tagNonHumanA Surprise at a Party

A Surprise at a Party


Moria hopped up on the table that was provided for dancing at the Halloween party and started shaking her hips as the first strains of Shakira's "Tango" came on. As the beat got faster, Moria started shaking her hips faster, moving her ass and showing off her body and the fact that she knew how to dance. Out of the corner of his eye, Eric, who was dressed as a vampire, saw the girl on the table dancing and moving her prefect body to the music. She looked like someone he had known long ago, someone he thought was gone forever. Halloween was one of the only nights Eric was able to dress as himself, and let all metamorphosis, all disguises go to hell. He was a vampire, a great vampire at that. At that time, he decided he was going to fuck the girl that night, and make her his. Eric walked over to the stereo and turned it from "Tango" to "Underneath Your Clothes". Moria slowed her movements to be more erotic and sensual. Eric walked over to the table.

"What's your name? I'm Eric," he called.

"Moria," she replied, as she bent down to talk. He looked strangely familiar.

"Come on down here, with me," Eric murmured.

Moria whispered, "Okay," She needed to be fucked.

Eric took her hand and helped her down, and led across the apartment to a bedroom. He looked back at Moria, he could see how beautiful she was, and how familiar she seemed. It was uncanny. All he wanted to do at that moment was fuck her then and there. When they got into the bedroom, he slid his hands over her body.

"Mmmm," Moria moaned, "You have lovely hands."

"Thank you. You have a lovely body, and that costume only makes it look better," Eric replied.

"You're too kind. I like your costume as well! It looks so real."

"I try," he said with a laugh, and turned out the lights. Without the glare of the lamps, his eyes glowed red. He kept the glow down, his eyes shaded and downcast. He didn't want Moria to know until he was making love to her and sinking his fangs into her breast, or into her neck.

"Take off your clothing," he said, his voice hypnotic.

Moria obeyed immediately, slipping the top off, letting her marvelous breasts free, and slipping down the pants, revealing she wore nothing under her costume. Her body, cunt included, was entirely hairless, save what was on her head. She looked to him pleadingly, begging him to take off his clothes and have her. He ran a finger over her pert nipples, and bent down to lick and kiss each of them.

"Yes, all right," he laughed, and begin removing his clothes. First the long cape, centuries old, then the black shirt. He bent down to take off his boots, the only parts of his costume that weren't authentic. He removed them and stood up and looked into her eyes, and for a second, he thought he saw red. No, it couldn't be. He must have seen only the hunger and fire that burned there for his body. He reached down and slid down his pants, revealing his hardening cock, 10 inches and longer, if he willed it.

Moria looked on, amazed at finding a man who could satisfy her. She lay back on the bed, beckoning to him, spreading her legs wide, displaying her deep red cunt, glistening with wetness. He positioned himself between, her legs and thrust into her in one long motion. He was surprised to find no resistance, and he thrust deeper and harder. He thrust deeper inside her, hard as he could. Her cunt was so wet, there was no resistance.

Moria looked into his eyes lustfully. Fucking him felt amazing. He laid his head down, neck across hers, and kissed her lips. She began to kiss and suck his neck.

Eric moved his lips from hers, unsheathed his fangs, and sunk them into her neck. Just as he did that, he felt a pair of fangs enter his own neck. Each withdrew immediately, and looked at the other with eyes that glowed red in the darkness.

"I didn't know," Eric said.

"Nor did I, but you seem familiar, " Moria said.

"Marina? Could it be?" Eric asked, after staring in her eyes.

"Oh, Elric, it's me, but I dared not hope!" Moria cried.

They embraced each other tenderly, lovers centuries old, reunited forever.

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