tagErotic CouplingsA Spy in the Garden

A Spy in the Garden


The invitation said formal, so G pulled out a long green dress and inspected it in the mirror. Formal, yes, and sexy, but not too much as to cause a situation. The back was open, the straps were thin, and it showed just enough cleavage to barter down a cab fare home, if needed.

G walked into the bathroom and briefly flashed back to the last time she wore this dress. It was a dinner in the capitol, part of the same investigation into an Italian diplomat's increasingly shady deals. The dinner was boring and nothing useful came of it. But tonight, maybe this dress would prove valuable.

Shaking away the memories, G pulled on black lace panties and after some debate, chose a similar black lace strapless bra that clung to her tightly and made sure nothing was out of place.

G brushed her hair and wound it into a twist. She applied some makeup and added earrings before sitting back. On a whim, she pulled out her best red lipstick and put on a thick coat. With the dark green of the dress, G thought, the deep red looked good.

Gathering her coat and purse, G sent a text to her contact for the night. Sherri texted back quickly with directions to meet a block away from the ambassador's villa. G called a cab.


Sherri wasn't there when G stepped out of the cab into the night. Well, she didn't come around the corner until a moment later.

Wearing a long black coat and hat, G thought Sherri took herself too seriously as a spy, but Sherri was far too skilled at her job for G to say anything.

"Hey. Did you get instructions earlier today?"

"Yes," G said. "I'm on the lookout for one of the potential dealers or the diplomat. But my money is on the diplomat, he doesn't miss parties like this."

"Don't be so sure," Sherri warned. "He could know we are looking into him, so we need to be careful."

Sherri pulled a phone out of her pocket.

"Thankfully for us, the man we want to track has been photographed with this phone. If you can switch out this phone that we have bugged, tonight will be a success."

She handed the phone to G.

"Text me as soon as you make the switch and I'll activate it to mirror his normal phone."

"Thanks." G made a point to ask her later how this was done when the man in question wasn't known to them.

"And good luck tonight," Sherri smiled. "You look like a knockout."

G smiled as Sherri disappeared into the dark. G tucked the phone into her purse and turned the corner toward the large house ahead.


G didn't see the diplomat anywhere. It was disappointing, but not as disappointing as the ambassador's offer to go see his new-first-edition-of-who-knows-what-upstairs-in-his-office as his hand slid slowly down her back. G sipped on a champagne. This was not going well.

Out of the corner of her eye, G saw a tall figure enter the room and greet the ambassador. She stole a glance and immediately wished she hadn't. M didn't look any different from the last time she saw him, or at least, the last time he knew they saw each other.

M made his business on risky trades with arms dealers and those who worked either side of any war. Suspicious, G followed him one night after he left her apartment, and after noting their rendezvous point and recognizing many of the faces present, knew she had to leave him. She hoped she would never see M again, and actively denied their lines of work could very well cause them to cross paths. Wishful thinking.

G turned away from the door and scanned the room. If the Italian guy wasn't here and they had so few details on the dealers... could it be M? She didn't have much time to find out.

So little time, in fact, that as G was scheming, M had come up and placed his hand on the small of her back.

"Hello, this is quite a surprise." M slid his arm around G's waist as he kissed her cheek.

"I had no idea you were in town," G said. His arm felt strong against her body.

"Me neither. I came in for a meeting and stopped by tonight to see some friends. Apparently, I am seeing more than that."

M looked G up and down. "You look incredible."

"As do you."

M reached toward a passing tray for two glasses.

"How have you been?"

"Fine and yourself?" G reached to put her empty glass on the tray, their fingers brushing.

M smiled and said, "I'm doing fine, too."

They drank in silence.

"Have you been traveling?" G asked.

"Some. I was in Algiers last week and went to Frederick's. He finally got that new roof." M grinned at G. It was his favorite restaurant to take G when they had traveled together.

"Good for him, that place was excellent."

G drank deeply. There was also a documented shipment of ammunition from Algiers four days ago. Based on their information and M's story, it could only have been one of M's contacts. M had to be her target for the night, of course! Sherri must have known but wasn't willing to tell her, fearing she'd back out. No wonder she already had his phone programmed. G had turned over the contents of his phone to headquarters a few months ago, before never picking up another one of his calls and pretending she'd never see him again.

"Yes, Frederick was one of the first people I ever did business with and he's a good man. He always spoke very highly of you, even if your Arabic needed some practice." M looked intently at G, smiling and gently teasing her.

Two military captains passed by and one glanced back over his shoulder at G.

"I'm not the only one here tonight who thinks you're stunning."

G stared at M and took a slow drink, not responding to his flattery.

M grinned.

Glancing around the room, G said, "This is a large party."

"Indeed. Too much for you?"

"For a moment. I'd like step outside," G ventured.

"May I join you?"

G eyed M closely and smirked. If she played it right, this could be her chance. But M made her nervous.

"Of course."

G set her drink down on a tray and walked toward the stairs, careful to make sure M had a view of the back of her dress. Memories of their nights, and days, together were coming up, and she tried to focus on her mission.

G felt M's hand on her arm as she stepped out to the veranda.

G slipped her arm into his as they made their way down the steps. M made no point to hide his glances down the front of her dress.

"I would become easily distracted by you tonight."

G scoffed as they turned a corner into the garden with shrubs that blocked out much of the party noise. "Lucky for you that I'm not your date."

They walked further, and G said, "This garden seems very secluded, like I could get lost in here."

M stopped and turned to face G. "Seems like a smart place to be then."

M leaned and kissed G on the cheek. His lips traced over her cheek and pressed down onto hers. G kissed him back, all too aware of the present situation, yet felt their many kisses in this one.

M kissed G more intensely and after a moment, slid his hands down her back, grabbing her ass.

G broke away. "What are you doing!" She pressed her hands into M's chest and pushed him further into the garden as he laughed softly.

G decided to go for it. She stepped toward M. "You didn't miss me."

M laughed softly again.

"I missed some parts of you," M said as he traced his fingers over her shoulder and collar bones, slowly moving his hand in between her cleavage. Hooking a finger into the front of her dress, M pulled G close and kissed her deeply.

G pressed her hands into his back, at first feeling for his phone but gave up the search as M began to move his kisses down her neck. Her knees and legs started shaking.

M paused, spun G around, and pressed himself into her back. "Still afraid of getting caught?"

G could feel him getting hard, jutting into her lower back. She ran her hands down the front of his legs, and gasped slightly as she felt a phone in his front pocket. Hiding her discovery, G reached to grab M's ass and pressed her hips into his.

"I'm not afraid tonight."

M breathed on G's neck and wrapped an arm around her waist, guiding them to the closest bench.

"Good answer."

M pulled her dress strap down and his kisses moved closer and closer to her nearly exposed breast. G lowered herself onto the bench, careful to set her purse out of the way but still within reach.

M sat next to her, still focused on her chest. G gasped as M flicked his tongue over her nipple. M laughed and bit down slightly. G grabbed the front of M's shirt and pushed him off.

"You know I don't like that."

"But you know that I do."

M reached to pull G in close, and she hiked her dress up as she draped a leg over his. M tugged her other strap down and sucked on her breast, while holding her tightly around her waist. G kissed his neck while pressing her chest on his and M moaned.

"You're making me hard."

G kissed M softly. "I've been known to do that."

G had unbuttoned M's shirt enough to pull on his gold chain. She took a deep breath, making her mind up.

"I am going to suck your cock, M, right here and right now."

M stared intently at G, almost in disbelief, and the squeezed his hand on her waist to lift her leg off his.

G kneeled in between his legs, taking care to nudge her purse near her knees. Unbuckling M's belt, G looked up. M looked back and let out a low moan as she pulled out his cock and licked the tip.

"Oh, I remember this."

G swirled her tongue around the tip and sucked until M inhaled deeply and suddenly. She slid her lips around and moved her mouth down to his base, flicking her tongue back and forth as she moved down. M traced his fingers on her neck and shoulders as G slowly licked his entire shaft. G leaned in close to lick lightly on M's balls.

"That's it, yes."

G gripped his knee with one hand as she fished the bugged phone out of her purse, never losing her pace as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. M shuddered, and G dropped the phone. She pressed her hands into M's knees, sucking hard on the tip of his cock. G replaced her lips with her hand and flicked her tongue on his balls, feeling his inner thighs quiver as she squeezed her fingers.

"You're going to make me cum, G."


M looked up at the sky as G slid her lips and tongue up and down his cock, using one hand at his base and continuing to build in speed. His whole body began to tense and G moved her other hand to M's hip and pulled his phone out of his pocket, right as M came in her mouth.

Throwing the phone as far away as she could, G focused on the moment. Inhaling, she pulled M's cock to the back of her throat and sucked deeply as he came. M shuddered and leaned over G to grab her breasts through her dress.

His cock pulsed in her mouth and G felt him go calm.

"I have never forgotten this," M breathed into her ear.

G licked the tip, wiped her mouth, and kissed M.

"Stop talking."

M sat up and laughed. "It was a compliment, sorry, but you give a damn good blow job."

G tried to subtly feel around for the bugged phone in the grass, but M pulled her up to stand to kiss him.

"Come back with me tonight," M said, pressing his hands on her hips.

"No, I have to work."

"I can make it worth your time," M whispered, moving his hands to her waist and squeezing.

G didn't reply but kissed M back, moving her foot in the grass until she found the phone.

M pulled G onto to bench and began to pull her dress over her knee.

"Just one night?"

G moved away on the bench. "I really can't."

"Well, I'll have to wait for another party to see you again."

M zipped his pants and made to stand up. With a foot still on his "new" phone, G panicked.

"Are we done here?"

M smiled and sat down. "Is this your way of asking for something?"

G held her breath and looked at M, tempted by his offer but unsure of his next move.

"You know I'm more than happy to oblige."

M leaned in to kiss G and she kicked the phone toward his foot.

G leaned away from the kiss. "No, not tonight."

"Ah, then I may need to return inside. I have some significantly less interesting conversations to attend to."

G stood and pulled her dress straps up. She smoothed her dress and looked around.

"Is that your phone in the grass?"

G held her breath and hoped he didn't look over the far side of bench, where his phone lay near the shrub she had thrown it toward moments ago.

"Yes, it seems so." M leaned forward, picked up the bugged phone and placed it in his pocket.

He stood up and stepped close to G.

"I'll be in town for a few days and would like to see you again."

M leaned in and kissed G on the cheek. "My number hasn't changed even though yours seemed to."

G looked at her feet and tried not to glance at M's real phone, feeling deep emotions rise up and conflict with her almost-complete mission.

"I needed space."

M reached a hand up to tilt her face toward his. He studied her eyes. "Even if that's not the truth, I still would like to see you again."

He looked directly at G. "As you're no longer afraid of public intimacy, I am intrigued at what else you've learned recently."

M kissed G's lips and whispered, "Be well, ya helweh." He turned away and walked back inside to the party.

G watched him go and after a moment, turned back for his phone. Picking it up, she headed through the garden toward the gate and out to the street. M's parting words followed her down the street, but G wasn't concerned tonight. A drink and a warm bath waited for her at home, and she had plenty of memories, both old and new, to explore.

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