tagBDSMA Special Day In The Life Ch. 04

A Special Day In The Life Ch. 04


I am the toy of the day

It's very hard to stand in ballet shoes. Especially rigid booties locked on you so you can't flex your calves or move your ankles or anything. The way your legs are forced you must arch your back, stick your hips forward just to stay upright. New girls are always grabbing for a chair back or pole or something to support themselves. I don't have to do that any more. I grimly remember some of the forced exercises for new slaves from my early days of training. Walking, pony-trotting, running, naked except for ballet shoes, my collar and manacles for miles and miles around a track under the whips of Trainers. We're trained that when the leg cramps hurt like hell we're doing it correctly. I can do anything in ballet boots now. Dance class was almost fun in fact, except for the cattle prods.

I stand like a fashion model, one knee slightly forward, hip cocked a bit, trying to look sexy. We must at all times. I was left standing so I must keep this position until something else is demanded of me.

The devices in me twitch. I'm sloppy wet inside the tight rubber now. All I can think about is wanting to cum SO bad that it hurts.

"Carolyn must be the bull dyke to Nancy," I muse wile I just stand there. They're both fems but Nancy seems to love Her lingerie and must be the bitch, or maybe more of 'The Princess'." Just watching Them is torture for me. I keep wishing I could lick either one of Them and maybe They'd do something for me.

The things within me twirl their tiny bit, my clit is squeezed. My vision blurs, I gasp in little pants through my gag and nose holes. "Almost, almost!" I think as the sensations fade again. "DAMN!!! Not quite" I whine in misery as the motors stop suddenly again.

I just stand. "Maybe they just wanted another statue?" I wonder while I watch Them locked in each others arms, writhing and twisting together on the settee. I hold my position. The screws inside me sploosh and glurp around in my juices, almost funny if it wasn't so fucking frustrating!!!

Carolyn brushes Nancy's hair out of Her eyes affectionately. They sit up. Nancy composes Herself and lights a cigarette. Carolyn reaches to an end table and picks up something that looks like a big complicated remote control or something. Are they going to watch TV? She presses a button.

ZZZzzzzzzap! The two metal nubs massing both sides of my clit arc a shock THROUGH my clit! I jump about a foot. I bite the rubber penis gag hard.

She presses another button and I hear a screech like feedback from the buds in my ears. She brings the remote control, or whatever it is, to Her mouth.

"CAN YOU HEAR ME SLAVE?" blares in my ears as I watch those words form on her lips. I grunt once since I can not even nod my head. Long ago I was trained to make one noise for "yes," two for "no." That's how slaves can reply when gagged.

"GOOD GIRL!" blasts in my ears. She fumbles with keypunching or something.

"Is that better slave?" She asks and it's at a much better volume now. "We do not want to blow out your eardrums even if you are just slave meat, do we dear?"

I whimper twice.

"Good girl. Now I will explain what you will do this morning," She speaks into the thing and I can see Her lips move in unison, lovely lush lips She has too. I'd like to taste them.

The corkscrew in my cunt twitches and seems especially wicked this time. my rectum thumps as its screw turns. I whimper as my clit is pressed between the two nubs just a bit too lightly.

"You will go to my kitchen. I want one light fluffy scrambled egg, two strips of crisp bacon, one slice of lightly browned rye toast buttered and cut in half, hot coffee, one sugar, a dash of cream." She places Her order as calmly as someone at a restaurant.

"If the bacon is not crisp or the toast is burnt, well, maybe your cute little clittie will be burnt next. Are we clear slave?"

I whimper once pathetically but emphatically as loudly as I can through my gag, clearly remembering the zap of a moment ago..

The screws twitch inside me. My clit practically vibrates with that last squeeze. I moan softly in desperation as it fades away again.

"The love of my life will have an omelet, two eggs, lightly browned. you will find four cheeses in the fridge. Mince some onion and green pepper too I think. Oh! And freshly squeezed orange juice for Her. If there is ONE seed in Her drink I may do this for a few minutes." She presses a button.

With no warning at all, both of the chrome steel screws deep inside me suddenly warm, get hot, get VERY VERY HOT!

I claw frantically at my crotch in terror. I can not stop it! I can NOT stop it!!

"Understand slave?" She calmly asks.

I yelp once as loud an clear as I can through three pounds of rubber in my mouth and wrapped around my head.

The steel corkscrews cool. I'm gasping through my gag. I'm now soaked in squishy sweat inside all my latex and rubber.

"Good girl. Go." She states waving Her hand absent-mindedly to dismiss me. She casually lays the remote control on the end table to resume chatting with Nancy.

Again there is silence inside my hood. I chew on my penis gag. I trudge to the kitchen to get to work but remember to sway my ass seductively as we were trained when I walk away.

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