tagGroup SexA Taxi Ride to Remember

A Taxi Ride to Remember


We are quite drunk from a few bars and we have been building up the sexual tension all night, and all we want to do is to rip each others clothes off and release our desires.

We get into a cab, our trip is quite far, I pull you to me and feel your firm leg with my hand, you open your legs and allow me to caress your inner thighs, my hand touches your shaven pussy as you have no thong on only hold ups. I feel how hot you are and allow my fingers to circle your sweet spot. I lean to you and now kiss your neck, you lean back and allow me to kiss you further. Your legs are even more spread now and my fingers are inside you as you start to moan. We did not notice but our taxi driver is a woman and she is taking an interest to us and adjusts her mirror for a better view. This does not effect us as I undo my jeans and now my hard cock is exposed with your hand on it. I feel your lips against mine and our tongues are entwined, you move toward my aching cock and hold it in your hand as your tongue circles the head, you tease me taking me slowly and then you take me deep I watch as your head bobs up and down on my shaft, you always gave great head. You move your knees onto the seat and now you are on all fours, I reach and pull your skirt up so I can continue to touch your wetness. again the driver notices a lot of movement but does nothing.

By this time we are so fucking horny we need to be in each other. We stop for a short while then I pull you onto me but facing forward as not to be too obvious for the driver. My cock just touches your pussy and I feel how hot you are, I kiss the back of your neck and you hold my cock and push it towards your soaking pussy, I enter you fully straight away deep inside you. I grab your hips and pull you down harder on me. The rush of lust is immense, we slowly ride each other but really want to fuck hard as we are so horny. The female driver is looking more and more as we are now making love in her taxi. Her blue eyes watch our faces as the flows of sexual pleasure rush through us.

She pulls the taxi over and stops, we stop for a second as we think we are going to be thrown out, but she turns around to look at us, she is very sexy too and just watches me fuck you in front of her, she is clearly not offended, she looks you in the eye and almost feels what you are experiencing. You sit upright so I can go deeper in you, as your move forward the pretty driver leans forward and your lips meet, your shocked at first but as I kiss your neck go go with the flow and you want to kiss her, your red lipstick covered lips meet hers and you kiss, you push down hard on me and I meet your thrusts, your tongues meet and she now caresses your breasts, she leans back to watch again, your eyes lock as she pulls your blouse open, she now licks and sucks your nipple, you lean back against me and allow her to continue to kiss you lower and lower, as my cock enters you back and forth again and again she is inches away from your pussy, she flicks her tongue and licks your clit. The sensations your are feeling almost makes you come there and then, she continues to suck and lick you as my cock goes deeper and deeper.

After watching this for a while I feel I am going to explode, I feel you tense up and shudder and another wave of orgasm hits you. My cock slips out of you and now it is in her hands, she holds me momentarily then takes me into her mouth, I can feel her tongue on me, I bite your neck. She starts to lick my tip as she positions my cock at your pussy and I enter you again, you come again. I say I cannot hold on any longer and with strong movements I go deeper and deeper into you harder and harder, she is now back to flicking her tongue on you. I grab your nipples as I tense up and hold you to me tightly and then explode deep in you, I can feel my come fill you, you shudder a few times as she is still licking you. We all then stop and you turn to me, we kiss passionately. I love the way you kiss.

We sit back normal and tidy our selves up, she smiles at us and says thank for the show. She then takes us to another bar, we tip her well, she hands a card and tells us we should go there. We look at the card and its for a Members only club, a special adults only club we laugh and say maybe we will see her there. We enter this bar, order some tequilas and relax after our taxi experience. Knowing that the night is still young and we both know that we are going to be enjoying each other again very soon.

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