A Special Valentine Gift to Share


I watched for a moment as Cassie settleed herself on John's huge penis. I moved to straddle John's face. I felt his hands reach out to pull my pussy to his mouth. He began to lick and suck my clit. I reached out to fondle Cassie's breasts. I could reach her mouth. Cassie and I kissed deeply as my hands continued to work her breasts. John's mouth was buried in my pussy. Cassie was riding John's cock. It was incredible. John's tongue was hot; Cassie mouth was on fire. The orgasms continued to rack my body. I wondered how many more were to come?

Then Cassie shifted position and I remembered the camera. Cassie told me she wants some really good photos of her and John together. They tried to take some themselves, but found it was difficult to be both model and photographer. I silently slip away and return with the camera in hand.

Cassie spoke eloquently and passionately about wanting to see what John sees when he enters her; from both the front and the rear; her pussy and her ass. I watch them together; lost in the magic of each other. The silent unspoken communication between them is powerful. I hate to intrude upon this moment, but I know the photos are important to my friend.


I become aware of Diana. I notice the camera in her hand and quickly size up the situation. Cassie has told me many times that she wants to see what I see as I enter her. I've tried to take some of those photos for her, but the results were not quite what we had wanted. I hope that Diana can change that. I know it will mean a lot to Cassie.

"Cassie," I say gently, "Diana is going to take some photos of us. Why don't you lay down on your back?" She slides off me. Her body has been racked with a series of intense orgasms and I sense her fatigue. She lies down in the center of the big heart shaped bed. I move between her legs. Kneeling there looking down at her, I pause for a moment. We both need to catch our breath. My hand reaches out and traces the frame of her face, gliding gently over the bridge of her nose, her cheekbones and across the outline of her swollen lips. She opens her mouth to me and I stick my finger in. I slowly circle the inside of her mouth. She closes it around my finger and gently begins to suck.

My wet fingers trail down the length of her neck and across her collarbone. With each hand I cup the lush fullness of her breasts. I bend close to gently kiss each hard protruding nipple. I love her nipples; large and pink against the whiteness of her skin. My hands continued to follow the contours of her body; running down the soft hourglass curve that her waist and hips create. Her tummy is rounded. Her whole body is soft and smooth.

I'm vaguely aware of the quiet click of the shutter as Diana begins to take photos.

The sweet spot between Cassie's legs is wet and swollen. I move to kiss and suckle her clit. I push her legs into the air and bend my head into her pussy. Gently and slowly as I had seen Diana do, I begin to flick my tongue over her throbbing clit. She writhes underneath me. The woman can never hold still. I grip her hips firmly and whisper, "Be still for me, Cassie." I feel her body relax in my hands. My mouth and tongue continue. She is sweet and swollen and wet. I love the taste of her. She loves it too. My fingers find their way into her vagina and slowly move in and out rubbing against the G spot inside and the clit on the outside. She begins to move again. My fingers move to her mouth. Immediately she opens her mouth to suck again on them. Now they are covered with the juices of her body. I feel her sucking I need to be inside her again. I need to push again. I'm getting close to needing my release. The women seem spent and satisfied. It's my turn now.

I edge my groin even closer to Cassie's bottom; her legs now high in the air. She is red and swollen. I wonder if she is beginning to feel some tenderness, so I gently ease the tip of my cock into her pussy and then pause. She looks up at me. Diana moves closer to take a few shots of my shaft just beginning to enter Cassie. I shove my dick in a little deeper and then hold still again. Diana clicks the shutter a few more times from this view. Finally when I can't wait any longer, I push all the way into her. She cries out. She must see the look of concern on my face. I hear her say softly, "I'm fine John. You feel wonderful. I want you inside me as deep and as far as you can come. I want to feel all the strength and power of you inside of me. I want to feel you come inside of me. Come John. Come to me."


The ancient dance that men and women have shared for centuries begins. John leans back and holds onto my outstretched legs as he pounds into me. His cock in my pussy; over and over he pushes. It is simple; it is basic; it is the best of us coming together in this moment. I feel his testicles slap against my bottom with each thrust.

I'm vaguely aware that Diana has moved onto her stomach behind John. For only a moment, my minds flashes onto the photographs that she will be able to capture from this low vantage point, almost directly under our coupling. Bless her. She's continuing to search for the perfect photo of our connection.

Then John stops. I feel the last huge swelling of his penis; the moment when I think it can grow no bigger, but it does. He holds himself tight against me and we both feel the spasms begin deep inside his body. We hold perfectly still as the quivering moves outward and finally he spills his seed into the fertile warmth of my body. Time stops. It is an intensely spiritual moment. I feel a connection with all that is love; the love of the men and women who have come before us; of the men and women who will come after us. The power of God is in this moment. We gaze down at each other, but no words are spoken. There are no words for all that this moment holds. But the silent communication between us is as strong and powerful as our coupling. We are totally and completely satisfied.


The clicking of the camera in my hands stops. I back away slightly from them and watch in awe For the first time all evening, I feel like an intruder. I quietly move into the other room to allow them this space alone.

Chapter Six


I drive home in silence, reflecting on the experiences of the past 24 hours. The intensity was overwhelming. I can feel the salty tears begin to slide down my cheeks. The level of connection between Cassie and John is more powerful than anything I've ever witnessed. I don't think they're even aware of it. The current of communication and passion that flows unchecked between them has to be obvious to anyone in the same room with them; anyone that is, except Cassie and John.

I wonder how this new experience will change their relationship, for change it in some way it surely will. I hope that it will bring them even closer together like Cassie hopes. My friend is an amazing woman. I think John is a good match for her. I hope it all works out for them.

I think this will also change the relationship with Cassie and me. And what about John and me? Lots of dynamics will be affected by the events of the past 24 hours. I feel the deepest sense of love and acceptance from Cassie. And John was marvelous; as open, accepting and loving as Cassie had predicted.

I wonder if they will want to do this again. I turn into my driveway and see my lover coming to the door to welcome me. I'm really glad to be home. I think this will change my relationship with this woman, my lover, too. I wonder if they would be open to inviting my partner? So much to think about...

I say a silent prayer that this Valentine Gift will bring Cassie and John even closer together. I pray that God will send His blessings down on this union, holding them in His heart for a long, long time.


I loaded Diana's bags in her car and kissed her good-by one last time before sending her on her way. Then I load our things into Cassie's car and walk back to get her. I find her quietly walking around the suite. I wrap my arms gently around her and feel her body shudder. Is she going to cry? The moment is highly charged with intense emotions. I sense how fragile she is.

"Darlin' it's time to go," I say gently.

"I know," she says. "I just don't want to ever forget this. It's hard to leave."

"Cassie, we will always share this memory. No one can take that from us. Nothing will ever change that," I whisper. "Let's look forward to the many more memories that we will make together."

Sitting in the driver's seat of her car, I look at her in the passenger seat. She leans back in the seat, her eyes closed, silent tears running down her cheeks. I shift the car into gear and wonder what all this means. Does she have regrets? That isn't like her. It hadn't sounded like it when we left the suite. I need to make sure. I want this experience to be nothing but positive; bringing us even closer together. She went out on a limb here for us. I need to make sure she knows not only that I appreciate it, but also that it has deepen my feelings for her. We drive home in silence.


I felt John's eyes on me. I kept mine tightly shut, but I couldn't stem the flow of tears. I've never felt this full; the feelings and emotions of the past 24 hours are filling my heart. I feel overwhelmed and because I'm so tired, I can't seem to process all that has happened.

John seemed pleased and satisfied. But, I also sensed a difference in his eyes when he looked at me. I hope he's not disappointed. This is silly. I just need to talk to him about it. We can always talk about anything. It's an essential part of the deep connection that we share. I am going to stop thinking about it now and wait until later. When we're both well rested, I'll talk with him about our experiences and his reactions to them. That finally resolved in my mind, I allow myself to relax. John has offered to drive home. For that I'm grateful. I drift off to sleep, conscious of the tenderness of my body. Every inch of me has been loved beyond belief by two wonderfully sensitive and giving lovers. The reality had been even better than the fantasy,

Chapter Seven


"We're home, sweetheart," I whisper.

Cassie opens her eyes and smiles softly at me. I turn off the ignition and get out of the car. I come around to help her out. "Come on. Let's get you in bed. I'll come back for our stuff."

I lead her into the dark and quiet house, up the stairs to the bedroom. Tenderly I help her out of her clothes and ease her into bed.

"Thank you, John. You're a dear, sweet man, " she murmurs, clearly drifting back to sleep.

"I'll be back soon," I say.

I unload the car and head back up to the bedroom. As I enter the room I can hear her snoring softly. I quickly undress. Before getting into bed, I raise the blinds. A beautiful full moon shines over the snow-covered golf course. The reflection off the snow and the light of the moon itself, cast a soft glow into the room. I stand and look down at her. She is the most amazing woman I've ever met. I can't quite figure her out. She's always surprising me. She's thoughtful and understanding.. I think she really accepts me; finally a woman who isn't trying to change me or fix me. I know I haven't always made it easy for her. But she's never let me down. She's always there for me. Yet she never loses her strong sense of herself. She clearly doesn't need me in her world. She simply wants me to be part of her life. I'm not sure what to make of all this.

I climb in bed beside her and feel her stir. I reach to put my arm under her and instinctively she fits her body to mine, putting her head on my chest. She opens her eyes and looks up at me. I shift slightly to be able to look at her.

"Before you go back to sleep," I begin, "I need to tell you something. You are the most incredible woman that I have ever met. You've brought things into my life that I didn't think I'd experience ever again. No one has ever given me a gift like this surprise Valentine Gift that you have given me."

Tears filled her eyes again. She reaches out to touch my face. "I love you, John."

"I love you, Cassie."

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