tagGroup SexA Tale of the Technician Ch. 06

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 06


*You risk much for love, but you risk more by avoiding it*

Thanks to Frontma for all the editing help.



As I came up the walkway to our college group home Jamie came running out to jump into my arms. I was barely able to put my gifts down before she collided with me.

"God, I've missed you," she said between kisses.

"Jamie, I've been gone three days," I responded. I saw Gina standing somewhat self-consciously at the door. I'd been back in our home town spending time with my Mom.

"Hey, Gina," I called out. "Help me unload the car." She shuffled toward me as I hung onto Jamie. Together the three of us went to the car. The second Christmas present Gina pulled out made her pause. I casually looked her way.

"Yes?" I asked her.

"This has my name on it," she mumbled.

"It's Christmas; you get gifts on Christmas," I grinned. Gina attacked the pile of gifts, her smile growing larger. The three of us finally got everything inside and I sighed when I noticed what Jamie had gotten for a Christmas tree -- a fossilized bush completely devoid of leaves.

At least Jamie had the good sense to look contrite when I cast my baleful gaze upon her.

"Well, let's get the presents open," I announced. Jamie and Gina sat down and attacked their small pile of presents. Gina got one from Mark, Amber, Emily, Jamie, and I and she went hog wild. She danced around the place with her clothes, new cell phone, and pre-paid charge card.

Jamie laughed it up with Gina and they both raced back to their bedrooms to change. Gina had the good sense to come out fully clothed but Jamie tempted fate by coming out in her new hoodie and thong panties. Gina was scandalized, but I noticed her gaze kept slipping Jamie's way. It reminded me of the kiss Gina had shared with Emily a year ago.

"What did you get for Christmas?" Jamie asked.

"Two gorgeous girls to do with as I please," I chortled. Gina gulped and Jamie poked me in the chest.

"Don't worry, Gina. When he talks about his two girls he's referring to his right hand and left hand," Jamie grinned.

"Ouch," I cringed. "I came all this way to see you, Baby."

"You came all this way to sleep alone tonight," she taunted me. Gina giggled. I looked pained which only made Jamie happier.

"Don't you want some hot throbbing sex?" I begged.

"I don't know," Jamie said loftily. "Gina, what are you doing tonight?" Gina choked.

"I ah -- Craig, a little help here?" Gina sputtered.

"I'll hold her down and you tickle her," I conspired. Gina looked uncertain but Jamie knew what was coming and bolted for the bedroom. I raced after her and got her right at the bedroom door. I wrapped her up in my arms and lifted her back to the main room.

"Gina! Help!" Jamie squawked. I fell down on the sofa and Jamie thrashed around trying to get free. Gina hovered over us for a few seconds before a whole new kind of smile came to her face and she leapt on Jamie. Jamie started really kicking and screaming in hysterics while Gina tickled her without mercy.

The three of us fell to the floor and soon Gina was tickling me and Jamie equally. I grabbed Gina in desperation and pulled her to us. Jamie was fighting for breath but managed to get on top of Gina where the tickling was returned with intent. In the end we were all struggling for breath on the floor and lying on our backs.

Jamie rolled onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows looking down on Gina.

"You are going to pay for your treachery, young maiden," Jamie panted.

Gina reached up and stroked Jamie's hair.

"Okay," she responded softly.

"How about I go out and get some food?" I suggested.

"I'll go with you," Gina insisted in a nervous manner. We stood up and gathered our coats, and I noticed Jamie's confused expression. Gina had some issues, that was for sure.

Gina sat in silence for most of the trip to the Chinese take-out place. On the way back Gina turned to me, looking very serious.

"You and Jamie are very close, right?" Gina asked.

"Very close. But that doesn't mean the two of you can't be close too," I suggested. That brought Gina up short once more. "What you are feeling is totally natural, Gina. You don't have to worry about Jamie or me judging you," I told her.

"Craig, I like you; I trust you. What am I going to do?" Gina worried. She trusts me? What is wrong with my jock image that makes girls want to trust me and makes me not want to abuse that trust? How less complicated would my life be if I was as total asshole?

"Follow your heart, Gina. Have a little faith in you," I responded.

"What about us, -- you and me?" Gina asked.

"As I've told you earlier, you are beautiful. Mark is my friend and I don't feel there can be an 'us' while the two of you are together. You, Jamie, and Emily are a different matter," I assured her. "Don't worry about me getting jealous; Jamie has always gone her own way and I think Emily likes you."

"She does?" Gina sounded a bit surprised.

"Oh, yeah, trust me on that one. Emily likes you a lot," I told her.

"Amber?" Gina questioned.

"Amber less so, but that has more to do with what she likes than anything personal," I assured her.

"We are not talking about friendship, are we?" Gina asked for clarification.

"Nope," I answered. Gina looked at her hands a long time.

"All of this was going on when we were in high school, wasn't it?" she inquired.

"Yes, it was," I grinned.

"I always thought there was something 'friendly' about Emily and Jamie; they were always so helpful and touchy-feely," she noted.

"Did you like that level of relationship?" I asked. She thought that over for a minute.

"Yes," she replied quietly. "Yes, I did. Do you think Mark will get upset?"

"Are you going to dump him?" I responded.

"No," Gina declared. "Mark is the best thing to ever happen to me."

"Then I think we are okay. The weird thing will be if Mark wants to watch," I informed her.

"That would be -- different," she allowed.

"So, when we get back are you going to want a little alone time with Jamie to talk things out?" I inquired.

"No. I think I've got enough to think about tonight," she smiled happily. The rest of the drive passed with the radio on and a new level of comfort between us.

Life with Jamie is rarely dull or disappointing: case in point, coming home and finding Jamie in a sheer black silk teddy, the thinnest of thongs, and a lacy half-cup bra. She struck a provocative pose at the door right before we came in.

"Hey, Troops," she purred in a perfectly sultry voice.

Gina turned to me and tugged my arm.

"Do you remember what you asked me earlier? Well, I'm changing my answer to yes," she moaned.

"Sorry, Gina, can't talk -- blood rushing out of brain," I mumbled.

Jamie beamed triumphantly.

"You two get inside; it is so cold my nipples are hard enough to cut glass," Jamie shivered.

My hand was half way up to comfort one of those freezing nipples when an idea occurred to me. I took Gina's hand and placed it on one of Jamie's breasts first, then took hold of the other one. Together we forced Jamie back into the house and I kicked the door shut. Gina was already stroking and rubbing the sheer fabric between her fingers and Jamie's flesh.

By the time I safely got the food to the ground Jamie had shifted out of her teddy and was unclasping her bra from the front to give us better access. Gina needed no encouragement but dove straight onto Jamie's nipple, suckling deep and hard. Not to be outdone, I began licking and teasing her other breast. Jamie rolled her head up, moaned intently, and ran her fingers through our hair.

"That's right," Jamie murmured, "keep it up." When I positioned my hand down to Jamie's pubic area I was surprised and amused to find that Gina had beat me there. I quickly worked out a pattern so we could cooperate in pulling Jamie's thong down to pet her pussy. Gina went to town with her fingers and thumb on Jamie's slit while I was left tweaking and pulling on her clit.

"No fair," Jamie panted, "I want -- wanted to -- last longer." Gina and I redoubled our efforts and Jamie began to shake. I quickly dove beneath her legs and opened my mouth to lap up as much of her juices as I could.

"Ah, ah, ah ...-- Gina!" she screamed as I was deluged. I drank and slurped for all I was worth but I was still coated down my chin and chest. Jamie was left putting her hands on my shoulders to support herself.

Gina looked down at me with wide eyes.

"She -- comes a lot," she wondered.

"That's my girl," I grinned as I licked my lips as I stripped out of my shirt.

"Your turn," Jamie growled hungrily, and took hold of Gina's cum-soaked hand then started taking her to the sofa.

Jamie half yanked/ half helped Gina remove her clothing. I was stripping down too, but I had a different goal in mind. Jamie pushed Gina down on the sofa and crawled between her legs. They began kissing hesitantly at first but with more and more energy as Gina embraced the situation. Soon she was pulling Jamie into her and sucking on her neck and earlobe.

Only then did Jamie allow her hand to go below the neckline. First she cupped both breasts and played with them, tweaking the nipples and stroking the areolas while continuing to kiss Gina's lips and chin. Gina shuddered when Jamie's hand flowed along her belly and played with her delicate pubic hair, then began to gyrate on the seat and make little gasping sounds.

Jamie's fingers began reaching into the folds between Gina's thighs and pushed her fingers in.

"Someone's been naughty," Jamie teased, as she brought up two fingers coated in Gina's juices. She sucked them clean and went back for more. Gina blushed furiously but kept bucking her hips against Jamie's hand.

Breaking their lip-lock Jamie began to suck and nibble her way down Gina's body, clearly in a way that Mark hadn't. It was at time like these that I really appreciated all the time and effort Jamie, Emily, and Amber had put into me and my experience with them. Gina brought a hand up to her mouth, biting down on a finger to keep her moaning to a minimum.

Jamie took that as a good sign; rolling her tongue in Gina's belly button before lowering herself to Gina's pubic hair and gently sucking on it. This was a new trick of Jamie's and I blamed internet porn -- or should I say, I appreciated her use of internet porn. Gina certainly showed her appreciation by starting to suck in deep breaths.

Then Jamie reached her clit and went straight for the kill; she bit it. Gina screamed and bowed her body painfully. Before she could recover, Jamie was rubbing two fingers into Gina and sucking her clit for all she was worth. Gina was still fighting mightily to control herself; it was time for me to make my move.

I sidled up behind Jamie and pushed her thighs apart. She began swaying her ass back and forth seductively and when I entered her pussy from behind she let out a deep breath onto Gina's cunt. This was only the prelude; once I had my cock good and lubed up, I shifted it up to her anal ring.

Jamie picked up her pace with Gina who was now beating her fists into the sofa in ecstasy. I entered Jamie's back door slowly at first but she suddenly thrust against me.

"Oh, fuck!" she groaned, because I knew the move had to be painful. I took hold of her hips and gently entered her the rest of the way until my crotch was pressed against her ass crack.

"Do me, bitch," was Jamie's way of coaxing me on so I was kind enough to obey. I slammed my meat into her brutally and repeatedly. At the same time I was driving Jamie's tongue deeper into Gina's love box where she alternated between one and two fingers. Jamie succumbed first but before she did, she sucked up as much of Gina's cunt juice as she could.

Jamie's ass clamped down like a vise and she jetted so hard with her juices that my balls were hurt by the spray. Just for that I started slapping her ass. Seconds later Jamie mumbled something.

"What was that?" I questioned.

"Harder, please harder," she moaned. What can I say? I obliged.

Gina was turning out to be a harder fortress to storm. I knew that Jamie was reaching the end of her endurance when I shot off inside her bowels. That gave her a little more incentive, which she used to slip a finger into Gina's ass and the girl screamed. I don't mean called out; I mean a 'the neighbors should be calling the cops because someone was being murdered over here' scream.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh -- Aaahhh -- Fuck!" Gina went off. She was all over the place and Jamie wouldn't relent. She kept sucking on Gina's clit and pumping both holes as fast as she could go. Gina started screaming all over again and I was thinking double homicide before she crashed into a whimpering heap. I yanked Jamie back and the girl immediately crashed into my arms.

"Nailed you, ya little vixen," Jamie gloated between desperate gulps of air. Gina remained still except for her expanding and contracting bosom. I wrapped my arms around Jamie and let her bask in the glow of her handiwork.

"I can't believe I wasted a whole year not doing this," Gina managed to croak once her eyes opened.

"Does Mark not go down on you?" Jamie asked.

"No," Gina admitted.

"Do you go down on him?" Jamie questioned. Gina nodded. "Then we'll have to train him to be a good boy," Jamie continued. "It took us no time at all to train Craig here."

"Hey! I'm still in the room you know," I said defensively. Jamie reached behind her and stroked my cheek.

"Now be a good boy and go get us some towels and wet wash cloths," Jamie grinned over her shoulder. I bent her over, smacked her ass hard enough to make her squawk, and went off to do as instructed.

When I got back Gina was lying on the sofa, head in Jamie's lap. Jamie was twirling Gina's hair and making little cooing noises to her. I slipped a wash cloth into each of their hands then put out the towels were Jamie had been climactic. I joined them on the sofa, putting Gina's feet in my naked lap and started giving her a foot massages. Gina started purring in response.

"Are you two always like this?" Gina inquired.

"No," Jamie snapped off her reply, "usually we have whips, chains and handcuffs."

"Don't scare the girl, Jamie. All we've ever used were handcuffs," I corrected.

"Wait until you see what I got you for Christmas, Lover-Boy," Jamie giggled.

"On that cheery note, let's eat. I'm starved and I think we've all worked up an appetite," I hoped. Jamie and Gina gave me the nod so we were soon pigging out with the added benefit of eating any fallen food off one another's bodies. Hygienic? Not likely, but still fun. It was with some reluctance that we got dressed and watched some TV until midnight.

That evening as Jamie and I were lying in bed and prepared to sleep together Jamie looked to me and whispered,

"Did we do the right thing with Gina?"

"I think so. I didn't touch her and I think Mark will be much more receptive to suggestions from you than from me," I offered.

"Don't guys get weirded out when their girls hit it off with other girls?" she asked.

"Sure, but there is always that voyeuristic desire as well; as I said, as long as you aren't taking their girl away, most guys are curious enough to listen," I confided in her.

"What if Gina decides to hook up with me?" Jamie worried.

"Then we have a problem," I admitted. "Best case: I move in with Mark and Gina moves in with you. Worse case: he moves out and rent becomes a lot harder."

"I'm still not sorry," Jamie confessed. "I think we did Gina some good."

"I feel the same way," I said as I hugged her.

Right then there was a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" Gina asked.

"Sure," we both said. Gina came over to our bed and looked down at us. I didn't hesitate; I pulled back the covers and Jamie and I scooted over. Gina crawled in, lay on her side facing us, and draped an arm over Jamie.

"Thank you. I don't want to sleep alone tonight," she told us.

"It is okay," Jamie assured her. We all intertwined our limbs.

I was drifting off when I felt a hand rubbing my cock over my underwear. It took me a second to realize it wasn't Jamie's.

"No," I whispered, "we can't."

"You've been so nice to me, Craig. I only want to make you feel good. I know I can," she said. Mind you, Jamie was lying between us so I wasn't sure how that would work.

"It is not necessary, Gina," I replied. I could feel myself rapidly growing to my full length. "As you can tell, you excite me, but I don't want us making a mistake we may well regret."

Gina sighed.

"If you ever change your mind, Craig," she promised.

"If I do, I guarantee I'll eat up every inch of you; you are an incredible turn on," I promised. Gina's hand worked up to my chest.

"Now if you two are done," mumbled Jamie, "you had better let me get some sleep or I will get my whips out."

(Two days after Christmas)

I knocked on the door of Eleanor's apartment, present in hand. It took a few seconds for the tall roommate to get the door.

"Hey, Prentiss," I greeted her. We had finally exchanged names right before Christmas Break.

"Tammy is still out," she said as she let me in, "but Eleanor, Denise and I are all back. How was Christmas for you?"

"You know, the standard jock stuff; naked co-eds, binge drinking, and running from the law," I replied with a hand over my heart.

"Gotchya, jacking off in the bathroom again," she smirked.

"What?" I cried out. "Does no one believe I'm a stud muffin?"

Eleanor and Denise were sitting back watching TV as I walked in. Eleanor jumped up and jaunted toward me.

"Hey, Eleanor, your Passion Piston has arrived," Denise laughed, and I groaned. Eleanor grabbed my arm, led me over to her chair, sat me down and leapt onto my lap.

"I have a present for you," I told her as I showed her the gift. Eleanor bent over backwards and pulled up a heavy present for me. We exchanged and opened up the package we hoped the other would want. I had two text books and a lab workbook for Organic Chemistry;. I got Eleanor an E-Reader.

"Text books?" I questioned and Eleanor pressed her tight little ass into my crotch.

"You are taking Organic Chemistry this semester?" she grinned.

"Yes, under Pittman," I smiled back. We both knew that Pittman was her professor and any class he taught would actually be covered by her.

"Oh, God!" I reacted in mock-horror. "What hideous cow will they stick me with this semester?" Eleanor grabbed my chin and forced a kiss on my lips. "Is it you?" I questioned innocently.

"You have that right, Mister," she said, pleased with herself.

"Denise," I pleaded, "save me."

"Nope, sorry, Craig. I like you, but I like all my limbs attached more. You are on your own," she snickered. Prentiss waved away any hope of aid coming from her direction.

"Craig," Eleanor sighed happily, "how long can you stay?"

"All day," I replied, which made Eleanor even happier. Eleanor got up from my lap and began dragging me upstairs.

"Help me!" I pleaded.

"Hush, you," Eleanor laughed. To her roommates she said, "We'll be upstairs conducting a biology experiment."

"Oh, that's what you're calling it now?" Denise chuckled.

Once we got into her room she rushed into my arms, kissing me with me kissing her back. I worked my way around her neck and ears and Eleanor wrapped her leg around one of my own.

"Clothes," I murmured. That got us racing to strip down and we fell into bed. I noticed she'd been sleeping with one of my shirts next to her pillow. I held it up with a questioning expression and she blushed; she liked the smell of me.

I decided to make a small leap in our relationship. I forced her hands above her head and loosely bound her hands with the shirt. Eleanor closed her eyes and started breathing heavily. I took the moment to get a condom on; the noise made her lick her lips. She tried to move her hands down but I pushed them back. I started kissing her all over her upper body.

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