tagBDSMA Taste of Leather

A Taste of Leather


Mandy Evans scanned the back wall of the shoe store- the men's section. Kneeling down, she ran a finger across the edge of each box until one caught her fancy. Inside was a pair of sleek, black leather slippers. She reached into the box, wrapped her fingers around the right one and slowly pulled it out. She bent the slipper over, testing its flexibility then slapped it loudly across the palm of her left hand. The smacking sound startled a few other customers slightly. Not bothered by the attention, Mandy slapped the sole against her palm again and again. She then ran the slipper beneath her nose, deeply inhaling the rich, heady leather aroma.

Mandy brought the box to the front counter. A young man in a bow tie who was manning the register looked down at the slippers. A confused look came across on his face.

"Are you sure these are the right size?"

"Doesn't matter." Mandy said, handing the clerk her credit card. "I won't be wearing them."

"Oh, so it's a gift for a man."

"Well, it may be his gift." she said with a wry smirk. "But I'm the one who's going to get it!"

Still a bit befuddled by the woman's words, the sales clerk finished the transaction and put the box in a bag.

"Here you go."

Mandy opened the lid, removed the left slipper and handed it to the man.

"You can keep this or throw it away. We won't be using it."

She then turned and headed out of the store.

"Um... okay. Have a nice day." he replied, waving the unwanted slipper as he spoke.

"Thanks, you too." Mandy replied politely as she stepped out the door.

An older woman who'd heard the exchange approached the counter with her purchase. She noticed the perplexed look on the clerk's face.

"Slippers have more than one use." she said with a slightly wistful smile.

As she made her way through the mall, Mandy was also smiling but the grin on her face was due to eager anticipation. She would soon be facing the music- a sound spanking with a well chosen instrument across the knee of her loving husband, Neil. And this would be no ordinary sexual appetizer, this was his birthday. The light bottom smacking sessions she normally allowed Neil to administer often made Mandy feel flirtatious, even a bit horny and usually resulted in her pleasuring him with her hand or mouth. But on those rare, special occasions when Neil was given the green light to redden her bottom with a full-fledged walloping, she was invariably brought to a state of uncontrollable carnal desire.

Neil arrived home at five-thirty to find a package stylishly wrapped in colored paper on the table in the foyer. He picked it up and headed into the living room where he discovered his wife clad in footy drop-seat long johns kneeling beside the coffee table with her head bowed.

"Happy birthday, sir." she said, her eyes cast downward.

"Thank you, my love." Neil replied. He pursed his lips and smacked them together so as to send a kiss through midair.

Mandy bowed her head further to hide a sudden blush.

Removing the bow, Neil tore at the paper which fell to the floor. He lifted the lid from the box, tossed it aside as well, then gazed upon the object inside.

"It's perfect." Neil whispered. "Just the thing."

"Still..." Mandy relied, glancing up coyly. "You might want to give it a test drive."

In need of no further invitation, Neil walked to the couch, seated himself, grabbed Mandy by the arm and tugged her across his lap. He easily undid the oversized buttons on the backside of her long cotton underwear. Mandy felt a cool breeze across the round, pale globes of her ass as the flap was lowered.

The slipper flew into the air and came crashing down with a thundering thwap across Mandy's unprotected bottom. She gasped at the severity of the first blow. The next dozen swats brought some yelps and grunts, but it was only an overture to what would follow. Neil soon delivered a rapid volley of spanks that left Mandy wide-eyed and breathless.

Resounding smacks echoed throughout the house. Mandy's tears trickled downward and her feet flew through the air as Neil gripped the stiff yet pliable implement tightly in hand and laid one burning leather kiss after another across his sweetheart's hot, flinching buttocks. Neil continued slippering his wife's jiggling bottom until it was red, raw and swollen.

Finally, after she'd nearly lost her voice from crying and was too exhausted to wiggle or kick, he gave each of Mandy's cheeks one last stinging slap before tossing the slipper aside and releasing her from his iron grip. Neil guided Mandy to her feet only to push her away as he removed his shirt.

"I want you naked... now!" he commanded.

Mandy practically leaped out of those long johns and within seconds Neil was pulling her to his chest and placing his mouth roughly onto hers. Their lips meshed and slid against each other as Mandy's nails scraped their way down Neil's back. Unable to withstand another moment of torment, he placed his hands firmly on Mandy's shoulders, spun her around and bent her forward. Mandy gripped her shins and lifted her ass on high, presenting herself for penetration.

As Neil stepped back to remove his pants and underwear, his wife craned her neck to watch.

"Now I'm really going to get it, aren't I?" she panted.

"What do your eyes tell you?" Neil grunted, giving his thick, hardened member a squeeze.

Mandy felt her husband's powerful hands steadying her quivering hips as she glanced down at the thick leather slipper laying on its side near the couch.

"Can I pick a gift or what?!" she thought.


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