A Taste of Midnight


Marion broke from her feeding, her lips making a sucking sound as she pulled away Katy's neck. Katy, drowsy now noted the blood on Marion's lips - her blood.

'Don't stop, mistress,' Katy breathed.

Marion smiled, 'such a delectable thing.'

'Feed more from me, mistress,' Katy said weakly, craning her neck, exposing it to her lover.

'Suckle me, child,' Marion said.

Katy lifted one of her big breasts, an offering of flesh.

Marion stooped sucking in areola and nipple into her blood encrusted mouth. Katy sighed in pleasure then yelped as the sharp fangs penetrated skin. The pain swiftly transformed into pleasure as Marion sucked, milking Katy's breast not of lactic fluid but life blood. Katy ground her hips against Marion, ready for another fucking and Marion responded with thrusts of her hips, the dildo inside shoving against soft delicate walls of Katy's vagina. Katy felt very weak from blood loss, but with her correspondence with her growing weakness Marion grew stronger, holding her body firmly in position, doing the bulk of energetic thrusting as the effort became too much for Katy. Marion switched breasts, her fangs sinking into Katy's other blood engorged breast to feed from it like some ravenous demonic infant.

Another orgasm shook Katy's body, and she gasped with pleasure. She felt completely limp and drained now, like a rag doll in her lover's arms. The smell of her blood filled the air. She sensed death was approaching but she felt no fear, only the lingering pleasure from being fucked and fed upon.

Marion released her breast, now smaller from blood drained from it, the skin wrinkled like a deflated balloon. Marion held the base of Katy's skull keeping her head upright, staring into Katy's dilated eyes. Katy tried to keep her eyelids open, but they felt heavy now. She felt totally empty, exhausted. Marion was saying something, she tried to focus, blinking her eyes. Marion was saying her name.

'Katy, can you hear me, child?'

Katy managed a slight nod. Marion's eyes seemed huge filling her vision.

'I've almost drained you, Katy. I want you to know you have been delicious. A truly delicious morsel. Thank you, child.'

Katy tried to reply, tried to thank her, but the words would not come, she was too weak.

'Time to sleep, child,' Marion said. She pulled Katy close and sank her fangs once more into Katy's neck. Katy felt a pleasurable sensation as though her mind was floating. There was a tugging dull pain in her heart but it did not last long and she soon drifted into a sea of velvet black darkness.

Marion withdrew her fangs from Katy's neck, and released the girl. Katy fell back on the bed, her now emaciated body limp and lifeless. There was a sucking plop sound as Marion pulled the dildo from its human vessel. She undid the straps of the sex toy and tossed it on the bed. Katy's eyes were half open, and Marion used her thumbs to open them fully. They stared sightlessly back at Marion. 'Such pretty eyes,' Marion mused. She sighed. Time to clean up.

She pulled up one of the suitcases by the dressing table, and opened it on the floor. She carefully lifted Katy's body and placed it inside, the limbs still pliant before the onset of rigor mortis, though Katy's head stubbornly would not bend enough to go in. Marion snapped Katy's neck and pushed the head down then closed and sealed the suitcase and returned it beside the other which contained the body of the prostitute she had fed on the night before.

She went through Katy's jacket pulling out her purse and scanning through the contents, she found the one she wanted, Katy's driving license, removed it and slipped inside her collector's book. It was one of hundreds.

Marion carefully closed the book and slipped it under the bed.

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