tagGroup SexA Special Valentine Gift to Share

A Special Valentine Gift to Share


Chapter One


I shudder as John's huge hard penis thrusts into my tight hot ass. I'm kneeling on the bed. John is behind me on his knees. With each flicker of Diana's tongue on my clit, I moan. She's on her back; underneath me. I can't move. John's huge strong hands hold my ass tight against his penis. Diana's hands hold my clitoris tight against her mouth. I feel the orgasm building deep inside me; the intensity heightened by my inability to move. The quivering moves from the depths of me through every muscle and nerve in my body. And I still can't move. This pleasure/pain is unlike anything that I've ever experienced. I cry out as Diana unexpectedly shoves a vibrator into my vagina. My body is racked with one of the most powerful orgasm that I've ever had.

I wake with a start. My body is drenched in sweat and shaking. It was a dream; but a dream that very soon could become a reality; a special Valentine Gift to share.

Slowly, I move from the bed and into the shower. I spend extra time soaping my entire body, washing and rinsing my hair; all with the lightly scented jasmine fragrance that I know John likes. I shave my legs and underarms closely, so that I'm silky smooth. I shave carefully around the small little heart shaped patch of hair that marks my vulva. My hands gently cup my warm wet breasts. I bend over and reach between my legs, letting my fingers linger on the outer lips of my labia. I gently stroke my clitoris, remembering the feel of John's fingers...the feel of his tongue...contemplating the differences in Diana's touch. I have plans for this evening; a special surprise for John; a Valentine Gift to share. I wonder how the evening will unfold. Moving out of the shower, I slowly rub the jasmine moisturizer all over my body, gently feeling the softness of my curves. With each spot I touch, I anticipate the incredible feelings that John's touch always brings. How will adding Diana's touch change those feelings? How will John react? I hope the special surprises I have planned, will intensify our passion for each other. But I'm also wondering if I've done the right thing. I'm more than a little bit scared. I don't want to do anything to damage the relationship that I have with John. I want this special Valentine Gift to deepen our relationship. I sure hope it works out like that.

John is without question the most sensitive and satisfying lover that I have ever known. He knows my body intimately. He's brought a new dimension to lovemaking. He has seduced my mind totally and completely and my body is always ready for him. John clearly understands that for me, desire always starts in my mind. The verbal intercourse that we share is as passionate and intense as the sexual intercourse. We share our fantasies completely with each other. We enjoy helping each other to make them come true. We talk about sex almost as frequently as we enjoy sex. Our physical relationship is woven into the fabric of our life together. John pays attention to me and is always ready to try to give me all that I ask for. Innocent comments made in passing become surprises in his embrace. Lovemaking with John is always different. I love the creativity and spontaneity that he brings to our bed. I love all the toys and games; the laughter and the teasing. I love the special videos and photos; the ones we watch of others and the ones we make and watch of ourselves. The connection we share is solid and deep.

Tonight will be a new chapter – a threesome – a fantasy that we both desire, that we both want to share with each other. If the intensity of my afternoon dream is any indication, this evening's experiences will bring our already intense passions to new heights.


Standing in the shower, I can't stop thinking about Cassie. I'm really looking forward to our evening together. My dick gets hard just thinking about her. I wonder what she has planned. All she'll say is, "It's a surprise, John." Every time I ask her for more data, she says, "That's all part of the surprise. Just pack an overnight bag. That's all you need to do."

Cassie is amazing. The woman is always hot for me. She's always surprising me; always wanting to try new things. She's really sexy. My dick is hot remembering her deep throating it; riding it, taking it in every hole. I'm so ready for tonight. I can't believe she wants sex as much as I do; sometimes I think she wants it even more. What a trip that is. It feels so great to know that she always wants me. She's open and honest; no games, no manipulation. She's always glad to see me, happy to spend time with me and always ready for sex. What an incredible turn-on. She's a gift; coming at a time when my ego needed a boost. She certainly provides that and more. My dick is really hard and throbbing now...clearly responding to thoughts of her even when she's not here. She's incredible. I constantly surf for ideas to bring to our bed. I hope she likes the bag of toys that I've planned as her Valentine Gift – a gift we can both share.


I feel John's huge hard penis push deeper into my vagina. My legs are in the air in a deep V. John is on his knees between them. I watch Cassie rise up next to me to kiss John deeply. Then she curls into my side and I moan as she thrusts the softer, more flexible dildo into my ass and firmly grasps a nipple between her teeth. I move my own fingers rapidly back and forth over my swollen clitoris. I arch and rock my hips. The pleasure/pain is incredible. I feel the orgasm building inside me. I shudder and allow myself to give in to the intensity. Every nerve in my body is alive in one of the most powerful orgasms that I've ever had.

I'm exhausted and drenched in sweat. That daydream suggests some of the experiences yet to come. Will the reality be as satisfying?

I've been busy; lots on my 'to do 'list to help prepare for the special Valentine Gift that Cassie is planning on sharing with her lover, John. Cassie and I are best friends. We grew up together and share much of our lives with each other. Although I'm in a committed lesbian relationship, I consider myself to be genuinely bi-sexual. Cassie knows that. I think she's pretty accepting of it. Cassie and I have always been open in sharing our sexual experiences with each other; from the first awkward kisses to the more refined points of mature lovemaking. We've talked about it all.

I know about the incredibly creative and passionate sexual relationship that Cassie and John have. I know that their sexual relationship includes a rich fantasy life. Without being aware of the all the details, I know that they share their fantasies and often help each other to make them come true. It didn't come as a surprise to me, when Cassie first approached me with the idea of a threesome. Cassie told me that a threesome is a fantasy for both of them. She asked me if I would help her surprise John with this Valentine Gift that they both could share.

My lover will be out of town over Valentine's Day. It seems like a perfect opportunity. With my lover's support, I have agreed to this special Valentine Gift. But I'm nervous. Cassie is accepting of my bi-sexuality, but I've never met John. Cassie sings his praises; saying he's the most incredible man that she's ever known; totally open and accepting. She's assured me that he really wants this fantasy to come true. She also told me that he trusted her to choose the other woman. But I wonder if I'll respond to him; if he'll respond to me. I hope this works out for Cassie. She's bet a lot on this evening's adventures.

Chapter Two


Standing at the door, I'm clearly aware of the uncertainty that I'm feeling. The perfumes and potions that I lovingly applied, the pink satin and black lace lingerie that now clings to the soft curves under my clothes, the dampness already growing between my legs...I'm ready, but nervous.

I take a deep breath and ring the bell. Waiting for John to answer, a million thoughts and questions swirl around in my mind. I trust John. I know that I can count on his acceptance and love. I trust Diana. I know that I can depend on the deep friendship that we share. But can I trust John and Diana together? What if they don't even like each other? What if they aren't comfortable with each other? Or...what if they really hit it off and are totally turned on by each other? What if John forgets about me? Truth to tell, that's what really scares me. I hope I've made the right decision. I want this shared Valentine Gift to strengthen the tight bonds of intimacy that I share with both John and Diana. I want to make friends of lovers and lovers of friends. I think that I know them both well enough to know that this will be OK. But I'm still a more than a little bit scared...

John opens the door. I smile and step into his open arms. I feel myself beginning to relax in his embrace; finally beginning to feel safe. I look up into his beautiful green eyes, looking for the answers to my unspoken questions. I open my mouth to his for a deep kiss and immediately feel the heat growing in our loins. Our passion for each other is never far from the surface. I have to trust him; trust that this passion comes from the deep connection that we share. I have to trust that whatever happens, we'll come out of this stronger. We both understand that something special is about to happen; something to forever mark this Valentine's Day in our memories. At this moment, only I understand the chances inherent in this step.

"John, you feel so good. I've been planning this evening, looking forward to it for such a long time, that I think I'm a little bit scared"


I smile as I open the door for her. My arms open to draw her close. I bend my head for her kiss. It all happens without my even thinking about it. It's so natural with her. I can feel a slight trembling in her body. I wonder if she could be nervous. That's not like her. What does she have planned? But the warmth of Cassie's body against mine and the softness of her lips, cause me to forget all those concerns. I can feel my dick getting hard again. I know she feels it too.

"You feel great too, Cassie. Relax. Don't worry. I'm really looking forward to this. I know it's going to be great. Let's get going. We've both already waited too long "

"What's this," Cassie asks, spying the red gift bag on the floor.

I smile seductively, "My surprise," I say holding the door open for her.


As I drive to the hotel suite, my mind is racing over the million details that Cassie and I have discussed; details that will make this Valentine's Day unforgettable. I have the flowers, the music, the champagne, the camera...damm, I forgot the red satin bag of "toys". Do I have time to turn around and go back? No, not without being late. Oh well, my surprise presence will have to be novelty enough for this evening's adventures.

I arrive with not a lot of time to prepare. I use the keycard that Cassie gave me earlier to let myself into the dark and quiet room. I work quickly to create the ambiance that is so important to Cassie. When I 'm satisfied that all is complete, except for that missing bag of toys, I jump into the shower. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time, so I soap, shave, towel dry, and moisturizer my entire body quickly before slipping into the beautiful lingerie that Cassie has given me.

This whole evening, the location and my presence are a surprise for John. Cassie and I have been planning for weeks. A smile comes to my face as I remember our 'practice' session. Cassie wanted to make sure that she would be comfortable with this new aspect of lovemaking. I've always felt Cassie's acceptance of me; but in asking me to participate in this threesome; in sharing her body with me, her lover with me...well the acceptance has grown to a new level. That feels great. I slide my fingers down under my clothes and reach for the soft sweet spot between my legs. I remember Cassie's "first time." I finger myself gently. The images of our lovemaking flash in my mind. Cassie was eager and willing, but tentative and shy. That's very unusual for her. What an honor to be chosen to be the experienced partner. It was a pleasure to initiate this 'virgin'. Cassie is a wonderful student. She always brings herself openly and honestly to our friendship and this was no different. Our 'practice' session had been rich and satisfying.

I can't stop thinking about Cassie and wondering about John. I feel my nipples harden and my vagina throb. I think I'm ready, but I'm a little apprehensive. I hope John is all that Cassie says he is. I hope that he accepts me and that we can be comfortable with each other. This evening means so much to Cassie. I want it to go well.

Chapter Three


I notice Diana's car parked in the lot as I slide into a spot nearby. I turn off the ignition and move to face John. "We're here, sweetie. Will you help me with our things?" He grabs our bags and follows me to the door of the suite. Before inserting the keycard, which I already have picked up, I turn to John. The hallway is dark and quiet. No one is around. "Sweetheart, you know this is a very special Valentine's Day surprise. Will you let me tie this red satin scarf around your eyes as I lead you into the suite?"

I reach up to tie the scarf around his eyes. I kiss him softly and then open the door. I lead him inside. I take in the wonderful atmosphere that Diana has created. What a wonderful friend she is. There are red candles everywhere. A fire is burning in the fireplace. The roses and the champagne bucket are ready on the table. Some of our favorite music is playing in the background. It's perfect for this special Valentine Gift.

Diana is just coming out of the bathroom. She looks beautiful in the white satin and black lace bra and matching panties, a black lace garter belt and silky black stockings. I smile at her. She smiles back and gives me the thumbs up signal that everything is ready.

"John, you can let go of the bags, but don't take the blindfold off yet, OK?"

I slide my coat off, then my dress. I am standing before him clad in matching pink satin and black lace bra and panties with a black lace garter belt and silky black stockings. Only he doesn't know that yet.

"John, before I take the blindfold off there is something I need to say to you. You know that I think you are the most incredible man that I have ever met. There is no one whom I trust more; no one I respect more. I treasure the open and honest relationship that we share. I would never do anything consciously to damage it. I chose to be with you. All that I offer to you is offered freely from my desire to share with you all that I am. But right now, I'm more than a little bit scared, wondering if I did the right thing for this surprise Valentine Gift."

"Don't worry Cassie. Everything will be fine," he says as he blindly reaches out for me and draws me into his embrace. It feels safe. I trust John.


Cassie's in my arms. I can feel that most of her clothes are off. Finally. She feels wonderful. My dick is already responding. I am so ready.

I hear her say, "Happy Valentine's Day, John, " as the blindfold falls to the floor. I quickly take in the scene. She's worked hard to set this up in advance. I look down at Cassie. She is hot in some pink and black lacy stuff and stockings and garters. Wow! She knows how that turns me on. My dick is growing larger by the minute. I can't wait any more. I pull her tight against me, ready to pick up the pace. Just before I totally give in to her, I notice the other woman. She's stepping out of the shadows. Cassie's body is pressed against mine, her tongue is all over my mouth, but I can't take my eyes off this other woman. What's going on? Is she part of the surprise?


I heard the door open. I stood silently in the shadows and watched as Cassie and John entered the room. He's really handsome; a big strong man. I felt myself beginning to respond to him; one less thing to worry about. This is going to be a great evening. It's been a long time since I've been with a man. I think I'll enjoy him. What a great opportunity for Cassie to begin to explore the differences between another woman, who is soft and yielding and a man, who is hard and solid.

I watched as Cassie undressed. She is stunning. She leaned forward and must have whispered something to John. He responded by pulling her close to him. For the first time, I watched them kiss. I can felt the moistness growing between my legs.

John is kissing Cassie, but I feel his eyes on me. I slowly walk out of the shadows. Cassie has claimed John's mouth, but his eyes never leave me as I walk toward them


She's walking toward us. She's dressed like Cassie; except white and black. She gets closer and I realize that she smells like Cassie. She stands right next to Cassie, in front of me. Cassie leans back and opens her arms to the other woman. "John, this is my friend, Diana. She's here tonight to become your friend too. And she will become our lover."

Now this Diana woman is leaning into me; her mouth opening to me. I'm totally in shock. My friend? Our lover? What the heck does that mean? My instincts take over and I open my mouth to her. But I can't take my eyes off Cassie. I've never seen her look so beautiful. The smile on her face is filled with love and trust. What an amazing woman I think as I close my eyes and fully respond to Diana's kiss.


Feeling my presence, Cassie opened her arms and included me in their embrace. I heard Cassie's voice but had difficulty processing the information. I heard "my friend, Diana...your friend...our lover." Cassie looked at me and silently nodded her permission. I moved forward and met John's lips for the first time with my own.

Chapter Four


There's no turning back now, I think as I step back and watch my lover, John kiss my friend, Diana. Deep in the recesses of my mind, I'm still thinking. I hope this was a good choice. But never one to dwell long among regrets, I push those thoughts aside and move fully into the moment. It really does feel natural to be here with John and Diana.

I find myself wanting them both. I move forward again to participate actively in their embrace. John moves to kiss me again. There is something slightly different about the taste of his mouth. I realize it must be Diana. I allow myself to respond fully to John's kiss. I feel his hand move down and gently grasp one of the soft cheeks of my bottom through the satin panties. At the same time, Diana's hand is on the other cheek. Her other hand is at the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair. Gently, Diana pulls my face from John's and opens her mouth to me. My legs buckle with this incredible new sensation, but I feel John immediately respond. His arm moves up around my waist to help support me. I am breathless.

I step back, clearly shaken by this first encounter and walk toward the champagne. I take the bottle out of the bucket and hold it toward John. "Will you do the honors, John?"

"Of course," he says as both he and Diana both walk toward me.

I watch in silent admiration as this wonderful man reaches for the bottle and begins the ritual of uncorking the champagne. Diana comes around to stand beside me. John successfully uncorks the bottle and pours the champagne. We hold our glasses high.

"John, you are my lover. Diana, you are my friend," I say softly. "It feels so good to have you both here together. When the evening is over, we will all be both lovers and friends."

John looks at Diana and says, "To new friends and new lovers."

Then he turns to me and says, "To forever friends and forever lovers."

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