tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Summer night in Seville

A Summer night in Seville


The last leg of our trip to Spain was in Seville, the romantic capital of Andalusia.

The perfect ending to an unforgettable vacation. We were staying in a four-star hotel near the Guadalquivir and the bridge of Briana, a strategic and suggestive location.

The first day was a full immersion in the endearing atmosphere of this beautiful city. We particularly loved the architecture of Plaza de Espana, in particular, the gondola ride in the semicircular pond. However, learning how to use the paddles and try to avoid bumping the other boats, made the activity more hilarious than romantic.

In the evening we attended a Flamenco show in a small and intimate theater La Casa della Memoria. Anna and I love this Spanish tradition which embodied will, force, beauty, and passion through the sexual energy and raw emotions of the performers. We ended the evening with a late dinner in a tapas restaurant nearby, and steamy lovemaking in our hotel room.

The whole vacation in Andalusia has been truly special, but the second evening in Seville will remain in our memory forever. The day was crossed by an odd breeze for this region, a blessed relief while standing in line under the hot sun, along hundreds of tourists like us. We visited the magnificent Cathedral with the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the Giralda Tower, and the Real Alcazar.

Late that afternoon we returned to the Hotel, exhausted and we laid on the bed for a while before ordering a selection of snacks and a pitcher of white Sangria. We were tired but very much in the mood to have a good time with something special, something exciting without locking ourselves in a nightclub or a concert.

So we decided to go down to the reception for suggestions. There we met Alfonso, a middle age and distinguished man, that spoke proper English. Alfonso suggested attending the Bullfight of Novilladas, which every Thursday introduces the young Matadors to the public.

He told us that tickets for these events were relatively inexpensive and easy to find, you can purchase them directly before the show at the ticket office in Plaza de Toros. We were still undecided about what to do, despite the many holidays in Spain. We had never attended a Bullfight, which was in our opinion a show cruel and unjust.

But Alfonso insisted that everyone in their lifetime must attend a Bullfight. After all, this is Spain's greatest tradition, and there would be no better place to do it than the most prestigious Arena in the World, La Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. Eventually, Alfonso persuaded us, so we returned to the room and began to get ready. The show started at nine, and we still had to go to dinner.

I opted for a classic natural colored linen suit while Anna decided for a white floor-length gown. The semi-sheer dress had a seductive and uncovered back and a sultry side-boob design. Obviously, the dress was intended to be worn without a bra, but Anna decided to up the game going commando for the night. She completed the look with a pair of cork sandals heels and an elegant white linen scarf. She was gorgeous, as usual.

For dinner, we wanted to go eat the paella at one of the stands of the old market in the Arena de Barrio but the whole Market closed at 8:00. So we chose a restaurant we noticed earlier in the afternoon, suitably called Boca a Boca, which inspired us with its sensual flair.

We arrived at the bullfight in perfect time. The arena and the whole choreography were absolutely splendid but sadly did not change your mind; killing animals in this fashion is still cruel and unjust.

Just like Friedrich Nietzsche said: "Man is the cruelest animal. At tragedies, bullfights, and crucifixions, he has so far felt best on earth; and when he invented hell for himself, behold, that was his very heaven."

Looking on a brighter side, the Matadors were brave, young and sexy in their tight white pants and boleros, and the ghosts of Hemingway, Manolete and Dominguin hovered in the air.

We enjoyed the cold and inexpensive beer and my Anna managed to make the show enjoyable. During the entire performance, I watched her tits accidentally falling out of her dress. I loved the way she tucked them back in, stretching the skimpy fabric to cover her 36C tits.

Incredibly, she was not annoyed by the nuisance but rather amused; to my delight and that of two young boys who were sitting next to us and kept their eyes glued to her for the entire evening.

After the show, we decided to wrap up the evening with a cocktail in one of the many clubs scattered on the avenue along the river. Then we came across the Bombay Kiosk, a crowded little bar that enticed us right away. It seemed to be intriguing and vibrant with cocktails names that sounded creative and colorful.

We realized that many of the patrons were Hookah's smokers. The waiter told us that tobacco was available if we want to try it. This reminds us of the old days when we used the hookah to smoke the more exotic stuff, to say the least. Now being older and maybe wiser, we worried about the hygiene and the consequences and opted for an old-fashioned Moscow Mule instead.

While we waited for our drinks, our table was approached by a young fellow selling bouquet of roses. He introduced himself as Joe, singing a cool a cappella rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love." He was soulful and passionate.

Oddly, he kept singing and hanging around our table, obviously attracted by the sideways generosity of the dress. We were flattered, but his pushiness began to annoy the other patrons. To the point that at the insistence of a customer, perhaps a little too jealous, a waiter asked him to leave. However, before he left, we bought a small bouquet of red roses, in appreciation for his bel canto.

It was a beautiful night indeed, full of stars and from our table, we had a beautiful view of the river and a nice boardwalk underneath, Paseo Alcalde Marques del Contadero. The boardwalk didn't seem very busy at that time. We thought that would be the perfect place and the right opportunity to have some serious fun.

So after we had finished our drinks, we headed down to the boardwalk, by walking through a strange spiral path, made of concrete and metal.

Once we got down there, we decided to sit on a rock wall that ran parallel to the river. The wall was about 1 and 1/2 feet tall and it was interrupted by small openings, with stone stairs to access the side of the River, which consisted of a few feet of grass, stones and bamboo canes.

On the other side of the boardwalk, just below the Bombay Kiosk, there were a group of Palm trees, lovely and lustful, planted narrowly one to another.

At that time the boardwalk was deserted, so Anna decided to lay down on the wall while I got my jacket and placed it gently under her head. Then she removed the straps of the dress and placed them gently on her breast, in an unstable but definitely intriguing way. It was her signal to start and have some fun.

So I started it by lifting the hem of her dress and began to stroke her long and tanned legs. It felt like the perfect evening. Following Anna's invitation, I decided to shoot some souvenir photos with my cell phone.

But before I pulled out my phone, I noticed that on our left, hidden behind the Palm trees, there was a man who was looking in our direction. Despite the darkness, I saw his right arm move in a continuous motion, albeit nervous at times. At first, I thought that he was behind the trees to urinate, but after I got my eyes adjusted and focused, it was obvious that this guy was masturbating.

Then I whispered to Anna "Hey, turn around slowly to your right, and look in the direction of the Palm trees, there is a guy who is jerking off."

While she was turning, the straps of her dress slipped down below the breasts, which remained completely uncovered.

She looked dazzling, while topless on the rock wall.

At this point our voyeur realized that we had caught him, and he stopped right away, he put his tool back in his pants and disappear behind those palm trees. He was probably worried about our possible reaction.

Anna laid back down and said "Jeez, you're right, he was really jerking himself off," "sadly I haven't seen much, he stopped too soon."

"Too bad, it would have been exciting to see him in action," I added.

"Yes," she replied displeased.

Certainly, the entire situation had excited us even more. Without saying a word, I slid my hand under her dress reaching for the precious prize. I put my thumb on the swollen clitoris and began to stroke it. Anna laid back down and relaxed, then pulled down her dress and began to feel her nipples, now hardened with excitement.

Reassured by the circumstances, our voyeur re-emerged from the darkness and restarted to jerk himself off with great fervor. I nudged Anna that he was back, and she could turn around to enjoy the view.

I decided to give our voyeur a better view, by lifting the other end of the dress and bunched it all up around her navel. She was now practically naked under the streetlights.

This view excited me enormously. I slid two fingers inside her soaked pussy and began to rub my cock with my other hand.

"Man, he is really beating his meat," I said.

"Oh yes and nice hard," she replied and then adding, "it's going to be fun."

But almost immediately we heard the sound of people walking down the spiral walkway. Anna came back up abruptly and sat up astride the wall, holding the dress with both hands. This was not an orthodox position, but it was very sexy indeed.

After these people were at a safe distance, we resumed our play. But as we started kissing, our voyeur crossed the boardwalk toward us and then stepped down to the riverside to take a leak. This sudden move caught us unprepared as we didn't expect to have him this close to us.

The guy appeared to be a young man in his thirties, fairly tall and thin; he was dressed in dark clothes and had an unusual pocketbook slung over his shoulder. He stood there for at least a couple of minutes. This brief period seemed like an eternity for us. It was evident that it was just an excuse to check our reaction; occasionally he turned his head in our direction, perhaps waiting for an invitation to play. Which we did not give.

Surprisingly, after he got back his original position, another man walked to the same spot than the previous one, to pee or pretend to. Perhaps he witnessed the entire scene from the riverside.

We had not noticed him before because we focused on the boardwalk and we neglected to check behind us. Anyhow, we laughed about this bizarre situation and then named these guys Peeping Tom 1 and Peeping Tom 2.

Tom 2 appeared to be shorter and older than Tom 1 and with a prominent belly. He wore a wrinkled T-shirt and khaki shorts with white socks. Not a glamorous look but somehow appropriate for a Spanish voyeur. Once he finished, he walked behind the bamboo canes.

Anymore Freddies in the neighborhood?

It was getting late, Anna laid back down and spread her legs wide open, keeping one leg on the wall and the other on the pavement. Then she took my hand and drove my fingers inside her wet pussy.

Encouraged by our audacity, Tom 1 and Tom 2 came out from the shadow and began jacking off intensively.

This was very exciting, we were actors and spectators at the same time.

Anna alternated her peeking between the palms and bamboos, enjoying the display of two guys masturbating for her.

I wanted to arouse her even more with dirty talk: "Show these two pigs what a little slut you are," and, "open your pussy wider, I want to put another finger inside."

Regrettably, the game was interrupted again, this time by a family with kids and strollers. How late kids stay up in Spain?

We watched Tom 1 covered himself up and disappearing into the darkness. Then, Tom 2 did exactly the same.

We thought they had already finished off and wham bam thank you, ma'am, they were gone. This was an awkward ending; we had been used by them instead of using them!

We decided to head back to the hotel to put the icing on the cake; when we noticed two cops running toward the palms, searching for something or someone.

Now we knew why both Toms ran away in haste; someone from Bombay Kiosk must have had seen a man masturbating and had called the police. That was such a bummer! Anyhow, it looked like the cops knew exactly where to search, perhaps the area was a voyeur's place?

On the same token, our peeping friends knew very well how to escape the cops!

On our way back to the hotel, we came across a small square with a bronze monument in the center and four metal benches at each cardinal point. We stopped and looked around. It appeared that we were completely alone as it was getting very late also for Spanish standards.

This was the perfect opportunity for a grand finale!

So I sat down on a bench and Anna sat astride on my legs; she unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and then she stuffed her soaked pussy. The long gown covered both our organs and motion.

Her pussy felt like heaven and what a night this was!

Surprisingly, Tom 2 managed to re-emerge from the darkness; he walked to the other side of the square and sat on the bench directly across ours.

"Anna, you won't believe this, Tom 2 is back" then I added, "he is sitting on the bench across ours rubbing his cock."

"Probably he followed us," she said with a naughty smile. So I asked her if she wanted to continue or if she preferred to return to the hotel.

She turned her head toward the guy and then she said: "The poor thing, he spent the whole evening hiding behind the bamboo canes and then followed us here," "I think he deserves something special."

"I agree with you, my love," I muttered.

"What do you have in mind?"

She first lifted her dress to show him how my cock was penetrating her pussy and then she told me: "Show Tom 2 how to fuck a woman like there's no tomorrow."

And so I began to pump my cock inside her cunt furiously. We felt both super excited, over the top. I knew that I wanted all of her, and I wanted it right then. I started to bite her nipples and then I put my middle finger in her ass; then adding my index finger to put more pressure on my cock, through the thin tissue between her cunt and ass.

But for the grand finale, I decided that I wanted to take her from behind. So I slipped her dress down to the ground, then I placed both of her hands on the back of the bench. With my feet, I roughly opened her legs and began to plunge her pussy. At this view, Toms 2 pulled out his cock and started jerking himself off again.

Anna moaned while I was planting my cock in her wet pussy, and she urged me: "Show him how you take care of business."

She was a sexual animal; her body was sticky and her hair wet,and she was more beautiful than ever.

I felt that we were approaching the end. Thus, with a hand signal, I invited Tom 2 to get a little closer, to get a better view.

When Anna finally turned around, she saw me pounding her and, next to me, Tom 2 beating his cock. She had a fire in her eyes, and she began to finger herself while urging Tom 2 "Do you like to watch me get fucked?" "Come on show me how you would like to be in his place now," Anna spoke in English, but in the excitement of the moment, her language was universal.

Then suddenly she said: "Baby I can't handle it anymore, I need to come." "Please come with me, come over my ass" next she ordered, "you both come over my ass."

"I want to feel sperm dripping on my ass when I come," she continued.

So I pulled out my cock, and I moved a bit over my right side. Then, with a finger, I pointed out to Tom 2 to come on her left butt-cheek, as I would have to come on the right one.

We were ready when Anna screamed, "Now, I want you to come now!"

She was jerking and twisting, then she screamed louder when the first blob of spunk landed on her ass. We did well. We covered her ass with loads of cum, a copious grayish sperm's storm.

After I had milked the last drop of cum, I began to rub the tip of my cock over her ass, spreading the sperm in small circles.

Thinking that he was allowed as well to such a privilege, Tom 2 decided to do the same.

But Anna winced away as she did not expect to feel two cocks rubbing over her ass.

This sudden movement frightened our voyeur that, without saying a word, zipped back his tool and disappeared again in the darkness.

Anna silently and dreamingly put her dress back on, as we sat for a little while watching the sky illuminated by millions of stars.

"The Roses! We left the roses at the Bombay Kiosk," she said.

"It doesn't matter love, tomorrow we'll buy a prettier bunch," I said.

Adios Sevilla, forever in our hearts.

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by Anonymous01/27/19

Loved it, very well written.

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