tagBDSMA Special Day In The Life Ch. 02

A Special Day In The Life Ch. 02


The stone floor is cold and rough under my bare feet, but i'm used to it. This floor is hundreds of years old, worn by the bare feet of slaves, the high heels and boots of Mistresses, the occasional dragging of chains and devious bondage devices of all sorts. The texture is grainy and lumpy. Some of the mortar between stones is missing, some edges are chipped and sharp. You must be careful to not stub your toe in the joints in the stones or cut your foot. You are whipped if you damage Clitoris Alliance property, even if that property is you, a slave.

We move down the corridors in our line. I watch the chain from the back of Sasha's collar to the front of mine sway side to side as we walk. I sneak glances at the Guards hoping their whips stay coiled on their belts.

I'm very careful to walk like we were taught, like a fashion show runway model. None of us want to be whipped for being sloppy. I step with my toes pointed down, place my left foot a bit too far to the right, roll my hips, then step the same way with my right foot too far to the left, etc. I do this all the time without even thinking about it anymore. We were all trained like this in our first months with many whiplashes and cattle prod jolts until we stand, walk, kneel perfectly. We are trained to always look like simmering sex on a low boil. Walking this way we form a line of swaying asses and boobs.

I also watch Sasha's ass. She has a sweet one. Full and lush. She rolls her hips so sexily as she moves. I wish I had her hips. I find myself wishing we were caged together. That could be nice. Much warmer to snuggle with than a tattered old threadbare blanket I'm sure. I have not seen a man in years. We are trained for oral sex, five hours every day for the first few months of our enslavement. Images of beautiful vaginas, thoughts of delicious tastes and hypnotic aromas fill my mind. We are whipped without mercy for the least hesitation. We might possibly be rewarded with a chocolate if we are judged to be adequate. Does that sound silly? You must not have lived it. I wanted those chocolates and earned quite a few.

My pleasant daydream is cut short. The Big Bad Bitch Guard stops the line of us slaves. I make sure my shoulders are back, my tits way out, my left knee is flexed slightly so my hips are in a provocative pose because I know I'm going be examined closely now. It's my turn to go to work.

The brunet guard slaps back and forth between my thighs with her riding crop. "SPREAD YOUR LEGS SLUT!" She yells. I place my left foot farther out with my knee bent more, my toes pointed to show off my calves. I cock my hip saucily. The blond is unlocking my leash from Sasha's collar. Out of the corner of my eyes I see an ornate door to my right that opens slowly. I don't dare turn my head to look but keep my eyes straight ahead like we're supposed to.

A beautiful Mistress steps out of Her boudoir. Gawd! She's SO hot! I suddenly feel warm deep inside. My nipples get rock hard. I do love Mistresses. We must. We are trained to beg to please and love or we are punished severely. She looks so regal to me, relaxed and wicked and gorgeous all at the same time. A shimmery satin flowing robe or cloak swirls around Her legs as She steps closer. She's got a hot bod! Her waist cincher shows off Her luscious tits so well. Everything She wears is cherry red and it looks Devine on Her, especially with Her fabulous auburn hair. I love Her ankle strap stiletto sandals. But my eyes go right to the quirt in Her right hand. I swallow hard. But i feel myself become flushed and know I've blossomed open like a flower and am becoming wet. I can not help it. She is a Goddess to me.

The blond guard goes to hand my leash to the Mistress but something's wrong. She does not take my leash. She stands with Her fists on Her hips, legs spread wide in a threatening stance, and glares at the guards.

With a voice as cold as ice, each word dripping with venom... She slowly, clearly enunciates each word, just above a whisper but very menacing ....

"I SPECIFICALLY Ordered A Slut With Waist-length Raven-black Hair, Size 4, C-cup bosom. How DARE You Bring THIS Animal to ME?"

As fast as lightening, the Mistress slashes Her quirt across the brunet Guard's face, directly to Her left cheek!

I almost shit myself. I tremble. I've NEVER seen anything like this before! A Mistress lashed a Guard! OMG!!!

The guard does not even flinch. I'm astounded as she bows slightly at the waist like maybe a Prussian military officer would in the 18th century, clicks her heels together. Her spurs jangle. A small trickle of blood oozes from the fresh wound on Her cheek.

"Mistress, please accept my apology," the Guard says in a very professional tone. "This beast is the best we have. It IS a size 4, C-cup, with waist-length hair. It is thoroughly trained. When we saw your specifications last night, we did not have time to dye its hair. It is a rather pretty shade of brown though, don't you agree Mistress?"

To try to appease the Mistress before She uses that quirt on everybody, I flip my hair out of my eyes, I feel it wave and cascade down my back, tickling my heinie as it always does. I stand straight, shoulders back, hip cocked coyly, tits held high like i'm supposed to. I'm desperately trying to look attractive

The Mistress drops Her fists from Her hips. She slowly walks around me, looking me up and down like a questionable piece of meat or a high milage used car. Seconds pass slowly. I start to sweat.

She finally snatches my leash from the blond Guard's hand.

"It will have to do," the Mistress states. I almost faint with relief. Both guards bow slightly again, click their heels together in their weird sort of salute I guess. They turn back to the line of girls and go about Their business of herding slaves to various jobs.

I suddenly realize I had been distracted by this unusual turn of events and had forgotten my training! Oh NO! I do not want to be tortured to death!!. As quick as I can, I fall to my knees and bow low. I kiss Her feet. I extend my tongue and lick Her toes, between Her toes, kiss Her sandal straps.

"ENOUGH! Stand. Come." She says, tugging on my leash twice. I meekly follow Her into Her boudoir. She closes and locks the door behind us.

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