tagMind ControlA Special Gift Ch. 01

A Special Gift Ch. 01


Cassie smiled to herself as she carefully put the finishing touches on her husband Mike's surprise gift. The little box was small and square about the size of a jewelry box holding priceless diamond earrings; however this wasn't exorbitantly priced jewels, or even an incredible watch. Cassie's secret smile as her long finger's carefully placed one more perfect ribbon spiral on the top was because this box held his most secret fantasy. A gently pat was placed on the box as it was placed on his bedside pillow, and she glanced over at the outfit spread across the bed. With a glance at the clock she knew he would be home soon and it was time to get ready.

Darting into the bathroom she turned the shower to as hot as it would go and stripped her jeans and t-shirt off quickly. White cotton underwear and bra followed as the steam began to swirl around the room. She glanced in the mirror, placed her hands on her pale belly, turned from side to side, plumped her breasts to watch them jiggle then with an excited grin at herself she quickly swung around to hop into her waiting shower. Long nutmeg colored hair cascaded down her back and quickly became ropes as the water cascaded over her. Her nipples tightened as the water splashed down and the heat gently seared them. A handful of sweet smelling shampoo went into her hands and her long hair was soon sudsy. Cassie enjoyed the feeling of the soap slipping over her skin, and as she thought about her husband's surprise, stirrings of arousal began to sweep through the curves of her body. Ever since he had admitted his deepest secret fantasy she had wanted to make it come true, and with the help of her faculty and a large grant from the government war department, she was finally able to. This would be the first human application, so in addition to the excitement of giving her husband his dream, she was excited to be the first to use the technology.

The water and soap had relaxed her and she suddenly came out of a sort of stupor as she realized that she didn't have a whole lot longer to get ready. Her long legs swung out of the shower, a plush towel hung ready and wrapped her heat flushed body. Cassie's slight arousal made even the fibers of the towel bring her nipples into sharp relief and she laughed to herself how excited she was.

Hot rollers stood ready as she quickly dried her glossy brown locks, a tiny bit of mousse was scrunched in to help her curls keep the shape. The curlers also went in and she carefully applied a touch of mascara, a bit of eyeliner, and soft pink lip gloss. A shimmer of pale white covered her eyelids; while a soft dusting of bronzer highlighted her high cheekbones. Quickly she unwrapped her back length hair and the large soft curls bounced free and full. A white ribbon gathered her hair into a ponytail at the base of her neck. She tugged a few tendrils free to curl around her face, then with a panicked glance at the clock fairly flew into her bedroom.

Cassie's body had dried off while she had prepared her hair and makeup, so she quickly wriggled into the lavender lace bra and garter set. Pointing her toes she unrolled the pretty white stocking with white bows at the top up to her thigh and clipped them to her garters. A white dress waited on the bed, puff sleeves and a square neckline with lace trim created an innocent look, while the short mini skirt barely covered her perky ass and the soft layers of opaque organza skimmed her body. As she zipped it up she turned to look in the mirror even she was caught by the combination of innocent and pure, with extreme sexuality. She bit her full lips, and with a laugh practiced the innocent pose she knew her husband would love. One finger to her mouth her knees turned in together a hip thrust out and her head tilted to the side. Widening her eyes she knew she had the look down, and with the self-satisfied of a woman who knows she looks great she picked up the pretty box from the bed, quickly cleaned up her clothes and towels from the shower, and went downstairs. The clock said 5:28 and she breathed a sigh of relief, she was just in time!

Moving to the entryway, Cassie carefully moved to her knees, the layers of her dress flared across her thighs as she quickly strapped on the white heels sitting by the door. As soon as her shoes were on she heard Mike's car pull into the driveway. The excitement filled her as she waited for him on her knees, his present cradled in her hands. She was a picture of sexual innocence as she waited for him to open the door. Posed in a supplicant's position she held the little box in front of her; arm's outstretched making both herself and the present an offering to the man she loved with all of her heart.

As Mike parked the car he was pleased to see Cassie's Neon was already there. She had been working late over the last year, a top- secret research project was all he knew, and he had missed having his pretty wife waiting for him. They still had talked and made love but with the hours she had been keeping he was missing her. He owned a computer store and so was able to set his own schedule and he had made use of that to be able to spend many lunches with her. As Mike got of his car he reached to the passenger side of the car for the spring bouquet of flowers he knew she would love. He smiled as he remembered his Dad's advice the day four years ago just before he walked up the isle, "Give her a little present now and then not because she expects it but because you love her and you will end up the one rewarded." The truth of those words had bolstered their marriage into something that was rare and sweet. Two opinioned smart and passionate people completing each other with an underlying happiness, trust and respect. Once again, Mike took his hat off to his dad in his mind for the great advice then quickly dashed up the three steps of their porch to their door.

Cassie's green eyes widened a little as she heard the key scrape in the lock. Her breathe came a little faster and her cheeks flushed, here was the moment the culmination of all her hard work, her gift to him. The door seemed to take forever to open but when it did she had to smile. Her husband's long lithe body was framed by the setting sun. Flowers were in his hands and for a moment her heart seemed to stop, how had she been so lucky to find such a wonderful man. Her eyes trailed to his face and with a grin she saw the stunned and questioning look on his face,

"Cassie baby? Wha...what are you doing?" Mike fairly stuttered as he took in his always beautiful wife on her knees in front of him dressed in an outfit that barely covered her and yet made her look absolutely stunning.

"Open your present Mike," the sexual excitement deepened Cassie's lovely voice into a smoky seductive sound, and in an almost trance Mike picked up the little box in her hands. He fumbled with the flowers, and put them down on a nearby bookshelf then turned his attention to the little box. His fingers trembled as he unwrapped the box and slowly opened it. Cassie's eyes sparkled as the questioning look crossed his face,

"Cassie, what is this?" Mike felt out of his league as his seductress of his wife explained what he held in his hands.

"That, my love, is the proto-type for all the work I have been doing over the last year. You hold in you hands part of the future of intelligence gathering; however, tonight it is going to be used to fulfill your deepest fantasies. When you are ready, place that small diamond chip on my temple. It will absorb into my skin and give you exactly two hours of absolute control over me. I will become in a sense your own personal robot, but I will react to you as a normal person, except that I will have no free will whatever you command me I will do, my ultimate goal will be to please you. As the chip wears off I will begin to take back control of my body, but all the memories of what we did will be intact. You must protect me while I am in this state of submission to you, but it is very safe. If something does happen to go wrong my research team is monitoring me through a tracking device embedded in the chip and can be here in sixty seconds if there begins to be an unanticipated problem." She grinned a mischievous smiled at him as wiggled her eyebrows at him, "Want to give it a try.... Master?"

The stunned look began to wear off Mike's face as he realized what he held in his hands and the potential it held. "You mean you will essentially be my android?" His heart started pounding and his palms began to sweat. As a young man he had been into anime, and in particular had enjoyed the magical girlfriend category. He had mentioned it to Cassie one time when they had been sharing their deepest unattainable fantasies. But it had always been out of reach for him. Sudden instant arousal slammed into him as his wife looked up at him with a smile,

"Yes, Mike your own personal sexual android I'm ready... aren't you?"

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