tagLoving WivesA Swinging Door: Mike Again

A Swinging Door: Mike Again


This is the end of the story, as far as Mike and Linda are concerned, until several years later. I'll tell you all about that, later, in the proper sequence. I think this particular event, although Linda had been screwed by two other men frequently, set up her need to see Mike again in those later years.


It was time to go. The final goodbye's had been said, we had our luggage stowed in our cabin and the party on deck was going full-blast. I don't know whether it was the hors-oeuvres or the free booze, but everyone seemed to be having a blast as we took full advantage of our last few minutes together before sailing. It was easy for me to slip away for a moment and find out where Linda and Mike were – although I already had an idea. They had been looking cow-eyed at each other from the time Mike and Tanya came on board. Then, about fifteen minutes into the party, Mike and Linda had disappeared.

How in the heck was I going to find out what they were up to? Those cabins weren't that big, then I remembered that the tiny shower and wash basin was just inside the door of the cabin, and the double bed we had arranged for was around the corner from that little passage-way into the cabin proper. I knew I would be able to listen, even if I couldn't see. It would be a little risky because I still didn't want Linda to know that I had seen her being fucked by Mike, but it was worth the chance.

I took it. The cabin was only one deck below where the party was getting its second wind. It was only the work of a moment to open the door slowly, making sure it didn't make any noise, and then slip into the dark bathroom. I didn't realize how lucky I was until I saw that, in addition to the ability to hear what was going on around that little bend, the mirror for the room was completely in my view. I could see everything! With the darkened interior of the bathroom remaining unlit, I realized I would be able to see and hear everything going on in our cabin without being observed by either Mike or Linda. Not that it would have bothered me if Mike saw me. I knew that he wouldn't say anything to Linda. He wasn't about to break up what they were involved in at the moment.

Linda's dress was pushed up to her waist. He was on top of her, with her nylon-clad legs wrapped almost around his waist, urging him on as he fucked my wife.

"Oh, god, please! Fuck me, fuck me until your can't fuck me any more. I want you so bad," she panted. Obviously, although they must have just gotten started, both of them had plans for the next hour or so. I doubt if at that moment the sun had erupted in a super nova she would have even noticed, and being buried to the hilt in her hot pussy, I doubt if Mike would have either.

I knew that this would have to be a quickie, relatively speaking. We were sailing in just over an hour and I had never known either of them to do it in less when they got together.

Mike had already pushed Linda's boobs out of the bodice of her dress. His lips were curled tightly around one nipple sucking and gripping it so hard that it was pulled almost straight up off her chest wall, while the fingers of his other hand were leaving white marks where he clutched the other. I watched his back bow as he hunched skyward, then drove his dick into her to the hilt, earning a thrust of her own against his crotch. Her fingers were leaving red furrows on his back. She wanted this - badly!

She began gasping with pleasure as the friction of his cock sliding up and down the clamping walls of her cunt titillated them both. I knew she was near orgasm from the flush that moved slowly up from her sweat covered lower belly to her breasts, then up her neck. Then, with a low mewling sound she jerked her heels higher on his back, spurring him as she would a reluctant steed, to more effort.

Mike was obviously giving her his best. I could hear the tattoo of his lower belly slapping hers, and watch the nuts filled with his sperm tightening as he reached his own apex. The hot sperm shot into her so hard some actually splashed from her matted pussy pelt to the bed covers as he withdrew just slightly too far, then rammed it home in her again.

He was gasping when he relaxed and let his body weight down on my wife's belly.

"Unh, unh," she said shaking her head, "you're not getting off that easy. Its going to be a long time before I get anything this good, and I want all of you before you give up." She was pulling her way around to face his feet even while his cock was still in her cunt. It flopped out as she reached the midway point and I saw her take the shiny trophy in her hand then slide farther down toward the end of the bed, tugging and pulling at her prize. I was no longer surprised to see her open her mouth wide and take all he had to offer in one long kiss that ended with her nose in his pubic hair.

At first Mike just fed it to her, but she pushed him over on his back then and began gobbling his dick like she had never tasted anything as good as that. This was my wife, the woman who only a few months before, had never considered having sex with another man and certainly not sucking his dick until he sent a load of hot cum shooting into her belly. I couldn't have gotten a better cock sucking from a professional whore, and she was far better than they would have been with her lover on his back looking up at the wet hair pie only inches from his mouth. I couldn't have resisted it, and neither could he. Linda had told me that he had not eaten her pussy, but at this moment it was at it's appetizing best and his head disappeared between her thighs.

I could see the amazement reflected in her eyes and the hunger for him as she thrust down hard against his tongue, feeding him her pussy while her own hands cupped his balls and her head drove up and down that long, thick staff. It must have made her cum almost immediately. I saw her legs spread wider and her hips thrusting against him as his cock jerked then began filling her mouth until it overflowed her lips and trickled down her chin to be eagerly lapped up with a tongue still coated with his cum.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned sitting up, astride him. "That was wonderful! Earl loves eating your cum out of my pussy, but it never felt as good as this." She got to her knees and then turned around until she was still astride him, but facing him. I could see Mike's cum smeared face smiling at her as he lifted his hands and once again covered her bare breasts, pulling her down to him for a long, passionate kiss.

"I'll be up there to see you," I heard him whisper, "as often as I can. Do you promise to keep this hot for me?"

Linda tittered like a schoolgirl. "Are you sure you want it kept hot? After all that means other men would be fucking me."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he said, giving her breasts a squeeze, "and I'm sure Earl would prefer it that way."

"That's one of the few things I think he would agree to," she said thoughtfully. "He always seems to be pushing me to fuck other men."

"And you should, Linda. Just think of how reluctant you were the first time and how you've found that you can have as much fun with me as you do with him."

"Would it surprise you to know that I've already done it with two more men?" she asked almost apprehensively.

"No, and I think the experience has given you even more to smile about than you would admit," he told her. "Have you told Earl yet?"

"He knows about the big one at the push button motel," (story 1 and 1a) she admitted, "but I haven't told him about all the others yet, just some. (Story 2) I doubted I needed to. It's pretty evident that someone has been fucking me often," she added with a smile.

"Not half as often as I would have liked, but you should tell him everything," Mike told her. "He would like that and appreciate your honesty. Tanya tells me all about her lovers, and I tell her about the women I see."

"You told her you were seeing me?" she gasped, suddenly horrified although he had told her before that she knew.

"Of course," he nodded, "you can't keep secrets about something like this from your wife or husband, that's cheating. How did you think I had been able to sneak off just now with her so close? She knows exactly what I'm doing…..Well, maybe not exactly." He told Linda reaching out to her again. "I'm doing Laura too. I had to make sure that there was at least a passable replacement when you left.

"I can't believe it," she gasped again. "And I was trying to be so careful around Laura. And Tanya…Does she tell you everything too?"

Well, maybe not down to the last stroke," he laughed, "but she tells me how he got her and makes sure to leave a load of cum in her before we do it. It's even better when another man has had her."

"That's what Earl always tells me," she said softly, almost to herself. "Do most men believe that?"

"Only the smartest ones," he told her with another laugh. "Now, let's get down to what we came down here for….and promise me you'll tell Earl what I'm doing, will you?"

"I'll have to give that some more thought," Linda smiled, "but I certainly don't want to deprive him of the best," she said reaching for Mike's semi-hard cock once more.

"That's my girl," he laughed, pushing her back once more and lifting her legs in the crook of his elbows. Let's see how deep it will go!"


It went a lot deeper the second time around, all the easily pushed buttons having been exhausted. It lasted a lot longer too before they were once again holding each other tightly, rolling from one side of the bed to the other, still connected orally and genitally, obviously unable to get enough of each other, ever.

"I'm going to really miss you, honey," he finally whispered as he got off the bed. "I would love to be going with you as an extra husband."

"I'd like that too," Linda told him, sitting up and trying to rearrange her hopelessly wrinkled dress. Mike "helped", smoothing out the bodice over still swollen breasts with protruding nipples. She slapped at his hands playfully.

"Stop it!" she said in mock anger. "If you keep that up, we'll never get out of here."

"Oh, that would be too bad." He laughed, winking at the door to the barely open bathroom. He knew I had been there all the time.

With a firm background in having sex with other men now established, it wasn't hard to convince her (although she always feigned opposition) to become a "real" swinger. That begins with the next story.

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