tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 08

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 08


Jason hung in the body harness, his arms pressed tight behind his back. Occasionally a grunt would be heard as he shifted position to stop his limbs from falling asleep. Softly he sighed and muttered to himself. "One of these days I'm going to learn to make something up instead of speaking my true thoughts."

The lights slowly came on as Kisha walked inside. She stood there quietly. She still couldn't believe he had said he loved her. It was messing with her mind and her mood. She wasn't sure if she wanted to give pain or be loved. She walked up to him and ran a nail across his back.

Jason had his eyes closed with his head down in the shadow his body cast. When felt the nail run across his back, his eyes flicked open, however he decided to fiegn sleep, just to see what would happen.

She noticed the change in his breathing. She looked and saw his eyes closed. So he wanted to play did he? Very well. She used the nails on her hand to rake a trail of welts down his back all the way to his ass before she paused.

He visibly tensed as her nails ripped into the flesh on his back. Jason gritted his teeth and his eyes flew open at the sudden harsh pain. Small spots of blood formed on some of the deeper welts and his fists clenched as he tried to block out the pain.

"Never fake stuff with me, Jason. It displeases me," Kisha said. She walked around to look him in the face. "Did you mean it?" she asked suddenly.

Jason raised an eyebrow at this question, he'd said a lot of serious things so he could only ask, "That I should learn to keep my mouth shut? After what you just did I'll be damned if I ever think anything again."

Kisha frowned. "Did you mean what you said at the park after we made it to the parking lot to go home?"

He couldn't help his defiant nature at this time and with a barely audible chuckle. "I meant both things I said there. But I see now that it's a one sided feeling, not that I blame you though. After all, who could love an animal with a violence fetish?"

Kisha gasped and then her expression changed to one of anger. "HOW DARE YOU PRESUME TO KNOW MY EMOTIONS!" she roared and then slapped him hard.

Jason had no choice but to take the full force of the slap, pain searing through his cheek and lip. He took a few moments to re-gather his thoughts before spitting out a mouthful of blood. As the thick dark blood hit the floor, it splattered outward, tagging Kisha's boots.

"I never said I did, it was a general statement."

"You never asked either," she snapped.

He looked down at the floor so his Mistress would unable to see his eyes betray his feelings. "I was taught never to question my Mistress, and so unless told to do so, I never do."

Kisha let out a frustrated growl and walked away from him. She started lowering him to the floor. "Your punishment is over."

Jason stood where he was as his Mistress undid the Body Harness around him and sighed a mere fraction, knowing what he had to do to mend the wound he had caused.

He prepared himself for the onslaught she would bring to him in her red hot blazing fury. "You're getting weak, I barely even felt that slap, plus your too slow, I had a full second to brace myself."

Kisha just looked at him. "Get out. Pack your things and get out of my house. You're money will be on the table. Daniel will be out front with a car. This arrangement is over," she said coldly before spinning on her heel and leaving the room.

Jason raised an eyebrow and spoke coldly, his voice full of venom. "So that's it? you're just giving up?"

Jason snorted and rolled his eyes, spitting out another mouthful of blood. "You really are getting out of sync with being a mistress. I remember the days when you used to have fire, spirit."

Jason shrugged to himself and stretched his arms, yawning. "But I guess I'm too much man for you to handle. I guess what I said when we first met has come true. You've finally submitted to me, a real man. A wild man whom you gave up on just because he said I love you."

Jason looked at the ceiling a moment, feigning thought. "It's quite pathetic really, having such a poor weakness. At least I tried to resist it and keep myself in check, you on the other hand. Seem to have folded very easily."

Kisha had gone out to the hallway and stopped in her tracks when she heard his words. She was too furious to really be giving up. She loved him too but she wasn't about to tell him that. No, she had another idea. She kept walking until she reached her room and then placed a call to Mario. If Jason truly loved her well he would get his chance to prove it.

Jason sighed minor and shook his head to himself, a faint smirk crossing his face as violent thoughts entered his mind. Softly he whispered. "Well, since she doesn't want me anymore...there won't be any consequences to me, having a little 'fun' with Mario and his gang of kidnappers."

Fifteen minutes after leaving Jason, Kisha stepped aside the house and got into a black van. She touched Mario's shoulder. "Don't injure him too badly. This is the final test. If he passes it, things will change."

Mario gritted his teeth. "Kisha, are you sure? I mean he's just a stupid brawler from overseas. He's been with you for like what? A year and he's confessing to loving you. I think it's all a sham. Let us persuade him to leave. Life was better when he wasn't around."

"If it's a sham, we will find out. Now won't we?" Kisha said coldly as she closed the door.

Jason slipped his bag over his shoulder and deposited his money into his wallet before walking out of the house. As he walked along the street he flicked open his cell phone and dialled up the operator. "Yeah, could you give me the address of Mcdean's Gunsmiths?"

Jason was grinning to himself as he memorised the address and hailed down a cab. He climbed in and gave the cabbie the address, sitting back Jason grinned once more and enjoyed the ride.

Daniel pulled his car behind the cab and followed it to its destination. He relayed to Mario where they went and promised to spring the trap.

He followed Jason inside and walked boldly up to him. "Mario took Kisha."

Jason paused as he looked over the guns and turned slowly, his eyes dark, a fire in them like a phoenix. Jason's arm shot out and gripped Daniel tightly by the throat, making sure to squeeze just enough so he could cough out an answer. "You've got three seconds to tell me where and why or I'll snap your neck like a chickens."

"He never liked you! And Kisha turned down his offer of marriage today when he asked. I guess he was pissed!" Daniel croaked out.

Jason narrowed his eyes at Daniel and leaned close, his voice dripping with malice of things to come if Daniel didn't co-operate. "You still ain't told me where, boy."

Jason tightened his grip fractionally and grabbed Daniel's balls with the other hand squeezing them hard also.

Daniel's eyes bulged and then he gasped out, "The warehouse, the one out by the docks that Kisha uses to throw parties sometimes."

Jason's grin widened to one of pre wickedness. "Thank you Daniel, and just in case your in on this and try to take me out before I can have my fun with Marco..."

Jason squeezed hard on Daniel's balls, watching his reaction as he almost crushed them in his vice like grip.

"Please, I told you what you wanted!" Daniel squeaked, very close to fainting.

"I know you did Daniel and I'm pleased with that. Hence why I'm merely making you pass out rather than blowing your fucking back stabbing nuts off right here!" Jason snarled and squeezed harder, watching as Daniel slipped into unconciousness.

Jason dropped Daniel's unconscious form and turned back to the desk clerk who, like all gun shop clerks, ignored the proceedings till his client was done. Jason threw a wad of bills onto the counter top and nodded to a pump action shotgun and hunting knife. "I'll take both."

Once the transaction was completed Jason turned to leave, however he paused by Daniels side. Smirking to himself again, he growled and snapped a hard kick into Daniel's gut.

Daniel only moaned but did not waken.

The cabbie had stayed put and waited until Jason got in the cab. "Where would you like to go now?"

Jason looked at the cabbie with determination in his eyes. "Warehouse 56 on bluelake industrial estate, and make it fast." Jason tossed the cabbie twice the fare for incentive.

Without another word the cabbie sped off and within fifteen minutes they were there. "Here you go sir. Do I need to wait?"

Jason shook his head and patted the cabbie's shoulder. "Naw man, you take the rest of the day off, I doubt you'll wanna be here when I'm done."

Jason slid out of the cab and held the shotgun in his left hand as he loaded it with shredder cartridges designed to cause maximum damage.

The cab blinked when he saw the weapon and decided he was going to take his clients advice. He drove off in a hurry and hoped that the young man was stopped before doing something foolish.

Jason's eyes narrowed as he neared the door and readied his gun. Jason kicked at the hard metal door base with his boot and placed the muzzle against the sliding plate, waiting for it to open.

No one answered but suddenly a scream ripped through the air and it sounded female.

Jason's eyes widened a moment before he took a step back, aimed at the lock and fired. Jason grunted as he kicked the door in and advanced along the corridor. "Kisha?"

Silence greeted his voice. The very air seemed to tremble with suppressed rage and anticipation.

Jason glared once more and walked further along the corridor, his eyes flicking from shadow to shadow. "Kisha!"

"She can't hear you boy." Mario's voice echoed off the walls. There was the sound of people moving around but no one was visible. The warehouse had three different sections. Jason was in the main entrance one and would have to pass through two more sets of doors to get to the other sections.

Jason cocked the shotgun and growled once more. "Show your self Mario, so I can splatter you across the walls like a pizza." Jason advanced forwards, his eyes still keen.

Suddenly paintballs whizzed through the air and pelted Jason.

Jason grunted as each hit and fired at the source of the paintballs, the sound of the cartridges echoing through the halls.

The sound of cussing was heard and one cry of pain before it grew silent again.

Jason smirked and reloaded his shotgun, advancing forwards once more. "That hurt? I got plenty more where that came from. Give me the girl and no one else gets hurt."

"You think you're something special because she kept you longer than any others? It doesn't. It just means she felt sorry for a bum like you and gave you a place to stay while she got to fuck you silly."

Jason chuckled and listened to hear where Mario was speaking from. "At least I got a hell of a lot more than you ever did my friend. What's wrong Mario? Scared to come out and face me like a REAL man? No wonder Kisha dropped you like a bad habit. You're just a pansy."

"Do you know that she called me today to come and take you away? Said the sight of you sickened her? That you were a fool who thought he was in love with her? I had to laugh. You're an animal. Animals know nothing of love, especially one like you. But if you want a piece of me then come on. My boys won't bother you. I'll be waiting."

Jason smirked as he walked forwards. So he wanted to play mind games huh? Well two can play that game. "Oh really? Would you like to hear what Daniel said before he died hmm? Before I blew him in half with this here gun? It was vvveerryy interesting."

"You'd better hope you haven't hurt Daniel. I might not be able to salvage what's left of your body if my boys get a hold of you."

"Like that's supposed to scare me Marco. You and I both know that I could take you and your boys apart piece by piece. Or have you forgotten being lifted off the floor in one arm?"

Jason chuckled to himself and continued. "As for Daniel. Well lets just say that if someone doesn't untie him soon the 2:45 train is gonna make mince meat outta him."

The door to the second portion of the warehouse swung open to reveal the third door opening. Jason stepped through the door, his guard up, listening hard as he spoke. "Well? Where are you Mario? Hiding scared like a dog?"

"Nope, right here," Mario said from inside the third room. Shackled nude to the center wall, Kisha hung unconscious. Her body had several gashes and blood was running down her inner thigh. Her long hair had fallen forward and covered her face.

Jason smirked and levelled his shotgun at Mario, a sadistic smile on is face. "You got three seconds to let her go before I do something to ya, something bad."

"Do you think killing me is going to help her? I tried to get her to get rid of your sorry ass but she insisted that I leave you alone. She wanted to test you to see if you really did love her but I had a different plan in mind. Of course she wasn't cooperating so had to do it in a way that she understands, rough. She'll be hurting for a few days but then she'll thank me for it," Mario sneered.

Jason smirked, his eyes suddenly cold and calm as he looked at Mario, lowering his shot gun a little, now aimed at Mario's knees. "Too bad for you then Mario."

With that said, Jason pulled the trigger sending the contents of the cartridge screaming into Mario's legs.

Mario wasn't expecting Jason to fire so when the gun went off he didn't immediately react. He felt fiery pain race through his leg and then he screamed in agony and shock as his knee gave out and he crashed to the ground writhing in pain.

Jason let out another sadistic chuckle as he moved over to Mario, just out of arms reach and cocked the shotgun once more.

"See now Mario, Kisha kicking me out was the worst possible outcome for you. Because it lets me do whateeeeever I want."

Jason aimed for Mario's head this time. "Because you see Mario, Kisha was the only thing holding me back, keeping me in check. Making sure that the animal she helped create didn't become wild."

"Bastard! You think killing me is going to make her want you?"

Jason grinned wickedly and spoke with an excited voice. "Tut tut dear Mario, if I thought that then I would've shot you in the head!"

Jason moved closer and put his foot on Mario's injured leg, pressing his weight onto it. "No no Mario. I'm going to make you suffer. A long and agonising torture that takes you to within an inch of your life. Then I'm going to take you to hospital, get you fixed up, and do it again! Over and Over. Heres the kicker though. If you resist, Daniel dies. Your choice Mario."

"Don't," Kisha croaked, her voice sounding harsh in the silence. She had woken and heard Jason's last words. She never knew that her body could hurt like it was hurting but then again, she hadn't known Mario could be that violent either. He'd never shown so much aggression even when she had been training him on how to be a dom. She wanted to cry but she refused to appear weak in front of either man.

Mario's gaze shifted over to Kisha and he frowned. He couldn't believe the bitch was awake! He thought he'd done enough to her to keep her down for several hours not just one.

"Shut the fuck up, Kisha. This is between us men."

Jason's eyes narrowed and his anger suddenly sky rocketed into rage as he stomped down as hard as he could onto Mario injured leg. How DARE he talk t Kisha like that? How DARE he beat her in such a way.

Jason's anger was coming to a head now and his most sadistic and vicious thoughts coming forth. Jason tossed away the gun, landing at Kisha's feet. Leaning down he gripped Mario's hair in his left fist and balled his right, bringing it down hard at Mario's face, speaking a word with each blow.

"This. Is. For. Fucking. With. My. MISTRESS!"

Mario screamed in pain and Kisha winced. "Jason! Stop, please!" she cried, her voice cracking. Her throat hurt but she had to stop him before he killed Mario and went to jail.

Jason ignored Kisha' voice, he was going to end this once and for all. He didn't plan on killing Mario, merely showing him what REAL pain is all about.

Jason hauled Mario his feet and drew his hunting knife. "You think you know about pian Mario hmm? Think you know about being hurt huh?"

Jason slashed his knife across Mario's chest. "THIS is what pain is about, suffering, agony, not knowing what your captor is about to do to you."

Mario was hurting but he'd be damned if he was going to let Jason have the satisfaction of him saying anything. So he gritted his teeth and then spit in Jason's face.

"JASON! Kisha screamed loudly.

Jason snarled as Mario spat in his face and slammed his hunting knife into Mario's right shoulder, twisting the blade harder.

Jason smirked and turned his head to Kisha. "Yes?"

"Leave him and his poison here. Please get me down," she added softly. She didn't want to be weak but the pain was starting to get to her again.

Jason's eyes softened a moment before he nodded and swiftly tripped Mario onto his back. "Of course."

Jason moved over to where Kisha was being hung and gently let her down.

She collapsed into his arms with a hurt yelp. She closed her eyes and cursed herself for letting her guard down. She should have known Mario would get this way. He'd been trying to marry her for a while now and she kept putting him off because it hadn't felt right.

Jason slipped his arms round Kisha, holding her close, breathing out a long sigh of relief. "Mistress..."

"Just get me outta here, please," she told him. And then settled for just trying to breathe against the pain in her ribs. She was pretty sure Mario had broken a couple.

Jason gently nuzzled against Kisha a moment, breathing in her scent. Shaking his head he nodded and picked her up into his arms. "Yeah, a'll take you home."

As he moved to leave, he stood near Mario and swiftly kicked him as hard as he could in the balls. Jason smirked and spat in Mario's face with a large glob of mucus drawn from the depths of his lungs.

"If I ever see you again Mario, and if you ever come near my Mistress again. I WILL make you wish I had killed you this day."

With that said he turned away and walked out of the building with his mistress in his arms.

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