and am very happy, and have moved in with you. My training has gone fairly well, I've learned to suck, swallow, obey, be violated anally or in any other hole at your will. My obedience is getting much, much better and I'm also a good house slave and help you with your various projects without remuneration. I am regularly disciplined over your knee or with the crop, paddle or whip for some infraction, and while your beatings are harsh and thorough, my masochism and devotion is strong and we are well-suited.

There is one area, however, with which you are disappointed. I am continually jealous of you and other women, and have mouthed off more often than not. During one of our more intense erotic torment sessions, where you clamp me many times on my pussy, nipples and upper thighs with tight, painful clamps and forbid me to masturbate while you have me orally service you, you discuss this with me. It's torment to be so painfully clamped, and I'm near tears and it's very painful. It's also emotionally painful because at the same time you tell me you are going to get me past my jealousy and possessiveness. I am ordered to place an ad to find you another, younger and more experienced submissive, so I can watch what someone with more background in this lifestyle would do with a life-long Dom like you. You tell me to write the ad, and answer the responses, and if I don't have a suitable candidate within four weeks I'll be mercilessly chastised. I start to cry and moan, oh no, Sir, please don't make me share you, I love you so much. You say my wishes are not your concern, and you must learn to stop being so possessive. You let me suffer in front of you for a good long time further, my moans, tears and discomfort pleasing and arousing you. Finally you take the clamps off, and order me to service you anally. By this time your cock slips in without much difficulty, my bottom has learned to accommodate you well since you take me there often, and we both cum easily and well together as usual, you giving me permission to cum first of course.

Afterwards you hold me and tell me how proud you are of me, and how well my training is progressing for a novice slave. You dry my tears of pain, pleasure and emotional upheaval, and say to make dinner for you now in the nude as usual, with just my collar and high heels on so you can further tease and torment my sore, aching nipples at will and see my beautiful, body, well marked by my clamp torture.

After dinner you remind me of my deadline, and I place the ad. It is very difficult for me, and I have to bite my tongue more than once, but I know my punishment would be extreme if I didn't do as you asked. As hard as it is, I soon find a beautiful, younger submissive with many years experience. I get to know her as you instruct, and she teaches me many things, the joy and pain of submission, anticipating your needs, continually putting your needs and will ahead of my own, even in my own thoughts, and more about floating and subspace. She has a live-in boyfriend, but he allows her to occasionally play with his permission, so she is no real threat to me, and she's very friendly, kind and understanding of my dilemma.

For your first session with her, you want me bound and gagged, you know this will be difficult for me. I am to watch only, and not masturbate or speak. Tears are permitted, but I must stay in the room and watch how a more experienced slave pleases her Master. You bind me and gag me, and I'm ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed and aroused all at once. You start to touch her gently with your whip at first, warming her up, and then your whip gets more deliberate. She takes it well, even your harshest blows, and you enjoy whipping her while I watch, painfully. Then you unzip and tell her to orally service you. I have to watch as my beloved Master's beautiful cock is swallowed by this younger slave, and the pain is unbelievable, but I don't dare protest or leave. I watch you have her take your cock deep in her beautiful mouth, and then you tell her to prepare herself to be fucked. She lies on her back, and you gently explore her body, it is beautiful and firm and she has long blonde hair that delights you. You enter her, and I start crying softly, and you make love to her for a long, beautiful, romantic session, and I'm shattered.

When you are finished, you come over to me. You tell me I must eat your cum out of your younger slave. I can't do it, I say. I just can't, through my tears and shame. You get the crop out, the most painful instrument of torture you have. You start to crop me harshly, and finally I relent...and am forced to eat your fresh cum out of your other slave, although I've never been with a woman before, crying, beaten, and finally completely surrendering to your considerable will.

When she has cum again, and my tongue has cleaned and sated her, you are pleased with me. You know how hard that was, and for my reward you will let her pleasure me. This is unexpected, as I'm unsure of my bisexuality. I thought I was straight, but she is bisexual and since you wish me to be too, therefore I open my legs and let her eat me out. She licks and eats and sucks and fingers and tongues my wet, open, swollen pussy, and before long I have a shattering orgasm, and you are pleased with my progress. She stays with us and we have some wine and snacks, and we all talk easily and I'm very confused, happy, humiliated, upset but somehow survive the ordeal.

From time to time she joins us, and you force me to eat her out or let her suck me to orgasm, although I'm not naturally bisexual. Sometimes you and she are together and I just watch or am forced to go sleep in my room, where I can painfully hear your noises of pleasure and ecstasy, or I'm ordered to clean the house or work on your projects while you fuck her. I am still very jealous and possessive, and hate the times you are with her, but I can't and don't dare say a word. In fact my discomfort seems to arouse you further when you are with her, knowing how much pain and unhappiness it causes your slave.

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