tagErotic CouplingsA Somali Girl Likes Anal Sex!

A Somali Girl Likes Anal Sex!


Hello, everybody. My name is Alimah Al-Wahid and I'm a young Black woman living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. My father Mohammed Al-Wahid is Somali and my mother Atifah is Tunisian, so I guess I'm mixed race but I consider myself Black rather than biracial. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, slim and fit, with light brown skin, light brown eyes and long curly Black hair. A lot of people wonder if I'm Hispanic or something but I always tell them that I am one hundred percent African. Why do I consider myself Black? Simply because that's how I see myself. Black is beautiful. Black is powerful. Black is magnificent. Biracial is just...ugh. Not that there's something wrong with that.

I was born in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, and consider myself a proud Canadian. These days, I attend Carleton University in the south end of Ottawa. I'm in the business administration program at the Sprott School of Business. A lot of people have a lot of opinions about hijab-wearing Somali girls like myself. Some people think we're dumb, simplistic and submissive. Others think we've got something to hide. Almost all of them forget that underneath the cultural and religious differences, we're normal women. I'm here to set the record straight once and for all. I'm twenty years old. I believe in having fun whenever I can. If you don't like it, you can kiss my truly fabulous Somali ass. It's my life!

Right now, I'm lying in bed next to this handsome Haitian stud named Pierre Lafortune. He is oh so dreamy. Picture this, if you will. A six-foot-four, muscular and well-built young Black man with smooth chocolate skin, curly Black hair and light brown eyes. Pierre was born in Quartier Morin, a small town in Northern Haiti, and raised in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta. He recently transferred to Carleton University from the University of Alberta. My fellow Albertan doesn't much care for the province of Ontario and I can't really blame him. The so-called City of Ottawa is really a small town with not much in the way of entertainment whereas Calgary is a really fun town. I ought to know because I vacation there every damn year. My father Mohammed Al-Wahid is a Constable with the Albertan Provincial Police. My mother Atifah Warsama Al-Wahid is a regional manager at New Wave Book Store. We do alright for ourselves. Just another racially diverse Canadian family trying to achieve the North American dream while remaining true to our respective cultures and faith. That's all.

I was so thrilled to meet a fellow Albertan in the City of Ottawa. My sexy boyfriend Pierre is really cute and he's so good to me. A lot of Somali girls in Ottawa won't date men who aren't Somali and they definitely don't go for guys who aren't Muslim. Me? I'm not like that. If Muslim guys can date or even marry any woman they want, then I say that as a Muslim woman I can do the same thing. My boyfriend is Christian and I am a Muslim woman. Get over it. There is this high-profile Arab-American female city in the States who's married to a Jewish-American congressman. They have a brat together. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton officiated at their wedding himself. Muslim men the world over got mad because this Arab-American lady did the unthinkable. She married a man who wasn't Muslim and didn't make him convert to Islam. Big fucking deal. Muslim men have enjoyed the double standard in our religion for far too long. They don't own us. We can do whatever we want. Especially since we're living in the Western world now. We live by North American and European laws which really favor women, instead of the phallocentric doctrines of Sharia Law, which treat men like kings and women like slaves.

Anyhow, Pierre is fast asleep because I really wore him out. Does that surprise you? It really shouldn't. Just because I'm a Somali chick who wears the hijab ( and some tight pants) doesn't mean that I'm a repressed prude who doesn't believe in having fun. I have been dating Pierre for six months now and honestly, I felt that it was high time the two of us actually got physical. And I did have a lot of wicked fun with Pierre. I laid the handsome Haitian stud in my bed and got him naked. Then I licked him from his head to his toes. I like Haitian men. They are really good in bed, true, but they're also really nice underneath their macho exteriors.

In all honesty, I've never gone out with a Haitian man who wasn't a gentleman. My ex-boyfriend Youssef was Somali and he cheated on me with this fat White chick named Marguerite. Before him I dated this Lebanese guy named Khaled who cheated on me with a Jamaican chick. See what I mean about Muslim men? They're all cheaters, and they think double standards are fun. Well, today the joke's on them. Muslim women in North America and Europe are starting to date and even marry men who aren't Muslim. And there's absolutely nothing Muslim men can do about it. Unless they want to get sent to pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was freaking this sexy Haitian stud. I licked every inch of Pierre's sexy body. Especially his deliciously long and thick, uncircumcised cock. Now, since he was uncut, and I'm a Muslim chick, Pierre thought I would object to going down on him. I had a lot of fun sucking on his thick cock and hairy balls. I made him moan. Then I asked him to return the favor. The sexy Haitian stud spread my thighs, and gave my pussy a good licking. His tongue darted into my tight pussy, followed by his fingers. Oh, shit. Pierre really knew his way around the pussy. He made me scream with pleasure as he worked his magic on me. Hot damn. Oh, yeah. See what I told you about Haitian men? They're awesome in bed! After giving my pussy a good licking, Pierre put on a condom and gave me a good dicking. He slid his cock inside of me, and I welcomed him. I wrapped my arms around him as Pierre began pumping his dick inside of me. I love the feel of a hard dick in my pussy.

In fact, the only thing I like more than a hard dick in my pussy is one in my ass. Lucky for me, Pierre was down with that. I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks for him. Pierre lubricated my asshole with Aloe Cream, then slid his cock into my asshole. Hot damn. I licked my lips as Pierre began working his dick into my ass. He took his sweet time, allowing my anal muscles to relax as he thrust his cock inside of me. Oh, man. I loved the feel of Pierre's hard dick in my asshole and if loving it was wrong then I didn't want to be right. We went at it until I couldn't take it anymore. And it took me a good half hour of ass pounding excitement to get there. Afterwards, I collapsed in Pierre's arms and kissed him passionately. I love my Haitian boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen. He's a Christian. I'm a Muslim woman. We're happy together, and we have all kinds of hot, naughty fun. Who cares if the world disagrees? I don't give a flying fuck what they think!

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