tagNovels and NovellasA Summer in the Flesh Ch. 09

A Summer in the Flesh Ch. 09

byC.C. Rider©

This is a chapter in a fifteen-chapter novella, and each chapter is dependent on the one that precedes it. It is best to read them in order. In any event, the story takes place in a Midwestern college town in the summer of 1979.


When we got back to the Blues House it was about midnight. We all ran from the car into the house in a mad dash, naked and flush. When we got to the foyer, Charlie shouted “Shower time,” and ran to his room. I scurried upstairs with Amy. When we got to the top of the landing, we were both blushing and laughing. I was about to head to my room when she took my hand.

“Wasn’t that about the most hilarious thing ever?”

I pulled my hand from hers and reached up with both hands to undo my ponytail, and realized I was all but thrusting my tits into Amy’s face by doing so.

“As the officer said, that was a hoot.”

Amy took me around the waist, and I didn’t resist. I put my arms around her and we kissed. Her mouth was so much smaller than what I was used to that the kiss felt strangely indecent. Amy massaged my butt cheeks and let her fingers slip into my crease. She spread my fleshiness and allowed her fingertips to tickle my bumhole. I felt dirty and scandalous and adventuresome and I willed my hand to go between her legs, and I rubbed her twat until my fingers and palm were wet with her secretions. I moved behind her, out of her grasp now, and I put both hands in front of her and pulled her ass up against my pubic mound. I wanted my fingers to get even wetter, and I knew she was lubricated with two loads of the boys’ cum, so I pawed at her pussy and plied it with both hands, and she was soaking slippery. I rubbed the wetness against her labia and over her mound.

“All this nakedness can really get a girl juicy,” Amy purred. She rubbed her hands over mine and over herself. “Let’s get into that shower.”

I got a towel and started to put on a robe, but decided against it. Amy was right; all this nakedness was titillating. When I got to the shower, Amy and I were the only ones there. She was already under the water, lathering herself.

“Now where were we,” she said coyly. I wanted to run my hands over her nakedness and the wet heat of her sex again, and I came up behind her, and we picked up exactly where we left off, only this time we were slippery with soap and our skin was hot from the water. I rubbed her pussy with both hands and pinched her folds of flesh delicately between my forefingers. We positioned ourselves so the water concentrated and flowed over my hands while I worked at arousing and pleasuring and cleaning her.

“Oh, scrub me up good, Annie.”

I moved to her side and took my hand from in front and moved it to her ass. I rubbed my soapy hand down the crack of her ass and let my fingers linger at her anus and press against it. Tom and Charlie came in, and were careful not to disturb us. Amy took a soapy hand and rubbed my ass, and pulled my mound up against her hip. My hands met between her legs and fingers from each hand slipped inside her. She groaned, and pressed her forefinger stiffly against my slippery bumhole. I groaned. We kissed, hard and deep.

Mike came into the shower room. The men began to shower, and they watched, and they began soaping and stroking their stiffening penises. Amy and I turned to face each other. I spread my legs enough to lower me close to her level, and we pulled ourselves together so that the top her pubic mound pressed against my clitoris. We rubbed against each other, breasts against breasts, kissing, or more like sucking each others mouths and tongues as we kneaded and spread each others butt cheeks with our hands.

Amy slid down my body and got on her knees, and while gripping my ass she kissed and tickled and sucked at my clit. I felt faint. I watched the men as they watched us, each one tugging at himself vigorously. I reached for my own pussy and spread it for Amy, and she lapped at my clit and twisted it with her lips and flicked it with her tongue, and I watched the three men flailing at there soapy erections and gaping at me, the steam swirling about us, and I came in a twitching, tingling bundle of electric nerves.

“Oh I can’t wait any longer,” Amy said standing up. “Let’s go to my room,”

Then she leaned into me and whispered in my ear. “I have a wonderful idea I think you are going to love.”

We all rinsed off and dried off quickly. There was a nervous energy to the group that was infectious. We had been running around naked for two and a half hours, and it was like the headiness and freedom of it was spinning us in air. There was laughing and pinching and playful swatting, and at one point I gave Mike a little tug on his penis, just let him know we were friends. Part of me wondered whether I was being too playful, and that I should be worried about something, but I wasn’t exactly sure what. I felt safe around these people, and I wanted to share myself with them.

When we got to Amy’s suite, she directed the guys to be seated in the living area and took me by the hand into her bedroom. “One second, guys,” Amy said. I looked at Charlie and Tom and Mike and smiled and waived facetiously. Tom and Charlie were seated at opposite ends of the couch, and Tom took the desk chair.

“I want to show you something,” she said once we were in her bedroom. She turned on the stereo and then pulled open a drawer of the dresser.

“What’s that,” I asked with partially mock and partially real fear in my voice.

“It’s a strap on dildo,” she whispered to me. “I want you to fuck me with it, that is, if you want to.” She motioned to me to step closer to her, and I did, curious. She held the base of the dildo part against my pubic mound, showing me where it would go. “I bet the guys would like to see that?”

I looked down at my crotch and there was a plastic, flesh-colored dildo with a penis-like head extending from my pubic hair. There was an extension that went between my legs with a small bulb on it. The harness was soft leather, and the straps fastened around the waist and each leg with two rings.

“Do you want to try it on?” Amy suggested more than she asked.

“I don’t know.”

I took the penis part in my hand. It was softer than I had expected. I inspected how it fit. There were ribs and bumps on the section that connected the bulb to the penis, for clitoral stimulation I assumed. Amy kissed my neck and ran a hand over my ass.

“Pretty please?” she begged, and began to suckle at one of my nipples. It felt wonderful. I was interested in trying it on. I figured I didn’t have to use it if I didn’t want to.

“Okay,” I said, and Amy looked up at me and smiled.

“Here, I’ll put it on, just spread your legs a little bit.” Amy took the bulb end into her mouth, wetting it. Then she kneeled in front of me. I spread my legs as she requested, and she began to lick my twat, moistening me. I was starting to feel like this was getting to be uneventful to me, like I could walk around naked all day and stick my cunt in anyone’s face and expect to be pleasured. That would be a world. But the dildo thing was definitely new, and I was intrigued.

Amy positioned the device on me, and the bulb slipped into my vagina comfortably, and I could feel the ribs and bumps on my clit as she moved it back and forth, settling it in. Then she did something interesting. She took the end of the penis in her mouth and held it in position against my mound while she reached behind me with both hands and attached the waist harness. I swear that the sight of her holding the tip of what was ostensibly my penis in her mouth gave me goose bumps.

“Mmm…” I heard myself moan not so much with pleasure, but with surprised curiosity. She let the penis go and fastened the leg harnesses, leaning back on her heels.

“Ta da!” Amy seemed pleased.

I took the penis in my hand and pushed down on it slightly. The ribs and the bumps and the bulb felt good. I liked it.

“Come on, take a look.” Amy stood up and directed me over to the wall mirror with her hands on my hips, standing behind me. I looked in the mirror. There I was, and I was definitely all-women – my wide hips, my plump breasts, and my long honey-blonde hair full and wavy. But somehow the penis didn’t look wholly inappropriate. It was like I was wearing black panties with a hole in the crotch, and I had whipped out a large, erect penis for the world to see.

“Wow!” I heard myself say without thinking.

“You like it. See, I told you.” Amy peeked around my shoulder. She reached down from my hip with one hand and grabbed the penis. I tried to imagine feeling what it would be like, and I felt like I probably wouldn’t mind having a penis. Not all the time, of course, but right then I liked the idea of having a penis. The harness was relatively tight, and when she stroked my penis, the motion translated to a firm grind against my pussy, the bulb easing into my vagina slowly and sensually.

“Hey guys,” Amy called out, and I was about to shush her. “Come and see Annie.” “Amy?!” I protested mildly, but when they came to the door of the bedroom I actually found myself turning towards them holding out my hands to model my new accouterment.

“Cool,” Charlie blurted out.

“Wow, you’re hung like Charlie there, Annie,” offered Tom.

It wasn’t that big. Mike just smiled.

Amy was still standing directly behind me, and again she whispered in my ear. “Let’s give them a show they won’t forget.” She motioned to the guys as if she was shooing them away.

“Back to your seats, boys. Out.”

The guys backed out of the room, leaving their eyes on me for as long as they could till they turned to take their seats.

Amy took my hand. “Come on.”

When I walked, I had to waddle perceptibly, and the penis wagged and bobbed with each step. I couldn’t help but laugh. I felt ridiculous and yet sexual at the same time. I held on to the penis to steady it. Amy led me out to the middle of the room.

She turned to face me, and then she got down on her knees and knelt in front of me. She put one hand between my legs, palm up, and pressed the bulb into me. With her other hand she pointed the penis into her mouth and started to taste it. I watched her work and a strange detachment came over me. She licked the length of me, and I swear I could feel it. I wanted her to suck me, and she did. She took my new cock into her mouth more than half way, and began to work me. Her lips traveled up and down my shaft. I could tell she was good at this. I watched her and I could tell how wonderful it would feel, how wonderful it felt, and I moaned.

“That’s it,” I said. “Suck me, Amy.” I was beginning to enjoy myself.

Tom got up, and I wondered what he was going to do. He handed me an open, ice-cold bottle of beer.

“Guy’s got to have a beer while he’s getting some head,” he said to me.

I took it, and I was thirsty, and I took a long draw and threw it down. Tom returned to his seat. Amy’s effort became more intense. Her head worked back and forth with gusto. I watched her carefully. For an instant I thought maybe I could learn something, and then the oddest thought occurred to me. Why would I want to learn anything about giving head? I’m a guy.

I took another drink of beer. I started to thrust my hips in rhythm with her nodding. I looked over at the guys. Mike was masturbating quite obviously. Tom was drinking a beer and cupping his penis. Charlie smiled at me, his erection pointed at me. I looked back down at Amy and I took up some of her hair in my free hand.

“Ooh, you are good, bitch.” Maybe I was getting into this too much. No. I didn’t care. If I was going to be a guy for a while, I was damn well going to enjoy it.

I thrust into her face and pulled her hair and took another swig of beer. Amy’s hand, the one between my legs, was wet with my juices, and she began to finger my anus while she sucked at my dick.

“Yeah, mmm….” I closed my eyes and tried to think what I would want to do if I were a guy. I imagined my erection aching and swelling, the finger against my ass bringing a rush of more blood to my genitals.

“Fuck me, Annie., I heard Amy’s voice. “Fuck me from behind.”

I looked down and Amy was holding my penis against her cheek, pleading with me. My cock was glistening wet and I thought of how hot it was. “I’ll fuck you, bitch. Turn around and show me your ass.” Did I say that? I took another swill of beer, finishing it, and tossed it aside. Amy crawled around and stuck her ass up in the air directly in front of me. Her tan lines provided a sharp contrast, and her cheeks were firm. It was a beautifully tight little ass. I got down on my knees. I could see her pink little anus puckered and pulsing. I put my finger against the opening to her vagina, and it was damp and receptive, and my finger slipped inside of her. I put my thumb against her anus and pressed down, teasing her.

“In my pussy. Fuck me in my pussy. Please Annie.”

I toyed with her. I rubbed her clit. I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it and pressed the tip against her clit. I rubbed the head all over her wetness, and each time my cock head slid past her opening, she tried to push back on me. I wanted to fuck her, but I took my time. I stuck my dick between her legs, pressing it against her mound, and she came up on all fours and arched her back so that the length of me rubbed her clit as I thrust.

“I want to feel you inside of me. All of you.”

“You will,” I said harshly. I was feeling rough and powerful. I put the tip of my cock against her opening. I grabbed her by the hair as I pushed my way into her. I went half way, pulled back, and then thrust myself deep inside of her till my hips bumped against her ass. She cried out something, I didn’t hear her.

“Like this, bitch?” “Oh, yes Annie.”

I grabbed hold of her hips and began thrusting and pounding in to her, and she groaned and squirmed and rocked underneath me. With each slam, my genitals exploded with warmth. I put one knee up, out to the side, to steady my balance, and I was able to bang into her more vigorously. Amy screamed out now.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck me!” She was twitching convulsively, and rocking on all fours, slamming back into me with more effort than I was slamming into her.

“Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I tightened my grip on her hips till my fingers turned white.

Amy went limp. Her head went back down on the carpet. I slowed my pace to a gentle rock. She pulled away from me and rolled over onto her back. She smiled at me.

“Is that it?” I wanted to know. Amy pulled her knees up and spread her legs and gestured for me to come to her. I crawled over to her, and then on top of her, until my breast swayed and brushed against hers. She leaned up, and I kissed her, and I let my weight down on top of her.

“That’s what I like,” she breathed heavily into my ear, “a guy with a perpetual hard on for me.”

I entered her again. I pushed myself back up on my hands and I leaned into her. She grabbed my back, and her nails scratched into my skin. I dropped my head down, and we were perfectly face-to-face, and we kissed passionately. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed her heals into the small of my back and I thought to myself how many times I had done the same thing, and now I knew how it felt, and I liked it.

I brought my knees up so I could sit back on my heels, and I rocked into her. I could lean down now and suckle at her breasts comfortably, and I did so. She brought her knees up high, and spread her legs very wide, and I thought about how vulnerable and warm she was, and how kind she was to let me inside of her. She closed her eyes and purred. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I thrust into her with all my might. I grabbed her thighs and continued humping.

“Like that?”

“Fuck me, Annie, fuck me harder.”

I stretched out my legs and pressed down on top of her and we held each other tightly as I slammed my penis, my big, hard cock in and out of her.

“O yes, yes!!!” Amy was coming spasmodically, writhing like she was in pain under me. I did that to her, I thought. I fucked her good!

“My turn,” she whispered in my ear after we were quiet for a while. I wanted it to be her turn, and without speaking I sat up, unbuckled the harness, and handed it to her. I felt a sense of relief. I wanted to be me again. I wanted to be the woman. I watched as Amy strapped on the penis like she had done it a hundred times. “What do you want me to do?” I asked meekly, settling in to my new, more feminine personality. Amy was up on here knees, holding her new penis, checking to make sure it was secure. The penis looked much bigger on her than it did on me, I thought. She looked like a little boy with a giant erection. She was cute.

“Get on all fours,” she said matter-of-factly, and I turned around and did as I was told. I spread my legs wide. She placed her small hands on my large ass and shuffled up to me and pushed her penis against my twat, and when she entered me I was pleased at how much more than the bulb the penis filled me.

I looked over at the guys, and each of them was masturbating. Tom had moved closer, and was sitting on his heels, stroking himself energetically. Amy picked up her pace, until she felt like a jackhammer. I couldn’t believe the power of her thrusting given her size. I went down on my elbows and put my face against the floor and moaned.

“A little payback, eh bitch?” I heard Amy say, and I smiled.

“Go for it, stud boy,” I replied.

She got even rougher, and I thought of how much stronger I was than her, and how odd that was under the circumstances. And then I had an urge to show her who was boss in this fuckfest. I crawled away from her and turned around on my knees and took her by the shoulders.

“I want to be on top,” I said, looking her in the eye. She smiled.

“That could raise some new gender confusion issues.” We both laughed.

I kissed her, and stroked her back, and pushed her down onto her back. I straddled her, and kissed her again. I guided her penis into me.

At first I thought I had never been on top of a person so small, and then I realized that I had just been on top of her moments ago. It was completely different this time. I was the woman, and I felt like a woman – a lot of woman. I was a giantess, and Amy was my slave, my servant, my little cabana boy and his perpetual erection. She stroked my breasts just the way I would have imagined my little cabana boy would have done it. I liked the cabana boy idea, and I rode her and hummed with pleasure.

I leaned down close to her and whispered to her, “I am a rich white bitch, and you are my little cabana boy.”

“I like it,” Amy replied.

My tits swung just above my little cabana boy’s face face, and he took them into his mouth, one after the other, expertly kneading my nipples and caressing my areolas with his tongue.

I rode him, and again I felt sexy and powerful and dominant.

I looked up, and Tom was in front of me, squeezing and rubbing his member. My trance was broken. I pouted at him, feeling sorry for his state of neglect. He looked down at his dick and back up at me, as if to say, “Please help me.” I smiled. He started to scoot over to where we were, and I didn’t know what he was going to do.

When he was next to us, with his knees almost at Amy’s head, he got up off his heels and his penis came right up to my face. I not sure this is what I wanted, but I figured I was in a give-and-take situation. He didn’t push his dick into my face; he just stroked it pleadingly. I pushed myself up on straight arms and licked my lips. I guess this meant I was ready to taste him.

He took it that way and held me with a hand on each shoulder, steadying me. I took his dick into my mouth, my head sideways at first, mouthing the length of him. He was salty and hot. I got situated with him in my mouth, my lips around his shaft, and as I rocked on Amy’s penis I sucked Tom’s. Amy continued to suck my breasts. She took Tom’s balls in one hand and squeezed. Tom started to groan. I started to get a rhythm.

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