tagGroup SexA Tale of the Technician Ch. 05

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 05


*If it matters make it count*


"Do it again," Eleanor told me yet again as she did absolutely every lab.

"I have I ever told you how lovely your eyes look when fired by unmitigated hate?" I answered.

"No, that is a new one," she growled. I took my failed results and went back to my lab partner Barney. He shook his head wondering why I kept going back for the punishment.

When we finally turned in the proper answers that met her exacting specifications Eleanor intensely met my eyes.

"Can you come by my place tonight at eight?" she whispered. I nodded. I was afraid I knew what this was about.

At eight I showed up at her little apartment and knocked on the door. I heard some rustling inside and when the door opened it was clear that Eleanor had run over her roommate with the short black hair to there first.

"Hey Craig, come on in!" she panted. Eleanor virtually dragged me inside.

"Hey," I managed to get out to her roommates before she led me upstairs and into her room.

"Ah, Eleanor?" I wondered.

"Quick, get out of your clothes," she said hurriedly. She was already stripping out of her own. I started doing the same. Before I was finished she was already under the covers staring at me.

"Eleanor did you invite me over here solely so we could have sex?" I inquired. She thought about it for a moment.


"I'm your Booty Call?" I sounded confused. She hesitated and had the heart to sound embarrassed.


"What do you do if I walk out that door?" I threatened. She looked hurt and a bit shocked at what she'd done.

"I don't know," she said weakly. I regarded her cautiously before my next statement.

"Good thing you are not going to have to find out," I grinned. "Now scoot over."

She did that quickly and I went under the covers and into her arms. I rolled on top of her began savagely kissing her. She began making that little warbling noise she made when she was sexually excited. My hand slid down her body making gentle feelers.

"Mmmm," she purred without me going for the classical tits and ass erogenous zones.

This woman was a lot of fun for a man who liked to use touch to excite. I moved my kisses down to her neck, shoulder and the earlobe, which got her more turned on.

"Craig, I want to do it," she groaned. Eleanor was a virgin and had been pretty adamant about staying that way.

"That will cost you dinner," I teased as I ran my hand along the swell of her hips and belly.

"Bastard," she gasped. I punished her for that by going back to her vulnerable earlobe. She was soon writhing in my gasps and crying out. The second I ran two fingers along her vulnerable virgin slit she came.

"Oh Craig!" she shouted. I now decided to show off and began to seriously working her over. My thumb and finger worked over her cunt while my other hand tweaked her breast and my lips ghosted over everything from chest to eyelids. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes and her breath was coming in ragged rasps.

"Please," she begged.

"No way," I gloated and she mewled like a kitten. "I'm going to make you come and come," and I did. After the third mighty spasm I had mercy. She had soaked the bed with her sweat the sheets were totally messed up where her fists had clenched them in to balls.

"I can't walk," she groaned but I realized there was a fatigued smile etched on her face.

"But are you happy?" I suggested.

"Desperately happy ... are we going to do this again?" she hoped.

"Not tonight Doctor. You've had thee orgasms in one hour and you need a rest, but maybe tomorrow," I instructed.

With much effort she pushed herself on top of me and soaked up my energy.

"I have to go; PT at six a.m.," I explained.

"I'll miss you," she whispered somewhat fearfully.

"I'll miss you too," I assured her. "Not that I've been with all that many woman -- okay three -- but you are super-energetic and very exciting to be with."

"Even if I'm small?" she worried.

"If you were bigger could I do this," I teased as I pulled her up and sucked her whole breast into my mouth. Eleanor gasped and pulled on my hair.

"I suppose not," she moaned happily. She made a disappointed little sigh when I released my mouth lock.

"I have to be working out in the morning," I reminded her.

"Okay," she allowed as she rolled off to the side. I hurriedly got dressed and 'forgot' to put on my shirt as I pulled on my hoodie and made for the door.

"Tomorrow I can make it around ten thirty," I told her

"I'll make the time," she smiled. I headed out the door and found all three women working on their computers when I came down. They all stole glances at me. I went over and fixed myself a glass of water, drank it and headed for the door.

"Three?" the short-haired girl teased.

"I'm Craig; you are?" I extended my hand.

"Denise," she answered and shook it. She had a good grasp.

"Yes three, but then she had mercy on me and released me to go home. I swear you grad students are pent up sexual volcanoes," I grinned.

The girls exchanged glances unsure how much I jested. I took that moment to make my leave. My knee was still hurting and it was a long way back to the dorm. Once there I found that Jesse had the 'warning' mark out, indicating he had company in the room, so I made myself comfortable in the common area and finished studying to well past midnight. Practice in the morning sucked.


I dragged my way through classes and opted for a nap instead of lunch to put a few more hours of sleeplessness behind me. I snacked on energy bars between classes and met up with Jamie and Emily for a study session around dinner time. Around nine I made my excuses to my friends, worked out at the sports facility for an hour, showered and went to Eleanor's.

This time the red-head Tammie answered the door. She gave me a friendly smile then called over her shoulder to the room in general.

"Eleanor, your Jackhammer is here!" Followed by looking back to me and said "Come on in Craig."

"You know I'm a sensitive guy with feelings," I joked with her as I entered. I put my book bag at by the door and took off my jacket.

"What would you prefer?" she answered.

"Love Doctor ... no wait; Passion Piston," I puffed out my chest. She patted me on the ass and chuckled.

Before the conversation could continue Eleanor came racing to the top of the stairs, wearing my shirt I'd left for her and drying her hair. The general idea I thought we all had was that she had nothing on underneath the shirt either. I took the stair two at a time and Eleanor giggled and raced for her room.

I kissed her in the middle of the room and ran my hands over her back and ass.

"Thanks for the shirt; it smells of you," she smiled appreciatively. I stuck me face into her hair and neck.

"Let me get the smell of you," I responded. She sighed. I began working off my hoodie. When she started to take off her shirt I stopped her. She looked at me curiously.

When I was naked I moved up to Eleanor and slowly pulled her shirt up. I knelt down and kissed her stomach when it became revealed. I slowly moved the shirt up kissing my way with it; each breasts getting each own tongue twirl. When I got her shirt off she was vibrating with sexual tension.

"I want to do it," she gasped. I nodded because I wasn't sure what to say when agreeing to be a woman's first. "I have rubbers." So did I but I didn't feel that saying it was appropriate at that moment. She opened the drawer and handed me a box.

"Extra Large," I noted. "Why does everyone get Extra Large? Are we all supposed to have tree trunks between our thighs?" I groaned.

"You can't use them," Eleanor sounded disappointed.

"No, all guys get Extra Large so it is a pretty much catch all. I'll do just fine, but I still like to bitch about it."

"Well quick, put it on!" she urged. Man she was hungry for sex so I ripped the condom rapper and rolled it on.

I led her into bed and put her beneath me. She was clearly terrified so I developed a plan. I gently caressed her body but that didn't help, but this part of the plan wasn't supposed to. When I could see panic about to overwhelm her I made my move. I tickled her under her arms. Eleanor jumped.

"What are you ...' she then lost the ability to speak except with giggles. "No," she gasped.

I wouldn't relent. Soon she was laughed and thrashing about the bed unable to escape my greater strength and fast hands.

"Please," she begged between hiccups. I had maneuvered her so that we were spooning. Only when I rocked my hips forward and up a bit did she realize; I was about to enter her.

She tensed up slightly so I tickled her again.

"I'll be good," she giggled. I actually slipped inside and she whimpered. Damn she had a tight vagina but then she was as small woman. I had one hand underneath her and was groping her breast. My free hand teased her ear, neck, ribs, and waist.

Eleanor pushed down slightly and tensed.

"Are you okay?" I whispered.

"I want to do this," she moaned, part ecstasy, part pain. All I could think that when this woman set her mind to do something she was determined.

We began to push in and withdraw incrementally until I felt we had reached that critical point.

"Hang on," I warned her. She nodded and I then pushed.

"Ow," she cried softly then sobbed with her back pressed against me.

I held her tightly. She kept trembling until I pushed in a little deeper. She gasped, but I pressed a little more before withdrawing. I pulled back a little more then I felt her push down.

"It hurts," she whimpered.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"Yes, for a minute. Let me adjust. I hear that makes it feel better," Eleanor answered. A little while later she pushed down again and I began rocking my hips for her. I also began moving my hands over her body and her painful trembles became ones of pleasure.

"Craig, yes yes," she panted. I few more pumps and a stroke over her lower stomach and she screamed out "Fuck yeah!" which was the first curse word I could recall her saying.

After she came down, I kept my free arm draped over her for a bit.

"How about we lay here for a while," I suggested. From my experiences with my first girl, Jamie, Eleanor would be sore and uncomfortable with sex.

"That would be nice," she murmured and snuggled in against me.

We remained spooned until she asked me a question about cellular mitosis. I thought about it before answering. She turned over and looked into my eyes. The next few questions were more difficult and I began wondering what it was she was getting at. I began answering with 'I'm not sure,' which didn't seem to bother her at all. I finally had to ask,

"What is this about?"

"Just checking that you loved Biology," she sighed.

"You are a graduate student Eleanor. I can't hope to compete," I complained.

"I'm checking to see if I'll see you next semester," she responded quietly.

"Planning on dragging me back to your place every night and having your way with me?" I teased.

"Pretty much yes," she countered playfully.

"We don't have to have classes together for this to happen," I told her.

"I find the thought of you beneath to be exciting," she grinned sheepishly; women.

"This is it for a week," I informed Eleanor.

"Fall Break," she sighed.

"I'll be back on Wednesday for training for the game," I hinted.

"We need to talk about your finals," she smiled.

"Emily will be back with me and Jamie is coming back on Friday," I told her.

"Monday week," she asked hopefully.

"Crap Eleanor, are you trying to kill me?" I grinned.

"Consider it a biology experiment," she suggested.

"On that note I'm heading out," I made an exaggerated sigh. I slipped out of bed, disposed of the rubber and began getting dressed. Again Eleanor sat back and watched as if not sure what to make of me or if I was even real. When I was about done she took hold of my arm.

"I'll see you home."

"I'll see you downstairs," I responded. She began putting a shirt and pants on while I made my way to the common area.

"Hey Stud," Denise said. I laughed.

"I hate to bust my Macho Mystique, but I'm afraid this is more a case that Eleanor is dynamite in bed."

That made Tammie, Denise, and the tall woman all exchange looks yet again.

"We won't tell anyone," Denise joked.

"It is always the quiet ones," Tammie smiled.

"So you had nothing to do with it?" the tall one added.

"I won't go that far," I suggested at which point Eleanor came pounding down the stairs. She took me by the shoulder and headed me toward the door. Two coats and a car later Eleanor turned and kissed me passionately.


"That's for the 'dynamite' bit," she chortled happily; girls and eavesdropping.


Jamie and I were going over out midterm scores when Emily and Amber came walking up. We were all riding home together which was going to be a bit awkward. It actually turned out better than expected. Amber and I exchanged maybe twenty words, but they were civil. Emily and Jamie kept the conversation going.

We all agreed to meet up at the high school game after I dropped everyone off. It was good to see Mom at home, but then it was good to see Mom at all the way work jerked her around. I hadn't been at home more than an hour before Jamie called me to come get her. I made my quick good-byes and drove over.

"Shit Craig, I forgot how much I hated this place," was how Jamie greeted me. Her dad was still at work and all the people she knew and cared about had gone to school with her.

"Emily's family is going to want her to hang around until game time so I guess it is you and me for now. Is there any place you want to go?" I asked as we went down to the basement.

Jamie flopped down on the sofa.

"Craig, promise me we won't drift apart," she asked.

"What's got you in this mood Jamie?" I responded.

"You and Amber; I want you and me to always remain close Craig. I've felt that about you for some time but I wanted you to know it." I sat down and wrapped an arm around her.

"It is a deal Jamie. No matter what happens we will always be friends and not just friends, but best friends," I assured her.

"What about Emily?" she sighed as she leaned into my shoulder.

"I can't say for sure. You were Emily's first and I believe you are her favorite. You've been there for her twice and Emily isn't someone who would throw that away," I said.

"She almost did when we first showed up," she pointed out.

"She's allowed a freshman infatuation Jamie and that is all that relationship was. Some hot girl came on to her publically and she lost her head. Can you forgive her?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah I can. It hurt though thinking that she was gone from my life," Jamie confided.

"Were you ever afraid you lost me?" I inquired.

"You? No, I know I have you whipped," she grinned up at me.

"Jamie, have I ever told you what a wonderful bump you give to my self-esteem?" I smiled back at her.

"No," she answered.

"Well, with comments like that I'm not likely to," I joked.

"Honey, your happiness is nice, but all I really need is for you to sex me up on demand," she cooed.

"I refer to my earlier comment on self-esteem," I groused. I kissed her and she kissed me back. Our hand met and our fingers intertwined. This was play, not sex and it was really good to be free of all those kinds of pressures. Jamie parted our kiss and gave a coquettish grin,

"Does it make you feel better to know I want you?"

"Indeed Jamie, from the first day I met you," I answered.

"Are you trying to get lucky?" she teased.

"No, I'm trying to be honest," I replied and she reacted by hugging me and then kissing me on the neck. We played around until Emily called us and said her entire family was heading over to the game.

Quantrill and Gina met Jamie and I in the stands and after some urging, we two guys went down to the field to talk with the team. The coach varied between ignoring me and sending hate my way. He wasn't my problem anymore. Not only had Quantrill and I gone on to college, five of our teammates had gone on as well. We swapped stories with each other and with the guys who had taken our place.

It was easy to talk with the former-juniors, now seniors, who had been on the team the year before. For the rest, it was a strange mix of awe and envy. We veterans had won Regionals, while this year we were struggling to win the conference. Mostly it was good. Their quarterback was Lynn Puller, a hard working junior with a willingness to run the ball. We liked each other on the spot. It was freaking weird to have anyone tell me he 'admired me'. I was nineteen!

The tough moment came when I caught Emily and Amber down with the cheerleaders. The girls were doing pretty much what Mark and I were doing; catching up with old friends. Amber gave me an odd look but didn't say anything. When the game started we got off the field and back with our families; Jamie and me were family. We watched the team beat Panther Hill, but it was strange to be on the outside since I'd only come to town my senior year. Jamie insisted I wasn't missing anything.

(Week Nine)

Jamie and I agreed that we would spend Saturday with our individual parents. At noon Jamie gave me a call and told me that she was going crazy and that I needed to save her. I told her to suck it up, they were our parents and we should give them a chance. Fifteen minutes later Jamie told me that if I came over she would have sex with me. What followed went like this:

"Mom, I'm going over to Jamie's."

"Craig, are you sure we can't spend some more time together (watching TV)?" Mom said.

"Mom, if I get over there right now I can have sex," I responded. Mom laughed.

"Okay dear, have fun," she joked, clearly believing for some strange reason that I'm still a virgin.

I knocked on the door to Jamie's house once and came in.

"Hey Mr. Watts," I called out. I figured Jamie's dad was in his man-cave so Jamie would be in her room. I pounded up the stairs without hearing his reply. Her door was open so I swept in and shut the door behind me.

"I shouldn't have come home," she let into me, clearly frustrated. She was sitting on her stomach on her bed, legs kicked up in the air and looking at her laptop. I wanted to sit beside her, but took off my jacket and sat on the floor in front of her instead, cross legged.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Dad tried to have a conversation with me Craig, and I wanted to cry. We have nothing in common. Since mom left, we've had nothing and now it hurts, Okay!" she blurted out.

"I'll make arrangements for Winter Break," was the only thing I could think of to say. Jamie didn't want platitudes; she wanted some sort of action.

"What?" she looked down at me hopefully.

"Freshmen have to live in their dorms first semester, but not the second. We go out and find a place we can afford with our scholarships and whatever our parents can kick in," I suggested.

Jamie closed her laptop, crawled off the bed all snake-like and kissed me.

"You really think we can pull this off?" she murmured.

"I get a decent housing allowance," I confessed, "and I think we could swing Emily over too. If we add Mark, that's rent four ways and you know I can cover you if you are a little short."

"I'll make it up in trade," she purred. I pulled her on top of me as I fell back.

"That's good because right now I want to fuck your brains out," I growled hungrily.

"Craig," she whispered, "you say the sweetest things." She pushed up on my chest and when she straddled me lifted her shirt off. Ah, no bra and wonderful breasts and nipples already were getting hard. As I reached up for them she pushed my hands back down and shook her head.

She reached down and began pulling my shirt up and over my head. When she had my hands bound over my head she reached down and kissed me, finishing up by biting my lower lip. She worked her way down, tongue and teeth to my nipples and began working me over well.

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