tagBDSMA Special Day In The Life Ch. 03

A Special Day In The Life Ch. 03


Work clothes

I look around the room in amazement. It is very well appointed, beautiful, feminine. Lovely colorful antique furniture, flowers in vases everywhere, velvet draperies, marble statues... it's gorgeous, elegant. The scent of lilac wafts through the room. Love songs play on a stereo softly in the background.

I expected dark mahogany or dreary gray stone, torture devices, black iron manacles hanging from wall rings. I'm stunned and slowly kneel not knowing what to make of all this. I do have the presence of mind to kneel like I should sitting back on my heels, legs spread wide, back straight, shoulders back, boobs thrust out. I twist my hands a bit in my manacles wondering if I'm going to be unshackled.

Then I notice another Mistress lounging on a fabulous velvet upholstered settee. She's languidly reclining on the plushiest piece of furniture I ever saw, Her one arm casually over the back, Her one leg cocked so you can see "everything." I admire Her slinky neglige, pastel shimmery blue satin. So relaxed. So dreamy. She oozes sex too. I practically drip.

She places Her hands on the surface of the settee to rise sensuously, a very feline graceful flow. I AM dripping now. It trickles down my thigh.

"What's THAT my love?" She asks of the latex-clad Domme, nodding toward me, "That's not what I ordered."

"Darling, that's the best they had. We'll have to make do," The Mistress in red replies soothingly.

I realize then I'm with two Dommes in love, in Their boudoir. I wonder what They want with me but keep silent and in perfect position of course.

The one in blue lingerie sashays over to me so erotically I wonder if She's had slave training. She lightly runs her fingertips across my shoulder. She lifts my hair. She strokes my cheek. I quiver with desire for more but hold position as I know I must.

"Alright Carolyn," She says reluctantly, "We can use her anyway."

"Oooo!" I think."Red must be Carolyn."

"Stand slave," She says not too cruelly or imperiously, but as if She expects instant obedience anyway. I stand.

She takes my leash from Carolyn and walks me to stand between two upright pillars. I see the manacles and think, "Oh. OK. This is more normal." I hold my arms away from my back to make it easier for Her. I notice that even the manacles are feminine and pretty. They look like silver bangle bracelets and the chain is cute and light like a necklace. I like them. I do want to look pretty.

In everyday fashion, She closes a cuff on my right wrist, then unshackles my heavy right manacle. She lifts my arms to close the other pretty light cuff around my left wrist before She removes my other heavy manacle. I was never out of restraints for even a second. Then She removes my collar. I understand completely and expect this. Slaves are always, constantly, without exception in some sort of restraint. I'm locked into something before my collar or whatever is unlocked. I'm sure it's a Clitoris Alliance regulation for Dommes. I wouldn't know though because I've certainly never read anything for Mistresses. They must have a "Helpful Hints & Pet Tricks" booklet in a desk drawer somewhere I bet.

The blue lingerie Mistress tugs and adjusts my chains. I hear ratchets click as my arms are raised. Of course the ratchets must be locking. I can not lower my arms when I tug against the pretty cuffs. I just stand there meekly, now with my arms straight out and up from my shoulders.

"Nance, do you have all the batteries charged?" Carolyn asks.

"Yes darling. The outfit is fully operational and checked," the Mistress in blue lingerie states... who probably is Nancy if She's called "Nance" by Her lover.

Then I realize what's probably going to happen me. The Clitoris Alliance "Restraint Technology & Fashion Team" makes oodles of outfits, mainly for slaves, that are beautiful but also full of motorized sex toys. They're all the wildest erotic fetish fashion-wear but also have hundreds of tiny batteries and electronic devices built into them. Like those little coin-sized batteries in watches but all wired together and controlled by computer chips. I don't understand all of this but I've worn this suff a gazillion times.

They both walk away and return quickly with arm loads of slick shiny black rubber.... something. I can't tell what yet.

Nancy casually shakes out a pair of latex hose. She sprinkles talcum powder in Her hands and applies it to my legs in a mater-of-fact fashion. I keep my eyes straight ahead. Of course She can do whatever She wants with me and this is surprisingly pleasant. Now I see why only my wrists are cuffed and I'm standing there like a cross between a "T" and a "Y."

"Lift your right leg slave," She says very plainly. I obey. She rolls black latex hose up my right leg, tugs it up, and smooths it nicely. "Now your left" and again I obey. In seconds I'm wearing really cool shiny black hosiery. It feels nice.

"Lift your right leg again slave," and She slips a glossy patent leather ballet boot on my foot. She laces it tight. At the top there is a buckle that covers the laces. I hear it click when She closes it. I know immediately it is a lock buckle. She does the same to my left foot and I obey without hesitation. Now I'm about seven inches taller. I teeter on my toes, grateful that my cuffs and chains make it easy to stand but I still step around a bit trying to stay steady.

Carolyn lashes at my ass hard and as quick as the blink of an eye. "STAY!" She barks. I freeze. I can feel blood trickling from the fresh cut on my bum. I remember that Her quirt must have a razor sharp tip. "Yes Mistress, slave begs forgiveness Mistress, " I murmur meekly. I close my eyes for a moment, pull on my chains as the searing pain flares, then slowly fades a bit.

As I open my eyes I see Carolyn is bringing something towards my face. I try to figure it out and in a flash I recognize it. It's a hood. I've been hooded, gagged, blindfolded a gazillion time but this looks different. The big penis gag does not surprise me. I lick my lips and prepare to have my jaw ache for hours. But there do not seem to be any eye holes. That puzzles me, wondering if i'm supposed to serve in some way blind as a bat. Then as She turns it in Her hands so I see, it looks perfectly slick and smooth from the ouside but has smoked one-way mirror glass lenses. "How cool!" I think. They don't care to see my eyes and want me to look totally enclosed but I will be able to see a little. I am relieved to see nostril holes and even a few holes in the mouthpiece. "Whew!" I think, "At least I won't be snuffed today!"

I open my mouth obediently. She jams the gag between my teeth. It tastes a bit bitter and I wonder if it's been cleaned recently as it hits the back of my throat. Thick rubber envelopes my head as Carolyn wraps it around me. It smells pungent. I feel Her pulling my hair out an opening in the top. "Ah ha!" I think, "That's why They wanted a slave with black hair. She fusses with a hair holder so my hair sticks straight up maybe three inches, then flows free down my back. I feel Her tug the hood around the back of my head and lace it tight. I can not really hear any more. There seems to be something stuffed in both my ears. But I can see through the dark lenses. I feel, rather than hear, a series of clicks. I know that sound. There are lock buckles on this thing too. It is not coming off any time soon. I always panic a bit when hooded. I gasp and pant for a few seconds. Then I calm down when I realize I can breathe through my nose and even a bit through my mouth.

As soon as I've gotten as used to that as a slave possibly can, They wrap this really cool rubber corset around me. They seem to really be enjoying dressing Their "doll" together. It does look like fun... for Them.

"Suck it in," Carolyn says plain and simple. I obey of course and They tighten and tighten and tighten my laces. I can only take tiny shallow breaths now. My boobs are up so high I bet i could bend my chin down to touch them.... if the hood did not seem to have a posture collar built it. It seems I just noticed I can not move my head much. I feel four buckles pulled even tighter over the laces. I feel the click of more lock buckles. This is not coming off anytime soon either.

Nancy holds something under my nose so I can see it. She has a devilish smirk on her face. I stare at it wondering what it is. It squirms. It's shiny rubber. It's... it's... OMG!!! it's a pair of panties but it's got two incredible huge motorized squirming dildos sticking up inside!! She just holds it there for me to take in the whole picture.

I'm looking at the inside of the thick rubber shorts in dismay. There are two chrome metal things sticking up that look a like thick corkscrews. One is maybe two inches thick, seven inches long. The other is about an inch thick, five inches long. The strange thing is that they both twist about an eighth of a turn, then stop, like every second or so. They jerk like the second hand of a cheap clock. "What's that do?" I wonder. I look close very worried because I KNOW where that stuff is going. There's also these two little nubs, sort of like fingertips above the bigger corkscrew. It slowly dawns on me what the design does.

As the screws twist into you, they pull the panties tighter against your mons. The little nubs will squeeze together on your clit. Then since it stops, it all will slide back out a little. It will all still be held tight against you because it is tight rubber of course but the girl wearing those will feel like washin machine agitators are in her butt and cunt. What worries me is that it's all like so slow motion. Just a quick small turn, then stop, pause, quick small turn, then stop, pause. I also know that the batteries in these outfits last for DAYS!

Nancy grins. She lifts my feet one at a time. She's putting that... that... THING on me! IN me!! If She could see my face She'd see I'm terrified.

She shimmies it up both my legs and stops with it just below my crotch. She fingers me for a couple seconds. It feels SO good I can't help myself. I moan softly, mouthing the hard rubber penis jammed in my mouth. I arch my back to move my pussy closer to Her hand. That's when She wiggle-shoves the things in me! OooooOOooooooOOoooo!!!!!

The shock always makes me gasp. It's not bad though. These are much smaller than some stuff I've had shoved into me. I almost relax after a second.

Then it starts... quick small turn, then stop, pause, quick small turn, then stop, pause.... and I know it will not stop. I'm being fucked, ass probed in slllooooowwww motion. Every twist sends a wave through my guts, but it's over in a flash. Every twist makes the nubs squeeze my clit, lightly, then fade away. I instantly become sopping wet. That only makes the screws slide back out quicker, so the clit squeeze is lighter. I groan. I twist my wrists in my shackles. I'm frustrated already and it's only been like four seconds.

Nancy and Carolyn both stroke my butt, my crotch with Their hands. I tremble. I'm frantic to feel MORE but something's wrong! The rubber is too thick! The front must have a steel plate or sumthin. i don't feel anything of Their hands! Their hands do NOT get me closer to cumming! They tug the shorts up higher and again I feel lock buckles click.

I see Them both laugh. It's strange that i can not hear them through my hood. They kiss each other. They watch me squirm and laugh again that I can not hear.

They move quicker now, almost done with me I guess and in a hurry to do.... what? I don't know.

Carolyn kneels down beside me and grabs my right ankle. In seconds She's locked a spreader bar on my ankles. It has only like a six inch bar. I must stand with my feet close together. I'm puzzled but glad I still have my wrist manacles to help me stand.

To my surprise, Nancy unlocks my wrist cuffs. I panic, praying I don't fall on my face but They both help hold me up. The thing in my cunt swirls. my "pleasure button" is pressed again. All of this is starting to really drive me nutty... REALLY!

I'm almost in a daze as I realize They're slippin latex shoulder-length gloves up my arms, wrappin a patent leather bolero jacket around me. "Hey! How about that?" I think in amazement, "i'm totally 100% covered in slick shiny black rubber, latex, patent leather!" I actually feel proud that I must look totally hot. I feel even more lock buckles click. I guess I won't be out of this jacket and gloves anytime soon either.

The devices in my butt and cunt jerk their tiny little twist. The sensation from my clit fans out thru my body like ripples from a pebble tossed in a pond. I moan. It stops again. "DAMN!!!!!" I think. I tremble. I ball my fists. I relax them. I ball my fists. i'm 99.999% on the edge, teetering on the brink of a glorious wonderful magnificent POWERFUL orgasm, but can NOT get there. I whimper pathetically.

I see Nancy laugh. She cutely sticks one finger in Her mouth, Her eyes twinkle, smiling at me devilishly. She's loving this, my predicament. I hardly notice Carolyn take the hobble off my ankles. Nancy doodles Her fingertips around and around my nipples. I can not feel it! "NO!" I think. Nancy laughs more, that I can not hear, and swirls around dancing Her delight. "I must be Her toy or doll or something," I decide.

Nancy swirls into Carolyn's arms. They embrace, kissing passionately. I just bobble on my tiptoes in my ballet boots, barely able to stay upright. I can hardly breathe my waist is so strictly constricted. The screws twist. my clit is like a fireworks display, but one seen faintly from a distance. My mind races trying desperately to figure out how I could possibly cum. The devices swirl again. "Arrrg!!"

"How in the name of Gawd am i gonna make it thru THIS day?" I wonder. "What in the world do They want me to do??"

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