tagGroup SexA Surprise for the Girlfriend

A Surprise for the Girlfriend


Elissa and Matt had talked about experimenting with sex many times. They had tried many things, and enjoyed them all, but there was one thing that they had never tried: bringing in another person. They considered themselves to be fairly kinky, but the thought of what it would be like to add another person to their lovemaking scared them a little. They had heard many stories of how bringing in someone else was the surest way to end a relationship, so they had stayed away from that. That is, until one day, Matt got brave.

He often fantasized about Elissa having sex with another man, and she had admitted to him that the thought of him watching her get fucked by another guy was almost enough to get her off by itself. So, Matt decided that it was time that he make both of their fantasies come true.

Before she got home from work one day, He set up candles throughout the living room, lit some incense, and put Elissa's favorite CD in the stereo (these are things that turn her on , and he wanted her to be in a wild mood). He also left a note for her, saying, "I have a surprise for you. Play along." After getting this prepared, he set up a video camera that would not be noticed, and connected it to the tv in the next room so that he could watch what would be going on in the room.

She came home a little before seven, as expected, and found the note. She smiled as she set her things down and sat on the couch.

In just a few moments, she heard someone coming through the door. Assuming that it was Matt, she hiked her skirt up a bit, showing almost up to her panties. When the door opened, Elissa hesitated momentarily, seeing that it was Matt's friend Chris, but then remembered the note, and relaxed.

"Hello," Chris said, with an obvious smile on his face.

"Hey there," Elissa replied, semi-seductively. "Matt isn't here," she followed, suspicious about his presence.

"I'm not here to see him," he returned as he sat on the couch next to her. They looked at each other for a moment, and Chris settled his right hand on Elissa's thigh, with no resistance.

Elissa was stunning, wearing her loose skirt and baby tee-shirt. Her skirt was still hiked up, a fact which Chris took full advantage of. As he began to move his hand higher up her leg, her nipples became instantly hard, showing through her shirt. She laid her head back and let out a quiet moan.

"Mmm. That feels good."

Chris raised her skirt up so that her white silk panties were fully exposed. His hand worked its way up to her crotch, and began slowly massaging her pussy through the thin material.

"Oh, God...that's great..." mumbled Elissa through her heavy breathing.

After a few moments of this, Chris moved his hand, gently tickling her tummy as he moved his way to grope her breasts.

"Oh yes!" Elissa moaned as Chris worked his hand up her shirt. As soon as she noticed his intent, she removed it quickly so that he would have easier access to her firm tits. He caressed her nipples through her bra as she groaned with pleasure. As he did this, her hand snaked its way to his bulging crotch.

Feeling his hard cock through his jeans, Elissa knew that she had to taste him. She pulled his hands off of her and knelt on the floor between his legs. She slowly unzipped his jeans, undid his belt, and continued to rub his dick through his boxers.

After a few moments, she tired of this teasing, and she pulled his cock and balls from their restraints. She held his erection in her hand, gently stroking it, amazed by its size. She slowly extended her tongue towards his cock, trailing around its length. Cupping his balls in one hand, she took the head into her mouth with a slight moan. Starting slowly, she began to milk him, moving up and down his cock, taking in more each time. Soon, she had his entire length in her mouth, her cheeks dimpled slightly from the intensity of her sucking. She moaned, but his moaning covered hers.

"Hmm...that's good. Matt is a lucky man."

She sped up her pace, obviously craving a taste of his cum. Chris began to moan even louder.

"I'm gonna cum," he groaned.

"Yes, I wanna taste you...cum in my mouth!"

He let out a slight grunt as he came, and she sucked even harder, trying to get every last drop of his juices.

Elissa wiped the excess from her mouth, removed Chris's jeans and boxers, and climbed up on his lap, straddling him.

"This is a nice surprise," she said as she took off Chris's shirt.

She began kissing his neck, slowly making her way to his chest, her hands exploring any place that her hands had yet to get to.

Chris stopped her, and looked into her eyes. "I've always thought you had a perfect set of breasts. I'm glad I get to find out how right I was," he told her, as he rubbed her firm tits, making her nipples harden like never before. She enjoyed this for a few moments, then reached back and unclasped her bra, let it slip off, unveiling her perfectly rounded breasts to Chris.

"What do you think of them now?"

Chris paused for a moment, using a finger to trace around her left tit, and then the nipple.

"Oooh..." moaned Elissa.

"They're even better than I expected." Chris kissed Elissa, still rubbing her breasts. He kissed her neck, trailing his tongue down to her chest. Elissa began gently moving her hips up and down, her breathing increasing.

Chris's tongue made its way to Elissa's breasts, and his hands moved to the back of her skirt. He kissed all around her tits, sucking on her erect nipples. His hands found the zipper on her skirt, then removed the article of clothing, leaving her dressed in nothing but her small, wet panties. One of Chris's hands slipped inside of them, caressing her labia.

"GOD, I want to fuck you."

Chris chuckled a little as he started rubbing her clit.

"Not yet. I want to drive you to the edge first."

Elissa moaned a bit in protest of having to wait, but she was too consumed by Chris's fingers inside of her to put up much of an argument.

Chris fingered her through a couple of orgasms, then put his arms around her, picked her up, and laid her down on the floor. Looming over her, he again put his mouth to work, beginning with her breasts, then making his way down. When he came to her wet panties, he removed them, then kept going.

"Mmm...taste me, Chris..."

He began slowly, teasing her labia with his tongue, making his way deeper, lapping up all of her juices. Inserting a finger, he felt the walls of her cunt contract as she reached another orgasm.

"Fuck me now! I need your dick inside of me now!"

As her moaning reached the point of yelling, she heard a voice next to her.

"Looks like it's going good. Can I join in?"

Elissa knew that voice. It was Matt, her boyfriend. She was startled for a moment, but responded, "Come here, Matt. I want to taste your cum in my mouth."

Matt silently agreed, moving into position. Elissa pulled down his jeans and grabbed a hold of his firm cock. Without delay, she inserted the entire length into her mouth, sucking as hard as she could.

Matt and Chris exchanged a glance, then Chris repositions himself between Elissa's legs, then enters her all the way in one thrust.

Elissa lets out a deep moan as he penetrates her, but continues to suck her boyfriend's dick.

Chris wastes no time, fucking her as hard as he can. Elissa wraps her legs around him, trying to get him deeper inside of her.

Matt pulls out of her mouth, moves towards her tits, and begins to cum all over her sweaty breasts.

"Yes...cum all over my tits..." She rubbed his cum around on her nipples, then sucked it off her fingers as Chris continued to pound into her.

"Fuck me...harder! Cum inside of me!"

Just as Elissa reached orgasm again, Chris came, shooting his load inside of her hot, wet pussy.

Chris pulled out of her, got dressed quickly, thanked them both, then left. Elissa was exhausted, but kept her legs spread for Matt.

"Now it's your turn," she said, as she licked her lips.

Chris bent down and passionately kissed his girlfriend. As he did this, his right hand went to her left hand which was stretched over her head. He traced his fingers down her arm, then her side, lingering in certain areas which he know would turn her on even more.

"I love it when you touch me, Matt."

Matt's hand moved down to Elissa's hot pussy, teasing her, trailing one finger around her lips. His mouth worked its way to her neck, licking and sucking on her skin. Elissa moved her hands to her breasts, massaging her nipples with Matt's fresh cum.

"You know how to work me into a frenzy," Elissa said between her gasps.

"I like getting you so horny that you think you might explode. I love the look on your face when my cock enters you after you've been begging for it." He knew that merely saying this would drive her wild.

He inserted two fingers into Elissa, gently probing her now-loose vagina.

"Mmm...fuck me with your fingers..."

Matt wasted no time, moving his fingers faster and faster, sending her into orgasm after orgasm.

"Matt...I'm begging you...fuck me..." she screamed to Matt, who's hand is now soaked with her moistness.

He repositioned himself between her legs, lifting one of them over his shoulder. He shoved his dick inside of her all at once, making her moan louder than before.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!"

Chris fucked her harder and faster. Just when her thought he might pass out from exhaustion, he came at the same time she screamed through another orgasm. He collapsed next to her, and both of them passed out.

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