tagNonHumanA Succubus Awakens Ch. 02

A Succubus Awakens Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone that commented on chapter one. I'm sorry this part is so late. There's really no excuse, but I hope to have more of the story up soon. Enjoy.

If you haven't already, you'll definitely want to read chapter one first. Don't worry, it's short.


Edited by zephrbabe and jazzygirlinNC

Jane held her breath as she reached for the stall door. She knew that the girl in this stall was masturbating, which Jane found interesting because that is what she had been doing before the interruption. Jane had then planned to finish quietly, but that was soon unnecessary as the girl's moans filled the bathroom.

Jane gently nudged open the door, the scent of female arousal was almost overwhelming. She dropped her purse on the floor and slowly exhaled. The mystery girl was desperately fingering herself while pinching her nipple with the other hand. Her t-shirt and bra lay on the floor, but her jeans denied her full access to her pussy. One foot was in a sneaker, while the other wore only a white sock. Her toes were tensed up with desire.


Aubrey felt like a prisoner to her own lust; her need to cum was so powerful that she was vaguely aware of her surroundings. Her fingers circled her clit frantically but no matter what she did it wasn't enough. The part of her that was still reasonable was horrified that she had let this stranger into her stall. Aubrey finally forced herself to look up and saw a girl with black hair. She couldn't really make anything else out, except that the girl had nice tits. Aubrey wanted to lick them.


Jane was very confused. She had offered to help this girl, but she was suddenly realizing that this was something totally out of character for her to do. Jane wasn't a lesbian; indeed she had been fantasizing about fucking her friend Jared while masturbating moments before. However, she couldn't deny how horny she felt, how much wetter her pussy had become since she had entered this stall.

Regaining some of her composure, Jane said, "I've never seen a girl too horny to fuck herself."

Aubrey whimpered in response. Jane was amazed how out-of-her-mind this girl was. She had offered to help, but at this point was unsure what she should do. Or at least, what she was willing to do. As she started to step backwards out of the stall, Jane realized how hard her nipples had become as they shifted in her bra. She gasped as tingling warmth spread in her pussy. Still fighting her desire, she decided maybe she could just give the girl a kiss. Just a kiss and then she would go.

Jane stepped over Aubrey's dropped books to stand before her. Brushing a few sweaty tendrils of Aubrey's hair from her forehead, she leaned down to kiss the girl's soft lips. Aubrey mewled softly into Jane's mouth. The kiss was electric, and after she pulled away Jane noticed that her own hand had slid under the black skirt she was wearing and was tickling her clit through her panties. She was amazed that her hand did this of its own volition, and she was amazed by how wet she was. It was then that Jane lost the battle with lust that permeated the air. She smiled and roughly pulled Aubrey to her feet, yanked her hand out of her pants, and in one swift motion had the girl's jeans and panties down to the floor.

Looking up from her crouched position at Aubrey's feet, Jane found herself staring at Aubrey's drenched pussy, juices running down the blonde's legs. She was stunned by how wet this little slut was, and being so close to a girl in this state was completely new to her. All her reservations were lost, however, when the sweet smell of Aubrey's lust hit her nostrils, unhindered by clothing.

It was completely intoxicating, and Jane felt the tingling in her pussy grow as she lightly caressed Aubrey's thighs. Unable to hold back any longer, Jane needed to taste her, and she grabbed Aubrey's hips and pulled herself in.

Jane's tongue snaked out and slowly licked along Aubrey's slit. Juices bathed Jane's tongue and in such volume that they dripped down her chin. She continued to lick more urgently, as the heat between them was rising. Jane marveled at how Aubrey's cum tasted like honey, and how her pussy warmed her tongue.

Aubrey moaned and ran her fingers through Jane's silky black hair. After all the nights spent dreaming of having a beautiful girl between her legs, hiding from everyone the fact that she was a lesbian, she finally had her wish. The sensation was incredible, and Aubrey was having a hard time not crushing Jane's face, the source of all her pleasure, into her pussy.

Jane was overcome with the need to get as much of this girl's cum down her throat as possible, and any reservations she may have had were gone as she made love to Aubrey's sex. Her tongue slid around the girl's dripping slit, and with increasing frequency she twirled it around a highly sensitive clit.

As Jane began to assault her clit, Aubrey started thrashing her head around, her cries of ecstasy getting a bit too loud for Jane's liking. Squeezing Aubrey's ass to try to keep her still, Jane focused all her attention on the girl's swollen clit, latching her mouth onto that sensitive spot, lapping and suckling like a starving kitten.

Aubrey's whole body quaked and she grabbed at the stall to stay standing. She was silent as the orgasm tore through her and every muscle in her body tensed. Something inside Aubrey exploded. A primal, untamable fire was lit at that moment, but she was only vaguely aware of it. It was burning behind her eyes as the pleasure tore through her. It was too fast for her to even recognize, but for a moment she saw visions of forests and rivers and mountains, and strange people dancing under the moon.

Jane was ecstatic as Aubrey's entire body radiated heat and the warmth in her own pussy flared. Aubrey was almost too hot for her tongue. Her face was flooded with her lover's honeyed cum, and she drank it as though the blonde's pussy was the fountain of youth.

Still kneeling on the cold tile floor, a nice contrast to Aubrey's heat, Jane eventually pulled away and licked her lips. Coming down from her high, she was pleased to find she didn't regret what she had done. She didn't think she was a lesbian now, or even bisexual, but she knew she loved this girl's pussy.

"Wow, I can't believe that just happened." Jane said.

Aubrey's eyes gleamed with light and she giggled. She never felt so free, and she certainly never felt more alive. Since her orgasm she had started to come back to her senses.

Looking down at Jane, she was startled by how beautiful the girl was. She was wearing a burgundy spaghetti strap tank top, a black skirt, and black boots. She had dark eyeliner and her lips were coloured the same as her shirt. Her long straight black hair glistened; it almost seemed to be a very dark blue in the light of the bathroom. Her breasts looked lovely wrapped up in that tank top, they were nearly as big as Aubrey's new ones. Aubrey remember that her breasts were the only thing she noticed about her before, but after taking a closer look she cursed herself for not paying attention.

Jane slowly stood after the uncomfortable silence, and was lost in Aubrey's eyes for moment, noticing suddenly that one was brown and one blue. She looked away quickly and awkwardly commented just to break the tension.

"You...you have really nice breasts," Jane said.

Aubrey smiled shyly, "Thanks."

Jane hesitated for a moment, and then said, "No, wait. Not nice. Amazing... beautiful... gorgeous... you have gorgeous fucking tits."

Aubrey blushed. She was self conscious about her breasts, and not accustomed to them being complimented, as before she came in here they were much smaller.

Jane continued with confidence, "I'm serious! Your tits are beautiful. I can't imagine a more perfect pair. I would fucking kill to have a set like those."

As she spoke Jane slowly closed the distance to Aubrey's gorgeous tits, and without even thinking wrapped her arms around Aubrey's waist and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

Aubrey moaned and pulled Jane back up to face her. She kicked off her remaining shoe and stepped out of her clothes, leaving her in her white socks.

Pulling Jane into her arms, Aubrey slid her tongue up the girl's neck, tasting the remains of her own orgasm. She moaned deep in her throat and licked Jane's lips before finally kissing her, the taste of her own cum drove Aubrey wild.

Aubrey led Jane out of the stall, their tongues playing together as she pressed the girl's back against the wall near the sinks. Jane moaned as they kissed, rubbing her sex along her new lover's naked thigh.

Aubrey soon broke the kiss and traveled back down Jane's neck, planting kisses along the way. She did want to waste time by undressing her so she simply yanked Jane's top over her breasts and expertly unclasped the front of her bra.

The kisses continued down the swell of Jane's breasts until the course diverted so that a nipple might be given some attention. Aubrey kissed the cute brown nipple while caressing and fondling the girl's breasts like they were brand new toys. Jane gasped and now it was her running her fingers through her lover's hair. Aubrey only lingered for a few seconds, however, before her journey again took her south, her lips lightly grazing along Jane's flat tummy, causing Jane to giggle as her stomach muscles tightened up.

Now it was Aubrey on her knees as she lifted the dark haired girl's black skirt to reveal damp panties of the same colour. She gave Jane's slit a single lick through the wet fabric, tasting another girl for the first time and licking her lips excitedly. Aubrey noticed how beautifully Jane's milky white skin contrasted her black hair and deep brown eyes before sliding down her panties and diving tongue first into Jane's pussy.

It was incredible. The taste of Jane's cum caused her body to heat up again. She was tasting life. She couldn't describe it, but she couldn't imagine eating normal food again. She felt empowered and invigorated. She wrapped her arms tight around Jane's waist, worshipping Jane's sex.


The first thing Kerin noticed when she opened the door to the bathroom was the palpable smell of sex in the air. She walked in slowly and heard a girl moaning around the corner. She couldn't imagine who would be so bold as to fuck right here in the bathroom, but she was curious to find out, and she realized, quite a bit turned on.

When she rounded the corner dropped her bag and gasped, not at all prepared for the scene before her.


Jane's breathing quickened as she gripped a sink to maintain balance, her other hand massaging the breast Aubrey had recently visited.

She started when she heard the unwitting voyeur, but kept her eyes closed because she was too close to orgasm to care. Aubrey paid Kerin no attention.

Kerin crept over to the girls, amazed at what she was seeing. A bit bi-curious herself, she had once stolen one of her brother's lesbian porn videos, but it was nothing compared to seeing, or smelling, the real thing. Kerin was also amazed that two girls in her school would be doing this, and in the open no less. She was a flurry of emotion taking in the scene; her heart rate rising and nipples hardening.

Kerin finally said, "This is crazy. You two are going to get caught."

Her face still buried between Jane's legs, Aubrey reached over with one hand and started to unbutton Kerin's jeans.

"Wait... Why are you... Why are you unbuttoning my pants?" Kerin said, not believing what was happening.

Kerin would have normally protested, or at least have gotten a handle on the situation, but she was attempting to fight off her rising desire and was confused how she suddenly became involved in this forbidden tryst. She realized she needed to simply step back, button up her pants and leave. Or maybe watch. She figured she could at least just watch for a minute. It was then that she had to stifle a moan as Aubrey had already pulled Kerin's jeans down and moved her panties to the side; her stealthy fingers sliding into the stunned girl's silky folds.

Jane had opened her eyes once she heard clothes rustling and realized she knew who Kerin was; one of the cheerleaders on the varsity squad. Kerin was tall and lithe, with wavy brown hair and gleaming emerald eyes. She was wearing a white blouse and jeans.

"Oh god this is so fucking hot," Jane sighed.

Kerin moaned in agreement. Jane found the whole situation so sexy that she couldn't help but curl her hand around the back of the Kerin's neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

As their lips crushed together Kerin found her deeply hidden lesbian fantasies being realized. She shuddered at the taste of Aubrey's cum, the honey flavour still present on Jane's lips. Their kiss became more passionate as Aubrey stepped up her efforts on both girls, her tongue circling on Jane's clit while her thumb slid around Kerin's little bud.

Jane came first, her orgasm like a wave crashing out of her pussy. She was silent at first, until she couldn't stay quiet and it came out of her in a great strained gasp. Kerin wrapped her arms around Jane and pulled her close, both kissing and moaning into her neck as she trembled on Aubrey's fingers. Aubrey was soon crying in ecstasy she came, though no one was even touching her. Her orgasm seemed to be sympathetic, triggered by the bliss of her two lovers.

Exhausted, Jane and Kerin slowly kneeled next to Aubrey and pulled her down to lay with them in a sweaty heap.

Aubrey lay panting next to them, excited by what had happened but at the same time realizing that there was something truly strange and different about her. Rosy colour flooded her cheeks as she tried to get a hold of the situation. She seemed to have control of her body, at least for now, and realized how naked she was. The cold tile floor was like ice to her fiery skin, and her entire body was wet with sweat and her own arousal. Untangling herself from the two girls, Aubrey returned to the stall containing her discarded clothes and cleaned herself as best as she could manage.

Kerin stirred and sighed while Jane stretched languidly on the floor. Neither girl was in a hurry to get up, the post-orgasmic bliss still playing heavily with their senses.

Aubrey slid her panties on, which returned to her a small amount of security. She found her bra to be completely useless after it had burst free from her body, and her pink t-shirt fit, but it wasn't very comfortable. Her jeans seemed a lost cause as they lie in a wet pile on the floor. Aubrey started to pace as she found she had no pants to wear. By now Jane and Kerin had roused themselves and came to her aid.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Kerin said comfortingly.

Aubrey tried to remain calm as said softly, "Well, my jeans are soaking wet, my bra exploded and my shirt barely fits, and I need to get out of here before the bell rings. I can't exactly walk of here in a skin tight shirt and wet panties."

"Aw, don't ruin the moment," Jane said, "This has been the most incredible experience of my life. If it matters that much, you can take my clothes."

With that the raven haired beauty removed her skirt and pulled her top the rest of the way off, leaving her in a half-discarded bra hanging lazily from her shoulders, and black boots. Jane wasn't quite sure why she wanted to give this still unknown girl her clothes, but she still felt so charged that she was happy to free herself from them.

Handing them to the blonde, Jane asked, "So what's your name?"

Aubrey took the offered clothing, curious what this girl clad only in boots would find to wear, but also finding it cute that her pubic hair matched her boots.

"I'm Aubrey."

Aubrey donned the black skirt and exchanged her shirt for the one much better suited to her new bust. Jane found it odd that Aubrey would be so mad with lust first, then so dominating while fucking the two of them, and now so quiet and reserved.

Jane turned to Kerin, "I've seen you around, you're one of the cheerleaders, right? My name is Jane by the way."

Jane suddenly found it silly making these introductions while naked and after how intimate the three of them had been.

Kerin spoke up, "That's right. My name's Kerin. Actually I was coming in her to change into my uniform. I guess I picked the right bathroom." She smiled.

Fetching her bag she said, "Since there seems to be a clothing shortage I think I can I help out. Jane you can wear my blouse, and I have a spare skirt in here somewhere. I'll wear my uniform."

The brunette pulled out her uniform and a red and black plaid pleated skirt. As she changed outfits Aubrey stared with lusty eyes, taking in Kerin's athletic frame and wondering how flexible she might be. Jane reluctantly put on the proffered garments along with her own bra, which was necessary due to the thinness of the blouse.

Meanwhile Aubrey had tied up her white sneakers, and she absent-mindedly realized they clashed with her new outfit. She thought Jane looked amazingly sexy in her new clothes though. The girl's black bra clearly visible through the white blouse, Jane was showing off her tantalizing cleavage by ignoring the top few buttons. The plaid skirt and black boots completed the naughty school girl look.

Aubrey's imagination started to wander but she caught herself, knowing how easily she could lose control. She felt like some kind of sexual version of Bruce Banner, and she cringed as she realized she still had no idea what had caused her current state, or what the full implications might be. Thinking of her current state, Aubrey looked down at her new breasts. She had somehow almost forgotten about them. She had often wondered about implants, but never with any serious intentions. Her new breasts felt wonderful; natural yet still new and exciting. Her increased bust bothered her greatly, however. Of all the things that had happened that was the most dramatic change. It would be difficult to explain, especially to her father.

"Okay well, I think I'd better leave. It was, um, nice to meet you both." Aubrey awkwardly stated.

"Awww." The girls replied in unison.

Jane said, "Wait, before you go can I at least have one more taste? I've got to taste you again."

Kerin nodded in agreement as the two temptresses lowered to their hands and knees and slinked across the floor to where Aubrey stood, cornering her.

"Yeah, just one more taste." Kerin whined playfully.

Aubrey leaned back against the wall looking for a way out of the situation. She didn't want to lose control again. The girls gently glided their hands up and down Aubrey's legs and massaged her thighs briefly before snatching her panties away. Jane brought them to her nose and inhaled deeply as Kerin moved in and gave the blonde's slit a long, slow lick. Aubrey shuddered as the cheerleader lapped at her sex a few more times before Jane pushed her way in, demanding her turn. Jane attacked Aubrey's pussy with zeal while Kerin gathered her juices off Jane's chin and sucked hungrily at her fingers.

The girls were giving Aubrey so much pleasure she almost gave in. For a moment she figured that she had time to cum just once more.

She realized what was happening and demanded, "No, stop, I have to go!"

Immediately Jane and Kerin ceased their assault, then slowly stood and said, "As you wish." They both had a faraway look in their eyes for a moment, before Jane plucked Aubrey's panties from the floor and asked if she could keep them.

Aubrey realized that she had somehow dominated them for a moment, as if they were very temporarily hypnotized.

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