tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Steep Price to Pay

A Steep Price to Pay

byGrey Eagle 286©

Andrew Thompson stood stunned as he watched his wife, Beth, walk towards him holding another man's arm. She was looking up at the man and Andy turned away as they passed. He was there because he got home early from a business trip and thought he would surprise her. He hung back and followed them to the college parking area. He followed them to a large conversion van. They both entered. He stopped and sat on a bench and waited for half an hour before he got up and walked slowly to his own car. The van hadn't moved.

He drove home and parked at the house behind his. He rang the bell and asked his friend Tom if it was Ok to leave his car there for a few hours. He said he wanted to surprise Tammy and take her out to dinner. Tom grinned and said he could leave it as long as he wanted.

He sat in the family room with the lights off and thought about what he had seen. Could they be studying? Some innocent reason? Yeah, sure!

He saw the lights flash as she pulled in and he heard the garage door go up then come back down. Her key was in the lock and the door to the garage opened. She flipped on the lights. She was startled to see him sitting there. "Andy, you are home early. She hurried over to kiss him, he turned his head. She stood and stared at him.

He looked at her without expression and said, "Raise your skirts and give me your panties."


"You heard me. Raise your skirts and give me your panties. Please do it now."

"No, I don't want to do that, it is embarrassing."

"Your are supposed to be my wife. If you are my wife you should have no objection to doing that. If you are not willing to do that, sit in that chair and explain your problem with doing that to me, please."

She looked at him. "Andy, tell me why I should show you my panties?"

"Tell me why you should be afraid to show them to me."

"I just think it is demeaning for you to ask me to do that."

"I think there must be a damned good reason for me to ask you to give them to me, and I think you have a damned good reason to be scared to death to show them to me. You might just as well do as I asked, I am getting a little angry with you and am in a mood to just look for myself. Why do YOU think I feel that way?"

"I guess you think my panties are wet or something."

"Are they?"


"I am sorry, I couldn't hear you."

"I said, yes, my panties are wet."

"And full of some guy's cum?"


"I wish you hadn't said that." He reached down beside his chair and his hand came back up with a large automatic pistol.

Her eyes were huge with terror. He looked at her and smiled. "I could never hurt you, Beth, never. Now the guy who drives that rolling whorehouse you were in this afternoon has no such protection. Neither do I. My first inclination is just to let you watch me splatter my brains all over the ceiling and walls. But I am afraid that would just give you a good chuckle."


"You heard me girl. You know I have nothing now. You have destroyed me and our life."

He stood and put on his jacket and dropped the gun in his pocket.

"Andy, please listen to me. Please talk to me. I still love you. Please, Oh! God! Please!"

He flopped back in the chair and she started toward him holding her arm out as tears ran down her cheeks and she sobbed.

"Don't touch me!" He screamed. "Never touch me again! I can smell his cum and yours too. Get out of my sight. NOW!" Beth turned and ran from the room. He heard the shower start and run for a long time. All was quiet for a long time when he heard a slight noise and looked around to see Beth watching him. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she wore a terry robe.

"Andy, can we talk? I need to tell you about this. I know you will never forgive me but I have to get this out. I can't stand it one minute more."

"Beth, I just can't believe this, I have known for a month or so that something was wrong between us, I never suspected this. I thought that you loved me. I just knew that your love was the one thing in this world I could count on. Boy was I wrong!"

"No Andy you weren't wrong, I do love you more than anything. Please just let me tell what happened. I know you will hate this and hate me too! I have to tell you everything. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I know it will hurt you and that is the worst part. This will be the complete and total truth. You know I have never been able to lie to you."

Beth was a truly beautiful woman. She didn't know how really sexy and beautiful she was. She was only two inches over five feet tall and weighed 110 pounds. She worked out in their little home gym three times a week and walked and jogged a couple of miles each day she didn't work out. She usually wore her long light brown hair in a ponytail. She was a naturally happy person and smiled easily and often. Her figure was mouth watering. Large breasts that needed no bra. Long thick nipples. Muscular trim legs and ass. Thin waist and an absolutely flat tummy. She looked gorgeous in anything she wore. At 35 she looked easily ten years younger.

Now she looked worse than Andy had ever seen her, bedraggled, eyes swollen and lifeless with dark rings under them, mouth turned down in utter sadness. As she spoke it was with a note of hopelessness. She was totally defeated and miserable.

"Andy, it started at school in the economics class I was taking. There was a young man named Jack Perkins in the class. He always seemed to end up sitting next to me. We naturally talked and during breaks he would sit and we would discuss the things that came up in class. He liked to look at my notes. He always copied a bunch of them into his notebook. He is about twenty two years old. He is handsome and very athletic looking.

Then one afternoon we stopped at the Student Union for coffee after class. We had a nice chat, he always asked about you and said you were the luckiest guy in the world to have a wife like me. He knew I loved you with all my heart. I had to powder my nose and when I came back I started feeling strange. He acted concerned and we started back towards my car. He drives a big van. When we got to his van I could hardly walk. He convinced me I needed to lay down rest a few minutes.

When I woke up I was nude. I screamed and he held me down and laughed at me. He said it was too late to fight it and that I had already had sex with three other guys beside him and that he had it all on a DVD. I was stunned. He laughed and said I was now his slut and would do whatever he wanted or he would see you and all our neighbors got copies of the disc.

He showed me parts of the DVD. I didn't remember any of it happening. Two of the guys I fucked were blacks. I did terrible things and seemed to be enjoying it. I told him I couldn't believe I did that. He laughed and told me he had given me some 'Date Rape Drug' and it made me hot for anything they wanted to do. He let me get dressed, my clothes were a wreck. Torn and dirty. He told me he would see me around and dropped me off at my car. That was one of the days you went to Orlando, you didn't get home 'til late.

I wanted to die. You were tired and in a bad mood when you got home and I was afraid to tell you what had happened. I thought maybe I could talk sense to Jack and he wouldn't hurt me any more. He just laughed at me and told me to meet me at his van after class or he would have to send you a DVD. I didn't know what to do so I met him. He said he didn't have much time because he had a hot date, he just made me give him a blow job. He insisted I swallow his cum.

Andy, I have never been so humiliated in my life. It was awful. That and worse went on for a month until today. I told him I was not going to play his slut anymore and that I was going to the police the second you received a DVD. I would already have my life ruined and would have nothing to loose by exposing him. I was afraid he was going to kill me but there were people standing around nearby talking so he had to let me go."

She slowly stood and looked at him. Tears streaming down her cheeks. She slowly turned and started slowly back toward the bedroom, her shoulders slumped in defeated misery.


She turned and looked at him, waiting for his anger and fury to explode.

"Come here girl, I will never stop loving you. I want to help you and comfort you now. Then I will have a meeting with Jack Perkins." He stood and held his arms out and she walked to him and slumped in his arms totally exhausted mentally and physically. He gently picked her up and carried her to their bed and placed her on it. He kissed her and she looked sadly up at him. "Can I sleep now Andy?"

"Yes Dear, sleep now and we will talk more later."

The next afternoon Jack Perkins approached his van when a strange man slipped from behind it and asked him if it were his van. He looked the man up and down and saw the man was older and smaller, nothing he feared. He said it was his van and asked why he wanted to know.

"Well I got home from a trip early yesterday and came here to meet my wife. I saw you and her get in this van. You stayed in it for a long time. Do you know what I am talking about?"

"No I have no idea, now get out of my way." Suddenly he was sitting on the ground, he couldn't focus his eyes, his head felt as if it had been hit with a baseball bat. He shook his head and his vision cleared. The man helped him to his feet.

"I am asking you one more time if you and Beth Thompson got in this van together yesterday afternoon. I will not be so gentle with you this time if you lie to me again."

"Ok, I saw her yesterday afternoon, she wanted me to fuck her again. She likes young meat." He was sitting on the ground again. He was groggy as he felt the man going through his pockets. He heard the side door to his van open and felt himself lifted and dropped on the carpeted floor. His head seemed to whirl around and he couldn't focus again. When he could see he saw the man has his video camera and a pile of his DVDs on the floor. "Jack, I have just been playing with you up to now. Beth has told me the whole story. I am going to hurt you a little, just a tiny taste of what you have coming, you can try and run, you can try and hide. It will not work. I'll let you think you have succeeded, then I will hurt you again. Now, when you awaken you will feel fine. In a day or so you will start to feel pain. Then it will be too late to change anything. Soon you will have a constant reminder of what a piece of shit you are. You took advantage of one of the finest and sweetest women in the world. That is a desire you will never have again. When you realize what I mean, it will again be too late. Every time you feel one pain you will think of what you did to her and wish you had a chance to make amends, to beg her forgiveness and have her make it better, she can't do that, just as you can not make her whole again and erase the things you did to her. She will eventually get over it. You NEVER will. I WILL see you again, I promise. I will always be watching. If you hurt another person, you will see me sooner. You have a very steep price to pay, this is merely a down payment." Andy Thompson handed Jack a small paper bag, "This is for you." Later Perkins opened the bag, inside was a tiny cloth doll. The right knee had four needles sticking in it. He stared at it then laughed and threw it out the window as he drove off.

Jack Perkins awoke three days later and felt fine as he sat on the side of the bed. Well, this proved that Thompson was full of shit. He felt just as good as ever. No pain anywhere. He stood to go relieve himself and almost fell from the jolt of pain that shot from his right knee. He sat back on the bed and grabbed it. It looked fine. The pain lessened, then was gone. He shook his head, what the fuck was that. He got up and gingerly tried to walk again. The pain in his knee came back some but he was able to hobble to the toilet and pee. Shit, this felt just like it had when he had twisted his knee playing football a couple of years ago. He had torn a ligament then. It was probably just a flair up of that injury. He hoped not, he was planning on a big senior year of football to put him high in the pro draft next spring. He had better get down to the doctor and have it checked out. Couldn't be too careful.

Four days later Jack sat in the doctor's office and heard the worst news of his young life. The extensive medical tests showed that his right knee was suffering a decay and breakdown of the Menisci, Cruciate ligaments, the Bursa, and the attachment points of the various tendons. The knee was virtually disintegrating. The doctor wanted to get several opinions but felt sure that the only way he would be able to continue to walk was by having a knee replacement and that was not a sure thing. Viable ligaments and tendons would be required. Jack got very agitated and said he knew who had done this to him. The doctor assured him that this was just one of those things that happen, there was no known drug or substance that would cause something like this to occur.

Within a week he was only able to walk with crutches. He could no longer drive his van. Any chance of a career in football was down the drain. He was very despondent and often thought of what he had done to Beth Thompson. Then he realized he had not had an erection any sexual desires for days.

God! He remembered clearly what Beth's husband had told him that day. It was all coming true. He had seen her from a distance, going to her classes. He had stayed well clear of her. Jack returned from going to the men's room during a break and saw a small paper bag setting on top of his books. He felt a vice clamp down on his chest. He stared at the little brown paper bag until the class was dismissed. When he was in the room alone he opened the bag and saw a duplicate doll to the one Mr. Thompson had given him. The lower half of the right leg was missing. The tiny cock was visible as were the tiny testicles. He drew in a sharp breath. There was a needle through the tiny balls. His testicles suddenly ached. He dropped the doll and hurried through the door, his crutch banging against the door frame.

Jack Perkins was never seen or heard from again.

For those readers who do not believe in Voodoo, let me explain, Andy has a dear friend who manages a horse ranch nearby. They are testing certain equine drugs and substances in conjunction with the University Veterinary School. One such drug is used to geld stallions chemically without pain or trauma by use of an drug injected in the testicles, it dissolves them. This drug has also been used on rats to dissolve tumors and growths. Of course the use of this substance on humans would be very unethical and they had only speculated on it's effects on human males. There was a recently reported break in at the ranch's Vet office and a number of drugs were missing. We can only hope they didn't fall into the hands of unscrupulous people such as practitioners of the ancient rites of Voodoo.

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