tagBDSMA Sub's Day to Remember

A Sub's Day to Remember

byD A Stone©

NOTE: This is an account of actual events. The names have been changed, but the events described occurred. The participants in the story play an online game together, which is referred to below as THE GAME, in which their avatars are a Dominatrix and her submissive. In addition to the game, the couple enjoys a D/s relationship online through instant messages and e-mail.

* * * * *

Excerpt from Sir Phillip's Journal

19 August 2003

I was in tonight in my sub persona with my Mistress and after our scene together; she made a request of me. She asked me to Dom her. Knowing a bit of her background and training as a sub, I know that she is not very experienced in the sexual aspects of D/s and after a moment of thought, I agree. I ask first, however, if she wants to do this strictly in THE GAME or if she wants me to make if more real. She says to do with her as I choose, so given that she has pleased me so much as a sub, I start thinking of a task to set her outside of THE GAME.

Before I can do that, however, I need to know more about her sexual preferences and what items she has available that we can use. I have something in mind that I would like for her to do, but I don't want to have her buy anything to use in the course of our play.

Her inexperience shows a little when I ask her about limitations and she immediately replies with none. I know that given the things we have done this is not likely so I get specific. I start asking very personal questions to find out about things she will and will not be willing to try, like humiliation, bondage, pain, clamps, etc. I want to know what she does and does not have handy and as we go along, my plan for her begins to gel. Once I think I have enough information to go on, I lay out my plans. She will begin in the morning using a set of ben wa balls she already owns and throughout the day, I set for her specific tasks. My idea is to get her really worked up during the day and then come into THE GAME to stage a scene with her and have her got off.

The plan I devise for her includes the use of the ben wa balls she has, some old panties that she doesn't want anymore, a knife, some silk scarves, and her imagination. I lay out the plan and as we are both tired, I agree to e-mail it to her so that she can refer to it the next day. I don't know if she can do what I ask of her, but I think that it will be interesting to give it a try as I have not done this before. She has done it to me, directing me to do certain things to myself in real life, but I have not. We are going to take our role playing outside of THE GAME. I find the idea exhilarating.

The plan is for her to use the ben wa balls while at work until lunch time. Then she will remove them and cut off her panties with a knife and throughout the day, she will be masturbating herself and doing kegel exercises but she is not allowed to orgasm. I send her the instructions in an e-mail. Once she is worked up all day long, I will meet her in THE GAME and do a scene with her to finish her off.

20 August 2003

I get up at about 8 am and after washing the sleep out of my eyes, I go to my home office and check to see if Violet is logged into Yahoo. I want to see make sure that she still wants to do this and if she is following my instructions.

By the time I get online, she is already at work and tells me that she has the ben wa in place and is finding them a distraction from her work. She tells me that they are having network trouble and can't get to her e-mail. She asks if I can give her the instructions again. I send them to her via Yahoo IM and she makes note of them. The thought of her walking around her place of work with the ben wa inside of her excites me and knowing that it is having the effect I am expecting gets me aroused. When I check on her from time to time throughout the day, I let her know how hard I am, thinking of her. She tells me that this is making her more excited.

She says that she is about ready to go to an early lunch and I give her a specific image to use for when she removes the ben wa and her panties. I tell her to imagine that I am there with her in the bathroom and that I command her to drop her pants, use a knife to remove her panties to prevent her from putting them back on, and I remove the ben wa. Then I rub her clit for her until she almost orgasms, but I don't allow her that release just yet.

After she gets back from lunch, I check on her again and when she tells how hard it is getting for her to control herself and how aroused she is, I can stand it no longer and I have to masturbate myself to keep focus. Fortunately, I am working from home and this is not a problem. I tell her about this and she is surprised to find that I am getting this much pleasure from our little game.

I am feeling very empowered, knowing that she has been following my directions all day and that only her and I know what she is doing. She tells me that she is squirming around in her chair with excitement and I can hardly wait for this evening. I tell her that I will meet her at 9 p.m. in THE GAME to give her the release she wants.

Just after 9 p.m., I login to Yahoo from home to let her know that I will be running a bit late and that if I don't show up by 10:01, to go ahead and finish herself off. My plans to meet her at 9 p.m. have been thwarted by my children and their homework, which it is my responsibility to check every night.

I finally get the homework checked and at about 9:20 or so, I get online in THE GAME. I can almost feel her relief and I start getting her ready to scene with Sir Phillip, my Dom persona in the game. I tell her to meet me at her house in the game and lock the door once I arrive. I don't want any unwanted visitors disturbing us. Once we both get there and the house is locked down, I tell her to get naked and meet me at the foot of a 4-poster bed.

I start our scene by telling her to simulate as much of it as possible as I describe it in THE GAME. She agrees and I start. I tell her that I am I tying her wrists and ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed so that she is standing there, spread eagle between them. I then tell her that I am blindfolding her. When she tells me that she is ready, I begin.

The scene starts with me caressing her a bit and checking how wet she is. She tells me that she is soaked. I tell her that I am taking off my leather belt and folding it and half. I use it to spank her on the buttocks and she uses one of her husband's belts to spank herself while I describe it. She tells me that she likes the sting and that it is making her more aroused. I get the feeling that this is a new experience for her. I then give her butt a few more smacks with my hands, following each smack with gentle caresses. I also tell her that I am checking her level of arousal from time to time. She responds with even more excitement. I then get down to business.

I tell her that I have moved around to the front of her and I am kneeling in front of her and start giving her oral and manual sex. I tell her that she should start masturbating and to come when she is ready. I have one more technique that I want her to simulate.

While sceneing, I tell her that I am licking her pussy, I stop and start rubbing it along the length with my hand. Without warning, I pull back my hand and smack her pussy and clit, then go back to licking her. She smacks her own pussy while I am describing what I am doing and as she types in her responses, I can tell that she likes this. She says that she has never done this before. I keep up my description of what I am doing to her and at my command, she orgasms. I then describe releasing her from her bonds, giving her a gentle sponge bath and caressing her to sleep.

When she is done, I ask her how she feels. She says that this has been one of the most intense days she has ever experienced and that she enjoyed it very much. I tell her that I have been enjoying it immensely myself and that I am on a real power rush. I give her one more task. I want her to write down the experience in a diary entry and send it to me. I feel the need to know as much detail as possible about this experience.

* * * * *

Excerpt from Violet's Diary


My dear one and I decided to switch roles for one day. He was going to Dom me via Yahoo and ending with Violet going into THE GAME and finding release. I have to say that this excited me very much. I've never really been dominated before so this was very exciting.

He asked me about my likes and dislikes. I really didn't care but he was adamant that I tell him. He asked various questions and I answered honestly. It was getting very late and I asked him to send me the instructions in e-mail so I wouldn't forget them. This is what he sent to me.

From: Sir Phillip

Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 12:16:12 AM

To: Violet

Subject: Your instructions for tomorrow


My angel, here are your instructions for tomorrow.

1. In the morning insert the ben wa balls and put on the panties that you can cut off later with the knife.

2. At lunch time, you are to remove the panties with the knife and remove the ben wa balls if you are afraid that you might drop them from inside of you. If you think you can keep them in, then you may.

3. After lunch, I want you to do three kegels every fifteen minutes and once per hour, find a private place to rub your clit for 2 minutes. Do Not Cum.

4. You will need the leather belt and the scarves for later in the evening.

I love you dear.


Sir Phillip


I woke up this morning full of excitement. I got up and took my shower paying particular attention to my lower regions. I couldn't believe how excited I was by this.

I finished my normal routine, and pulled out the ben wa balls. I hadn't used them in years. So I cleaned very well and lay down on the bed and inserted them. I had forgotten how heavy they are. I then began dressing, and wouldn't you know it, one slipped out. So I had to lie down again and reinsert it. I finished dressing making sure to wear an old pair of undies as directed, and walked out into the family room. I put my shoes on and so far so good...they were still inside. I talked to my husband for a bit and went to the basement to check my email. As I was walking down the stairs that darn ball slipped out again.

I checked my email and THE GAME for mail. My husband called and said he was leaving so I shut down the PC and went back upstairs to kiss him goodbye. He asked me if I was feeling ok. I said yes and asked him why he had asked. He said my face was a bit flushed and I just smiled at him. I told him I felt all right. He left for work. I lay down on the sofa and put the ball back in again, praying it would stay in until I at least got to work. I couldn't lay down there.

I walked into the kitchen and pulled out the sharpest small knife I could find and wrapped it in a wash cloth so I wouldn't cut myself reaching into my purse. I also pulled out a zip lock bag to place my underwear and the balls into after I removed them. I put those items in my purse.

The drive into work was arousing. I could feel the balls moving as I shifted my weight when moving from the gas pedal to the brake. I wanted to reach down and play just a little but traffic was just too bad.

I booted up my PC and turned on Yahoo IM. It wasn't too long when Sir Phillip IMed me. Even that had an affect on me. I could feel moisture building between my legs as we spoke. At 8 am I went into the bathroom and stroked myself for two minutes, I did this every hour. I had a hard time keeping the balls in. They were so slippery, but somehow I managed.

I knew I had instruction to do something at lunchtime. It was a really bad day at work, our building had lost network connectivity and so I couldn't work on anything or check the instructions. But for some strange reason, Yahoo was working. Sir Phillip IMed me and I explained my situation and he told me what to do.

My co-worker was really frustrated, and asked if we could go out for lunch. I said yes, so I left to use the bathroom and take them out. I pulled out the knife I had brought from home, and picturing Sir Phillip taking the knife and cutting off my undies, I made the cut. Ok it wasn't easy and I started giggling as I struggled to cut them off. I wished I had scissors.

Once they were off, I pictured him reaching and removing the balls from me. His hand was soaking wet as he wrapped the balls in the cloth. Then I imagined him turning back to me and playing with my clit. I was so sensitive that I almost released. I didn't want to disappoint Sir Phillip or myself, but I wanted to cum so badly. My nipples were very hard. That usually doesn't happen to me. I pulled up my slacks and went to lunch.

During lunch I watched my watch and every quarter hour I would kegel three times. Feeling the material of my slacks rubbing on me just about set me off.

As soon as we got back to the office, I went into the rest room to play again. I didn't make it for the full two minutes. I tried backing off, but as soon as my finger touched any part of my pussy, I was ready to cum. But somehow I managed.

Sir Phillip would check in on me from time to time and ask how I was feeling. He told me he was aroused as well and OMG how that turned me on. I was having a hard time concentrating so I guess it was good that the network was down.

At 1:15, I called my boss and told him we were down and asked if he had anything for us to do. He wanted us to come over to his office for a meeting. I left Sir Phillip a message that I was leaving for the day and would talk to him when I got home, thinking I would get to go home early.

Once we got to my boss' office I went right to the bathroom and stroked myself again. The waves of pleasure poured over my body. I let out a soft moan as someone walked in. I held my breath, but they just walked into the other stall and I didn't hear a word from them. I relaxed a little and started the two minutes over. It was getting harder to control myself and I had to lay my head against the wall as the beginning of an orgasm started. I quickly stopped playing with myself, but thought of Sir Phillip standing there with a huge erection. My mind wandered as I imagined playing with him.

I was jolted back to reality when I heard someone else walk into the bathroom. Then I remembered I had a meeting I had to go to. I walked slowly to his office. I could feel the material rubbing me as I walked and it was a delicious feeling. We had our meeting and I would watch my watch and kegel. My boss noticed that I was watching my watch and asked if I was in a hurry to leave. I said no, and thought about telling him what I was doing. I felt so very wicked at that moment, but just said that it was a habit.

He finally said we could go and I went back to the bathroom. I really wanted to touch myself now. I didn't last the two minutes, and felt that I had let Sir Phillip down. But if I had continued, I would have broken his rule.

I got in my car and started heading for home. Then I realized I had a physical therapy session and had to turn the car around and go back. I did do my kegel exercises and even those started an orgasm, so I had to tone them down.

Once I was set up in traction and they left me alone, I raised my legs up, slipped my hand down my pants, and started to play. I imagined Sir Phillip standing there, pleasuring me as he touched and pulled at me. Then he pulled my pants off and began to lick me. Oh my, the mind is a powerful thing. I could feel his tongue darting in and out, and just as I was about to cum, the buzzer went off. I pulled my hand out just as the lady came in to release me from the traction. My heart was beating really fast and I wondered if she could smell me, but she didn't say anything.

I drove home and on the way continued to kegel. This is something I am going to continue to do. Oh, how good it feels.

Once at home, I washed and put away the ben wa balls and threw the underwear away. I was a bundle of nerves...everything seemed to want to make me cum. But I continued the two minutes every hour as I was directed.

At about 8:30 it was starting to be too much for me. I could no longer go for two minutes, as soon as I touched myself and let my fingers slide up and down I would feel the orgasm build to the point I would almost lose control. My breathing became labored and my heart rate skyrocketed. But my body was so alive.

Finally Sir Phillip logged on. To be honest, I don't remember a lot of what went on, all I wanted to do was cum. I know we chatted for a bit and I had all the items he asked me to have. I had the 5 scarves and a wide belt.

He asked me if I had them and I said yes. He then told me to do as much as I could, based on what he was telling me in THE GAME. I tied the scarves to my wrists and ankles, and tied the last scarf to my head. I was only wearing a robe at the time.

When he spanked me with the belt, I stood up and took off the robe and hit myself with the belt. It stung, but I could feel the moisture increasing with each hit. Then as he was kissing my pussy, he slapped it, so I slapped it too. An electrifying wave went through my body, and the moisture was now running down my behind. Finally he allowed me to release. Almost as he said it, my orgasm washed over me.

For a moment, things went dark...it was so intense. I was light headed. I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my body. I only regret was that he was not there to enjoy this with me...to see how much I had cum...to see what he had done to me.

After we disconnected, I went up to my Lazyboy and sat down. I feel asleep there and woke up at 3 am and went to bed. I thought about that day and I would never have done this on my own. But if he asks me to do it again I would in a heart beat.

* * * * *

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