tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Tale of Two Sisters: Virginity

A Tale of Two Sisters: Virginity



Innocence, virginity, I remember the day I lost it but I don't remember exactly when. Most people would say, Duh!, it was when the first cock penetrated my pussy but I am not so sure I hadn't lost my true innocence well before that cum hit my womb for the first time.

She kissed me softly on the lips, her kisses are so sweet. She has a way of knowing what I like, maybe it's the twin thing. She is my "little" sister even though we have the same birthday. She was born 30 minutes after me 18 years ago and I don't let her forget it. She is also smaller than me, she had a few health problems when she was little and now she is only 5'3" compared to my 5'7" but it looks good on her, she is absolutely precious and so pretty.

My thoughts are broken again by another sweet kiss and a warm finger trailing its way across my stomach. I feel a tingle run through me and I try to lie still. If I am still the sensations are more explosive. Her lips move down my neck and then across to my chest. She kisses my nipple and then touches it with her warm tongue. I arch my back instinctively. God, she is good!

"So you like that sweetie?" Her soft voice in my ear.

"Oh, fuck yes, you know that." I whisper.

She giggles and nibbles on my ear. Her finger moves off my stomach and trails across my crotch. She only slightly touches my bare pussy, I try to push it into her hand but she pulls back, the little shit! She kisses me deeply on the mouth and I feel her finger on my clit. My legs open wide and I moan into her mouth. My clit is on fire and her finger moves in a slow circle and then I feel the pinch. My orgasm explodes and I am glad the house is empty. My scream rattles the walls and I almost jump off the bed. I cum for at least 20 seconds and then slowly come back to earth. She did it again.

"Son of a bitch! How do you do that?" I whisper and she laughs again.

"I just know what you like, darling. Just like I know you will like it when it happens." She says and smiles down at me.

I know what she is talking about and I get worried again.

"Are you sure that is still a good idea?" I say, a little trepidation in my voice.

"Oh yes, you are going to love it. I can't wait and I want to be with you when it happens. We are supposed to be together for everything." She says and my heart melts as I look at her pretty face.

Her blonde hair frames her face perfectly. It is shoulder length and looks like silk. It is so soft and I love to run my fingers through it. My hair is much longer and a pain in the ass most of the time. I do like it though when I take my time doing it.

"Do you have any idea when?" I asked.

"It won't be long. I definitely have his attention. I caught him staring at me again today when I walked by his office in my cheerleader skirt. I could have sworn his erection was going to burst through his pants." She said with a devious little smile.

I thought about it again. My little sister was a virgin, as was I. We had lots of boyfriends and we were definitely not frigid or teases. We had just never fucked anyone yet. She wanted it to be special but I wasn't so sure about her idea of "special". She wanted to be raped. Well, not sure you can rape the willing but she wanted it to be rough and with multiple guys and she wanted them to be men, not little boys as she called the guys at our school. She spun it well and I have to admit I got excited when she talked about it but it was still going to be a lot like rape and that scared me a little. Were we weird for wanting that to be our first experience? We did both love to get a little rough, we had many long wrestling matches, the last one only a few weeks ago and I ended up naked and pinned in my own bedroom.

She kissed me again and my mind cleared. When she did that I would agree to anything she wanted and she knew it. I closed my eyes and let her run her warm hands all over my naked body until I eventually relaxed so much I fell asleep. Little did I know as I gently drifted off to sleep under my sister's magical touch that Sunday night that it would be my last night as a virgin.

I remember the day it happened very well, it was a rainy, depressing Monday afternoon. I ran to my car as soon as the dismissal bell rang, my hair got soaked and my white shirt was pretty wet as I could easily make out my yellow bra through my shirt. I remember looking at myself in my rearview mirror and thinking it looked kinda hot like that and I wonder how many boys caught a glimpse as I ran to the car. My bra was a little sheer and I could see the hint of my dark nipples through my wet shirt and bra. I pulled my shirt away from my chest and shook it a little to try and dry it out. My boobs were not huge but they looked really big on my small, tight body. I got plenty of chest stares as I tried to have conversations with people, including teachers, in fact more so with the teachers. My friends and I occasionally had contests to see how many teacher erections we could cause in a day and I have to admit I was very competitive.

I looked in the back seat and saw I did have a towel, I grabbed it and tried to dry my hair. My long blonde hair was now curling up as I rubbed the water out of it. My plaid skirt was fine, I think the funky material repelled water anyway. For once I was thankful we had to wear the silly uniform. I would be so happy next year when I went to college and I could wear whatever I wanted. I was so tired of the boys hanging around under the stairs trying to see up my skirt. The fucking thing was so short it was next to impossible to stop them. I had given up by the end of my sophomore year and now I just tried to buy pretty panties.

The passenger door flew open and my little sister jumped in. While she is technically the same age as me she looks so much younger and it helps that she is cute as a button. She was even wetter than I was. Her shirt was transparent and I could see she had on a blue bra today. I could also tell it was lace but I couldn't see her nipples through the dark material. It still looked a little hot to see her like this, like she wasn't even wearing a shirt. Her boobs were actually bigger than mine, especially on her tiny frame, I had been jealous of her since she was 13 in that department. I threw her the towel and she thanked me. Her blonde hair was not as long as mine so she was able to get it pretty dry.

Her white stockings were pretty wet too, I could tell she must have run through a puddle as her ankles and shins were soaked through. I stopped wearing the stockings a long time ago, it was the one thing that was optional and my legs were my best feature, they looked better with nothing on them. My sister had nice legs too, the little shit, but she still liked the feel of the stockings, especially on chilly days like today.

I watched her dry off her legs and saw she had worn the blue matching panties as she pushed her skirt up to dry her thighs. Her stockings left about 6 inches of thigh visible and I wondered how many smiles she had caused today climbing the stairs. I started the car and hit the windshield wipers, it was pouring now. I looked over at her again and she was trying to dry out her shirt. I laughed a little and she smirked at me. I pulled out of the lot and onto the street.

Mom and Dad would not be home for another three hours so this was our time together to do whatever we wanted. We were "good" girls so we never really went anywhere exciting, however, we usually ended up either on the couch snuggling or in one of our beds. We did like our time together before Mom and Dad got home and I have to say the orgasms were glorious when my little sister performed her magic on my body. I drove in silence for a little while, our house wasn't that far away. My sister usually never shuts up but today she was too busy trying to dry herself off to say anything. I pulled into the neighborhood and it was silent as usual. I pulled into our driveway and the rain was still coming down pretty heavy. We sat in the car for a little while. Neither of us wanted to try and run for it yet. I turned on the radio and we sat and waited for the rain to let up.

It eventually let up a little so I looked at her and we decided to go for it. I jumped out of the car, grabbed my backpack and sprinted for the patio. She was right behind me and we made it relatively unscathed. I shook my long, wet hair on her and she screamed a little. I laughed at her and unlocked the door. I tossed my backpack on the floor, followed by my shoes. The tile floor of the entryway was cold on my bare feet. I walked into the kitchen as my sister was untying her shoes. She still wore those traditional schoolgirl shoes, she was still such a baby.

I opened the fridge to see if there was anything worthy of snacking on, disappointment again. I tried the pantry and saw we had some pop-tarts, that would work. I could use a sugar fix. I grabbed a couple and popped them in the toaster.

I heard some commotion and figured my little goober sister had slipped again in her stocking feet on the wet tile. I chuckled under my breath. My good humor was broken when I heard a small, frightened voice call my name. I froze next to the toaster and I heard some sounds that sounded like crying. I walked slowly out of the kitchen and looked around the corner.

My sister was being held by one of the largest men I had ever seen. He was humongous and very black. He had one huge arm around her neck and the other holding a knife. His arm was under her left arm and then around her neck so her left arm was straight up in the air. Her eyes were huge and glassy. I tried to see if her fear was real but I could not tell. Her mouth broke into a very small smile and I found myself relaxing a little. I saw a tear run down her cheek, wow, she was good. She looked really little in his arms. Her head was only midway up his chest. I stopped and stared. He looked up at me and smiled.

I didn't know what to do and he motioned for me to come forward. I walked slowly and stopped a couple of feet in front of him. He told me if I moved he would snap her neck, I definitely believed him and stood perfectly still. He called out and I heard some noise to my right. I looked over and saw another man walking out of my parents' bedroom. He was white and not as big as the other one and he had a nasty scar across his cheek. His face broke into a huge smile when he saw us. He walked over and put his hand on the back of my head and I flinched. He ran his hand down my hair and lifted it up to his nose. He took a big sniff and made a crude comment to his friend. I realized it was the first spoken word I had heard since I jumped in my car after school.

"I love the smell of fresh, white pussy."

I cringed at his comment and heard another noise. I was able to move my head a little to see another man walking down the stairs towards us. He was dark but I didn't think he was black. I thought maybe Mexican or some sort of Hispanic. He made a yelp and jumped off the last few stairs.

"Holy shit amigo, what did you find?"

"Exactly what it looks like, two young, rich, white cunts."

I felt my chest tighten as his words sunk in. I had never heard language like that, we had been pretty sheltered between the club and our private school. I looked at my sister and she looked terrified. I knew this was what she wanted but I couldn't help being a little scared. I jumped as I felt the white man touch my shoulder. He ran his hand down my arm and took my hand, lifting it up. My fingernails were painted pink and my manicure was only a few days old so they were still very pretty.

"You can always tell the rich cunts, their little fingers are perfect and clean. I love to watch their eyes when you snap one of their perfect little fingers."

I felt the terror hit me hard as he played with my fingers. I tried to hold back but I felt tears start to roll over my cheeks. He took a finger and pushed it back slowly. I heard my voice crack as I begged him to stop. He laughed and let it fall back towards my hand. He ran his fingers over my fingernails and looked like he was examining them in detail.

"Why should I stop?"

I mumbled some incoherent pleading through my sobs and he laughed.

"Okay, I will stop. I wanted to see what the other one would do anyway."

I didn't understand until he took my little sister's right hand and started to play with her fingers. She struggled a little. The huge black man tightened his grip and she stopped with a gasp. The white man looked straight at me as he ran his dirty fingers over and around her cute little fingers. I begged him to stop and he smiled. She was crying hard now and I looked at her. How did she do that? Was she really scared now that it was really happening?

"Why should I stop, cunt? What will you do for me if I stop?"

I pleaded with him to let her go. He looked at me and waited. I begged more and he still stood perfectly still. I uttered the word he was waiting for.


He laughed at me as I stood there shivering in fear. He dropped my sister's hand and stepped in front of me.

"Exactly. You will do anything I say or I will hurt her really bad right in front of your eyes. Do you understand?"

I felt a new round of sobs hit me and I nodded slowly. He looked me right in the eyes and put a hand on each of my cheeks. He rubbed them and then ran his hands down my neck to my shoulders. He ran a finger up to my bare neck and then down my chest to the edge of my shirt. He pushed my shirt down a little and touched my cleavage. He then grabbed my shirt on both sides and pulled it apart violently. I flinched again as I heard my shirt rip and buttons hit the tile floor. He pulled the shirt out of my skirt and held it open.

"Now isn't that pretty?" He said as he stared at me.

My yellow bra was in contrast to my tan skin and I knew my boobs were pushing over the top. His eyes were glued to my chest. He gently touched my chest above my bra. He ran his finger across my cleavage softly. I shivered and then he lifted my right boob. He ran his other hand over my tight stomach and I sucked in a breath.

"I just love young, tight, white cunts. Such perfect bodies. I will have to leave a thank you note for your parents for that club membership."

He stepped back and looked at me. I stood there shivering, not sure what to do.

"Now show us those pretty little panties you got on under there. Lift that skirt really slow, make it a nice show, sweetie."

I could feel the warmth start to run through my crotch as I moved my hands down below the edge of my skirt and touched my thighs. I ran my hands slowly up my thighs, pulling up my skirt. All of the men were focused on my thighs as I pulled my skirt up, displaying my yellow panties. I held my skirt up as they stared at my crotch.

"Now that is beautiful."

The white man stepped forward and put his hand right over my pussy. He pushed a little and then rubbed up and down a little and then over my thighs. I tried to be silent but my pussy was on fire under his fingers. I could feel myself getting wet as he pushed on my clit.

"This is some prime pussy, boys. Tell me little girl, have you ever had a cock up this little pussy?"

I froze and looked at him.

"Baby girl, I asked you a question. You best start answering the first time I ask you or you won't recognize your sister once I'm done with her. Now you tell me if you have ever taken a cock up this tight little pussy."

I nodded my head back and forth. No boy had ever even seen my pussy, much less anything else. A couple of boys had touched my boobs but nothing had ever gone farther than that. I was afraid that was going to change today.

"Nice! A virgin! We hit the mother lode boys."

He looked over at my sister.

"Well, little one. If your big sister is a virgin I can only imagine that you are too. But, you do have a rocking little body, maybe not. Are you a virgin too, little one?"

My little sister nodded her head up and down.

"Sweet Jesus! Boys, we get to taste two little white cherries today. Much better than we expected. We do have to get to work though, we have business to do before pleasure. Frankie, go get the rope out of the bag."

The Hispanic guy ran off and the white man looked back at me. I was still holding my skirt up.

"Baby, slide those cute little panties off and give them to me."

I dropped my skirt and reached up and pulled off my panties. The air hit my bare pussy and it felt nice. I stepped out of my panties and handed them to the man. He lifted them to his nose and took a deep breath.

"Man, young, white pussy smells so good. Baby, take your panties and shove them in your little sister's mouth, we have work to do and we don't want to be interrupted."

He held my panties out to me. I took them and walked up to my sister. I mouthed the words "I'm sorry" and shoved my panties in her mouth. Her eyes smiled at me.

"Little one, do not let those fall out. They should taste pretty good anyways."

The white man looked back at me.

"Now, baby, make your little sister's shirt look like yours. You guys look a lot alike, you should dress the same." He said with a laugh.

I grabbed my sister's shirt and ripped it apart. She squealed through my panties. I pulled her shirt out of her skirt and pulled it completely apart. I heard more buttons hit the floor. I could see her nipples were rock hard.

"Holy fuck, look at those tits!"

The white man was staring at my sister's boobs. They did look huge in her blue lace bra. Her cleavage was jiggling as she started crying again. I wanted to help her, I put my hand on her cheek to try and calm her down. She looked at me with smiling eyes again.

"I can't wait to see those puppies but we have to get to work. Baby, pull off little sister's panties and shove them in your mouth."

I knelt down and reached up my sister's skirt and pulled her panties down. I touched her soft thigh as I moved her panties down. I felt her move a little and I could tell her body was betraying her also. Her panties were blue lace and matched her bra. I opened my mouth and pushed them in. They smelled nice but my mouth got dry right away with the cotton filling my mouth.

The Hispanic man returned and the white man grabbed a piece of rope from him and grabbed my left arm. He pulled me over to the stairs and tied my hands together. He pulled them up and tied them to the railing above my head. My arms were extended but my feet were still on the floor. I watched him move over to my sister and she was tied the same way next to me. The white man stood in front of her as she hung there and grabbed her boobs over her bra. He squeezed them a couple of times.

"These are some nice tits, little one. I will enjoy these in a little while. Now you girls hang around while we finish our work."

He walked away and I watched for the next 30 minutes or so as they removed most of our stuff. They took all of our TVs and our video equipment. I saw them carry a pillow case out of my parent's bedroom and I assumed they had taken mom's jewelry. I looked over at my sister and she looked so helpless. Her eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks were covered in tears. I wanted to tell her it would be ok but I knew she didn't need to hear that. I looked at her closely and she smiled. Well, here we go, I thought. I prayed it would be alright.

"There, that about does it. Guys, anything else?"

The white man was standing in the middle of the living room and the two guys were shaking their heads.

"Good, time to play. We have a couple of hours before Mommy and Daddy get home. What should we do for fun?"

The other two guys laughed as he walked over to us. He lifted my sister's skirt and I could see her pussy. It had a light covering of blonde hair and it looked soft. The white man ran his hand over her pussy and pushed his finger between her lips. She squirmed and moaned.

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